17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

In cinema, it often happens that directors are interested in the presence of an actor and make several movies with the same actor. do special work; Just as Scorsese was particularly interested in the presence of Robert De Niro or Leonardo DiCaprio in his films, or Tim Burton made his films with the presence of Johnny Depp. This procedure is also true in Iranian cinema.

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

In cinema, it often happens that directors are interested in the presence of an actor and make several movies with the same actor. do special work; Just as Scorsese was particularly interested in the presence of Robert De Niro or Leonardo DiCaprio in his films, or Tim Burton made his films with the presence of Johnny Depp. This procedure is also true in Iranian cinema.

When a director and an actor experience their first collaboration in a movie, after a while they notice a kind of language and look. have in common with each other. Achieving this commonality is an important event that has happened to many actors and directors and has resulted in joint collaborations. It has resulted in many joint collaborations between directors and actors. In the following, we have taken a look at director-actor pairs in Iranian cinema to see which director has collaborated with which actor the most.

1. Ali Hatami, Ezzatullah Tazami

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Joint films: Sattar Khan, Haji Washington, Kamal al-Molk, Jafar Khan from Farang Barghdeh, Punishment Committee, Tehran Rozgar Nu

Really the title is " "Mr. Actor" is the merit of Ezzatullah Tazami. An actor who has played in important films of great directors and whose name appears in important films in the history of Iranian cinema. Among the well-known actors with whom Ali Hatami has worked, Tazami has the largest contribution. Hatami would not have been taken away from us, the number of these collaborations would have increased. In all these films, Tazami sat correctly in that role and executed the details of a strict director like Ali Hatami with complete artistry.

Tazami with that tone and manner Talking is very useful for Hatami's films and how good that time brought these two artists together at the right time and place. Now both of these artists have passed away and have left the results of their joint works for cinema lovers. Movies that are valuable souvenirs for us.

2. Dariush Mehrjoui, Khosro Shakibaei

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Joint films: Hamon, Bano, Sara, Pari, Mix, Dokhtar Dai Gomshede

Khosro Shakibaei as one of the stars of cinema Iran has a history of cooperation with many famous directors. He has collaborated in several films with Masoud Kimiaei, Ahmadreza Darwish, Kiyomarth Pourahmad and Fereydoun Jirani, but the crowning glory of all his collaborations goes back to acting in Dariush Mehrjooi's films.

As a prolific director, Mehrjooi has made films with many actors, and Shikibai was one of the best of them. "Hamon" is the best known collaboration of these two figures. Shakibaei played the role of Hamid Hamon in one of the most lasting roles in the history of Iranian cinema, and he also won the Crystal Simorgh for the best lead actor at Fajr Film Festival.

Shakibai in One of the most golden periods of Mehrjooi's work was working with this famous director, and the result of this collaboration is several lasting films in Iranian cinema. Both figures had reached a common language in working with each other, which made their joint films spectacular and audience-friendly.

3. Asghar Farhadi, Shahab Hosseini

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Joint films: About Eli, Nader's separation from Simin, The Salesman

The peak of the flourishing of Shahab Hosseini's acting art should be seen during the collaboration with Asghar Farhadi knew. Since his first role in a movie by Farhadi in 2007, this actor became a superstar of Iranian cinema and finally got the reward for his efforts by winning an award from the Cannes Film Festival.

As time went by, the collaboration between Farhadi and Hosseini became more mature and this actor appeared very brilliantly in the last two films he had with Farhadi and displayed his best roles.

Although it seemed that after Shahab Hosseini's success in "The Salesman", his collaboration with Farhadi would continue, but there was no news of repeating the previous successes. With the emergence of some margins and comments, it seems unlikely that these two artists will work together.

4. Bahman Farmanara, Reza Kianian

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Common movies: The smell of camphor, the scent of jasmine, A house on the water, A little kiss, Familiar soil, I want to love you

Also, having the tone and language of protest and criticism has always been present in Farmanara's films, and in this sense, it has made his films different. The collaboration of these two people created lasting films in Iranian cinema, and one of the most amazing. Rin identified possible collaborations.

5. Dariush Mehrjoui, Ezzatullah Tazami

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

To write about the popular actors Dariush Mehrjooi, we could also write about Ali Nasiryan, but the stunning number of collaborations of Ezzatullah Tzamami with this director was a reason to ignore other actors. The statistic of 10 joint films for a director and actor is so high and unique that it is rarely repeated in Iranian cinema or even in the world. has constructed. The flagship of this list is the movie "Cow" in which Tazami is the star and shines. Tzamami has played important roles both in the films before the revolution and in the films after the revolution of Mehrjoui and has become a memorable account.

Most collaborations of these two artists in They became streamers in their own time. From the movie "Cow", which was among the new wave movies before the revolution, to the following movies, each of them had an impact on cinema and society. "The Tenants" is still considered one of the best comedy films of Iranian cinema, or "Hamon" which is one of the cult films of Iranian cinema and has its own novelties every time it is seen.

6. Asghar Farhadi, Alidousti's song

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Joint films: Chaharbansuri, About Eli, The seller, the beautiful city

When Taraneh Alidousti took the lead role in Asghar Farhadi's "The Beautiful City", it was only his second acting experience. was going through However, Farhadi noticed the inherent talent of this actor and chose Alidousti for his film.

The cooperation of this person did not stop there and Farhadi opened for his next film. He also went to Alidosti and gave her the role of a servant girl named "Ruhangiz". Even though Alidousti was going through his third acting experience, he appeared excellent in this role and shone alongside other actors. "About Eli" considered a shorter role for Alidousti, and this actor appeared excellent in this role as well. Farhadi did not go to Alidousti for his next films until he collaborated with this actor again for the movie "Salesman" and gave him one of the main roles in the movie.

It can be said that among Iranian actresses, this is the most important and serious collaboration between an actress and a director. All the films that Alidosti worked with Farhadi are among the most important films of Iranian cinema.

7. Ebrahim Hatamikia, Parviz Perstoi

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Joint films: Glass Agency, Red Ribbon, Dead Wave, In the Name of Father, Bodyguard

The story of the collaboration between this director and the actor The movie "Glass Agency" started in 1376 and continued like that. The film was seen a lot in its time and is still considered one of Hatamikia's successful films. He was sanctifying, Parviz Parastoyi was his first choice for playing a role. It seems that this is a strategy on the part of Hatamikia, who only uses Prastowi's presence for films with the theme of war and holy defense, and collaborates with other actors in other films with social subjects.

8. Abolhassan Davodi, Alireza Khamse

BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

  • Common movies: Pickpockets don't go to heaven, I love the earth, the smell of good life It was produced by Iran and Alireza Khamse was also the star of his films. After the success of the movie "Pickbags don't go to heaven", Davoudi went to Khamse again for his next movie, which had a fantasy atmosphere, and chose him as the main actor of his movie.

    > In the Iranian cinema scene in the seventies, Dawoodi's films experienced good sales, and this made this director continue to make his films in the same way. The third collaboration between Davoudi and Khamse was ">

    After this movie Davoudi did not make movies in the cinema for several years and with his reappearance, he had distanced himself from the comedy genre. In this way, the story of the collaboration of these two people with these three films ended.

    9. Masoud Kimiyaei, Mohammad Reza Froutan

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Common movies: Mercedes, Scream, Protest, Friday Soldiers, Street Trial, Metropol

    Mohammadreza Froutan introduced himself as a star to Iranian cinema with Kimiaei films. Kord and his acting abilities became more evident in the role of protesting characters. In the middle and end of the seventies, Froten acted as a rebellious, sometimes nervous and lonely character in several films, all of which became lasting and memorable films in Iranian cinema.

    Although the collaboration of this director and actor has faded in recent years, it must be said that Froutan acted in some of the most important alchemy films in Iranian cinema. This was a great opportunity and luck for this actor and made him learn a lot of lessons with an experienced and veteran director and gather good baggage for the future of his career.

    10. Saeed Raushi, Navid Mohammadzadeh

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Joined films: Abed and Yak Roz, Metri Six and Half, Laila Brothers

    Navid Mohammadzadeh is one of the emerging stars of Iranian cinema. And because of his abilities in acting, young directors are very interested in working with him. Among these directors, Homan Sidi and Saeed Roustai have made the most films with Mohammadzadeh, and because of the greater impact of the Roustai films, we omitted to mention Sidi's name.

    Rustai Ta To date, he has made three movies, in which Mohammadzadeh played important roles. Mohammadzadeh gave one of his best performances in "Ever and a Day" and after he was once denied the right to get Simorgh to play in "I'm Not Angry", this time he received the Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actor.

    The cooperation of Mohammadzadeh and Raushi in "Metri six and a half" was also successful and the film was accepted by the audiences inside and outside the country. Currently, the third collaboration between these two artists has been banned and no one has seen "Leila Brothers", but as said, Mohammadzadeh still plays one of the important roles in the film.

    11. Abdulreza Kahani, Reza Attaran

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Joined movies: A horse is a noble animal, Unselfish and aimless, Absolute rest, Miss Yaya, Azad like air

    When Reza's series We watch Attaran and then we see Abdolreza Kahani's films, we can well understand the thematic view and common concerns of both in life and filmmaking. In his serials, Attaran had a kind of ironic look and sometimes bitter social humor in his works, and Kahani also followed the same kind of filmmaking in his works.

    One of the reasons The long-term cooperation of these two people was related to this issue, and if Kahani had stayed in Iran, the number of these joint cooperations would have increased. Attaran shined very well in Kahani's "Horse is a noble animal" and was able to show another genre of his acting in the cinema.

    Attaran had acted in more light-hearted comedy films before that, and Kahani's film had more layers to pay for. "Birth and Bejhet" and "Absolute Rest" were also made in line with the same kind of look and showed confusion. , the futility and vanity of people in life and the world worked very well. Kahani and Attaran had reached a common understanding of cooperation, and if their cooperation continued, we might have seen more profound films from both of them.

    12. Hamid Nematullah, Leila Hatami

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Shared movies: Abali, Veja Sleep, Killer and Savage

    with Let's take a look at Leila Hatami's acting career in the name of several famous directors. It can be said that she has worked with all prominent Iranian directors, from Kiarostami to Farhadi and Mehrjooi, and this collaboration has also been successful. But among these directors, the collaboration with Hamid Nematullah from It was a different gender.

    Although Hatami had a secondary role in her first collaboration with Nematullah in "Bipoli", she appeared so well in this role that Simorgh took home the Crystal Simorgh for the female lead from the 27th Fajr Film Festival. These two figures shined in their next collaboration as well, so that Hatami once again won the Crystal Simorgh for the best actress in the leading role. He presented one of his best games. Her understated performance as a scarred and lonely woman was widely praised, prompting critics to praise Hatami's acting prowess. The third collaboration between Hatami and Nematullah is on the verge of being banned, and no one has yet managed to see it, but what we have heard indicates that Hatami has shone in these films.

    13. Tehmina Milani, Niki Karimi

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Common films: Two Women, Half Hidden, Fifth Reaction

    At one time, Tehmina Milani had important concerns about women in Iranian cinema, and films He was worried. But as time went by, Milani moved away from these concerns and moved towards commercial cinema.

    When Milani was making social films, Niki Karimi was a constant actor in his films. This collaboration started with the movie "Two Women" and continued to the movie "Half Hidden". With a sensitive subject, this film narrates the social life of a woman whose political events have had an important impact on her life. Jadiyeh was found guilty and went to jail, which ended well with the authorities' follow-up. Two years after this film and its sidelines, in 2001, Milani made "Many Women" with a feminist perspective, which is considered one of his good films.

    After this After three films, Niki Karimi and Milani no longer worked together, and Milani gradually moved away from social cinema and closer to box-office movies.

    14. Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian, Javad Ezzati

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Joint films: Nimroz story, Lotari, Nimroz story, Red blood, Loser man

    Mohammed Hossein Mahdovian with his own documentary style in cinema Soon his name became popular. After the success of "Standing in the Dust", he continued his style in the cinema and became a popular actor from his second film called "Midnight Adventure" by Javad Ezzati.

    Mahdovian doesn't want Ezzati to be funny and witty and chooses him for serious roles. All the collaborations of these two have been of this kind. In his last film, "Loser Man", Mahdovian refused to choose an old actor for his film and with Ezzati makeup, he put him in the role of an experienced and aging agent.

    Mahdovian is a prolific and experimental director and makes films in a different genre every time. After the failure of "Loser Man" at the box office and critics and audiences not welcoming this film, it should be seen whether this director will reconsider his cooperation with his beloved actor or Ezzati will continue to take the lead role in his films and series.

    15. Rakhshan Bani-e-Etemad, Baran Kothari

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Joint movies: Narges, Blue Scarf, Lady of Ardibehesht, Island Stories, Under the Skin of the City, Gilaneh, Khoon Bazi, Tales

    Certainly, if Rakhshan Bani-Etamad was not the mother of Baran Kotsari, this number of collaborations would not have been achieved. Baran Kostari, being the daughter of Bani Etemad, acted in her mother's films from a young age and this process continued in the following years. He was very young, played in all his mother's movies and usually had the main roles. In Iranian cinema, it is rare for a director and an actress to have this number of collaborations, and in this case, an exception, because there was a family relationship, this happened.

    16. Mustafa Kiaei, Bahram Radan

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    • Joint films: Istanbul Crossroads, Barcode, Ice Age

    Bahram Radan has worked with different directors and rarely with one director. Have more than three movies. Mustafa Kiai is also considered a rare example in Radan's acting career. After his first collaboration with Kiai in "Ice Age", which was the best film according to the audience of Fajr Festival in 2013, Radan once again appeared in front of Kiai's camera for the film "Barcode".

    Kiai is usually known for making entertaining films, and Radan does not have strange and extraordinary acting in his films. He is the same colorful-eyed young man who always gets involved in events and shapes the story of the film.

    Radan has less lasting role in cinema compared to other stars of Iranian cinema and this It is one of the weaknesses of the acting career. Looking at Radan's acting career, except for playing the role of Ali in the movie "Century", we come across a lot of average and ordinary movies that few people remember anymore.

    17. Ebrahim Hatamikia, Maryla Zarei

    BingMag.com 17 best director-actor couples in Iranian cinema

    Marila Zarei has been working with Ebrahim Hatamikia since the middle of the decade. Eighty and started with the movie "Dawat" and continued this collaboration until the mid-nineties. Zarei reached Hatamikia when this director was far from his peak days and as time passed, the quality of this director's films decreased. , more than ever, it has taken on the color of customization and it is less possible to expect a brilliant work from this director. Maryla Zarei, after distancing herself from intellectual cinema, found herself closer to Hatamikia's way of thinking and cinema, and she played the same role in two films, "Ch" and "Bodyguard".

    Although Zarei has not been able to show himself in Hatamikia's films so far and has mostly been content with a series of neutral and ordinary roles. Zarei did not appear in Hatamikia's last two films, and it is not clear whether this figure's collaboration will be limited to these four films or if they will work together again in the future.

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