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"animal"; Trailers, actors and everything we know about Idris Alba's horror film

BingMag.com 'animal'; <b>Trailers,</b> <b>actors</b> and <b>everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Idris</b> <b>Alba's</b> <b>horror</b> film

Idris Alba is one of those actors who has been very busy lately and has been able to add an impressive list of important roles to his career. Although he has recently announced that he wants to focus more on his music career, the "Ocean Margin" star still has his unparalleled acting talent in many of his major projects, such as "Fast and Furious: Hobbes and Shaw." "Suicide Squad" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 2". Acting in such outstanding films has made Alba a well-known actor. In addition, the big star is scheduled to play the role of John Luther in "Luther" later this year, and we will also see him in "Three Thousand Years of Regret". A film that made the audience cheer for him at the Cannes film Festival.

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It can be said that August has always been a good month for Alba because it is almost two weeks Before the release of "Three Thousand Years of Regret", his next project called "The Beast" will be shown in cinemas. A film in which this unique actor will step into the savannah of Africa and fight against a vicious and bloodthirsty animal. Given that this action-packed thriller has made a lot of noise since its first trailer aired, we want to share with you everything we know about this movie.

What seems strange about the scene of the lions' attack is this. It seems that all the bodies are intact and none of them have been eaten. This shows that every creature that did this was for fun, not survival. It's not long before Samuel's family encounters the beast, so they have to face many challenges to survive.

When will the beast movie be released?

BingMag.com 'animal'; <b>Trailers,</b> <b>actors</b> and <b>everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Idris</b> <b>Alba's</b> <b>horror</b> film

The movie "Beast" is scheduled to end the summer season, exactly on Friday, August 19, 2022, exclusively in cinemas To be broadcast. This means that August will be a big month for Idris Alba, as his next film, Three Thousand Years of Regret, will be released a week and a half later on Wednesday, August 31st. However, the film has already been screened at the Cannes film Festival and has won critical acclaim.

So the only way to watch "The Beast" is to go to the cinemas after its release, any It is not clear whether the release of the films will be delayed or not, considering that the release of the films has faced various challenges after the Corona epidemic.

What is the storyline of the film Animal?

BingMag.com 'animal'; <b>Trailers,</b> <b>actors</b> and <b>everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Idris</b> <b>Alba's</b> <b>horror</b> film

After the death of their mother, Samuel's family feels overwhelmed by everyday life. Dr. Nate Samuels is now a single man, and his two daughters, Meredith and Nora, also have no mother, so they all feel a huge void in their lives.

Nate is trying to reunite her family. So he suddenly decides to take his daughters to Africa for a vacation. Of course, he expects to enjoy a relaxing and fun trip in Africa in the heat of the moment and watch domestic and wild animals. In fact, the intention is to hire an African wildlife expert as a tour guide who thinks that nothing can ruin their dream trip. But as the family enters the African wildlife, their enjoyable adventure becomes a challenge for survival. Of course, in general, it can be said that this trip will become a memorable trip for them in another way. Because this horrible adventure will be hacked in their minds forever.

Their wanderings in the heart of nature are ruined when they find a severely injured man on the road. This man, who is very shocked and bleeding, constantly utters the word of the devil. Shortly afterwards, Nate and Martin arrive at a nearby village to see if there is any evidence of this demon. After reaching this village, they encounter a large number of corpses. It seems that all the villagers, young and old, have been killed.

Of course, the traces left show that the village has been attacked by lions, but what seems very strange to Dr. Niat That is, these bodies have not been eaten at all and have remained intact. It is as if everything that killed them was done for fun. It's not long before this bloodthirsty king of the jungle targets the Samuels family, so he probably won't give up until he cuts each one off just like the locals's teeth. The storyline of "The Beast" is not unlike that of "Ghost and Darkness," a thrilling 1996 film based on a true story in which a group of lions instead of looking for food, humans. They hunted just for fun. Of course, it seems that everything in "Beast" is supposed to be more scary, and it seems that we will see more action scenes, but if you think the story of "Beast" is entertaining, it is better to take an hour and watch the movie. Sit "Ghost and Darkness".

Who is going to make the movie Animal?

BingMag.com 'animal'; <b>Trailers,</b> <b>actors</b> and <b>everything</b> we <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Idris</b> <b>Alba's</b> <b>horror</b> film

The Beast is set to be directed by Balthazar Cormacore, who has previously directed" Everest "and" Two Guns ", so it can be said that he is one of those directors who has a history of making action movies. And it has films with natural disasters.

The screenwriter also has a hand in writing screenplays about bloodthirsty animals that need special computer effects, because the screenplay was written by Ryan Engel. He has previously starred in "Rampage" and has written the script for the film, in which animals cause chaos, and the main story is written by Jimmy Primack Sullivan. He also works as one of the executives and producers of the film.

Who is in the cast of the film Animal?

The hero who He is going to face this evil lion, Idris Alba, who has played many symbolic roles in the past few years and has acted in many fantasy films, so it can be said that he has become so professional in his work that he is definitely happy in this film as well. Will shine. Among the fantasy films in which he has appeared are Disney's "Jungle Book" and his recent fantasy film "Sony Hedgehog 2," in which he plays the exceptional Knockles. Since he was able to play a memorable role in all of these roles, it is not unlikely that he will appear in the movie "The Beast" as the main actor who has to fight the king of the forest.

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