15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

The Japanese anime industry also seems to dominate mainstream products such as Ghibli Studio. This is especially the case in cinematic animes rather than serials. However, in this vast industry, it is very easy to find lovely cult works.

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

The Japanese anime industry also seems to dominate mainstream products such as Ghibli Studio. This is especially the case in cinematic animes rather than serials. However, in this vast industry, it is very easy to find lovely cult works.

In this article, we want to introduce the 15 top cult cinematic anime of all time. All efforts have been made to ensure fairness in terms of artistic diversity and genre. It should be noted that cinematic animes that are part of the series have been left out. Perhaps the only exception is the "Northern Star Fist", a work that, as we have calculated, could not be left out of this list. "Rough Jack" is another exception, as it is only 55 minutes long and can hardly be considered a cinematic work. But its values are more than worth ignoring.

15. Belladonna of Sadness ( Belladonna of Sadness )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Ichi Yamamoto
  • Writer: Yoshiyuki Fukuda
  • Year: 1973

Mushi Productions Corporation Founded by Osamu Tezuka (called the god of manga) and later released. The company produced the adult anime "Belladonna of Sorrow" in 1973. This anime was the last part of a trilogy called "Animehrama". "The Belladonna of Sorrow" failed miserably and remained in obscurity for many years. Considered.

The story is about a young couple named Jean and Jeanne, whose happiness ends on the night of their marriage. Because there is a strange feudal law in the area where they live: the inhabitants of that area must be the first to remove the bride's virginity. That night, the nobleman of the area and her servants attack Jeanne.

She and her husband try to forget what happened, but Jeanne is still suffering from it, her suffering appears in the form of an evil one. Who falls asleep. These dreams complicate the situation even more. Jeanne is both afraid of this evil creature and enjoys being with him. In addition, the creature encourages him to take revenge on Najibzadeh, telling him that the only way to achieve this goal is to deal with the devil.

"Belladonna of Sorrow" is the most serious and avant-garde film. It is one of three. It has a story that is told more through the narrator than the dialogue. The design and animation style of the work is similar to that of modern art painters such as Klimt, Bardsley, and Tarot (New Art was an international wave of art that ran from 1890 to 1910).

The first second begins. Extreme detail has been used in the design of the characters and the environment. In general, the design of the work done by Kenny Foucault is almost perfect. Each frame looks like a painting. The movements of this anime are as if a still image has moved and the paintings have come to life. His power to choose moving elements and fixed elements, while keeping the whole thing natural, is extraordinary.

14. Space Adventure Cobra ( Space Adventure Cobra )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Osamu Dezaki
  • Writer: Buichi Trasawa, Hariva Yamazaki
  • Year: 1982

This anime Based on the manga "Cobra" by Buichi Terrasava, it manages to bring the current sense of aesthetics in the manga into the film. "Cobra Space Adventure" is reminiscent of popular science-fiction stories that were hugely popular decades ago.

Cobra must have been a dead adventurer, as they have set a huge prize for themselves. He lives in a world controlled by the criminal unions and the federation of allied galaxies. After two years of ignorance, Cobra reappears and confronts the award-winning Jane. He joins Jane and Banu, his robotic friend, to find Banu's two missing sisters. And in the meantime, an infamous villain named Crystal Boy is chasing them. They fly. "Cobra Space Adventure" is full of elements that make it a cult example of the 1980s science fiction genre, a decade in which rationality had little place in science fiction.

13. Golgo 13: The Professional ( Golgo 13 : The Professional )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Osamu Dezaki
  • Author: Shoki Nagasaka
  • Year: 1983

"Golgo 13" is based on the manga of the same name, which is now the oldest manga ever published. to be continued. This anime movie is the story of a hero named Duke Togo, or Golgo 13, he is a combination of James Bond and the heroes of the cult films of Sijon Suzuki. Receives dollars. His goals vary widely, from world leaders to mafia bosses, and he has never failed in his goal. This time he kills Robert, the son of Leonard Dawson, one of the most influential giants in the oil industry. Leonard wants to hand over his empire to Robert, who destroys everything. Leonard takes revenge for all his thoughts and decides to spend a lot of money trying to find his son's killer. Golgo gradually realizes that the CIA, AFB, and the mentally ill are looking for him. Suzuki), and of course its humorous atmosphere is very similar to Suzuki's film. And to all this must be added nudity and total bloodshed and bloodshed, this is where a cult title is given to you.

12. Angel Egg ( Angel's Egg )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Mamuro Oshi
  • Writer: Mamuro Oshi
  • Year: 1985

For various reasons, "Egg "Angel" is different from the other titles mentioned in this list. First of all, it should be said that this anime was made for home media and not the screen of cinema and even television (these works are called Ovia). The second point is that this anime was the result of a collaboration between two giants of the Japanese entertainment industry: Yoshitaka Amano (designer of the "Ultimate Fantasy" game series and the "Vampire Hunter" novel series) and Mamuro Oshi ("Ghost in the Shell" anime).>

The last point is that this anime has very few dialogues and implements a surreal atmosphere. This trend was completely opposite to the anime movement at the time, and it was difficult for the audience to justify.

The story of "Angel Egg" begins at sunset and ends at the next sunrise. During this time, two characters appear. First we see a girl who has a big egg with her, then a man arrives trying to gain the girl's trust. They are both wandering in an empty world. The rest of the film is more a combination of stunning images and animation than a real film.

11. The Vampire Hunter ( Vampire Hunter D )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Toyo Ashida
  • Writer: Yasushi Hirano
  • Year: 1985

This anime is based on A collection of light novels of the same name, set in 12090 BC, when vampires ruled the planet Earth. Kenneth Magnes Lee is a 10,000-year-old vampire who has his eyes on Doris, a beautiful girl who lives in their village. Lee wants to make her his bride.

To save his life, Doris enters into a relationship with a mysterious person named Dee, whose marriage condition is that Dee can kill Kent. However, before Dee can reach his target, Kent manages to kidnap Doris, forcing Dee to attack his castle.

"De Vampire Hunter" was the first anime to be released outside of Japan. At that time, he was a newcomer and this anime came to him, because with such a violent tone and scary themes, he was unlikely to be able to get under the razor of censorship.

In addition, this anime is a combination of Gothic, Western, and apocalyptic elements, targeting male teens and adults instead of the families that were the main audience for the anime at the time. Yoshitaka Amano was the character designer, and Toyo Ashida (the director of the "Northern Star Fist" anime became the director, a combination that made "The Vampire Hunter" a masterpiece of art.

10. Fist of the North Star ( Fist of the North Star )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Toyo Ashida
  • Writer: Susomo Takaku
  • Year: 1986

This film adaptation From this series, which has a lot of manga and anime, unlike the serial version, it acts with complete freedom and changes a lot of things.

The story is as straightforward as possible. Now, after Julia loses her love and almost her whole life to the fist of the southern star, she is left alone in an anti-utopian version of the planet Earth. As soon as he comes out of this shock, he goes on a long journey to find Julia again.

There are many subplots and sub-characters in this work, but their main purpose is to help the action thrill Which seems to have been considered by the manufacturers throughout the production process. Medium design and story that can be said no It does not have any special features, including the weaknesses of the series. But the bloodthirsty and exaggerated tone, which in some places is officially ridiculed, has turned The Northern Star Fist into a lasting cult work. Just look at Ken as he destroys the skyscrapers to see why this effect has been cultured.

9. Wicked City ( Wicked City )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • Writer: Norio Osada
  • Year: 1987

This anime marks the beginning of Yoshiaki Kawajiri's new career And making famous anime is notorious. "Evil City" has all the special elements that make it a cult work.

The story takes place in an imaginary world in the 1990s, between humans and demonic creatures living in another dimension. A treaty has been concluded. This has led to peace between the two races for up to 500 years. A treaty is supposed to be renewed, but a group of demonic creatures want to prevent it from doing so, and they do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Taki is the protagonist of this anime, a black guard whose task is to confront the rebellious monsters that invade the human world, these monsters sometimes appear in the human body.

"Evil City" is full of adult elements such as relationships. It is sexual and violent, and the combination of Indo is seen everywhere in the anime, in a way that sometimes goes beyond the usual boundaries. These arrangements are most evident in the way monsters are designed and introduced.

8. Violence Jack: Evil Town ( Violence Jack: Evil Town )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Ichiro Itano
  • Writer: Shu Ikawa
  • Year: 1988

Of all the Ovied anime made, "Evil City" is the most controversial. This anime has a whole lot of unusual inhuman elements like aggression, deadliness and cannibalism. The survivors are divided into three "zones". An area has all the businessmen and employees, they try to maintain order in their area. Zone B includes all criminals and the mentally ill. Mod Cyrus and his assistant Blue also rule there. Zone C only includes models stuck on the train. Jack enters Area C and decides to protect these women from the other two areas.

The story is just an excuse to show off the elements mentioned above. Although Jack is in the spotlight, he rarely utters a word. Although the storyline used is not very appealing, we are on the side of great, colorful and varied animations.

7. Akira ( Akira )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Katsuhiro Otomu
  • Writer: Katsuhiro Otomo, Izo Hashimoto
  • Year: 1988

"Akira" is the highlight of his career Katsuhiro is Otomo. Based on Otomo's own manga, which is more than 2,000 pages long and is a shining example of a sci-fi genre, the anime is widely acclaimed and is a big fan of Propa tablets. Neotokio is a post-apocalyptic metropolis built near the ruins of the old city. Old Tokyo was destroyed by a nuclear attack during World War III. In Neotokyo, a group of Canadian-led motorcyclists have engaged in a constant battle with another group called the "clowns." Government and mysterious creatures are also drawn to it. In addition, the government later arrested a member of the group named Tetsu. The film is a perfect example of an apocalyptic work, with one of the most acclaimed themes.

Otomo portrays an anti-urban reality in which crime, liberation, fear and death They become the core of a collapsing metropolis. Fully hand-drawn, Akira is a visual-audio masterpiece, combining beautiful animations with a wide color palette to beautifully depict the futuristic and industrial environment of Neotokyo.

6. Urotsukidoji: The Legend of the Overfiend ( Urotsukidji: Legend of the Overfiend )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Hiddiki Takayama
  • Writer: Shu Ikawa
  • Year: 1989

Orutsuquidoji is another infamous title. Hidaki Takayama took over the Toshio Maeda cult manga and added a whole host of unpleasant elements such as violence and other harassment. The result was an anime that, after much censorship, was shown only outside of Japan.

The world in which the anime story takes place has three realms: a realm for humans, a realm for Demons, and one for Hybrids of humans and monsters. There is a prophecy that a creature with an unimaginable power called Orpheus arrives and turns all three realms into an eternal land.

At such a time and place, a hybrid named Amano Giacomo accompanies He and his sister Magumi and a strange companion named Kuroko have been looking for Orpheus for three hundred years. Eventually, the search took them to a high school in Osaka. The three are faced with two options there that may be orphaned: Nagomo shy and eye-catching, and Akmi, who is one of the most popular high school kids. As the siblings continue their search, they realize that prophecy is not what they imagined. They are an anime that many people hate, and many consider it one of the best adult anime in history.

5. Midori ( Midori )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Hiroshi Harada
  • Writer: Hiroshi Harada
  • Year: 1992

It has long been thought "Midori" is lost It is gone and there is no copy of it, because it was banned outside of Japan because of the serious content and images that were considered illegal at the time. Harada could not find any investment in the production, and it took him five years to finish the film with his own savings. He had to manually paint more than 5,000 frames on paper to produce the work. Who is left alone after the death of his mother and sells camellia flowers to make a living on the streets. Later, a man approaches her and convinces her to join the circus. At the circus, Midori is harassed and humiliated, and this is where a magical dwarf creature arrives and the situation changes.

Midori, full of violence and nudity, is the story of a strange love. There is. The low budget of this anime often shows itself. A lot of censorship has also caused us to have a story jump and a show in many places. But with all this, "Midori" still remains a cult work.

4. Ninja Scroll ( Ninja Scroll )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • Writer: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • Year: 1993

A group of ninjas go to a village To investigate an epidemic that has wiped out all its inhabitants. But they find out that they are surrounded by a group of monsters. Except for one woman who is captured by monsters, everyone is killed. Joby, a masterless samurai, saves the woman. But he falls into the trap of a bigger calamity and has to fight the eight demons of Kimono. , Completely separates itself from similar works. In addition, the fast, fluid and glorious animation of this work, which also has Western elements, is another of its strengths.

3. Ghost in the Shell ( Ghost in the Shell )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Mamuro Oshi
  • Writer: Kazunori Ito
  • Year: 1995

"Ghost in the Shell Based on the manga of the same name, it made cyberpunk one of the main themes of science-fiction anime. The story of this anime takes place in 2029, when the world is connected through a vast electronic network and it is possible to access all aspects of people's lives. Motoko Kusanagi is an evolved cyber who works for Section 9 of Public Security.

He wants to break all human dependence on the electronic grid. In general, this anime has a complex socio-political and philosophical context. Under the skin of all this action and advanced technology, one can find traces of a hidden effort to achieve a meaning in life. There are also other themes such as racism and politics in this anime.

This anime formed a huge collection with a whole variety of masterpieces. Also, the serious theme and technological advances used in "Ghost in the Shell" became a source of pride for the anime industry and influenced many works.

2. Perfect Blue ( Perfect Blue )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Satoshi Kan
  • Writer: Satoshi Kan
  • Year: 1997

"Full Blue" was originally supposed to be a real movie, not an animation, but the 1995 earthquake ruined everything and caused the work budget to be drastically reduced. The budget was so low that at one point the discussion about making this anime was oval. Despite all these difficulties, however, Medhaus Studios was finally content to make a cinematic anime out of it. At a concert, he announces that he wants to leave the band and pursue acting.

This separation causes a series of different events in the life of Mima and even her relatives. Many of her fans are upset and consider Mima's decision a betrayal. She is often chased by an extremist fan named Mi-Mania.

Meanwhile, Mima realizes that there is an internet blog that captures all the details of her daily life, details that only she herself is aware of. They know. This blog is updated daily and looks as if it manages it. As her co-workers and friends try to calm her down, Mima becomes more and more immersed in the blog and gradually loses touch with the real world.

In addition, an anonymous person is Killing individual individuals who have contributed to Mima's career success. He is constantly seeing evidence that accuses him of being the main culprit in these murders. . Ken's question is clear: Why should an image rooted in the material world be more real than what the human mind imagines? Satoshi Ken's worldview, seen in all of his films, is rooted in this key question.

1. Metropolis ( Metropolis )

BingMag.com 15 top cinematic anime in the history of cinema

  • Director: Rintaro
  • Writer: Katsuhiro Otomo
  • Year: 2001

"Metropolis" based on the manga of the same name Made by Osamu Tezuka. The Tezuka manga itself is inspired by the classic 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Anime with a screenplay by the great Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of "Akira") and directed by Rintaro (director of "Estro Boy"), the anime has gathered an extraordinary team and has all the necessary elements to become a masterpiece. Metropolis really did succeed and made the most of its huge budget ($ 15 million).

Metropolis is a three-story industrial city where robots and humans live side by side. . Robots are highly discriminated against (they can't even be named and code-named) and have been relegated to lower classes. Duke Red is a pro-government militant leader who wants to build the most complete robot of the same name in memory of his late daughter Tima. In addition, he recently erected a massive skyscraper called the Ziggurat, a skyscraper that he claims will allow humans to expand their power across the planet. Duke Red hires Dr. Lauten, an unreliable scientist wanted for human organ trafficking, to achieve his first goal.

Lauten goes to the metropolis. But after an explosion in Lauten's lab, Shunsaku and Kenichi split up, and Kenichi confronts Tima. The blast was orchestrated by Rock, a boy led by Dr. Lauten, who is jealous of Tima. He chases Tima and Kenichi. To escape from rock, they are forced to go to the lowest floors of the city. There they meet Atlas and his group of unemployed workers seeking a revolution. However, as soon as this revolution takes place, everyone seeks to take advantage of it and achieve their goals. And provide a socio-political metaphor. The most obvious message of this anime is how governments use the military power of right-wing groups to achieve their goals. But in the end, these groups (defeated in the Duke anime and Marduk) seize power, overthrow the legitimate government, and establish a dictatorship. The fact that the working class is being abused and betrayed is another message in this work. (Which was ruled by a federal parliamentary republic between 1918 and 1933) (witnessed the horrors and consequences of World War I, but entered another crisis and the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Racism and racial discrimination are other important themes in "Metropolis" in the context of the situation. Robots are depicted.

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