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Alfonso Cuarونn; Ambitious Mexican (When should we see the Eid holiday?)

After making one or two films in the Mexican language and, of course, an adaptation of Dickens' "Big Dreams," Cuarn suddenly made a big leap and became the director of one of the episodes of the "Harry Potter" series. Many Harry Potter fans still believe that "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by Cuaron is the best film adaptation of this popular book. But Cuaron's ambitions did not end there. He made "Gravity," which made him the first Mexican director to eventually win an Academy Award for Best Director. And after all these honors, he returned to Mexico to make the autobiographical film "Roma" and to win back the hearts of festivals and critics. Cuarn is known for his technical prowess, and of course he chooses tough projects and makes adaptations of good films from books he has not even read! achieved. A film about a middle-class family and their working woman in Mexico in the 70's, which also sees the political events and the inflamed atmosphere of that period in the background. The working woman becomes pregnant and the employer's husband betrays her, and eventually both women decide to continue living despite all the difficulties. Personally, I prefer the film "Gravity" and its technical and ambitious achievements to "Roma". "Gravity" can only excite and thrill the audience with Sandra Bullock in front of the camera (George Clooney is only present in the first third of the film) in an infinite and dark space.

Cuarn is an extraordinary talent for directing, but If you are looking for emotional moments in his films, it is interesting that you will find most of them in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", which is part of a successful franchise about an English writer, and of course "Roma", which is an almost autobiographical film.

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