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Amir Jadidi in an interview with Variety: Everyone should be their own hero

BingMag.com <b>Amir</b> <b>Jadidi</b> in an <b>interview</b> with <b>Variety:</b> <b>Everyone</b> <b>should</b> be <b>their</b> <b>own</b> hero

Amir Jadidi, who plays Rahim in "Hero", Asghar Farhadi's latest production, said in an interview with Variety magazine about the formation of Rahim's character and the message of the film. The preamble to the interview reads as follows:

Amir Jadid, an Iranian actor, star of "Hero" Asghar Farhadi, who has been shortlisted for an Oscar, is no stranger to cinema. He has appeared in many Iranian films before and at the same time, he also follows tennis professionally.

It has worked closely. In the film, Rahim, who is in prison for a debt, goes on leave and returns a bag full of gold coins. But it is his actions that lead to the unrest. "Hero" may bring Farhadi his third Oscar and a new one plans to go to the United States to support the film. You can read the text of Variety's conversation with this actor below.

- How did you find out about this role?

I was contacted by Mr. Farhadi's office and They wanted us to have a meeting. When they called, I was in charge of another movie, and because of the physique of the character I was playing in, I had exercised a lot and gotten fit. So when we saw each other, the first thing Mr. Farhadi said was: "In order to be able to play Rahim, you have to change everything, lose weight, get smaller, change your voice, change your gait, change your style. Kenny, put your body language and this was my first meeting with Mr. Farhadi.

- What was the next step?

I read the script. And Mr. Farhadi, we immediately started working on the character and during practice, we created this character. Talking, walking, looking at people, getting angry, crying and more. I worked on the character and then etched for Mr. Farhadi and he guided me. This is how we created Rahim.

- So you decided together that Rahim is, in Farhadi's words, a "simple character in a complex situation"?

We both agreed that playing Rahim as a simple introvert would be much harder than an extrovert. Since Rahim is a simple character, we had to add a series of key components to his character in order to get the audience's attention. Rahim's eye contact is the most engaging part of his role, so the audience can feel his anger and feelings through his eyes, behind the appearance he has made for the world outside of himself.

- Apparently passive in turbulent situations .

I do not see Rahim as a so-called "passive" figure. I think he only accepts the challenges that life faces, but then he really tries to find a solution to the difficult situations he faces. But he is not always successful.

- How do you describe Rahim's nature and the decisions he makes?

In general, I see Rahim as a person of conscience. He really tries to keep his conscience clear, and although we see him in trouble in some places in the film, he really still does not want to lie to go to the palace, even when he really has every right to do so.

- Farhadi says that "hero" is about how the media can sometimes make ordinary people heroes and then have high expectations of these people who suddenly become heroes. Do you agree?

Yes, I definitely agree with Mr. Farhadi. In a way, it is part of the media's job to "make" stories, or in this case, "heroes." This film shows how a society needs a hero and how people like to make a hero out of him and then destroy him out of jealousy. But I don't think a society needs just one "hero" to survive. Everyone should be their own hero. In a way, we should all be our own heroes and help each other become heroes.

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