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All the possible and hidden spoilers of "Dr. Strange 2" movie in "Loki" series

BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

The trailer for "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness" had several surprises, and it seems that the "Loki" series has been hiding several spoilers from this movie All this time. Marvel caught the attention of Super Bowl fans thanks to the "Dr. Strange 2" trailer, which included several new and bizarre images and characters. In the trailer, Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) confronts Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) who is apparently becoming a villain.

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  • Dr. Strange wants the main avenger in "Multi-World Madness" In addition, the American Chavez (Juchitel Gomez) is fighting alongside Dr. Strange around the world, and Strange himself is apparently facing the Illuminati during the trial. During one of the scenes, a mysterious voice is heard: "We have to tell him the truth." The sound seems to belong to Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, which indicates the presence of X-Men in the Marvel movie world.

    "Loki" and "Dr. Strange 2" have something in common that can be ignored. . Marvel writer Michael Waldron has written the screenplays for "Loki" and "Dr. Strange 2", which show that the two projects are more related than fans think. However, the world was introduced to Marvel's cinematic world in the series "Loki" with the assassination of the conqueror (Jonathan Majors) by Lady Loki or Silvi (Sophia DiMartino) and the destruction of the sacred timeline. So it is likely that "Dr. Strange 2" will continue the concepts and themes of the "Loki" series. However, if it were not for Loki, the adventures of Dr. Strange in a multi-world would never have happened in "Dr. Strange 2".

    From the upcoming movie, Dr. Strange has hidden in his heart. For example, one of the villains mentioned in Loki may eventually appear in the sequel to "Dr. Strange". In addition, some fans believe that Blade has seen Mahrshala Ali in the trailer, and "Loki" has mentioned this character before. Finally, several other elements of "Loki", including the organization of time variance and its various variants, will be present in "Dr. Strange 2". So "Loki" series may have different clues to this movie in its heart.

    Maybe Nightmar's evil character "Dr. Strange 2" Be

    BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

    Steven Strange sees recurring dreams in "Dr. Strange 2" trailer "And then my nightmares begin," he says. These statements seem to refer to the presence of Knightmer as the villain of this film. Nightmare is a supervillain or demon who tortures people in their dreams and was previously referred to as "Loki." And Mobius, joking with Owen Wilson, jokes that the nightmares belong to another section. Mobius does not hesitate to destroy that part by Loki. So maybe this word game (Nightmare/Nightmare) All this time referred to the evil character of "Dr. Strange 2".

    There may be more versions of Dr. Strange "Loki" introduced the concept of different versions of the characters in Marvel's cinematic world. Based on this, each character has multiple versions of himself in different worlds and time tables. Loki, for example, has several different versions of the god of evil, such as the crocodile Loki and the classic Richard E. Grant. However, "Dr. Strange 2" may take the concept of different versions to another level.

    The "Dr. Strange 2" trailer introduces several new versions. For example, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a villainous strand and a zombie strand in the trailer. However, it seems that the other characters in the trailer also have different versions. Marvel will apparently introduce the Illuminati in the film, and we may see different versions of the secret group's founders, including Iron Man. Under this pretext, Marvel no longer has to bring Robert Downey Jr. back to Marvel's cinematic world to play the role. Instead, the studio could establish another version of Iron Man, with Tom Cruise rumored to replace Tony Stark.

    Maybe Blade in "Dr. Strange" > 2 appear

    BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

    ago Instead of announcing his presence in "The Immortals" and Marvel's cinematic world in a very short voice, Mahershala Ali, Loki had made some remarks about this half-blooded vampire. Enclosure of confiscated items The organization of time variance contains a cross, and Mobius considers the vampire to be one of the most powerful characters in Marvel's cinematic world: "You know, we also arrested Kerry, the Titans and the vampire. "Indeed, why are our bloodthirsty people so stubborn?" According to Morbius, it is true that vampires are strong, but Blade will be stronger than them. Interestingly, during the scene of Dr. Strange's trial, viewers noticed that one of the characters was holding a sword. Blade is a rebellious and prominent figure in Marvel's cinematic world who carries a sword, and this scene shows that he will appear in the film. He is not one of Marvel Illuminati in comics. Therefore, the introduction of this character as a member of this group is considered a new change in Marvel's cinematic world.

    BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

    In the "Loki" series, the Time Variance Organization has devices to create time gates or portals for travel. Instant between two different places. Lady Loki ostensibly destroys the sacred timeline at the end of "Loki" and questions the future of the time variance organization. However, the technology of the time variance organization portals may continue in Marvel's cinematic world. Fans believe that these portals also exist in "Dr. Strange 2". Marvel regularly uses trailer tricks to distract viewers from the main story, but according to some theories, hypothetical brilliant portals Scarlet Witch arrives at the Illuminati headquarters. Despite this technology, Dr. Strange's continuous transfer to other dimensions is justified.

    Dr. Strange in the vacuum of "Loki" series

    BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

    In "Loki", the characters of Tom Hiddleston and Sophia DiMartino end up in a vacuum, a place at the end of time. Vacuum is the place of evacuation of distorted facts, and the organization of time variance is constantly pruning various items from the timeline and sending them there. So this place is full of hidden messages from the Marvel movie world, including a few things about "Dr. Strange 2". For example, it seems that here we see a copy of Dr. Strange in Synctrum Synctrum, which may indicate that the sectum is destroyed in "Dr. Strange 2".

    In addition, We also see the remains of the Living Tribune statue. Dr. Strange the original and Mordo, played by Chiotel's Agiofor, have been mentioned several times before. According to these references, this cosmic creature may appear in "Dr. Strange 2".

    Maybe the real Loki also appears in "Dr. Strange 2" Appear

    BingMag.com <b>All</b> the <b>possible</b> and <b>hidden</b> <b>spoilers</b> of 'Dr. <b>Strange</b> 2' <b>movie</b> in 'Loki' series

    Apart from All this, fans think that Loki The real thing will be in "Dr. Strange 2". After "Loki" ended, The Hollywood Reporter stated that Hiddleston's character is expected to appear in Dr. Strange's upcoming film. Fans believe they saw him in the movie trailer. During the trailer for "Dr. Strange in a Multi-World Madness," Strange appears in front of a character dressed in green. Marvel in the cinematic world. This evidence may not be very strong, but it is enough to create excitement.

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