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The 2021 Rock movies have a tough road ahead of them to be Indiana Jones

BingMag.com The 2021 Rock movies have a tough road ahead of them to be Indiana Jones

Looks like Dwayne Johnson's 2021 films, known as Rock, the Red Notice broadcast from Netflix, and Jungle Cruise Ship ( Disney's Jungle Cruise, his Indiana Jones-style effort to differentiate himself; However, neither of these films closely resembles the classic Indiana Jones series.

Rock has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world in the last two decades. He has appeared in several franchises as a supporting or supporting role over the years.

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In fact, he revived the fast-paced franchise and revived Jumanji Made attractive. His latest films, Red Status and Jungle Cruise Ship, are the first to be recognized as both ongoing series. The Red Situation, despite being Netflix's most expensive film, has received a lot of negative reviews. Forest travel was a little better critically; However, he was also criticized for overusing special effects and copying freely of better films (including The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and most importantly, Indiana Jones).

BingMag.com The 2021 Rock movies have a tough road ahead of them to be Indiana Jones

While Dwayne Johnson is his usual charm in both films, both characters are formulable and predictable and hollow And being light at the same time, they suffer. These two films do not try to hide their influence from Indiana Jones (in the red, it is even briefly mentioned, and Ryan Reynolds is whistling John Williams' famous "March of the Invaders"). However, in imitation of the world-searching and treasure-hunting formula popularized by the Indiana Jones series, both the red situation and the jungle cruise ship draw the viewer into unfavorable comparisons.

It is considered one of the best films ever made, and both Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade are valuable sequels. . This series is like a series that has been accepted from generation to generation, and it is easy to see that this issue continues forever. Conversely, while Dwayne Johnson films are often successful, they are often light-hearted entertainments that do not leave a lasting impression. It is hard to imagine that the next generation of moviegoers in the next 40 years will be willing to enjoy repetitive films of the red situation and the jungle cruise ship. While Indiana Jones movies (at least the original trilogy) have been watched for decades. Indiana Jones has stood the test of time, and it is clear that Dwayne Johnson in Netflix and Disney movies has his own version of the formula. Pursues in the hope of achieving a score similar to its long-term impact power. Dwayne Johnson should be aware that Indiana Jones is not a superhero in trying to copy Indiana Jones films; He is a (relatively) ordinary man who finds himself in extraordinary situations and emerges proud of them as he goes along. It is his stubbornness and genius that usually saves him, not his muscle mass. When he enters the struggle, he is usually a weak person; While this is one of the places where Rock tries to show itself. In addition, while Indiana Jones films have spectacular action, they are mostly practically filmed. The red situation and the jungle cruise ship also have many action scenes; But they are full of unacceptable special effects, and most of the scenes seem to be voiced on stage, so they look hollow.

Although these two films can not keep the Indiana Jones candle lit, they should not be forgotten. Dwayne Johnson is still a superstar. The Jungle Cruise Ship officially has an evolving sequel, and the Red Situation will show more adventures. We hope that each subsequent episode will be able to address the shortcomings of the first episode and (if they continue to copy Dr. Jones's film) understand what makes Indiana Jones films so special.

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