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After "There is no way home" we have to give the amazing Spider-Man another chance

BingMag.com <b>After</b> 'There is no <b>way</b> home' we <b>have</b> to <b>give</b> the <b>amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> <b>another</b> chance

December This year, the release of "Spider-Man: There Is No way Home" directed by John Watts, the third sequel to Marvel Studios' Spider-Man trilogy With those classic features, Mahboub re-employed him, confronting him with his biggest enemies and villains, adapted from the films of Sam Remy and Mark Webb, and was able to attract a large audience.

The popularity of all three Spider-Man was not easy, but the film's outcome was extremely impressive and garnered a positive response from the audience.

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In 2012, we saw a not-so-popular version of Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield in "The amazing Spider-Man," which resulted in a lot of financial losses for Dandrak. Aranesh became. Since there was no Avengers in this version of "Spider-Man" and the film suffers from the absence of Spider-Man's greatest symbolic enemies, such as Venom or Duck Ak, it did not shine so brightly.

BingMag.com <b>After</b> 'There is no <b>way</b> home' we <b>have</b> to <b>give</b> the <b>amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> <b>another</b> chance

But perhaps this version of Garfield by Garfield was the only version that could give Peter Parker a personal biography. Show the audience and this can distinguish this version from other versions of Spider-Man. This version of Spider-Man was not afraid of being real, inexperienced, and expressing the bitter and sad memories of his parents' sudden death, a trait that other versions of Spider-Man never showed. It can be said that the "Amazing Spider-Man" movie series showed us the best version of Spider-Man, because Garfield, with his amazing acting, was able to show Peter's inner turmoil well and show the audience the pain he is in, and at the same time He tried to fight crime with a humorous approach.

Garfield's strange ability to enter Peter Parker's tortured mind sets him apart, which is why Andrew Garfield can be considered the best Spider-Man. So it's time to explore his true face under this mask.

There is a lot to be said about The amazing Spider-Man movies, but the most important is to provide a more realistic and exciting look at the origins of Spider-Man. In fact, the series makes the audience understand why Peter refused to arrest Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) when he shot him, and why those exciting things happened when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. So it can be said that "The amazing Spider-Man" and its sequel are still the only series of Spider-Man films that have been able to show the audience personal issues related to Spider-Man.

Incorporating Ascorp in the story The series (just like the final Spider-Man comics) and the revelation that Richard Parker (Campbell Scott) and Norman Osborne (Chris Cooper) are working on a series project have made the story of this film truly amazing. And be able to provide a powerful framework for the emergence of Peter Parker. The film "The amazing Spider-Man 2" goes on to show that not only were the ascorpic spiders the product of Richard Parker's early research, but he also used his own blood as the primary element in his experiments.

BingMag.com <b>After</b> 'There is no <b>way</b> home' we <b>have</b> to <b>give</b> the <b>amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> <b>another</b> chance

These short scenes, which were shown to him After the discovery of Peter's father's secret laboratory, help us to understand why Peter's body The spider venom reacted positively, and instead of making a leap like the one that happened to Harry Osborne (played by Dean Dihan), it caused him to achieve superhuman abilities. Although some parts may not seem plausible, for example, it made sense for many Ascorp employees to be bitten by these spiders over the years, yet this only happened to Peter and led to his unique abilities. . This was a piece of Richard Parker's ascorbic puzzle that was never solved and unfortunately seemed to be left to its own devices. Peter Parker portrayed by Maguire was certainly a genius, but Garfield plays the character in a way that leads the viewer to regard Peter as a prodigy. His contributions to Kurt Connors (Reese Witherspoon) to complete his father's invention formula, complete his unique strings, and test him After electro (Jamie Foxx) led us to discover Peter's vast scientific knowledge.

Speaking of Gwen, we have to say that this version of Peter Parker's romantic relationship with Gwen is much more natural and natural than his other versions. Mary Jane (Christine Dunn) did not know Toby Maguire before Spider-Man came to power, and only fell in love with her when she recognized him as Spider-Man (he even ran away from his own wedding). .

BingMag.com <b>After</b> 'There is no <b>way</b> home' we <b>have</b> to <b>give</b> the <b>amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> <b>another</b> chance

On the other hand in "Spider-Man: Homecoming", MG ( Zandia) did not pay attention to Holland in the role of Peter Parker, and while the not-so-sticky love between them forms the basis of the next sequel, it can be said that the love we see in the sequel is largely coincidental with what is in the film. At first we saw that it did not fit.

But in The amazing Spider-Man, Peter and Gwen first had a more or less romantic relationship as teenagers, and they knew each other before he became Spider-Man. They were also interested. These are the things that make their relationship so much more compelling than Spider-Man's love affair with Toby Maguire and Mary Jane, and the extraordinary jokes and tensions between them make their relationship a head and neck higher than that of Peter Parker and MG.

amazing partner is amazing because he really's nothing short of Peter. It is true that he can not climb the walls and climb them, but he is as smart as Peter (maybe even smarter than him) and he was even able to help him find the tracks of lizards and electro, and in fact it can be said that he is a A simple girl is not normal. Apart from Peter's world as Spider-Man, Gwen has her own dreams, family, and life. Both Peter and Gwen are willing to sacrifice their lives (they know how to rush to the rescue when needed and when to pursue their dreams). It's because of these issues that Peter is even willing to go to England for him. Although Gwen was killed by Harry Osborne, a green goblin, her graduation speech prompted Peter to decide to fight Spider-Man again. Sure, Gwen's death made him a bitter and angry character, but he still wears Spider-Man costume for him until the end of the second film.

BingMag.com <b>After</b> 'There is no <b>way</b> home' we <b>have</b> to <b>give</b> the <b>amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> <b>another</b> chance

" The amazing Spider-Man 2 "with all its small and big flaws, presents a bigger picture of Spider-Man, which raises countless assumptions in our minds, and such possibilities and Hypotheses are what Marvel has used so far in its fiction. Spider-Man's biggest enemies were supposed to appear in Ascorp, led by him, but this film, which was never made, produced two more episodes of The amazing Spider-Man and told a more meaningful story. While many viewers and critics alike believe that "The amazing Spider-Man 2" has gone too far, in reality what is presented in this film about Spider-Man's life is more in line with the comics. Spider-Man is always working and there are always a lot of problems in his life that he has no control over, which is why we often see Spider-Man in this movie rather than Peter Parker.

With the recent success of Marvel in series such as "Loki" and "What if?" Featuring stories from multiple worlds and multiple versions of a character, and films such as "Spider-Man: No way Home" and "Dr. Strange: A Few Worlds of Madness" (directed by Sam Remy), the possibility of the return of The amazing Spider-Man by Andrew Garfield The future is not far off. All recent Sony and Marvel films, such as Venom and Morbius, are closely related to Spider-Man, and in Morbius you can even see the return of Michael Keaton's Ascorp and Walcher (another version of him). So why can't Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, be one of the versions living in the world of Venom (Tom Hardy) or Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto)? Spider-Man Toby Maguire and Tom Holland have each completed their own designs. So could not the story of "No way Home" really go so far as to see Peter Parker Andrew Garfield in the future?

We can make a lot of speculations about this and still hope that Sony And Marvel bring "The amazing Spider-Man" back to the movies and television in a different way, but if we want to be reasonable, the "Spider-Man" trilogy ("including Spider-Man: There's No way Home") has done all that's about the man. We knew spiders would challenge. So from the stories and adventures that have been told so far about Spider-Man, it can be inferred that the films of "The amazing Spider-Man" have really provided everything that is needed, so what is left is for this series of films to show the audience? Give?

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