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"Adam Project"; Hidden points and special features of the film in relation to time travel

"Adam Project" uses special features that seem to go back to the sources and sources from which the film was inspired. So we want to mention all of this here.

In addition, "Adam Project" refers to other films in which he has starred, such as Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. Many critics have likened Project Adam to the sci-fi films of the 1980s, saying that the film was inspired by many of the classics of the time, such as The Last Star Fighter and The Extraterrestrial TT.

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In one of his interviews, Levy stated that many Inspired by the films to create the "Adam Project" film, including the films mentioned above. Of course, he also referred to "Star Wars", "Will Hunting the Genius", "Jerry Maguire", "In Search of Bobby Fisher" and "Gallipoli". Other sources make it clear that the project "Adam Project" has special features, such as the presence of light swords that make it look like "Terminator" movies, and the fourth scene in some scenes that make the audience of movies such as "Deadpool" Remember the world of Marvel. So here we are going to look at the references and sources from which the film was inspired.>

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

After the middle-aged Adam (played by Reynolds) sees himself younger, the young Adam keeps on He asks what he is going to do. Middle-aged Adam also jokes that he is supposed to think about some of his key opportunities for his younger life, which leads young Adam to say: Like Beef in "Back to the Future"? He is referring to Beef Tannen in "Back to the Future," one of the film's main villains who tries to go back in time and give his younger self a sports yearbook that helps him become rich through gambling in the future.

Adam, Ryan Reynolds & Pine Ridge Project in Back to the Future

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

One of the biggest themes in "Back to the Future" is the 1955 Pine ranch, owned by Otis Pidboy, which eventually becomes the Pine Shopping Mall 30 years later. In this film, the character of Michael J. Fox, while traveling in time and returning from 1985, lands on one of these pines, and finally, in 1985, he transforms the shopping center into a Lone Payne shopping center. In "Project Adam", both Adam settle in a hotel called Payne Ridge, which refers to the movie "Back to the Future".

The final reference of Adam Project

In one of the scenes, a young man asks a middle-aged man what 2050 is like, and a middle-aged man calls that year The franchise resembles the Terminator movie. In the future, after "The Day After Judgment" in "Terminator" movies, the earth will be destroyed by war between humans and machines, and the world will become a post-apocalyptic barren land, so in such an atmosphere, Adam's 2050 project will seem like a nightmare. . The "Terminator" franchise, created by James Cameron, focuses on robots that travel in time and are called Terminators. They came from the future to kill the future leaders of the Human Resistance, so a brief connection can be found between these films and "Adam Project." Adapted by the Free Man

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

As the young Adam viewed the contents of Adam's bag Middle-aged Surprised, he realizes that one of his tools is very similar to the light sword of the characters in "Star Wars". Middle-aged Adam does not mention the sword, but later, when he activates it, the young Adam says, "Oh." This is a light sword, comrade, referring to the weapon used in Star Wars. Although Star Wars can not be considered a direct reference to Project Adam, it can be traced back to Levy's influence on Project Adam, as well as to Levy's latest film, in which Reynolds also starred, Man. Azad found out because in that movie, too, Reynolds's character uses a real sword of light.

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

In one of the Star Wars sequels, Returning Separately, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the Jungle Endor is pursued by the imperial forces. The forest is full of trees that are very close to each other and there are many obstacles during the chase. In "Project Adam" we also see a chase in which middle-aged Adam, young Adam and Laura escape through the forest in a truck with Zoe Saldania, while being chased by flying soldiers called Spiders. Middle-aged Adam quickly misleads them with a trick reminiscent of a "separate return" and, along with Laura, knocks them into the trees just like the Skywalkers./

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

Both "Deadpool" and "Deadpool 2" refer to superhero landings And Ryan Reynolds in the role of Deadpool somewhat mocks this kind of sitting on the ground. In "Deadpool 1", he jokingly says that Angel Dust, played by Gina Carano, is on the verge of landing a superhero, which is what happens, and then says how hard it is to sit on the ground like this. In Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson, or Deadpool, tries to do it alone and jumps out the window after saying he wants to land like a superhero. He does this and complains about the pain. In "Project Adam", just as middle-aged Adam is about to defeat his enemy Christ, the young Adam uses a light sword to save his greater self, and descends to the earth in the form of a superhero, saying under his breath: "Heroic superhero landing." p>

Adam, Deadpool and Hulk Project

BingMag.com 'Adam Project'; <b>Hidden</b> <b>points</b> and <b>special</b> <b>features</b> of the <b>film</b> in <b>relation</b> to <b>time</b> travel

Last Source The greatness that can be considered the inspiration for "Project Adam" revolves around the world of Marvel and "Deadpool", and it seems that these themes are cleverly combined in "Project Adam". Reynolds is better known as "Deadpool" in the Marvel franchise, which was originally owned by Fox and is now part of Marvel's world after Disney bought Fox. In addition, Mark Ruffalo has played Bruce Banner or the Hulk in Marvel since 2012 and has since appeared in several films (and is set to reprise his role in the upcoming Disney Plus series The Hulk After the Syrian defeat at the end of "Project Adam," Lewis, middle-aged Adam, and young Adam play a game of catching the ball and catching it in their backyard, but to do so. They must first remove the equipment that has been dumped in a tub. There are a number of labels on the tub in question, two of which are the most important: the Deadpool logo and a cut from the Hulk Ruffalo. Right after the release of "Project Adam" on Netflix, Shawn Levy is directing "Deadpool 3", so we expect to see more references to these films again.

Source: screenrant

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