18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

Mystery movies are works in which the plot or plot is based on solving a mystery. The general audience thinks that this type of cinema revolves only around the solution of a criminal mystery; For example, a murder has happened and a detective or a policeman is going door to door to find the murderer. But in many cases, this is not the case, and any movie whose cause and effect relationships progress in such a way as to lead to the solution of a mystery, falls under this genre. In this list, the 18 best mystery movies in the history of cinema have been examined. From the worst to the best

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

Mystery movies are works in which the plot or plot is based on solving a mystery. The general audience thinks that this type of cinema revolves only around the solution of a criminal mystery; For example, a murder has happened and a detective or a policeman is going door to door to find the murderer. But in many cases, this is not the case, and any movie whose cause and effect relationships progress in such a way as to lead to the solution of a mystery, falls under this genre. In this list, the 18 best mystery movies in the history of cinema have been examined. From the worst to the best

Another subject is necessary to understand the elements of this genre; The mystery genre is also referred to as the mystery genre in many cases. So, the presence of Razi as the main node can attribute the film to this genre. For example, there is a film like "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky in this list, which although it is completely related to the science-fiction genre, but because its story revolves around a mystery or mystery, it can easily be classified as a mystery film.

So, the mystery genre is not the mother genre like the adventure cinema or the epic cinema, but it can determine the development path of the story by sticking to other genres and using their elements; In the sense that only the main story of the film or its main character should revolve around solving a mystery to be called this way. Of course, it is natural that many such films are classified under the crime genre. But why?

Like any other genre, mystery cinema has a pre-cinematic history. In literature or in drama, most of the mystery stories revolved around solving a crime or finding a life, and other genres were not so bound to this king. Especially at the end of the 19th century, with the presence of great writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie in Britain and the creation of characters such as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, this issue became more popular, and the literary genre of mystery or mystery was taken more seriously among the general public. For this reason, during these years, the audience of cinema or literature still associate mystery or meaning with crime and think that only such films belong to this category. The satisfaction of the audience is that he can solve the main knot correctly, then expand it correctly and make the audience guess how to solve the puzzle and finally solve the puzzle in the best possible way or not at all. don't Therefore, in this type of cinema, each part must proceed based on a specific strategy, but the most important part of the story is definitely the final chapter and how the mystery is solved. So the director should appreciate a good ending and make the best use of it. Otherwise, the film will be completely lost and no one will care how well everything went until the mystery is solved.

In all mystery films there is someone who seeks to solve the mystery. Is. This person is either the victim of a crime or is assigned by others to solve the mystery. It is his search that expands the story and moves the story forward. In the end, he is the one who solves the mystery. But this final unraveling does not always lead to salvation, and sometimes the searcher's neck clings to the story and plunges him into the bottom of a dark black hole. Movies like "Rear Window" or "North By Northwest" by Alfred Hitchcock or "The Big Sleep" by Howard Hawks Jetma should be on such a list. But because I recently covered them in an article titled "Top 20 Crime Movies of All Time," they were removed from this list. So if you are interested in mystery cinema, be sure to watch those important masterpieces in the history of cinema.

18. Charade

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Stanley Donen li>
  • Stars: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, George Kennedy and James Coburn
  • Product: 1963, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.9 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 94%

The name of the movie tells us from the very beginning what kind of cinema we are dealing with. Characters are supposed to come together to solve a mystery, and of course the director has other things to do with these characters. He is supposed to charm his audience, that is why he has used two of the most attractive actors in the history of cinema in the form of main roles; That is, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. We said that mystery cinema can easily be combined with other genres. Here, Stanley Dunn has mixed his mysterious old man with the comedy genre.

It seems that Cary Grant's old age is different from other men's old age, and somehow he makes it attractive Even next to the then young and beautiful actress like Audrey Hepburn, this issue is visible and makes the chemistry of the two to be pleasing to the heart. Every time Cary Grant appeared in the role of attractive men and in the heart of comic situations, he took over the frame of the filmmaker and made that movie forever pinned to the history of cinema. Of course, Audrey Hepburn also shines next to him and has given a wonderful performance. A successful example of a film that engages the audience and takes them with it to the end; A very entertaining and of course very accurate film that benefits from a good script and a unique soundtrack. In this film, Cary Grant managed to cope with his role in addition to showing charm, in such a way that the mysterious effects of the character are preserved. He has to play the role of someone who, while truthful, is a little suspicious and confuses the audience; What Grant specializes in is playing people who, while having good intentions, don't always tell the truth, so it shouldn't be too difficult for him to play the male lead in this movie.

Paris The movie "Mama" is very charming, and this, along with two lovely actors, makes the movie a desirable and extremely unique work. Although it seems that the atmosphere of the film is full of lies and conspiracies and all the people in the story have no desire to be saved, but nothing is so serious that it makes us worry. Because in the end, we are facing a comedy work that has its own logic, creates its own world, and is not so bound by the reality show. Stanley Donen's aim was to inject a humorous atmosphere into his spy work centered on a woman stuck in a corner, which he managed to draw well. In the same year, the movie "Mama" was nominated for the Oscar for the best score for Henry Mancini.

"Paris. After returning from a trip, a woman finds out that her husband has been killed. Apparently, her husband was a secret service agent and managed to pocket money during World War II. Men go to the woman and claim that the money belongs to them, but the woman does not know where the money is. A person who claims to be an employee of the American embassy comes to help the woman to find the money and return it, but it is not clear whether this man is telling the truth or not..."

17. Mystic River

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Actors: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon
  • Product: 2003, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.9 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 88%

The appreciation of the film has another aspect and it is the tests that the passing of time puts before the characters to measure the quality of friendship. The change of circumstances and the beginning of different lives of these three characters, with marriages and divorces and the arrival of children, which promise the beginning of a new generation and new problems, to what extent can it affect their friendship and how far can they maintain that sacred friendship? have From this point of view, we are dealing with a non-stereotypical drama where the passage of life and changing circumstances lead to different decisions that slowly scratch the soul of all three people.

Eastwood in the first decade of the 21st century. He showed how matured he is in directing the actors as he gets older and gains experience to the extent that he gets the best performance of his life from all three actors in his film, and this is a great achievement for him. Especially if we consider that two of these actors are brilliant names in the field of acting who have left an enviable career; Names like Tim Robbins and Sean Penn.

To realize Eastwood's good work in this film, just look at the introduction he creates to introduce each character. In that opening sequence, in addition to properly introducing the characters in front of the camera, Eastwood, by making a few shots of carving the names of the three friends on a tree, is a kind of summary of the whole story and also a summary of the relationships between people in the future.

"Mystic River" is such a good movie that it can only be seen once to check how the plot is arranged and the relationship of its characters is developed. And of course, Eastwood has a long hand on fire in creating such complex and contradictory relationships. "Mystic River" is one of the peaks of Eastwood's directorial career. In this film, he develops the characters well and tells his story almost perfectly. The film has three characters, each of whom has his own life story, but at the same time, the past and present of all three are tied together.

"Three children are playing in the street. While they are busy carving their names on a tree trunk, a car arrives and takes Dave away. The kidnappers raped her for three consecutive days until she was released. Now years have passed since then and all three of them are busy with their lives. A tragic incident marks the death of the daughter of one of them, and this causes the three friends to gather again..."

16. Incendies

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Denis Villeneuve li>
  • Actors: Lubna Isabel, Ray Gerrard
  • Product: 2010, Canada
  • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 8.3 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 92%

Sometimes political dramas They can also develop their cause and effect relationships based on solving a puzzle. Sometimes it is possible to turn a deeply painful story, which is tied to the problems of several generations, into a movie in which the final salvation is obtained only through the understanding of reality. Sometimes the understanding of this fact and what happened to some people, in a period and in the past, can create the biggest knots in the story and lead to the creation of the most complex puzzles. Sometimes a person has such a devastating past that it must be kept as a secret, otherwise it will destroy the world.

Dani Villeneuve has shown in these two decades that he knows how to get behind the twists and turns of stories. The bent that raises a basic question about the nature of crime and morality and the reason for human life. "Destroyed" has a great story to tell, and as the story progresses, it gets more poignant. Also, the film narrates basic moral questions about the meaning of life and why violence occurs. Violence that repeats like a cycle and plagues people in the next generations. Such a story is accompanied by a strange ending that instead of making the audience happy, leaves them in an endless and dark limbo. original, and was in progress at another time. It was said that in mystery films, there are those who play the role of a searcher and seek to solve the mystery. Here, the director has left solving the mystery to those who are directly victims of a crime that they themselves have no knowledge of. But the matter gets complicated when solving this mystery will cost someone else as much as not solving it.

These searchers have to study history to solve the mystery. Through digging in history, they not only get a new understanding of life, but also find out about the sacrifice of a woman who is their mother. This kind of director brings his characters closer to a painful tragedy step by step and presents them as victims of the crimes of those who initiated a long and endless cycle of violence. This is where the final tragedy takes place. The main characters have to decide whether to stop this cycle or continue it.

For this reason, at the end of the film, an important question is raised: can the audience easily leave the movie theater after seeing such an unexpected ending? slow? Does that final surprise make us want to throw away everything we've seen over the course of two hours and just enjoy the mystery being solved? Wouldn't it be better if everything remained a secret? The darkness of the path taken by the main character tells us such a thing.

This stunning and at the same time scary ending is comparable to the fewest films in the history of cinema. Villeneuve's nihilistic view of Adam and his absurd life sometimes does not find meaning and purpose even in the light of a mother's love for her children. On the other hand, the film's layer by layer story is accompanied by going back and forth in time to remind us of the way of remembering the memories of the mother character. Villeneuve has undoubtedly left behind a brilliant directorial career, but to be fair, "Destroyed" is still his best film. The lawyer side of the family receives his will. In her will, the mother asked them to travel to Lebanon to find their father and brother. Meanwhile, these two think they lost their father years ago and never had a brother. A trip to Lebanon will reveal the secrets of Mehri's head, which are connected to the civil war of this country and the destruction of people's lives..."

15. Mulholland drive

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: David Lynch
  • Cast: Naomi Watts, Laura Haring
  • Product: 2001, USA and France
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.9 Out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

Sometimes there is no way to solve a mystery. Sometimes the storyteller complicates everything so much that it is as if he does not want the mystery to be solved. Sometimes the way to solve the mystery becomes a way for the director to show other things and create a new world. Sometimes a puzzle can create a surreal atmosphere where every corner has a puzzle that cannot be solved. Sometimes the director uses the mystery as a means to play with his audience.

David Lynch is one of the greatest living filmmakers in the world who has serious fans all over the world. He caused a stir by making the movie "Earasehead" in 1977 and sent a movie to theaters that no one knew for sure about its content. This issue caused the speculations about his next film to increase and the question to be raised, will it be possible to find funding for such a radical film?

David Lynch continues his career. In his next project, the filmmaker made a complete change of direction in 1980 and made an art film with established standards, the success of which made it easier for him to continue his work; The movie "The Elephant Man" with the excellent performance of John Hart and Anthony Hopkins in the main roles. He finally found his way in 1986 by making the movie "Blue Velvet" and he has not left that way until now; The way that finally ended in the making of this movie "Mulholland Road". This way is nothing but making post-modernist films using the elements of crime cinema and also placing the characters in a space that is close to surrealism and cannot be easily interpreted.

Cinema during this century more than the last century It has given an opportunity to the films that speak in the language of ambiguity. The audience is not always looking for straightforward stories like in the past. Part of this is due to the saturation of the audience from watching moving images, and another part is due to the repetition of movies. So there is a need for storytelling in a different way that a director like David Lynch can fill. He has struggled. The story of two women's lives to achieve success in the city of Los Angeles is intertwined in a strange way. The fears and temptations of living alone and the fear of the future in a patriarchal environment are depicted here in a completely surrealistic way, and David Lynch does not hold his audience hostage in the presentation of the theme of his film, and portrays everything in a complicated way, so that Sometimes, in order to understand a sequence, you have to leave your mind and go with the rhythm of the film.

This issue comes from the fact that David Lynch messed up the border between reality and dream so that the audience starts to recognize it. hit But in the end, it is not really important to understand these things; Because a director like Lynch seeks to discover and understand something beyond reality from a realistic point of view, because he believes that one cannot understand all the dimensions of reality with a realistic view of the world.

On the other hand, the movie "Mulholland Road" It is also an exciting movie. In the hands of David Lynch, the life story of two women in the city of Los Angeles, in addition to psychological aspects, becomes a well-paced and crime story, so that the filmmaker who owns the style of American cinema creates one of his best films.

" A black-haired woman sneaks into an old woman's house after an accident. The old woman has gone on a trip and no one notices her presence. On the other hand, a young woman named Betty has recently come to Los Angeles from Canada to improve her acting career. He is living in his aunt's house, who has gone to Canada, when he meets the black-haired woman. The black haired woman who has lost her memory introduces herself as Rita, one of the classic movie characters. On the other hand, a boy in a restaurant tells the story of a terrible nightmare he just saw to another person..."

14. Manhunter

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Michael Mann
  • Stars: William Petersen, Brian Cox and Tom Noonan
  • Product: 1986, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.2 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 93%

We said that one of the popular themes of mystery cinema is to show the efforts of a detective to find a predatory killer or to understand the mystery of a crime. Of course, one of the most complicated stories is the story of the psychic killers of the Thomas Harris book series, in which a detective, in search of finding that killer, is forced to face a crazier man called Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Undoubtedly, the movie "The Silence of the Lambs" could have been The Lambs) which was inspired by this author's books also included in this list. But because the focus is on the complex character of Dr. Hannibal Lecter rather than solving the mystery, "The Manhunter" was chosen to be included in this list. The favorite of Thomas Harris was made with the focus of the famous killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, this is Michael Mann's movie. Although Michael Mann's film is faithful to the original story of the Red Dragon book, the famous elements of his cinema can be identified in the film. For example, his excessive interest in shots that do not seem to show a specific subject, but are very effective in creating the atmosphere desired by the director. There is also the formidable presence of Brian Cox as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is as formidable as his counterpart in Jonathan Demy's film, Anthony Hopkins, but perhaps his connection with the police is less professional and more personal.

Michael Mann from the idea of being one. It uses good and evil or two sides of the coin. After confronting Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the detective of the film hears this sentence from him: The reason you were able to catch me is because you and I are alike. This same idea expands and expands and creates an endless labyrinth that engulfs the main character's human world. Now he must either come to terms with the path he has taken and come to self-knowledge or find a way to escape from this hell.

Entering such a scary valley is so black and dark that it engulfs the detective and he The more he struggles, the more he sinks. The coexistence of good and evil is a terrible idea, but every human being feels it with their skin and bones. Detective Will Graham wants to be safe from the bite of this evil, but sometimes he forgets that, according to Dr. Lecter, he is also a part of it. The atmosphere of the film is very elaborate to reach this concept. Michael Mann uses the same atmosphere to develop another idea: to depict the damage that the protagonist of the drama suffers when identifying with the murderer of the story. In such a situation, the lack of a proper atmosphere made both the character and the story of the film a shambles.

Michael Mann has created three dangerous characters in this film. The first is the famous Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who needs no introduction, the second is the killer who is working and the police are looking for him, and the third is the police detective, Will Graham. The name of the film also refers to this third person, who is considered not a killer hunter, but a human hunter in its general sense. In addition to the filmmaker's precision in the design of the first two characters, what separates the film from similar stories is the design of the third character. The detective has unique abilities. By being at the scene of the crime, he properly communicates with the motivations of the real killer and seems to become one with him.

Showing this scary side of such a character makes the audience wonder what the difference is between a killer and a detective. has it? What is the difference between the murderer Hannibal Lecter and this confused detective? The answer to this question comes back to the coexistence between good and evil, and the filmmaker knows very well that no definite answer can be given to this question. So he closes the drama with an ambiguity and leaves the audience in a bitter limbo. Manhunter is still the best adaptation of Thomas Harris' book Red Dragon.

Will Graham quits his job as a crime detective after being brought to the brink of death by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. . A long time later, he is called to help the officers solve a criminal case at the insistence of his colleague. To solve this case, he has to seek advice from Hannibal Lecter, who is now in a maximum security prison..."

13. How To Steal A Million Dollars

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: William Wyler
  • Actors: Audrey Hepburn, Peter O'Toole and Eli Wallach
  • Production: 1966, USA
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • Rating for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 100%
  • >

We said that the elements of mystery cinema can easily mix themselves with the elements of other genres and give them their own color. Here, William Wheeler has placed his romantic comedy story in the heart of a robbery story and proposed a mystery that will be solved when the lover and the beloved arrive together. In fact, everything is in the service of this love, and for the lover and the beloved to meet, it is necessary to solve a mystery.

William Wyler has so many masterpieces in his career that sometimes some of his epic films may be abandoned. Here, a professional thief gets involved in unbelievable circumstances and meets a woman who has an apparently rich father. We said that what makes the movie "How to Steal a Million Dollars" a pleasant work is the coexistence of different and sometimes conflicting genres and tones together. We have that the main character is a professional thief. In the following, a woman enters the story and an emotional relationship is formed, but the mysterious aspect of the film is not forgotten, but in A heartwarming combination of crime cinema and romantic cinema. But this is not the whole story; If we are to consider the mother genre for the movie "How to Steal a Billion Dollars", it is the comedy genre.

Just pay attention to all the aspects of the movie; For example, the negative character of the film played by Ilai Valak, who has a completely fantasy style similar to the comedy cinema, or the way the thief, played by Peter O'Toole, accompanies the innocent girl in the film and gets them stuck in the middle of a robbery story, is again considered with the help of the same logic of comedy cinema. . Another aspect that tells about William Wyler's mastery is telling the story in such a way that you and I, the audience, do not notice the passage of time at all; Because as much as there is romance in the heart of the film, there is also excitement and as much as the audience laughs at the actions in the frame, they also enjoy watching the beautiful images of the film. In addition to these, the film's dialogue writing is also excellent, and Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn's verbal games and ping pong-like dialogue add to the charm of the film.

Another point comes back to the filmmaker's strategy in the way of providing information. We know something about the main character of the story, who seems to be a thief, that the girl in the movie does not know. This leads to a heartwarming dramatic twist. So even at the end, the movie still has something to captivate the audience. Add to all this two fighting characters in the center of the frame to understand what a masterpiece you are facing. Both characters are so perfectly played and so perfectly brought to life by their actors, Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn, that it is impossible to imagine anyone else in their place.

Many consider William Wheeler's films without personal signature And they know him as a great technician. But this is the torture that, unfortunately, clinging to the author's theory and accepting it without buts and ifs brings upon every movie audience. Such an audience, instead of enjoying different movies, has put a number of movies here and there as the best and masterpieces in its mind and is not ready to recognize other masterpieces. An art connoisseur, but also a master forger, gives a priceless Cellini Venus to a museum in Paris to display. This statue is a forgery by Charles' grandfather, not by a famous artist. In the meantime, a man named Simon, who is an expert in discovering fake works, is hired by another person to uncover Charles's secret. While doing this, Simon meets Nicole, Charles' daughter, and the two fall in love. Thinking that Simon is a thief, Nicole helps him steal the statue from the museum but...

12. In The Heat Of The Night

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Norman Jason
  • Stars: Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Lee Grant and Warren Oates
  • Production: 1967, America
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.9 out of 10
  • Rating for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

In the movie "Heat of the Night", solving a mystery is tied to a racial issue. While watching the movie, the audience is constantly wondering if the solution of the mystery will lead to the release of the black hero of the drama or if this unfortunate city will find a way to make him a victim. Norman Jason has miraculously managed to link the death of a woman in a small town to social issues and by expanding his story, he recklessly turns the blood-stained hands of a sleeping society. In his film, solving the mystery of a murder reveals the secret of a backward city. Undoubtedly, "In the Heat of the Night" is Sidney Poitier's best and most famous film as an actor. Perhaps this film is ranked lower than "Lilies of the Field" in terms of the value of film history, but it is definitely a better film in terms of art, so that it can be considered one of the best films of the 1960s. took Especially since the filmmaker has well managed to create an atmosphere where the overwhelming heat pours from his head and the audience can feel the heat of this hellish environment. It is him and this actor has not left anything to shine. A smart policeman who is doomed to failure in the heart of a corrupt and racist system, but instead of accepting fate, he stands up to it and tries to solve the issue. The good thing about the film is that it does not take its deeply generalizable theme to the slogan and the filmmaker prefers to tell his story fluently instead of riding the wave of time (because the story of the film would die for such behavior). From this point of view, we can say that we are dealing with a movie for all time.

Rod Steiger's role as a racist white policeman opposite Sidney Poitier is another strong point of the movie. He has successfully managed to paint the evil aspects of his role so that the other party's effort to get out of the predicament is more appealing to the audience. Norman Jason, as a director, did not miss anything in the definition of this story. The audience's favor towards Sidney Poitier's character, detective Tibbs It was so much that he was in this role two more times. In the same year, the film "In the Heat of the Night" won six Oscars; including the Oscar for the best film, the Oscar for the best actor for Rod Steiger, the best editing and the best screenplay.

"On a hot night, a police officer found the body of a rich white man who planned to open a factory in the city of Philadelphia. Open it, you will find it. A patrol officer nearby at the train station suspects a black man and arrests him, but later it turns out that this man is Detective Tibbs from the Philadelphia Police Criminal Division. But the police chief, who like many other residents of the city, has racist beliefs, does not give in and thinks that the murder was done by Tibbs. Meanwhile, Tibbs himself takes responsibility for the case to escape from the predicament...

11. Blow Out

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Brian DePalma
  • Stars: John Travolta, Nancy Allen
  • Product: 1981, USA
  • Score The IMDb site for the movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes site: 85%

Political thrillers They can be a good party for mystery cinema. Because there are many secrets in the corridors of politics and its winding corridors, the disclosure of each of which can destroy the world. Many journalists and reporters have appeared in the role of searchers in various films, and many works have been made based on their adventures. Among these films, for example, "All The President's Men" can be mentioned, in which two reporters uncover the background of the Watergate incident, and ultimately the scandal caused by this incident leads to the resignation of Richard Nixon. The story is also based on a true story.

The name of that movie could have been added to this list, but because I have already mentioned it in detail, it was not included in this list and this one replaced it. Here, Brian De Palma, instead of making the investigative character of his film a person like a reporter or investigator who is finally familiar with the ins and outs of his work, put an ordinary person in the form of the protagonist who does not know anything about the information he has. what to do Most importantly, he is not sure of the accuracy of the information and does not know how he can find out about their health. accompanies A wonderful work whose mystery is based on the fear of understanding reality. A man has accidentally obtained information that can turn his country from one direction to another. But the interesting thing is that the filmmaker likes to paint a black picture so as to give false hope to his audience. This information not only does not open a door of hope for anyone, but also makes everything complicated and dark so that finally the main character loses all his faith in the world. Brian DePalma is in Iran. We know him more for his valuable collaborations with Al Pacino in works like "Scarface" or "Carlito's way" or with the brilliant film "The Untouchables" starring Kevin Costner and Robert De Niro Despite all its cinematic values, the movie "Explosion" is not well known, but for serious movie lovers, it is definitely a work in the same category as the films we mentioned. They knew in 1970. By making films that use pure suspense, he paid full respect to his master and won the hearts of the audience and moviegoers at the same time. At the same time that DePalma is a master of showing the animal nature of the characters on the screen, he also discovers goodness in beauty. Humanity in his characters is lost when it is not possible to show it, and this causes their anger to erupt. In his famous films, his people don't want much for life, and if they rebel, it's because their existence (here, their beliefs) is endangered. Like most of his films, DePalma shows how a society with dry values and based on the priority of money and wealth and game politics over everything can destroy humanity and turn everyone into greedy animals.

The story of the film is about a man who is trying to fight injustices and play his part in making his place better. But he slowly realizes that the matter is more complicated than these words and that the good guy in the story is not always very popular and the society does not appreciate him. He slowly understands that he must be ready to sacrifice many things to achieve his goal. This is one of the main themes of political thrillers; In these films, the protagonist or the searcher realizes that only if he gets his hands dirty, he will succeed in getting a bit of truth, and this is a high price to be paid.

Reading the synopsis of the movie , also immediately reminds me of the movie "Conversation" by Francis Ford Coppola's We Fall and the story of the film "Agrandisman" by Michelangelo Antonioni comes to mind (both films are included in this list). But it should be noted that here we are dealing with a director interested in classic cinema; So the dose of suspense and excitement of the film is high. The movie "Explosion" obviously refers to works like "Vertigo" or "Psycho" (Psycho) by Alfred Hitchcock. While recording audio to create a soundtrack for a slasher film, he notices that a car near him has veered off the road due to exploding tires. He goes to the car and notices the presence of a politician in the heart of the incident. After that incident, by listening to the sounds he recorded, he discovers a scary story; Apparently, those with a previous plan attempted to kill and assassinate a presidential candidate..."

10. Rebecca

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock li>
  • Actors: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine
  • Product: 1940, USA
  • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 100%

Sometimes the secret and A mystery can be hidden in the dark corridors of an aristocratic mansion. A mystery that makes a victim of a young woman and makes her a prisoner of her own hands. It is in such a framework that the film mixes with the elements of gothic horror cinema and opens up to another genre, mystery cinema. Here, the person who solves the mystery is the victim himself, and finding the answer can cost him his peace of mind.

Alfred Hitchcock, after arriving in America, first had to make a film whose success was in his hands. leave it open for ideation and boldness in moving towards personal cinema. That successful movie was "Rebeka", which has an undeniable place in Hitchcock's film career. But all this does not mean that there is no news of the familiar contents of the cinema of this English genius.

Alfred Hitchcock adapted his film from a book written by Daphne Dumorie and of the same name, which is obviously a Gothic work. goes. After marrying a rich man who recently lost his ex-husband, a woman is stuck in a labyrinth that others have made, and the ominous shadow of an inexplicable and demonic presence in a spacious space full of bright shadows weighs on her life. he does. The man in the story, who is also the man in the woman's life, tries to provide a good life, unaware of her sufferings, without actually being aware of his position in his wife's life. Such a story allowed Alfred Hitchcock to create suspense and deal with his constant concern by showing an existential anxiety. . The filmmaker's camera as well as the setting of the film are reminiscent of Gothic horror cinema, centered on the presence of vampires, and this reminder and emphasis on the terrifying atmosphere around people makes the audience feel that there is an invisible danger lurking in every corner. Such an atmosphere helps to convey the sense of suffocation in the frame of the filmmaker. Another achievement of Alfred Hitchcock is the careful creation of a character who is not physically present in the film, but the heavy shadow of his presence weighs on all the happenings in the frame.

By juxtaposing the presence of this dead person and also that atmosphere, Alfred Hitchcock practically turned the mansion where the characters live into a haunted place that left no way back and forth for the characters. It's as if everything and everyone in the house have joined hands to destroy the life of a young woman, and they all do this at the will of a dead woman, and that woman can't bear the presence of another woman in her place.

Laurence Olivier's role as an English nobleman, although It is not one of his best games, but it exceeds the standard. Of course, this movie is mostly the arena of Jolan Joan Fontaine in the role of a newlywed young woman. He is the one who has to display a wide range of emotions throughout the film and go to the brink of a complete collapse, and Joan Fontaine has been able to play the role of such a character well. In the same year, the film "Rebeka" won the Oscar for the best film. This is Alfred Hitchcock's first American film as a director.

"A young and rich man named Maxim de Winter has traveled to Monte Carlo. A man mourning the loss of his wife, Rebecca Is. There he meets a young and beautiful woman whose name is never revealed. These two fall in love and decide to get married. The man brings his wife to the magnificent Manderley mansion. This is where he lived with his previous wife, Rebeka. The maids make the new bride's life a living hell. Everything comes to a head when it appears that Rebekah has been suspiciously murdered. Now it is possible that this woman's life is also in danger..."

9. All Through The Night

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Vincent Sherman
  • Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Witt, Jackie Gleason, Karen Verne and Peter Lorre
  • Product: 1942, America
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
  • Rating for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

The perfect harmony between a cheerful and playful tone, with a spy story from the movie "Throughout the Night" has made one of the most interesting movies on this list. Here, solving a spy mystery can help a national problem, but the director has chosen to choose the main character of his story as a man of two valleys and a thief who thinks he is solving a crime case that has a personal aspect to him. From that point on, he only works to clear his name and has no other goal than to get rid of himself. The era before cinema noir cast a shadow over American cinema has a color and smell of hope and happiness. It is true that noir cinema had just been discovered, but American cinema was not yet so bitter that it was not possible to extract a little humor and laughter from a terrible story and give Humphrey Bogart, who was going to become the symbol of that cinema, the role of a sarcastic man. which is miles away from those pessimistic and scarred men of noir cinema.

Besides, what makes "All Night" worthy of such a place in this list is the strange balance between the film's comedy tone and the story. It is supposed to be bitter. The main character falls like a mouse in a trap but never loses his sense of humor. In such a situation, with the twist of the story becoming more complicated and the danger of a national disaster arising, the hero of the story must both clear his name from a crime he did not commit and stop the German spies.

More The important point of the movie "All Night" is the conflict between American values with the force that considers itself against it; But Vincent Sherman and his colleagues use a few thugs and mobsters to represent American values, not iron men or government forces. The confrontation of people who have no clear organization with a battalion of trained people and the chaos that follows is one of the attractions of the film. In the meantime, the presence of a new love and a relationship full of longing and hesitation prepares everything for one of the best movies in the history of cinema. but also constantly puts moral dilemmas in front of his characters. At the beginning, the protagonist can fit in and deal with his scams, but by stepping on the path of justice, in the end he deserves the pure love he didn't deserve at the beginning. Unfortunately, neither "All Night" nor Vincent Sherman are well known in Iran. If you haven't seen the movie yet and you also like Humphrey Bogart, don't miss watching it; Bogart's character in this film is more unrestrained and free than all his pleasant appearances in the history of cinema. Of course, Peter Lorei is also present in the film, who, as always, can make the audience feel anxious and scared.

"A man who makes a living through petty crimes and puts a hat on the heads of the rich, realizes that in the neighborhood There has been a murder in his mother's house. He succeeds in finding the trail of a woman who apparently knew the victim, but when he decides to talk to that woman, he realizes that they have set him up to blame him for the murder..."

8. Solaris (Solaris)

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Andrei Tarkovsky li>
  • Stars: Donatas Banionis, Natalya Bandarchuk and Anatoly Solonistin
  • Product: 1972, Soviet Union
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 92%

The nested world that Andrei Tarkovsky creates in this science fiction epic has a mystery at its center that must be solved as quickly as possible. This mystery is the most complicated among all the mysteries in this list, and since we are dealing with a movie by Tarkovsky, we shouldn't expect a straightforward answer at the end. The fact that this mystery keeps getting more complicated and the director keeps talking to us with ambiguous language is one of the important points that shape the structure of the film.

Andrei Tarkovsky wrote the movie "Solaris" from the book of the same name. Made by Stanislav Lem. Unlike other science-fiction books, the story of Lemm focuses less on the mind-boggling events, but Tarkovsky was even more interested in human relationships and psychology than in the book. In this way, he showed how weak people are against higher powers and how incapable they are of knowing their subconscious mind and, as a result, deeply knowing their motives.

In the films of Andrei Tarkovsky. There is always a person who is searching for the truth and suffers from the carelessness of those around him and lack of understanding by the society. This truth sometimes shows itself in the context of faith, and sometimes the characters suffer because of the doubt they have about their faith. All of them are waiting for a miracle to find a meaning for their lives and to be redeemed at the end of their lives. If you go through the list of Tarkovsky's films, there are many of these characters and events in his films.

In "Solaris" the puzzle is put together step by step and the filmmaker is in no rush to say his words. At the center of the drama is a person who has lost his faith in miracles and life in search of truth. On the other hand, the old helper who claims to have seen the miracle with his own eyes, comes to him and talks to him about a mission related to the same miracle and shows him a film. Since we are dealing with a science-fiction movie here, this miracle is related to a space station in the orbit of a water-covered planet called Solaris. The man leaves without believing in miracles.

In the movie "Solaris", the main character named Chris Kelvin is a psychologist who has to go to a space station. This trip is important from several perspectives; The first is that his opinion about the state of the station determines the fate of that place, and the second is that he hasn't done anything special for a long time, especially after the death of his wife, and has lived like a robot. When he arrives at the station, a problem arises that lays the foundation for the continuation of the story. His old friend, who was a resident of the station, committed suicide and in a tape he left behind warned Chris of the danger that awaits him. But this danger is not the kind that the science-fiction cinema shows today, but what his friend calls confronting the conscience. So you can see that we are facing an unconventional mystery.

From now on, his 10-year-old torment of conscience, which is caused by the death of his wife, becomes a concrete manifestation. It is strange that this image, which must be mental by nature, finds such an objective and tangible presence that even others are able to see it. Now the efforts of two other scientists to hide the events that happen in their dorm make sense; Unlike Chris, they are not interested in showing these hidden shadows of their existence, but Chris not only has no problem with it, but starts a new life next to this objectified abstract being. He doesn't believe in non-scientific events, he sinks into a crazy dream, but things get complicated when another scientist tells him that all these events have a scientific reason, but due to the differences in Solaris, humans still don't have the ability to understand them. But in the end, none of these scientific assumptions are important in the fate of the protagonist. He can gain from this experience what can be called a reconciliation with himself. Now that he steps on the ground, he is no longer the heartbroken person at the beginning of the film. He is a person who has the ability to hug and be hugged.

That strange planet, the same watery Solaris, has done its job and has placed a way for this wounded man to continue living. Now that final ascent of the camera and its placement among the clouds until it reaches above Solaris finds its meaning to show that Chris is the first person who was able to understand the importance of not being alone in the infinite space; As the old scientist tells the story in the middle of the film and introduces why humans travel to space not to discover the secrets of existence, but to find themselves. Unlike many science-fiction movies, there are no weird and mind-boggling sequences here. The space station and the surface of the planet Solaris are the only spaces that help us to be in the heart of this science fiction situation. to announce himself about the happenings there. The answer to his report is very vital; Because it can cause the closure of the space station. It seems that strange things happen there, but scientists believe that these events are caused by the nervous breakdown of the station staff. On the day before the trip, an old pilot who had made an exploratory trip around the planet at the height of the station's youth brings the psychologist a tape. The pilot in the tape claims to have seen a four-meter boy on the surface of the planet, while scientists have a different opinion. The psychologist travels to the station...

7. The Long Goodbye

BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

  • Director: Robert Altman
  • Actors: Elliot Gold, Sterling Hayden
  • Product: 1973, USA
  • In the movie "The Long Goodbye" all the abilities of the detectives of the classic cinema are deliberately mocked by Robert Altman; This is because his era is no longer the innocent world of the thirties and forties when the border between good and evil is clear and everything seems more innocent. There is no news of those well-dressed and well-spoken detectives who could be trusted to knock down all the enemies with their bravery. There is no news of that optimistic society that accepts such things. So Altman, like in the new era, chooses his hero as a man who is not bound by morals, but in a strange way believes in the goodness in people. The atmosphere of his work is clear in this film and his other works, he left the hands of the actors free for creativity and sometimes improvisation. The presence of Elliott Gold in the main role of the film is spectacular. He has used the carelessness of the character well and played well his confusion in the winding path he is on. From this point of view, his character has similarities with the character of Dodd played by Jeff Bridges in the movie "The Big Lebowski" by the Coen brothers. Both are lazy and carefree, but the hand of fate puts them on a path where they have to solve a mystery. Of course, the hero of Robert Altman's film is more decisive than the character of Laabali in Coen brothers' film.

    Robert Altman took his character from the novel of the same name written by Raymond Chandler, but changed the pessimism and harsh language of the bitter detective with a man. who accepts the successive problems of life and the hypocrisy of people and only has a cat for happiness. In that story, which has become a classic, we were faced with the outspoken and ready-to-answer hero who knew how to get out of difficult situations and sometimes his charm helped him. He was a stubborn man who could not turn away from the trouble due to his moral codes and had to go to the heart of the matter so that he would not be ashamed in front of his conscience. But the detective made by Robert Altman has none of these characteristics.

    But after all, this is a movie based on one of Raymond Chandler's books; So elements of his unique world can be found in it. On the other hand, the era belongs to the seventies, so it is natural that nothing is as it seems at first. There is a character in the movie who is played by the great Sterling Hayden. He is a writer and he suffers exactly from everything that this new society has brought upon him. Fanatic fans of Chandler's literature may not like these changes in the film compared to Chandler's book, but what Robert Altman has done to update this brilliant story is unmatched.

    On the other hand, there is humor in the heart of the film. It is different from the humor found in the cinema noir of the past, as well as the humor found in Raymond Chandler's book. If the humor of the book is of a biting type and sometimes puts a smile on the audience's lips, here this humor comes from the funny situations that the hero of the story finds himself in. It's enough to look at the head of the author and the detective himself in different situations to know what I'm talking about.

    "Detective Philip Marlowe is a private detective. Marlowe is trying to help a man wanted for his wife's murder. This man is apparently his friend. In this way, he gets involved in a conspiracy, one end of which is tied to a philandering writer and the other end to a group of criminals. And of course, the police force, which is always a hair on his nose..."

    6. The Conversation

    BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

    • Director: Francis Ford Coppola
    • Stars: Gene Hackman, John Casal and Harrison Ford
    • Product: 1974, USA
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.8 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 97%

    Like the movie "Explosion", there is a conspiracy involved here that the main character of the story is sure of happening. is not. But there is a difference, he himself does not know whether he is unknowingly involved in this conspiracy or not. So the mystery revolves around understanding whether the hero of the story sent someone to the slaughterhouse unintentionally or was innocent. This environment provides the conditions for Francis Ford Coppola to widen the scene of the depressed society of the 70s and give it a sharp bite. disable In all the shots that he put in his film, there is a kind of restlessness and confusion that tells the main character's condition. To understand this point, just pay attention to the glorious opening sequence of the film and the way the camera moves and, of course, the filmmaker's brilliant use of sound.

    This sequence is also the key to entering the world of the film. Because sound plays an essential role throughout the film and its progression, and Francis Ford Coppola shows how it can be used creatively. A voice is recorded on a tape that announces the occurrence of a crime in the future, but right where everything is supposed to happen, the voice is messed up and it is not clear what the story is about, and this is the issue of the life of the person who recorded the voice. It turns into hell.

    The role of this man is played beautifully by Gene Hackman. Gene Hackman has a great game in that era. From the movie "The French Connection" by William Friedkin to the movie "Night Moves" by Arthur Penn, which could easily be included in this list. Gene Hackman also plays the role of a detective who inadvertently gets involved in a complex conspiracy in that epic neon noir. But beyond all of this, his performance in The Conversation can be considered the best performance of his life.

    In short, Francis Ford Coppola experienced some amazing years. At the beginning of the seventies, he made one of the most magnificent works in the history of cinema, the movie "The Godfather", and then in 1974, he made two other epic films, the same movie and of course the second part of "The Godfather: Part Two". ) prepared for display. In the movie "The Conversation" he created one of the most important exemplary characters of the seventies. The character who, along with Travis Bickel in "Taxi Driver" by Martin Scorsese, is one of the most famous male representatives of the cinema of that era: Harry Cowell played by Gene Hackman.

    The common feature of these characters is their pessimism. to the society and they think that there is a danger lurking in every corner of this city and they should do something to make this society better. But from this point of view, the movie "The Conversation" is a more bitter movie than Martin Scorsese's masterpiece, and this is due to its unique ending. Of course, Scorsese's masterpiece tries to sow danger in every corner of New York City and present a clear picture of this dark city, but Francis Ford Coppola seeks this commitment more in his character.

    Harry Cowell is the symbol of all committed men. that whatever they have done in life has not led them anywhere; Although they come and go in their jobs, but because they have chosen to live in the shadows, they have had to remain hidden from public opinion. Of course, this way of life has made them aware of issues in the world around them that others do not know about, but living in the shadows makes them involved in a lot of fear that they even doubt and fear their own shadow.

    5. Blow-Up

    BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

    • Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
    • Actors: David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave and Sarah Miles
    • Production: 1966, Italy, USA and England
    • li>
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.6 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 88%

    Like the two movies "Explosion" and "Conversation", here the hero of the story or the searcher is a man who thinks he witnessed a crime but is not sure. Of course, there is a difference between Antonioni's work compared to the other two films; Here, he goes beyond the concept of searching to depict a fearful society and reaches a philosophical question about the concept of truth. The protagonist of his story is not only guilty of not witnessing a crime Bode suffers, but also doubts about the concept of truth and its difference from reality.

    If Coppola's hero feels betrayed, here Antonioni's hero does not see himself in the middle of any conspiracy. Antonioni even deliberately excludes society in order to distance himself from the typical sixties artist and raise his own questions. For this reason, the movie "Agrandisman" mostly presents a passive image of its hero. While the hero of "Conversation" has the clues to some extent, or at least he thinks so.

    Of course, Antonioni also pays attention to the new way of life of European youth. He praises their new liberation and freedom and welcomes this new way of life with happy colors, not with pessimism and showing dangerous ways. The final chapter of the film, which is one of the most lasting endings in the history of cinema, and although it raises a more fundamental question, it is the logical sequence of the evolution of the film and helps to summarize the work in the best way.

    Antonioni's achievements are considered the goal of modern cinema. . His attempt to raise unanswered questions in the language of cinema is highly commendable. His perspective on the contemporary world and the problems faced by man in the age of technology was never repeated in the history of cinema. Antonioni tried to narrate his stories in the most innovative way possible, and this made him ahead of his time; Therefore, it is natural that another director with the same characteristics encourages him and is interested in his work; For example, Stanley Kubrick is such a director, because his style of work in different decades shows that he was a pioneer, to the extent that the former opponents of his cinema have joined his fans today.

    The story of an art photographer and his subjects by Michelangelo Antonioni in the movie "Agrandisman" has the ability to become a criminal case. But not every case in which the police open their eyes to pursue the crime. Rather, this case becomes a means for Antonioni to explore the essence of truth. Does what we see necessarily exist or is it created by our mind?

    The search to discover the true nature of phenomena is what makes great filmmakers strive and create works of art. In addition, it was with this film that Antonioni searched for himself and tried to show the hardships of the road. The photographer of the film "Agrandisman", who is also the main character of the film, can take the place of any other real artist throughout history and be a manifestation of his presence on the screen.

    "Agrandisman" is Mikel's first English-language film. It is Angelo Antonioni and its story takes place in London. The subject of the film is so universal and its story is related to every period and time, that it doesn't matter where the events take place, and what time period it is. In any case, he will communicate with his audience.

    "Thomas is a professional photographer. He, who always has conflicting feelings about life, accidentally takes a photo of a couple in the park. While printing the photos, he notices an ominous thing: there is a body in the background; Now he is searching to find out if someone really died in that area on the day of the photo shoot or not..."

    4. The Big Heat

    BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

    • Director: Fritz Long
    • Stars: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame and Lee Marvin
    • Product: 1953, USA
    • IMDb rating To the movie: 7.9 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 100%

    Cinema noir is one of The best examples are for making mystery films. Especially in them, mystery becomes equally important along with characterization, and the detectives of this type of cinema have a clear difference from detectives like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, who remain as a special type with special characteristics and from one film to another without Changes remain.

    In film noir, detectives usually have a painful past that they cannot escape no matter what they do. For this reason, they are very pessimistic. Now the mystery that has arisen makes them try to maybe be redeemed in the end. But noirs are more fatalistic than these words to imagine such hope for its heroes. Most of Fritz Lang's American films have either used elements of noir cinema or are brilliant examples of this cinema. He has undoubtedly made some of the best noirs in the history of cinema, and "The Big Chase" is one of the best.

    In the movie "The Big Chase" we are faced with a society in which there is a man and an honest policeman. He can't live easily and the disorderly and criminal society rooted in the city takes his wife away from him. So he decides to change his ways and settle accounts like criminals. This is the height of Long's disappointment with the society that man has built for himself and called it civilization; That an honest and upright man is forced to go astray, because justice has lost its concept. In this film, like many of Lang's films, we are dealing with an apparently middle-class society whose people see themselves right up to the tip of their noses. Men and women who dress and The car has become their reason for existence and they are judged based on their price.

    On the other hand, like any other good film noir, here we are faced with numerous intrigues. The hero of the story must take care of every nook and cranny and also try not to lose his humanity, otherwise he will not be different from the movie characters. This is exactly the hard part of the story, but Fritz Lang has painted the inner conflicts of the main character through creating space and playing with light and shadow in such a way that this inner conflict becomes believable for the audience.

    On the other hand, the story of the film based on It is based on the scenario of revenge. After the murder of his wife, a man is searching to find the murderer or murderers. This matter has become personal for him and for this reason he has resigned from his job as a policeman. So here, Fritz Lang has a strong criticism of the force and the organization whose purpose is to maintain the safety of the people in the society; But the sad part of the story is that this organization can't even save the lives of its people's families.

    Glenn Ford's acting as the main role of the story is unique. With this film, he can be considered one of the most prominent detectives in noir cinema. Gloria Grahame has been able to play the role of a wounded woman who tries to seduce well, and Lee Marvin shines well in the form of a negative role at the beginning of his professional career. It is dark. In this world, even the components of noir cinema are sometimes not used, and Long knows this very well. If we are used to seductress women causing the destruction of men in noir films, here the system and its people are so corrupt that even the women themselves are its victims and no one can be solely responsible for the accidental emergence. Now a single man stands against this injustice and corruption, a corruption that no one wants to face.

    "A policeman commits suicide and Detective Banyon is assigned to find out why. He doubts how the policeman died. Meanwhile, the policeman's wife clearly does not want to cooperate with the detective. On the other hand, it seems that the police department itself is planning to cover up this issue, but the detective is not giving up and wants to go to the bottom of the line anyway...

    3. Rashomon

    BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

    • Director: Akira Kurosawa li>
    • Stars: Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyo and Takashi Shimura
    • Production: 1950, Japan
    • Akira Kurosawa wrote the movie "Rashomon" from stories. Adapted by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. In fact, Kurosawa made his movie by combining two of his short stories, "Rashomon" and "In the Grove". He gave the name of the first story to the movie, but most of Azadi's story is taken from the second. The story of "Rashomon" written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa is the story of a servant who takes shelter at a gate in the rainy weather and decides to become a thief after seeing an old woman. The story "Dar Bisheh" also refers to the incidents of rape for which a court has been set up and the witnesses are testifying before the judge. The second story clearly points to the fact that truth is a relative thing and may not exist in an absolute sense.

      Kurosawa took both stories and turned the idea of the second story into a screenplay suitable for cinema. . Like the first story, the movie "Rashomon" begins under a gate and the weather is also rainy. Three men are sitting under the gate and two of them, one is a monk and the other is a woodcutter, is telling a story. Their story arouses the curiosity of another man who has absolutely nothing to do with the main story, and the questions he asks drive the film forward. He sits in the audience and keeps asking questions about the description of the incident with pessimism, and the answers he gets become the movie "Rashomon". go judge It seems that the film emphasizes that everyone has their own narrative of every story and that part of the reality is only in front of them. But the filmmaker casts doubt on everything and everyone. In addition to changing the words of the woodcutter, another thing adds to this issue and the uncertainty of the events: it is not clear who is telling which part of the story. So this uncertainty is in the story itself and the way it is narrated, and Kurosawa masterfully extracted the content from the form of his film. He felt repulsive have It was the first film that brought Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune's name to the world, and of course, helped make Japanese cinema internationally known. "Rashomon" won the Venice Golden Lion and of course an honorary Oscar, and this factor made the film only praised in Japan for a long time. It took time for the dust of foreign attention to settle and the people of Japan to realize with a realistic view and without any pomp and circumstance, what a unique masterpiece the great filmmaker of their country has created. Kurosawa was only forty years old at the time of making the film, but he has done his job like a mature and experienced man. They take. The monk and the woodcutter begin to describe the story of the crime and its trial that happened in the past. These two tell the story of the court from the three perspectives of the victim, who is a woman, the man who is accused of rape, and the dead husband of that woman (in the words of a ghost summoner). But suddenly the woodcutter admits that he himself witnessed the incident and knows everything..."

      2. Blade Runner

      BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

      • Director: Ridley Scott
      • Actors: Harrison Ford, Shen Yang and Rother Haer
      • Product: 1982, USA and Hong Kong
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

      Ridley Scott's sci-fi neo-noir has a secret in its heart that can change the characters' worlds forever. The quester or protagonist must blindly find and destroy humanoid robots. These rebel robots want something that only humans understand. So the search for the protagonist becomes a search for understanding the world that is being formed and challenges the power of the powerful.

      The idea of "Blade Runner" is the same stereotypical idea of fear of gaining power and robots gaining emotions. is human But the filmmaker's approach to this subject is non-stereotype. He advances the world of the film not on the basis of enmity between humans and those creatures, but on the basis of mutual understanding of each other. The secret of the film lies exactly here; The fact that only the leader of the robots is not able to solve the mystery, but the main answer lies with someone who has been with the protagonist all along.

      Of course, the story of the film takes place in the future, but Ridley Scott has no tourist aspect to this city. Advanced is not forgiving; On the contrary, it has created a dirty city where there is abnormality in every corner. Disfigured people go here and there and crime is rampant everywhere in the city. It is in such a frame that filming the work becomes important to create this atmosphere as best as possible. Jordan Crannoth has done a flawless job in depicting this ongoing suffocation in the city. The images of "Blade Runner" became a touchstone for the films after it.

      In fact, every science-fiction film released after "Blade Runner" is somehow influenced by the filming of this film. For this reason, one should not be surprised by the position of this work in this list. Jordan Crannworth along with Ridley Scott took the contrast in the lighting of the cinema noir frames and the strange camera angles, gave it neon effects and poured it into a science fiction story and the result became a film that relies more on its images than anything else. Ridley Scott based the film on the book "Do Robots Dream of Snowy Sheep?" It was made by Philip K. Dick.

      The movie "Blade Runner" is considered one of the symbolic works of science-fiction cinema today. Ridley Scott has placed his science fiction story in a noir atmosphere and told a story in which the love between a human and a robot becomes the reason for the beginning of an intellectual revolution. But this is only one side of the story, in the story there are some unbridled and rebellious robots who are actually liberators who rebelled against the existing order. An order in which a robot production company has taken control of the universe.

      Ridley Scott is constantly moving between these two sides of the story. The story detective is looking for fugitives. If we take the detective as a thesis, the fugitives are the antithesis of the story, and the collision of these two views becomes the love that was mentioned. So the synthesis of the universe, or the savior of man, is human love and affection, and it doesn't matter what a person is made of.

      Another strong point of the film is the unique music of Vangelis, which today is considered one of the The symbols of the soundtrack have become in science-fiction cinema, and of course, it is well-known and heard outside the cinema space. When the audience looks at the production team of the film "Blade Runner" and puts the different names together, it looks as if everything has been paired together to create a lasting masterpiece.

      Harrison Ford as a detective. Bewildered, who has a strange life and is constantly moving from one side to the other, has appeared perfectly. His character is never resting and always seems to be tired. On the other hand, Sean Young has given a good performance in the role of a robotic woman with human emotions Is; His character lives as if in a constant trance, and even with the power of love, it is not possible to escape from this confusion.

      But without a doubt, the star of the cast of "Blade Runner" movie is Rotcher Haer. In the role of the leader of the rebels, he is both a wise man and a violent man. He has to be able to get the violent aspects of a robot right and as a victim, make the audience accept the role and feel for him. Rotcher Haer has well used these different spectrums of a character.

      "2019, the city of Los Angeles. Deckard is a blade runner whose job it is to find and destroy robots that are illegal on the planet. Society calls these robots replicants and some of them are considered a serious threat. It is reported that some rebel replicants have landed and are planning to sabotage Tyrell's company. Tyrell company is practically running the world today and this is considered a big risk. The company informs Deckard...

      1. Vertigo

      BingMag.com 18 best mystery movies of all time from worst to best

      • Director: Alfred Hitchcock li>
      • Stars: James Stewart, Kim Novak
      • Product: 1958, USA
      • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 8.3 out of 10
      • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 94%

      No secret in The history of cinema does not have the power to distort the secret of the movie "Vertigo". The heroes of other films may lose their way on the way to discover the mystery and find themselves in the middle of a barrenness of unanswered questions. But none of them are as shocking as the loneliness of the protagonist of Vertigo. Alfred Hitchcock has created such a fatalistic world in which everyone seems to have something; Both the hero of the story, the woman he loves, and the city where the story takes place. But Hitchcock has depicted it like a labyrinth, as if he is busy destroying his victims. On the other hand, this city traps people like a spider's web so that they end up being victims of fate. The hero of the drama thinks that he can find some peace or salvation in this city. From the very beginning of the film and that scene of the chase on the roof, this helplessness of his is clear, and immediately in the next sequence, the possibility of him falling again when he climbs four steps is shown.

      Like movie heroes. The detective noir of this story is also looking for a moment of liberation. Rediscovering an old friendship provides this opportunity. But the trap this man puts on his way makes the possibility of falling again in the second sequence a definite thing. Now there is a mystery; Who is this man's wife and what does she do? But if "Vertigo" only told this story, it would not be recognized as one of the best works in the history of cinema. So Hitchcock must have other things in his pocket.

      On the other hand, the movie "Vertigo" shows an ethereal image of a woman as a symbol of life and love, a human being as a source of peace with a place for liberation. There is. The image of this woman is one of the strangest images of a human being in the history of cinema, and this issue has given her a legendary dimension. It is as if the woman in the story does not belong to this world and belongs to a place beyond what is attainable in this world, and this is what made her so confused. The detective of the story imagines that the same woman weaved that spider's web and does not know that this is the characteristic of the world in which she lives. It doesn't get more fatalistic than this.

      Defining the story of the movie "Vertigo" is a difficult task. The narrative of the film is so complicated that it is practically impossible to write a summary of the story, but it is gloriously a film that can be understood by everyone. This issue goes back to the extraordinary abilities of Alfred Hitchcock as a genius filmmaker; He was such a master in his work that he could reach from complexity to flawless simplicity.

      Any person in any corner of the world can sit and see it and identify with the main character of the film for a few mornings. shed tears for his failures. Scotty, the main character of this movie, is a representative of all of us ordinary people; Humans with all human weaknesses and strengths. This makes him a victim, because he is a plaything in the hands of others, and this makes him more and more like us earthly humans. So the movie "Vertigo" is a symbol of all human regrets and sadness for lost things

      James Stewart's performance in the movie "Vertigo" is perhaps the best performance of his career. A brilliant performance in the form of a man who suffers from a fear of heights, which has caused him to retire. He falls in love with a woman whom he knows nothing about, and on the other hand, he recognizes her as his friend's wife, and because of this, he feels guilty. Kim Novak also played his best in this movie. Basically, she was not a very brilliant actor and apart from this film, she did not leave much of a name for herself in the history of cinema, but being in the form of the most seductive woman in the history of cinema has given her an unattainable position. He is a policeman who is afraid of heights. He gets dizzy when he is at a high altitude. At the beginning of the movie, because of this, he cannot help another policeman and that man is killed. In the continuation of the story, Scotty retires from work, while he still has a guilty conscience because of that death. Meanwhile, an old friend calls him and asks Scotty to track down his wife. The man thinks his wife has a problem and wants to get rid of it, but accepting this leads Scotty into a mysterious adventure...

      • 22 best historical movies of all time from worst to best

        • li>

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