16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

Since the beginning of its activity in the first half of the decade of 2010, A24 has established itself as an important company in the production of independent works. During these years, he slowly expanded his field of work and produced all kinds of films. Now it has reached the point where even science-fiction films, which are traditionally more expensive works, have found a place for themselves in the annual production list of this company. But still this company keeps the DNA of independent cinema and goes to ideas that are less accepted by huge companies. In this list, 16 exciting movies or "thriller" movies of A24 company have been examined.

BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

Since the beginning of its activity in the first half of the decade of 2010, A24 has established itself as an important company in the production of independent works. During these years, he slowly expanded his field of work and produced all kinds of films. Now it has reached the point where even science-fiction films, which are traditionally more expensive works, have found a place for themselves in the annual production list of this company. But still this company keeps the DNA of independent cinema and goes to ideas that are less accepted by huge companies. In this list, 16 exciting movies or "thriller" movies of A24 company have been examined.

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Triller is one of the important genres of cinema that has many subcategories and can easily be merged with other genres; For example, all crime films can be called thrillers in some way and even horror films can be considered as its subcategory. From this point of view, only the comedy genre can be equal to it, and you can see traces of it in every movie of every genre. Cinema audiences traditionally call any movie that is accompanied by tension and creates excitement as a thriller. For this reason, the preference of film critics is to include films in more definable categories.

This is why this list includes a fantasy film like "The Enemy" to a crime film like "Uncut Jewels". has it; Because while using the elements of other genres, they also have enough excitement and can satisfy the audience interested in exciting works. On the other hand, there is no news of horror films produced by this company in this list. Because horror movies don't stop at creating excitement and make it a tool that ends up scaring the audience.

Looking at the movies on the list and reading the names of the directors in them and the path they have traveled in these years, the importance It explains the goals of the A24 company. Crazy and bold ideas are always rejected in big studios, and even if they are accepted by their agents, they still encounter barriers and obstacles that tie the hands and feet of the director and ultimately lead to the creation of a featureless work. For example, it is impossible that directors like the Safadi brothers can make a film like "Good Times" with the same boldness in another company, or that Denis Villeneuve can produce the crazy story of "The Enemy" in a big studio with the same style.

Every year that passes, A24 Company becomes a bigger name in the world of cinema. This company was founded in 2012 by a person named Daniel Katz in New York City, USA, with the aim of producing independent films, and has remained committed to this mission until today. Their success continues until the audience interested in independent cinema knows in advance that they will be faced with a quality work that they will enjoy watching; This is the biggest achievement that any company and any brand can achieve.

16. Mojave

BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

  • Director: William Monahan li>
  • Stars: Gareth Hedlund, Oscar Isaac and Mark Wahlberg
  • Product: 2015, USA
  • "Mojave" has an interesting story and of course a great acting team. The presence of people like Mark Wahlberg or Oscar Isaac can make a thriller film more interesting. But the problem starts when the filmmaker failed to make his characters believable. In the works of the trailer, excitement is created when the audience can feel close to the characters on the screen and understand them. If there is no such achievement, at least be with them and worry about their fate. But the prominent actors of this film have been placed in the form of roles that are not sympathetic to the audience and do not awaken any feelings in him, and it even seems that they are confused and do not know what they are doing in front of the filmmaker's camera and they want to finish their work as soon as possible. May they respect their contract and get their full salary. Naturally, the audience does not like to see their favorite actors in a film that is neither coherent nor its creators know what they want.

    The life story of a Hollywood director who has a tendency to commit suicide and suddenly faces a very mysterious wanderer and his life from It turns out, it has enough mortar to make the audience curious, but the problem is that the filmmaker doesn't know where to take his work. The story confuses the audience and makes the actors into people who go from one side to another and it is quite clear that they are not comfortable, that is why the movie "Mojave" should be classified in the continuation of Mr. William Monahan's unsuccessful works and even the worst place He gave it his career. Apparently, this director/writer only sat on the shoulders of Homa Saadat in the first one or two years, and as he progressed, he got nothing but regression. One day, he heads to the Mojave desert to get lost, but he meets a mysterious man. The encounter between the two has terrifying consequences for Thomas. He finally returns to his house but realizes that the mysterious man is following him..."

    15. Outlaws

    BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

    • Director: Stephen McCallum li>
    • Stars: Ryan Corr, Abby Lee
    • Product: 2017, Australia
    • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 5.3 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on the site Rotten Tomatoes: 33%

    A24 company sometimes It broadcasts various compact and small films made in other parts of the world. They buy films that have the potential to shine in the US market and release them in North America. By buying the movie "Outlaws", they have actually brought an Australian product to America, which in a normal situation could still be seen in America. Of course, these normal conditions return to the quality of the film; Whether the said film is a good work or not, or at least it was made by a great director with well-known actors or not.

    When an Australian film does not have prominent actors and it seems to be an independent and good work, A company like A24 is expected to step forward, but this decision of the company's management is one of the worst decisions they have made in years. The movie "Law breakers" which is also known as "1%" or one percent in some countries; It is a stupid work that, like the previous film, had a list of potentials in it, but none of them came to fruition, and of course, unlike the previous film, it was not the product of the company itself, so the result of the work was not clear from the beginning. This also questions the power of judgment of A24 decision makers; Because this image disaster was in front of them from the beginning, but they still bought it.

    The underground world of motorcycle gangsters and their vices is an attractive world to become a movie. So far, epic works have been made with the brilliance of motorcycle characters; From enduring classics such as "Easy Rider" by Dennis Hopper or "The Wild One" by Laszlo Benedek and played by Marlon Brando to cult works such as "The Wild Angels" by Roger Corman or "The Loveless" directed by Monty Montgomery and Kathryn Bigelow or even an underrated work like "Beyond The Law" by Larry Ferguson.

    But apparently the directors of the movie "Lawbreakers They have not seen any of the above works. Because they forgot all their achievements and created a work that is devoid of all their strengths. Such works are generally about criminals who rebel and live in search of liberation and enjoyment of freedom. In these films, moments of friendship, the presence of a companion, escaping from loneliness, getting together and laughing are shown, and the filmmaker tries to develop his lonely characters through them; Because in the end, a motorcycle is a vehicle that lonely people go to.

    For a moment, review those magnificent movies in your mind and then go to see this movie. go. No news of those concepts that immortalized those works can be found in this one. The weak script of the film, along with the actors' acting, pushes the film to the brink of collapse, but its good cinematography saves it at the last moment; Maybe the directors of A24 company were also fooled by this deceptive appearance. Each of them is trying to be known as the king of this world. The film follows the story of a person who managed to save his brother from death in the past, but he did so by betraying his boss...

    14. Dark Places

    BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

    • Director: Gilles Pecke Brenner
    • Actors: Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Holtz and Chloe Grace Moretz
    • Production: 2015, France, USA and UK
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.2 out of 10
    • Rating for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 23%

    Gillian Flynn, a prominent American writer, has managed to write three first-rate novels; The books "Sharp Objects", "Dark Places" and "Gone Girl". Interestingly, all three of these works have been adapted by American companies and a movie or series has been made based on them. But it seems that the reason for the success of "Lost Girl" and "Sharp Things" and the lack of success of "Dark Places" lies in the fact that Ms. Flynn herself had a hand in writing the screenplay for the adaptation of the first two works and failed to do the same for to do the movie "Dark Places"; Because those two are defensible and good works that punish the audience and this one is a wasted work that can easily be called a bad movie. Of course, it cannot be denied that the directors of those two films were greater directors than this one.

    Gilles Pecke Brenner previously made the film "Sarah's Key", which was not a bad work at all. But it didn't make so much noise in the world that it made its director's name popular, and this background is different from the background of a great director like David Fincher, who made the movie "Lost Girl". There is an issue in the middle which by the way refers to the decision-making power of A24 company. They have always made works that have enough potential to become a great movie. It is another matter that that film will eventually become a good work, and this risk-taking is what makes this company so attractive and respectable; They take the risk of making bold works and as soon as they see potential, they agree to make it.

    The movie "Dark Places" is not devoid of such potentials like the movie "Mojave". The story is interesting enough, the director has a bold idea in mind to tell it, and a famous actress like Charlize Theron has agreed to play in it. Charlize Theron plays the role of a young girl who thinks her two older sisters and mother have been brutally murdered by her brother. This story has provided the director with enough materials to constantly play with his audience and use sudden twists to surprise him.

    This has also become the Achilles heel of the film; Because this one-line story raises our expectations so much that we demand an exciting work equal to "Lost Girl" and forget that every director has a capacity. If you watched the movie "Dark Places" or have ever seen it, you will agree that it may not be a bad movie to pass the time, but it hardly sticks in the mind.

    "A girl at a young age suspects that her brother is Before, he killed his mother and two sisters in a terrible way; That is when he was only 8 years old and now that a long time has passed. Now he is trying to put together the events of that night and finally face what happened to him and his family..."

    13. Backstabbing For Beginners

    BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

    • Director: Per Fly
    • Actors: Ben Kingsley, Theo James
    • Product: 2018, Canada, Denmark and USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 38%
    • li>

    A24's partnership with DirecTV has resulted in a political thriller called "Backstabbing the Rookies" that on paper could become an unforgettable work. Again, one can see the potential of becoming a masterpiece in the film's images. Both the story is poignant enough and tells about our current conditions, and a powerful actor is placed in the form of one of its main roles, which can implement the director's ideas in front of the camera. There is enough conspiracy and sabotage in the story of the film to make the output an exciting work that does not disappoint the audience. But all these were just potentials that should have been realized and unfortunately this It didn't happen.

    Unfortunately, some of the director's decisions made the audience feel like they are watching a normal action movie, which is not bad in itself, but some of his other decisions are just the opposite and make the movie It pulls to the other side. This ultimately reduces the coherence of the film and makes the audience feel that they are dealing with a fragmented film. These decisions definitely do not help a political thriller that is supposed to have a revealing feature.

    On the other hand, the fantasy ideas of the world of action cinema do not read much with the mood of the movie world. Here the filmmaker has put his hands on real problems in the real world and it is expected that the filmmaker will not use them as an excuse to do other things. Postmodern directors like the Coen brothers can play with all our expectations of the real world and cinema, but in the end, they know that the problems of the real world are bigger than their film, and this ends up pouring out of their film. But the abilities of the director of "stabbing newbies in the back" are miles away from the abilities of those directors who create a unique world.

    In the following, a love story is also added to the work as a minor detail, which could have been done under the circumstances. The other becomes the strong point of the work. But in this incoherent situation, it doesn't work at all and stands out from the whole movie. The choice of Theo James as the hero of the film also makes things worse, although Ben Kingsley lifts the film a bit. In short, better decisions could have been made; Because few political thrillers are made these days and the works made are featureless works that have no bite. It's a pity that this sharp story and this biting criticism have not been turned into a good movie.

    "A young man named Michael works in the oil-for-food program at the United Nations. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of working at the United Nations and trying to make the world a better place. For this reason, he has become an idealist who is ready to do anything to achieve his goals. Gradually, he suspects the existence of a conspiracy in the organization where he works. This conspiracy could be an international conspiracy and it is sad that according to his boss, Michael is also involved in it..."

    12. Cut Bank

    BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

    • Director: Matt Shekman
    • Actors: Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich and Michael Stalberg
    • Product: 2014, USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.1 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 37%

    Cutbank is a place where a river passes through a boulder or a rock and has a winding shape. Of course, it is also the name of a city in the state of Montana, where the story of the movie takes place and is famous for its cold weather. All of this explains why the name of the film should not be translated and should be addressed with the same title "Cutbank". In addition, the choice of the location of the incidents is not unrelated to the coldness of this city, which emphasizes the coldness of human relations in the film, and of course the director tries to do the same thing as the Coen brothers in the cold air and pristine nature of that area. The movie "Fargo" did with this special element from the state of Minnesota and put the whole body of their work on it. Dwayne McLaren wishes to escape from this remote area where there is no place for him to develop. slow so that he can get to know the real world. Dwayne suddenly finds himself in a position that can make him a lot of money. But this means breaking the law and bypassing the local police. This is where the police discover some strange things about the circumstances and the occurrence of a crime. It is as if the director is paying homage to it. The matter becomes interesting when we realize that he was the director of a number of serial episodes of the same name that were aired for years, and by the way, the Coen brothers were also among its creators, and he was inspired by the mood of the same movie. Even the actors of the film clearly remind us of the films of the Coen brothers; People like John Malkovich, Michael Stahlberg or Billy Bob Thornton.

    But the problem of the film is that you cannot approach the mental world of people like the Coens in the same way. Because their films originate from a unique worldview that cannot be achieved by making a few episodes of a similar series or sitting and standing with them several times. In general, worldviews are the product of many things; Such as the life lived, the books read and the movies seen, or the unique experiences that each person has and cannot be transferred. It seems that the director also knows this and intends to pay homage to the films of the Coen brothers, but he is not free from the temptation of making a film similar to them. is to avoid drowning in that unique world and make your own film; Paying homage to a famous filmmaker is not only not a problem, but it can be a strength of his film to become and complete the luxury of serious cinema audiences. But first, a single and self-sufficient world must be built that can stand up and tune its own instrument even without religion. While this movie does not have any attraction except for the fact that it is similar to other people's cinema. It is like this that even the acting of the actors in the film is wasted and their good presence in front of the camera does not become empathy in the audience; Because we are facing a fake work, not an original film.

    "Dwayne McLaren is a young man who plans to leave his hometown and start a new life. One day, he accidentally films the scene of the murder of a postal worker. The post office then announces that it will pay that person good money if they provide information about the disaster and tell about what happened to their agent. Dwayne is tempted to give the film to the post office and use the prize money so he can get out and start a business. But at the same time, the police is investigating the incident and is very close to solving the case..."

    11. The Captive

    BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

    • Director: Atom Egoyan
    • Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Bruce Greenwood
    • Product: 2014, USA
    • Score IMDb to the movie: 5.9 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating: 28% Ryan Reynolds He once jokingly wrote on his Instagram page that: Before "Deadpool", I was an actor. This joke of his contains some truth. Before playing in superhero movies like "Deadpool" or "The Green Lantern", he was an actor who was willing to play the main roles in compact films and his name was constantly seen in independent projects. Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine him playing in such films, to the point where it seems that he does not even act in high-budget non-superhero films. In short, the success, fame and money of superhero cinema can harm an actor who was once thought to be one of the chances of winning an Oscar in the future and who appears every year in a film that at least gets him nominated for an Oscar.

      But now he goes from one superhero movie to another, without any change in his character, his make-up is changed and even he has to work a little on the way he speaks or memorize new dialogues. If such an era is not an artistic free fall, then what is it? In any case, like many, he preferred money and fame to everything else and he is definitely satisfied. Fortunately, the nature of cinema is such that it does not wait for anyone and immediately fills its place.

      But if we go to the era before "Deadpool", we will face films similar to "Captive", which is contrary to its rating in Rotten. Tomatoes is not a bad movie at all. The atmosphere full of suspense and the good acting of the actors made the audience enjoy watching the movie for at least two hours; Especially, if you are interested in snowy spaces and the plight of people in such a deadly cold, you will enjoy the movie "Captive".

      Atom Egoyan is a director with a long history in cinema. He has been working since the 1990s and has always tried to create works that are visually different from the mainstream cinema. Among his important works, we can mention the movie "Felicia's Journey" in the late nineties.

      Atom Egoyan has shown that he has a high ability to visit the broken psyche of a person in bitter situations. . He always seeks to understand the human defense mechanism against difficult situations. For this reason, the people in his films are tested in difficult situations. Here too, the loss of a person and the effects of his absence on his family members are at the center of the drama, and of course the director has tried to extract an exciting effect from such a story so that the audience will enjoy watching the movie more. Asir" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, in the competition section.

      "Eight years ago, a teenager went missing and everyone thought he was already dead. Now there are signs that tell that he is alive. The police and the family of this teenager are trying to find him by following different clues and understand the reason for this long absence. But...

      10. Into The Forest

      BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

      • Director: Patricia Rosema
      • Actors: Elliot Page, Evan Rachel Wood
      • Product: 2015, USA
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 5.8 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 76%

      From the very beginning, the filmmaker briefly expresses the whole idea of the film with a few shots. He leaves people accustomed to technology without electricity. So here there is no news of those noisy apocalypses, with lavish special effects like the "Mad Max" series of films; Rather, a person can easily enter such a hell just by cutting off the electricity, and the filmmaker does not consider himself bound to show anything else. This idea expands to the point where the characters are really separated from their normal lives and take refuge in the depths of the forest and by nesting in a tree trunk, they reach a metaphorical meaning of living in nature.

      The director also It focuses on the fragile state of human beings against the greatness of nature and the universe. The views from above and the emphasis on the isolation of the characters in the heart of a very large desert show the insignificance of human life compared to the greatness and immortality of nature, and of course it emphasizes his loneliness in this bitter situation. All of this goes hand in hand to make the movie "Inside the Jungle" worth watching at least once.

      Finally, the movie "Inside the Jungle" deals with the concept of survival and the struggle to survive. From this point of view, it can be classified under the genre of survival and nature fighting movies. Although the filmmaker is not interested in showing this part with pomp, but the situation in which his characters are caught and trying to survive, prompts us to make such a judgment.

      " Two sisters live in a forest hut far from civilization. After the power cut and the loss of all means of communication, these two sisters must learn to live with the threats ahead. For this, they first..."

      9. Low Tide

      BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

      • Director: Kevin McMullin
      • Actors: Kane Johnson, Jaden Martel
      • Product: 2019, USA
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 73%

      Unfortunately, despite all its merits, the compact and good film "Bad and Low Fashion" has not been seen much and is considered one of the most underestimated works of the A24 company. One of the reasons for this is due to the cooperation with DirecTV network to make this film, which has caused the film to remain so abandoned. Few people have seen it and know about its existence. This topic becomes sad when we see it for the first time and realize what a good movie has been overlooked due to the bad conditions of the screening. to remain without viewers, although in this fast-paced world and the situation where every movie becomes an old work after a few months, having such a wish for a movie produced in 2019 does not seem very logical. But if you are reading this, be sure to go and watch it.

      The script of the film is not very exciting, but the director of the film has managed to create an exciting atmosphere for the audience to accompany his work. Without his skills in creating such an atmosphere and of course his abilities in directing, "Low tide" would definitely be a lost film that is not even worth watching once.

      The young and teenage actors of the film also perform The roles themselves have left no stone unturned and helped Kevin McMullin achieve the space and atmosphere he wanted. In this way, they have played a vital role in raising the film and bringing it to the position mentioned above. The next good point comes back to the characterizations and the decisions they make in different situations. The director knows very well that nothing better than placing his characters in various moral dilemmas and showing their choices makes understandable characters from the people in front of the camera. So, he uses the available opportunities in the best way and then expands the mentioned decision so that his characters are manifested on the screen.

      One of the ideas of the film, the spread of violence among people in a society. It is due to the emergence of greed and greed due to the acquisition of worldly goods. This issue becomes more interesting when the director takes this story to the teenagers of a society, not some adults. The spread of violence, in order to grab a little bit more money and how a friendly group falls apart due to a material discovery, is the main story of the movie "Jar and Low Fashion".

      The movie "Jar And Mode Cam" is not a masterpiece, but it is a good film that was not recognized enough due to the bad release conditions. In this situation, the least that can be done is to find it and see it. Two of them find a bag full of gold coins in a remote place. They decide not to say anything and keep the gold for themselves, but this makes their friends suspicious. until..."

      8. Spring Breakers

      BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

      • Director: Harmony Korine
      • Actors: James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens
      • Product: 2012, USA
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 5.3 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 67%

      Probably, the movie "Spring Vacation" more than any other movie on the list creates two groups among the cinema audience and divides them into two groups for and against. Many people heard the name of A24 company for the first time with this movie, because in the early years of its activity, it was able to make a movie with movie stars and familiar faces for the audience. They found that violence is used inappropriately and many saw this violence as a part of the life of the young generation that is trying to prove itself and announce its presence. At the time of the film's release, this conflict divided the audience into extreme supporters and opponents, and it still does. This issue and this division is so acute that some have called it a cult work and even among the best works of the new century, and some have rejected it altogether and considered watching the movie a waste of time. But in any case, there is something in between that makes the film so full of fringes and discussions.

      That thing is presenting a reckless image and of course with a personal reading of the behavior of some young people and generalizing it. It is a whole generation. Many found this reading according to their experiences, and many others, because they did not see this reading according to reality, jumped on the film and rejected it. But let's forget all these sidelines for a moment and focus on the work itself.

      The story of the film is the story of four teenage girls who decide to steal to spend their vacation and have money during these days. They just live in the moment and like to do whatever they think will make them feel better. It is in such a situation that the director's view of his own story can be seen from the way he approaches the characters.

      The director has acted as crazy as his characters in the story to direct this story. In fact, he seems to have set the rhythm of the work with the rhythm of these girls' behavior and has gone step by step with them at every stage. Everything is going normally until a local gangster played by James Franco comes into the story. It's as if James Franco was made to play Mad Men. In the end, he turns the movie into a better work anyway with his acting.

      Overall, the movie "Spring Vacation" can be considered a normal work. Those who consider the film a masterpiece for all seasons give a lot of credit to the work, and those who consider it to be completely rejected and nonsense, go to Turkestan. During the year, so many films are made. Many of them are bad works, there are a few good movies in between and what is not generally found is a cinematic masterpiece. But you have to admit that most movies every year are mediocre works that come and go, and the movie "Spring Break" is one of them.

      "Four teenage girls like to go to Florida and spend their vacation there hang out They need money to go to Florida. Very soon, to reach their goal, they steal from a fast food and move towards their destination. But there they face a local gangster..."

      7. Remember (Remember)

      BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

      • Director: Atom Egoyan
      • Stars: Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau and Bruno Gantz
      • Product: 2015, Germany and Canada
      • Another movie by Atom Egoyan in this list after the movie "Captive". Again, the main character of this story also has a lost movie. A missing person who connects him to a bitter past. But the situation becomes difficult and exhausting for him when dementia comes to him.

        Atom Egoyan has tied his story to the story of people's loneliness, so that by getting close to them, he can delve into A neurotic person should sit down and search for the roots of the desire to be alone. Here, the main character along with another person go through history to find a criminal, who was involved in the massacre of Jews in World War II. Forced labor camps played a role.

        This is a good opportunity for actors like Bruno Gantz or veteran Christopher Plummer to make the work on the screen become an important film for serious cinema enthusiasts. Although all these have made the film an acceptable work, but its potentials have not fully blossomed so that at the end of the film, the regret of losing a masterpiece remains.

        However, unlike the previous films in this list, all the potentials It has not been lost and some of them have been well realized in the movie. Their example is the effort of a troubled man to face a bitter past and the development and expansion of the impact of his illness on the story process, which brings the audience along with him. This issue is exactly one of those issues that require the presence of Qadr acting in the form of this role; Otherwise, the whole film would be lost and the final work would become a wasted film.

        There are a few other ideas here and there. For example, accompanying two old men to conduct an extensive research, one of whom is a survivor of the Auschwitz camp and the other has Alzheimer's, is attractive enough, and this topic makes up the whole story. Although this idea of the battle does not fully flourish, it breathes enough soul into the story to make "Remember" a good movie.

        It is interesting that despite all these potentials, the movie "Remember" "Just like the movie "Bad and Low Fashion" is one of the abandoned works of A24 company. Of course, the fact that most of the film is a product of Canadians and Germans has no effect on this not being seen, but still, one cannot help regretting the film's abandonment. Of course, the fate of the film in Canada was different and it was able to win various awards in this country; Even some Canadians consider "Remember" to be one of the best Canadian films of the second decade of the 21st century. All of this naturally tempts the audience to watch.

        "An old Jewish man is on the verge of complete dementia. He has been trying for years to find someone who was responsible for the death of his family during World War II. The old man lives in a nursing home. One day, he receives a letter at the breakfast table. After reading the letter, he escapes from the asylum and goes on a journey to face the killer of his family. But...

        6. Enemy

        BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

        • Director: Denis Villeneuve li>
        • Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini and Melanie Lauren
        • Production: 2013, Canada, Spain and France li>
        • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.9 out of 10
        • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 71%

        "The Enemy" was considered an abandoned work before the fame of Denis Villeneuve in the cinema. Although it was seen here and there and praised for its bold idea and good acting by Jake Gyllenhaal, it was not seen on the scale of a good movie. A few years had to pass and Denis Villeneuve traveled to America and made some of the famous works of these years, so that the film "Damshan" would be appreciated as much as it deserves and sit at the top.

        Deny Villeneuve himself too. Before he stepped into Hollywood and made high-budget movies, he was just a promising and talented director who was considered a household name in Canada. In the same years, he made a movie called "Destroyed" (Incendies), which is still his best movie, and it also attracted the attention of international festivals and became famous internationally, of course, among elite and serious audiences, and these two movies opened his feet to Hollywood.

        It was the same movie "Destroyed" that made him able to work with an actor like Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie "Enemy", in the days when he was still attached to independent cinema and He was not interested in high-budget studio films. Maybe we won't be able to see this great director in independent cinema anymore, but these two films are enough to know what great ideas he has in his head and what he can't do if his hands and feet are not tied by the studios.

        The story of the film is a strange story of a man's life who seems to have reached a dead end and sees everything lost. The occurrence of a strange event causes him to face basic questions about his life and past, questions that can give him the motivation to continue living. Now he is looking for answers to these questions; While carrying a burden as big as the whole existence. The filmmaker shows the weight of this burden in the form of different nightmares; A huge spider casts a shadow over the city, as if all the people of the city are involved in a conspiracy against the main character of the story.

        Instead of following different clues to reach the answers to the man's questions and becoming a mystery, the film only focuses on plotting. Asking those questions remains convincing and allows us to search for answers ourselves. Denis Villeneuve learned well from the greats of cinema history that to understand the world and its mechanism, it is not enough to make a film, it is enough to ask a question and make your audience think. But the interesting thing is that he created a fantasy story He has chosen questions about human problems in the modern world.

        Jake Jellinhal's performance in the form of two men, with two different spirits, is one of the main strengths of the film. He is one of the reasons why you can watch "The Enemy" and enjoy it; Because the movie is very dependent on the acting of the main actor and without a great acting, it becomes an ordinary movie.

        "One day, Adam watches a movie in which an actor who is very similar to himself, plays Adam imagines that this man is his twin and looks for him. After a little searching, he finds out that the actor's name is Anthony. Adam starts looking for different clues and suspects that maybe this man has a relationship with him. After entering an acting institute, everyone mistakes him for Anthony and...

        5. Room (Room)

        BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

        • Director: Lenny Abrahamson li>
        • Stars: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay and William H. Macy
        • Production: 2015, Canada, UK, Ireland and USA li>
        • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
        • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 93%

        "Ataq" was one of those movies that made a lot of noise in the year of its release and gained respect for A24 company. On the night of the Oscar ceremony, it was among the nominees for the best film, and this was considered a credit for independent cinema. Its main actor, Brie Larson, became famous with this film and even won the Oscar for the best actress to make "The Room" famous and prestigious in the world.

        So we are facing one of the most important products of A24 company. The story of the film is a familiar story in the history of cinema, but the director approached it with a different approach. By reading this synopsis, you probably expect to see an exciting movie that never stops breathing and depicts the conflict between the hostage taker and the hostage all the time. But the director has seen other dreams for us. Instead of creating a hellish image of a room where a mother and her only child are imprisoned, the director has created a beautiful place where the mother and child spend all the bad times. They spend their time in it. It's as if the mother has understood that she can be happy here and experience good moments, and that what is needed to achieve it comes down to her choice in looking at life. He chose years ago that he can't hug the knee of grief all his life and use it to live. But instead of dealing with the conflict between the two sides, the director has focused on the strange choice of his female character to address existentialist questions about choosing a way of life and its meaning. From this point of view, the movie "Room" can even be classified as a drama; Because a long time of the film emphasizes the relationship between a mother and a child who live like any other family.

        Now a few years have passed since the release of the film, if it was 2015, it would be the best film of A24 company. took into account But the company did not sleep in the wind of this film and went ahead and produced even better films. In a re-review, we can conclude that the movie "The Room" today is not the masterpiece it seems, but a good work, similar to which is being made less often due to the pull of American cinema towards high-budget movies and of course superhero movies, and for this reason and it makes a sound.

        "The Room" is adapted from a book of the same name written by Emma Donahue, which is inspired by a real incident.

        "A 17-year-old girl by A man who claims his dog is sick is kidnapped. Now 7 years have passed since then, and during this time, she had a 5-year-old child from that man. Her living room is a small place with a space of about 10 square meters, but during this time, the woman has turned that place into a living place. until..."

        4. Good Time

        BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

        • Director: Safadi Brothers
        • Actors: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safadi
        • Product: 2017, USA
        • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 92% "Good Times" has become a phenomenon in the world of cinema since its release. It shined in film festivals, especially the Cannes Film Festival, and became one of the best films of the year. Critics wrote laudatory reviews on it and the audience also admired it. The name of the A24 company fell on the heads of the scholars more and more; Especially when a big star shines in the main role of the film and doubles its charm.

          Safdi brothers have made a famous name for themselves in the short time since they started their work and especially With the same movie "Good times" and of course the movie "Uncut Gems" (Uncut Gems), which we will discuss further in this list, they have shined. Joshua and Beni Safadi In addition to directing and filmmaking, they are also actors and have played roles in various works. Especially Benny, who has a more well-known face than his brother, and the cinema audience is more familiar with him. Just last year, he appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson's last film, "Licorice Pizza" and shined in the role of a politician.

          They are independent filmmakers with roots in New York's independent cinema. The reason is that both films were made in collaboration with the New York company A24. Because of this New York atmosphere, their works are obviously different from current Hollywood trends; Innovative techniques, anxious camera, tracking shot and of course the good acting of their actors are the signature of their work and you can identify a trace of each in each of them. On the active hand, it has created an atmosphere full of apprehension so that a drama full of anxiety can be made by the creators. The story of the movie revolves around the madness of two brothers who try to steal but nothing goes as they expect. The headless characters of the story only create problems for themselves and the filmmakers try to look behind this story to the fast-paced lifestyle of today's people in a big city. The story of the film takes place in one day and night, and this has caused the Safadi brothers to increase the rhythm of their narration in a dizzying way in order to increase the fear they want. The narrative of the film can be summed up in one word: chaos. The creators have consciously created a pluralistic chaos in which nothing is in its place. In the middle of this chaos, the characters of the story have no choice but to hit themselves.

          The main character of the movie "Good Times" tries to take control of the affairs after problems arise, but his efforts only make things worse. Everything happens, and this is exactly what happens in their next film, "Uncut Jewels"; But we will get there in time.

          Robert Pattinson has appeared well in the movie "Good Times". In 2017, he had decided to improve his work level and not be just a handsome actor loved by teenagers and play more important films. For this reason, it has appeared in such a compact film that comes from the side of independent Hollywood cinema. "Happy Times" is one of his best roles in the world of cinema. The two then attempt to steal nearly $65,000, but Connie's brother is arrested. The brother, whose name is Nik, gets into a fight with some people in the detention center and is taken to the hospital after being beaten. Kani, who realized that his brother is not in prison, tries to save him...

          3. The Tragedy Of Macbeth

          BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

          • Director: Joel Coen
          • Stars: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand
          • Product: 2021, USA
          • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.2 out of 10
          • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 93%

          Some good movies so far from the show. Macbeth's letter has been made, among which we can find the names of great filmmakers such as Arsen Welles, Roman Polanski or Akira Kurosawa. Each of these cinema history greats have approached the glorious work of that English genius in a way and through their eyes and have presented their personal narrative. Now, for the first time, Joel Coen has started working without his brother Ethan and has made a completely personal film from this unrepeatable story. The story is the same familiar story and has a few changes compared to the original play, but Mr. Coen's film has a special kind of genius that makes it worthy of being on this list.

          Joel Coen deliberately did not want the audience to Watching his film, one forgets that he is dealing with a theatrical work. It may be a bit confusing to express this issue; Because we have generally seen and heard that films with intense theatrical aspects are not taken seriously by critics. Whether we accept this statement or not, the filmmaker has deliberately tried to make the audience remember the source of the adaptation; Because it seems that any attempt to distract the audience from such a well-known adaptation source is extremely wrong. But there is one point in the middle that shows the genius of the filmmaker.

          Joel Coen made all the sets of his film similar to theater sets, and of course he added lighting and effects similar to expressionism cinema; In such a way that if you start reading the script after watching the movie, it is impossible to light the curtains Imagine different shows in a way other than expressionistic lighting. But this is not the whole story; The movie "The Tragedy of Macbeth" uses a kind of completely cinematic camera, which makes the audience not forget that they are facing a movie by a great director while watching those extremely minimalistic sets. Apart from this, nothing else is expected from Joel Coen. He is one of the creators of some of the best movies we've seen in nearly four decades.

          But Macbeth's strengths don't end there. The film has two great actors in the form of its main characters. Denzel Washington plays the role of Macbeth and he is able to cope well with the role that has scandalized many and defined them. Because of this good performance, his name was among the Oscar nominees that year. On the other hand, we have Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is one of those roles that every actress dreams of playing one day. With those long monologues of Lady Macbeth and the camera that kept framing the actress, it gave Frances McDormand more time to show off.

          "Macbeth is a Scottish nobleman." who has just returned from a hard battle and succeeded in defeating the enemies of Scotland. While returning from the battlefield, three witches appear to him and promise him that he will soon become the king of Scotland. The king of Scotland is waiting for his arrival to celebrate his victory, but Macbeth has another idea in his mind and he wants to become the king of his country anyway...

          2. Uncut Gems

          BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

          • Director: Safadi Brothers
          • Actors: Adam Sandler, Julia Fox
          • Product: 2019, USA
          • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.4 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 91% Brothers Safadi collaborated with A24 to make his second film. They are directors belonging to the American independent cinema stream and they try to remain loyal to this stream, and since they are from New York City, it is natural for them to cooperate with the New York company A24, which operates in the field of independent cinema. The plot and style of their films have similarities with the works of the Coen brothers and their black comedy works. But these two brothers eventually go their own way and create their own world.

            In such a framework, they have gone for the strangest possible option in their second film; That is Adam Sandler. It is to play the role of a fraudster who tries to make money through fraud, but because he has neither the ability nor a neat plan, everything goes to waste and as the story progresses, he only focuses on his problems and the chaos that arises. It is added. It is natural that this story reminds us of the Coen brothers' movies, but these similarities are only in terms of story. He makes a mess in his life and no matter how much he tries to give it some order, he remains unable. It is in such a frame that the directors call for the dynamic camera of "Good times" to tell the story of a man who has lost his whole life but does not want to settle down and likes to fight, along with a disturbing story.

            The more this man goes along this path and the more he tries, the more he sinks into the quagmire that he himself created, until he finally suffocates in this quagmire. The film does not have a straightforward story, but it can be summed up in this way: the owner of a jewelry store in New York, after incurring a lot of debt due to gambling, has to make money and pay off his debt anyway. The opposite will kill him.

            What adds excitement to the film and elevates it to the level of one of the best trailers of the past few years is the fluid camera, which is never still for a moment. It is as if he knows that a disaster is about to happen and wants to escape from it or steal his eyes. On the other hand, the directors of the film do not shy away from showing violence. This violence is not only physical violence, people's behavior towards each other is also outside of the human framework, and whoever takes the other's hat better, is more successful in his life. Drawing such a scary world is what makes "Uncut Gems" a bitter movie.

            Apart from the aforementioned, what the film raises and puts in this position is the good performance of Adam Sandler in the main role. In a way that sometimes you don't believe that this is the same Adam Sandler who has been in comedies and commercial movies. Surprisingly, this performance was ignored by the Academy of Oscars and many other annual awarding centers in America. In 2012, this diamond was acquired by a Jewish jeweler living in New York named Howard. Howard is addicted to gambling and owes his brother-in-law $100,000. His wife's brother who He runs a mafia organization, he wants his money, and Howard knocks on any door to get it. In the meantime, a basketball star enters his shop by Howard's business partner. The star asks Howard to give him the diamond; Because he thinks it will bring him luck. But...

            1. First Reformed

            BingMag.com 16 exciting films of A24 company; From worst to best

            • Director: Paul Schrader
            • Actors: Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried
            • Product: 2017, USA
            • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 93% Paul Schrader is a master of getting close to wounded and exhausted characters. Distressed men who search for a salve and end up finding it only in the arms of the one they love. An excellent example of these characters can be seen in the scripts he wrote for Martin Scorsese. Travis Bickel "Taxi Driver" (Taxi Driver) played by Robert De Niro is such a character.

              On the other hand, he is always the mourner of the young generation who, due to various reasons, have fallen behind in life and are now on the verge of middle age. They have nothing to lose. The men of his cinema have spent the best years of their lives in the middle of a swamp that they themselves had no influence on. In his films, Paul Schrader tries to draw this fire in a fine texture so that his characters can be purified by passing through it and find a new way. On the other hand, if these men do not have a way to find peace, They beat a crazy rebel who only sacrifices themselves. Otherwise, there are always those next to them who are ready to benefit from being with them and learn from their wounds and find the right way.

              "The First Amendment" is the fruit of a lifetime of filmmaking by Paul Schrader. In this film, he masterfully portrays the life of an isolated priest and his struggle with the sufferings of a family in the context of global problems. Paul Schrader's work style in this film is a combination of the filmmaking method of great directors such as Robert Bresson, Ingmar Bergman, Yasujiro Ozu or even Carl Theodor Dreyer. and like the epic screenplays he has written for others, he tells his story based on the steps a character goes through to reach the threshold of rebellion and explosion. As always, he advances his story by focusing on the main character and giving it wings so that the audience gets to know his dilemma step by step.

              Ethan Hawke in this movie in one of his best acting forms. and his performance is one of the interesting points of the film. At the same time, Amanda Sifard also plays the role of a desperate and helpless woman. The film is an adaptation of the book "Memoirs of a Village Priest" written by Georges Bernanos, based on which Robert Bresson made a film with the same name as the book in 1951. It was highly praised by fans and critics, and for the first time, Schrader was nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing this script. Perhaps the reason for this popularity of the movie "The First Amendment" is that Paul Schrader's boldness in screenwriting has finally been balanced with his directing style, and thanks to the good acting of the actors in this movie, his bravery and boldness have been well executed. /p>

              "250 years have passed since the first reformed church was built. A priest named Ernst as the custodian of the church is going to celebrate this occasion. The priest is not in a good state mentally and meanwhile a woman asks him to help her husband. This woman's husband plans to commit suicide because he is afraid of the future of the human race on the planet..."

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