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All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

BingMag.com All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

One way to choose the best movies and series that are worth watching is to pay attention to their ratings.

Critic ratings on sites Because Rotten Tomatoes and Rotten Tomatoes, user ratings on a site like IMDb and audience ratings, known as CinemaScore ratings, are among these metrics.

Although After following these scores for a while, you will probably find out which one is the best indicator for you as an audience, but in general, sometimes these scores are in conflict with each other. For example, you might wonder how sometimes there is such a profound difference of opinion between IMDb users and critics? In some cases, the viewers who have seen the film in the hall and rated it immediately after watching the film differ from the IMDb audience, and sometimes the scores on the two sites Metacritic and Raton Tomitoz seem different because the scores of the two sites are different. They reflect two different meanings.

All of this suggests that a closer look at cinematic ratings is essential for those interested in the field. In this article, we try to examine these indicators further and explain the meaning of each in more detail. /2111/28/14068-2.jpg ">

Raton Tomitoz is one of the most popular websites used to review the opinions of film and television film critics (English language film critics and writers) and was founded in 1998. . This site divides the works into "Certified Fresh", "Fresh" ("Fresh" and "Rotten").

When you enter a movie, two indicators catch your eye: the "Tomatometer" and the "Audience Score", two indicators that are completely different.

The tomometer to the left of the image It is marked with a percentage and a special icon and at the same time in the lower part it is mentioned how much of this percentage has been obtained from the total. This index is obtained by examining the total number of reviews (number of positive and negative reviews) and shows what percentage of the critics liked the film. No score is determined based on the content of the review.

Based on the percentage of critics' satisfaction, three different icons are displayed next to the percentage. Inside the yellow circle, Certified Fresh shows the best work from critics. These films have satisfied 75% or more than 75% of the critics, for works that have had a wide release, at least 80 reviews, and for works that have experienced a limited release, at least 40 reviews have been published (for a series, one season, at least 20 reviews) The entire collection of reviews should include 5 or more reviews written by the site's leading critics, whose status and quality of work have been described as "established, influential, and productive." Under such circumstances, a film can fit into this category.

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This title is reserved for the film It remains on the condition that the initial satisfaction rate of more than 75% of the film does not fall below 70% as the number of reviews continues to increase over the months or perhaps years to come.

If the film does not meet such conditions, but Anyway, if it has satisfied at least 60% of the critics or more, we will see a simple red tomato icon. However, a film may satisfy 80% of the critics, but because it does not meet the conditions of Certified Fresh (the number of critics is more limited and less known critics have rated the film) it will be shown only with this icon.

Finally, the films that have satisfied less than 60% of the critics will be displayed with a green icon under the title "rotten". See (different with satisfaction percentage). You can also check the top Critics of the site instead of the percentage of total critics' satisfaction, which is displayed by default.

But what is the audience satisfaction percentage and by what mechanism is determined Is it possible? This percentage, like the percentage of critics' satisfaction, reflects the number of positive reviews of the total reviews received by the audience. The Raton Tomitoz website asks users to confirm their ticket purchase before scoring. Through this verification process, Raton Tomitoz makes sure that only real viewers, or at least those who have bought a ticket and are therefore very likely to have watched the film, will rate the film, and from this point of view the index becomes a more reliable index.

If you click on this index, you can see the average audience rating for the movie as well as the total audience index. The difference between the total audience index and the approved audience in the aforementioned point is related to ticket purchase. The total audience index consists of the points of the audience who rated the film, even if they were not among the spectators and did not go through the ticket approval process before scoring. This index is less reliable and more manipulable. Positively displays positive reviews.

Like a tomometer, serials or movies that have managed to satisfy 60% or more of the audience with 60% popcorn are displayed. But if the audience's satisfaction falls below the 60% threshold, we will face an overturned bucket. This indicator is shown only for movies or series that have been made publicly available and have also received a sufficient number of ratings from the audience.

CinemaScore Ratings

BingMag.com All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

CinemaScore, a market research institute founded in 1979, is still one of the most popular indicators for Examining the audience's reaction to cinematic works. Almost all of the time, we come across this score on social media, along with movie titles and pictures. The question of many is, where did the mentioned score come from?

If we want to summarize this issue, we must say that CinemaScore score is the product of this card that you see in the picture; The card that is given to the audience on the opening night of the film.

BingMag.com All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

And the variety of balanced areas in the vast network of North American movie theaters (USA and Canada) gives the audience the card in question and asks them to rate the movie based on it before leaving the theater. After that, the average of the viewers' scores is obtained, and at the end of the first weekend of the film's release, this score will be announced publicly. CinemaScore has a score of 5, starting with A and ending with D and F after B and C. Getting an A for the film is great news, B shows a relatively shaky situation, and C is a film that was not at all popular with viewers. Indicators worse than C, ie D and F, are generally used to express the audience's intense hatred of the work; The film that they think is better was not made at all. We should also add that based on the obtained averages, the final index can be accompanied by a positive and a negative (for example, A + or A-).

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So unlike rating sites or critics' collection sites, CinemaScore scores are obtained through a physical poll in the hall environment. As mentioned, the voting for each film takes place exactly on the opening night, so those who come to see the film several times after the screening or the audience is less interested in the film (they do not necessarily go to see the film on the opening night) have a share in this score. They will not have. On the other hand, it is clear that the above score does not reflect the overall quality of a film, but rather expresses the basic and still somewhat immature emotions of the audience on the first night of seeing the work.

So it can be summarized as follows: Cinemascore Score is a tool for measuring the satisfaction of an avid audience of a new work or episode of a North American movie series. Naturally, on this basis, when blockbusters meet the expectations of their avid viewers and take advantage of successful advertising campaigns, they get a good score in this index, because basically the same avid fans with relatively well-known expectations come to watch the movie on the first night and can be expected. Predictions give points to the film.

The CinemaScore index has another side purpose in addition to the points made. Based on the activities of this collection, the demographic information of the audience on the opening night of the films is obtained; Information that is of particular importance to the studios and makes it clear to them exactly what people of what age group, gender and for what reasons came to see their film.

Metacritic Score

BingMag.com All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

Metacritic covers a wider range of arts and entertainment products than previous indices. This index is calculated in the same way for video games, movies, TV shows and music. The important thing about metacritic is that this website uses a weighted average, meaning that some critics are more weighty and influential in shaping the final score. All of them are preferred. Naturally, giving more weight to filmmakers with established positions and belonging to popular publications makes magazines, newspapers or websites smaller and more unfamiliar, and less heard voices weigh less in calculating meta scores.

Metacritic Website Of course Re-evaluates movie magazines and websites several times a year, but never reveals exactly what weight each writer and magazine has in its final formula.

Of course, as we explained about Raton Tomitoz, Achieving the highest score in that index also required the presence of a minimum number of writers and weighty publications. However, Metacritic, with its weight index, in practice reflects even more of the voices of well-known critics, and Raton Tomitoz reflects the general taste of a wider range of critics. Consider 100. For example, a 4-star rating of 5 stars would mean a score of 80. These scores are placed in the formula according to the weight of each publication or author, and then with a little further calculation, the final result is the same as the meta score.

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In addition to the above, Metacritic also has a color system that reflects three levels of quality. Grades 0 to 39 are marked in red, grades 40 to 60 are marked in yellow, and grades 61 to 100 are marked in green. By entering the page of each film, you can see the critics' score on it and also check how many critics have a positive opinion about the film (Positive), how many critics have a mixed opinion about the film (Mixed) and how many critics have a negative opinion about the film (Negative).

Films that score a meta score of 81 or higher after 15 reviews or more are considered to be the must-see among the must-see works. ) Categorizes. According to Metacritic, approximately 5% of the movies on this website occupy such a position. User rating is displayed.

IMDb rating

BingMag.com All about cinematic privileges; From IMDb to metacritic

One of the first pages we come across after searching for the name of a movie in the Google search engine is the movie page on the IMDb site. Checking this score is one of the fastest and easiest ways to understand the overall popularity of a movie or series.

How is this score calculated? The story is not very complicated. All users who have registered on this website can register their rating and critique for all the films and participate in the formation of the final score of the film.

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Of course, the IMDb website also has mechanisms for detecting suspicious activity. For example, sometimes users decide to give a movie a high or low rating. In this case, the website may temporarily eliminate the possibility of rating the film or minimize the weight of scores recorded during a period of suspicious activity in the final score. This set of actions is used to make this score more reliable so that this number is a true reflection of users' opinions.

An interesting feature of the IMDb website rating is that by clicking on the rating you can see the percentage and number of people from 0 to 10 Check out the film's rated ratings, and also see how, on average, men and women in different age groups, in the United States or in other parts of the world, rated the film.

Source: screenrant

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