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15 sad episodes of the series "Bloody Memories"

All teen dramas, especially supernatural dramas, have the necessary amount of tragedy, and vampire memories are no exception. Elena Gilbert had a difficult time in the early episodes of the series, as she and her younger brother had to cope with the grief of their parents' deaths and live with their aunt, Jenna.

These are the words, and he realizes that he is a descendant of the Petrova family, and then all his friends are drawn into a world from which it seems impossible to get out alive. The vampire memories of killing the favorite characters of the fans are not hesitant and due to the harsh nature of the series, many episodes are heavy and heartbreaking.

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There's so much heartbreak and sadness in this series that it's hard to pick the saddest parts of a vampire memoir. During the eight seasons of the series, there are episodes in which the characters separate, die, are injured, and other things happen to them that bring tears to the eyes of the viewers. The audience accompanied them and cried for various reasons during the broadcast of these episodes. Some fans are even more upset the more they watch these episodes.

15. Chapter 4 , Episode 23: Graduation

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

The central love triangle of the series seemed stronger than ever in the graduation section. Elena chose Stephen at the end of Season 3, but his transformation into a vampire changed everything, and over time, he became closer and closer to Damon. In the final episode, he finally confesses his love for Damon.

It was a sweet moment for many, but the camera stepped back to reveal that Stephen was listening to them and his heart was broken. His confused face was very sad. This episode also had a sad ending, and Stephen was trapped in a safe by his cousin, Silas, and stayed there for months, burning in Elena's love fire.

14. Chapter 2 , Episode 12: Landing

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

After Katherine's storyline ends in Mask Season 2, the next story includes new characters such as Elijah and Rose Was. Rose stayed for a few episodes and was able to make a special connection with the main characters, especially Damon Salvatore.

So when he was bitten by a werewolf and put to death on the landing, the audience was sad. Were. In an effort to alleviate his pain, Damon added to the emotion of this episode, and just before Rose died, he had a perfect dream. Saddened by his death, Damon attacked a woman at the end of the episode to show that he had always been sad, because he missed being human more than anything else.

13. Chapter 3 , Episode 20: Do Not Slow h2>

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Alaric Saltzman's death does not seem to be upsetting fans after all this time. However, this character died more than anyone else during the series, but he often came back to life because of a certain circle. However, Season 3 led to his permanent death, as Esther intended to make him a major vampire to hunt for her offspring. They said goodbye to him. They were all present in these emotional moments, and Damon arrived at the last minute to be with him when he died. Esther came and made him what she wanted him to be, but these events do not diminish the sadness of this episode.

12. Chapter 5 , Episode 4: Those for whom the bell rings

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Bonnie Bennett made a great sacrifice to save Jeremy. In the first few episodes of Chapter 5, he communicated with his friends through a crime and did not want to tell the truth and annoy them after all this. Everyone needed Bonnie at this point, and Jeremy finally revealed the truth.

Although they were in bad shape, they all attended their friend's funeral. The funeral brought tears to the eyes of everyone, including those who watched the series at home. Bonnie said goodbye to her friends through a crime and left a personal message for all of them. His death seemed like a permanent end, though it was not.

11. Chapter 4 , Episode 15: Be by my side

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Everyone's biggest concern about Elena bleeding was her feelings. It has always been said that vampires feel everything much stronger than humans, and that Elena, who normally had strong feelings, would be emotionally devastated if she became vampires in the event of a tragic accident.

Eventually this Happened. Standing next to me, he brings Jeremy home after Silas kills him. He denied the death and hoped that a crime would return with Gilbert's ring. When that did not happen, she shed tears of grief over the loss of her brother until Damon forced her to forget her humanity, and eventually Elena set her house on fire.

10. Chapter 5 , Episode 11: 500 Years Alone

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

In the 100th episode of this series, several popular characters return to say goodbye to Catherine Pierce. However, some of them had more sincere intentions than others. Centuries passed quickly after Elena forced Katherine to treat him, so that he was eventually dying of old age.

Stephen was kind to Katherine at the last moment, and When Katherine had to reconsider the memories of her family murder, Stephen entered her dreams to make sure she was dying in peace, but Katherine never intended to go anywhere and jumped on Elena shortly before her death. In this episode, we also saw that Vicki spent a few moments with Matt and Alaric so that three people could talk to Damon.

9. Chapter 1 , Episode 14: Fool me once

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Damon always had a series of evil morals, but as Elena herself said, she really believed That every move he makes is for love. He forced Bonnie and his grandmother to open the grave to save Katherine, but was heartbroken to learn that he had never been there. He did his best to express his love for someone he clearly did not care about, but the real tragedy happened late that night. Bonnie's grandmother died in her room after overusing her power to keep the tomb open.

8. Chapter 2 , Episode 21: The sun also rises

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

The Sun Rises is one of the deadliest episodes of the series and is actually ranked number one, from This is the opinion. Elena and Aunt Jeremy, Jenna, were the only characters in the series who were still safe from the vampires around them. Jenna devoted her life to caring for her sister's children after her death, but realized at the last minute. In fact, they were the ones who protected him. Klaus had to sacrifice his vampire blood to get rid of his curse, and so he cruelly abused Jenna. He killed Jenna and brought her back to life, and then killed her again for selfish gain. Jana was one of the most innocent characters in the series.

7. Chapter 2 , Episode 22: When I'm Dying

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

After Damon was fatally bitten by a werewolf, he decided to accept his fate And go quietly. Stephen had other plans and had to lock his brother in the basement to prevent him from getting the ring of light under the sun. During this episode, Damon made his worst mistakes and in an emotional scene, on his deathbed, apologized for those mistakes.

But Stephen managed to cure him and Damon at the same time , Healed. After Damon's treatment, Stephen was forced to leave his brother and Elena and travel with Klaus to another place to form hybrids.

6. Chapter 6 , Episode 14: Stay

Caroline has always been a shining light in the dark world of the series, even when there was no reason to hope. , He always remains optimistic. Caroline endured many hardships throughout the series, but nothing like the loss of her mother failed her.

Of all the ways to die in a bloody world, cancer seemed the most cruel . It was heartbreaking to see Caroline grieve and try to leave good memories for her mother before she left. Liz's death had the greatest impact on Damon after Caroline, because Liz considered Damon to be her best friend.

5. Chapter 8 , Episode 11: You decided to be good >

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Bonnie Bennett never saw the color of happiness in her vampire memories. People constantly treated him like an object and treated him well as long as they needed him, asking him to read a spell and solve their problems, and ignoring him as soon as the problems were solved. For the first time in the series' history, the founder finally found a man named Enzo St. John who was more important to him than anything else.

Enzo and Bonnie were undoubtedly the best couple in the series, and they It seemed that Bonnie might have gotten the happy ending she deserved, but moments before Bonnie and Enzo walked in the sunset, Stephen, who had become dehumanized, killed Enzo right in front of Bonnie. This scene was shocking and sad.

4. Chapter 3 , Episode 23: Lost

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Elena's death was one of the best story twists in the series, although some fans speculated that eventually This will not be certain. Rebecca drove Elena and Matt off the road while they were driving, and they fell into the water just like Elena's parents had an accident. Elena tried to escape, and at the same time, flashback images of the scene of Elena's family accident were played, causing the viewers to shed tears.

Stephen tried to save Elena as before, but Elena begged him to Instead, save Matt. Stephen complied with her request, but when he returned to save Elena, he was drowned. No one knew that Meredith had bled Elena on the same day Elena was in the hospital. So Elena came back to life as a vampire.

3. Chapter 5 , Episode 22: Home

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

It was hard for fans to fully believe that Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett would die in the series Bloody Memories and watch This sad part was really difficult.

Bonnie, as usual, sacrificed himself to help others, and Damon got stuck on the other side of the story and could not return to Elena. Elena did not want to see him, but she could not bear it and begged Damon not to leave her. Damon listened to what he had to say and then talked to him, and his own words were just as sad. In the final image of the season, Bonnie and Damon hold hands and prepare for the unfortunate future.

2. Chapter 6 , Episode 22: I keep thinking about you >

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

When Nina Dubrov decided to leave the series after 6 seasons, the authors of the memoirs The vampires had to find a way to remove his character. It did not make sense for Elena to leave her friends, and thus, her death in the final episode of the series prevented Elena and Damon from living happily together forever.

Elena ends up in a dream. He fell asleep like a beautiful sleeper and could only wake up after Bonnie's death. All the characters in the sad and emotional scene had the opportunity to say goodbye to Elena before placing her in the coffin.

1. Chapter 8 , Episode 16: I had a heroic feeling

BingMag.com 15 sad episodes of the series 'Bloody Memories'

Even viewers who have not watched the series in recent years are impressed by its ending they got. Stephen injected the drug into Damon and sacrificed himself to save those around him. As he was moving towards the afterlife, he met Elena, and the two said a sad goodbye to each other. Everyone was impressed. A flash forward scene in this episode shows Damon and Elena going to life after death, and Damon and Stephen meet again in the last image of the series and in the tearful scenes.

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