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15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

From princesses to superheroes and older sisters, there are many prominent and beautiful female characters in the world of Disney animation. Here are 15 of them.

When you think of a "powerful female character," it's hard not to see at least one Disney princess. Certainly some of them may be a little older and have poor decision-making skills. Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, but many of them are exactly the patterns we need in life.

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It is true that they are compassionate and kind, but they know exactly what they want and how they want to achieve it.

Of course, not all Disney female characters are princes. There are several queens in the stories, but many of them are not from the royal family. They are warriors, or police, or cooks. They are literally what they want and want to be.

Over the years, Disney has improved in writing the stories of these female characters. More and more, we are seeing these women demonstrate the qualities we need to teach young girls. Things like self-confidence, independence, and more.

These characters are more than just "strong female characters." They are the women we should see most in animation, and many are not getting the attention they deserve.

We have put together the most inspiring and powerful Disney female characters. Here are 15 of Disney's most powerful female characters of all time.

Princess Tiana in the animation Princess and the Frog

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Ms. Tiana, we can not start talking about powerful women. Tiana never looked for a prince. In fact, he hated the idea of kissing a frog to make his dreams come true. He never really wanted even a bunch of friends. Tiana constantly turned down entertainment programs so that she could work more shifts and earn more money for her own restaurant.

Tiana's father taught her one of Disney's best lessons: "This old star can only make you To accompany part of the way. "You have to help him with your hard work." And Tiana never forgot those words.

Tiana always worked hard, allowing Prince Navin to know exactly how her life was going. Tiana explained to him how he works for everything he has ever achieved, and has essentially turned him into a worthy human being (or a worthy frog, depending on the timeline of their story). Not only was Tiana the first black Disney prince, but she was also the first hero to truly represent the working class. Even his song "I Want" did not exactly mean "I want". It was more of a song about "I did it," all about how he put himself into his dreams.

Elsa in Frozen animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

In most cases, "Frozen" as a legend Normal Disney starts. The princess experiences childhood injuries. He has erased his memories. He spends years in a castle for which he really does not know the reason. And finally he meets the prince and falls in love. This is all a simple formula.

But then came the queen we always needed; Elsa. And with her, the most accurate and bizarre words ever said to a Disney princess began: "You can not marry a man you have just met."

It is true that Elsa in Dealing with one's own problems is not great. It does not make sense to accidentally pour an eternal winter over Arendal and escape to build a castle on the mountain (with an icy monster as a guard), but her intentions are good.

Elsa just wants to be able to do it herself. Embrace and openly embrace and accept, without worrying about hurting anyone. As much as every parent in the world probably hated listening to the animated soundtrack called "Let Go" thousands of times, there is no denying that this is a powerful hymn about "being real."

And of course it should be noted that Elsa is one of the few Disney queens, not a princess.

13. Nani in Lilo and Stitch animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Lilo and Stitch is probably the most overlooked Disney animation. You can find "Ohana means family, and family means no one stays or is forgotten" as decorative signs around homes or in Instagram posts. It is not at all difficult to find dolls and stigmatized goods around Disney parks. But in the end, these two options seem to be all that people remember from the 2002 film.

They tend to forget that Nani is not just an 18-year-old, but After losing his parents and Lilo, he is also the legal guardian of his sister. This is a big battle, but he does it. He pursues every job in the city and works hard to prove to social services that he can provide a stable home for Lilo.

He allows Lilo to bring home a terrible "dog", only For her little sister to have a friend with whom she can go through the problems of missing her parents and the hardships of life. When it comes to Lilo, Nani does not allow anyone to stop him. He kicks his car fearlessly when Cobra Babels tries to harass him, and when he realizes that Stitch can communicate with him where Lilo is, they hit him with a tree branch.

Nani The true definition is a good sister, who in a different way can be a role model for a powerful woman.

Merida in Brave Animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Princess Merida is attractive in many ways, but only There are a few words that put him on this list: "I choose myself."

Who cares if it is a tradition for her to marry the most qualified first son of one of the "great leaders" around? ? Definitely not Merida Anitour. Merida does not allow him to be handed over to anyone, and certainly not to any of the idiots who introduced him. So he chooses. She chooses a challenge that she knows she can win.

Merida's entire storyline is based on the idea that she can "change her destiny." He wants to be adventurous and free and will resort to any means to achieve it. In this case, magic is not the best choice, but every good story needs a contradiction, right?

Merida is also the first female lead in a Pixar film. Other princesses may joke about her in "Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet", but they know she can be the best in almost any competition.

He teaches women everywhere that it is not bad to be mischievous and confused and to do things their way, and we greet him for these things.

11. Mulan in Mulan animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

It is not surprising that Mulan is on this list. Not only is she one of Disney's most iconic princesses, she's also a war hero.

Even after her squad realized she was a woman, Mulan did everything to make sure she was taken seriously. they take. He interrupts Shang directly as they ride in the middle of the city to get him to listen to him. Mulan refuses to be silent again, and for this reason, he saves his entire country from the Huns. The best part about Mulan is that he did not even go to war with the intention of becoming a national hero. He did not want recognition, or admiration, or a place on the Imperial Council. All of this was an honor he received while only wanting to save his father from certain death.

Historical references are darker Disney). But he faced these consequences anyway, and it was all to help someone he cared about.

Megara in the Hercules animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Only one girl was in love. She sold her soul to save her boyfriend, only to have Hades abandon her and run away with another girl. Some may find him naive to do this, others may say that he only has a huge capacity for love. In any case, he taught her a hard lesson: people can hurt you, and you have to be able to count on yourself.

As a result, she is sometimes a sad girl. But, as he sarcastically points to Hercules, he can handle it. When Hercules tries to be the hero man and save him, Meg looks more impatient. He tells her what he thinks and tells her exactly what he is doing wrong. Meg, like any reckless girl, is pessimistic and sarcastic that she might watch this animation.

And we can safely forget how she saved Hercules. He saw a real concrete pillar falling and jumped to get him out of the way. Physically, he was even weaker than Hercules at the time, so he knew exactly how dangerous his job could be.

Jazmin in the Aladdin animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

You think of a powerful pattern, the earth does not immediately enter your mind. But he must be on this list.

On the surface, it may seem that Jazmin was tired of being kept in a palace all his life. His main motivation for jumping off the wall in the animation is just to discover what Agraba has to offer.

But he also does not want to be forced into marriage. He wants to marry for love, not for the sake of the law. Therefore, every glamorous suitor who tries to get him, he finds a new way to get rid of them. He says; "I'm not a prize for anyone to win."

Of course, the 2019 version of Jazmin has also been made. Aladdin's live-action adaptation gives our princess everything she needs. In this version, he not only wants to see Agraba because he is different, but he also wants to be among his people.

In addition, he really wants to be king. Jazmin knows that he can lead his people well, and he does everything he can to make his father see that ability in him. He even has a complete song about how he wants to be "heard" along with "seen". It does not matter if you like any version of this lovely story, Jazmin is a powerful role model.

8. Rapunzel in Tangled Animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Rapunzel is all that Rapunzel has to become It needs a tough opponent. At the beginning of Giso Kamand, he never even left his tower, and he can still defeat the thief who infiltrates his castle. Of course, we should not ignore the fact that this unfortunate thief thought that the tower was empty and that Rapunzel attacked him from behind.

He takes it and prepares himself. When Flynn wakes up, Rapunzel stares directly at his face to indicate that the situation is under control.

When they begin their journey together, it is Rapunzel who constantly saves them. . He prevents Flynn from being dismembered by the villains of Snackley Dockling. He leads them across the valley. He uses his hair not only to save them from drowning, but also to repair Flynn's hand and bring him back to life (the latter, of course, was technically through his tears).

"Kamand", despite having the least experience from the outside world. If you still need to be convinced, watch a few episodes of Rapunzels Tangled Adventure. He really is a born leader.

7. Pocohants in the Pocahontas animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Over the years, time is probably longer than Pocohants Everyone has been unkind. But that's because the Disney version is so different from the real Pocohants story. However, his animated version should not be completely ignored.

Pokohants' story is all about finding the right path for himself. He struggles with whether he should choose the smoothest path, be as resilient as a drum, or wait for the best things to happen to him. But, at the same time, he is not even sure if something better is on the way.

When he meets John Smith, everything changes for him. He teaches her the beauties of her land. More importantly, he realizes that war will only hurt everyone on both sides of the battle. When the moment of truth arrives, Pokohants throws himself in front of his father's group to save John Smith and unite the people.

But the best part is that he does not really abandon his people. To follow John Smith to England. Pokohants knows that if he wants to survive, he must go home.

This is a difficult choice, but it's the right thing to do, and these are all sayings and deeds that inspire Pokohants into a character. Converts.

6. Bell in Beauty and the Beast animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Bell may be a kind reader And be compassionate, but that does not mean that he does not say exactly what comes to his mind. In fact, the idea of marrying Gaston is so disgusting to him that he literally sings about it. And that's exactly what young or honest girls, any girl of any age, should see.

You can be a bookworm. It does not make you a strange creature. You can go on a bigger adventure. You can go beyond what has been prepared for you.

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Even when Bell was in prison, he had no problem Tell the monster exactly what he thinks about his behavior. He taught her to control her mood, reminded her of the warmth of life, and rekindled her love of fiction by reading books. It made the character even better. The 2017 version only made a few changes, but they were big enough to make fans love Bell more.

This version of Bell was a little more like his father, inventing things to make his life easier and working with tools He was trying to get out of difficult situations. She may even be the first Disney princess to unlock a lock with a hairpin.

Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

She is not a Disney princess, but she is as stubborn, brave and powerful as a prince. Life as a gypsy means life on the run. So, unfortunately, his defensive skills have been created out of necessity. But they were certainly useful. Esmeralda had no problem repelling Captain Phibos' stealth attack.

He was quick and improvised with a candle holder as a weapon. And he used it with a skill that even Phoebus could not match. Of course, any hand-to-hand combat (or sword-to-sword) in such animations turns out to be good jokes, and Esmeralda is no exception. When Phoebus realizes that he is "almost" fighting like a man, Esmeralda replies, "Interesting, I wanted to say the same about you!" Not only was this a devastating setback, but it also showed young girls that they can be skilled fighters.

Esmeralda, beyond her ability to take care of herself, also had the talent to take care of others. Esmeralda is the only one who helps Quasimodo and treats him as he should be treated by any human being. His whole song "I Want" is about making people feel safe and caring, especially people who look and feel different. All he wants is to help the rejected.

Nala in The Lion King animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

Your best friend will always be honest with you . They push you to be the best, and they warn you when you act like a fool. Nala, from the "Lion King" animation, is the best friend anyone can have. "What good is it?" During their childhood, Nala constantly informs Simba when she is unconscious.

Nothing changes when they grow up. Except when Simba is saved from death. Nala tells Simba what exactly she thinks about the fact that she is basically hiding and allowing her kingdom to be destroyed.

Honestly, she does not know the great secret of Simba. And among all the facts, this is a fundamental problem. If Nala knew why Simba was ashamed and afraid of returning, she would have given him exactly the right advice, telling him that what happened to Mofasa was not his fault.

In "The Lion King 2: The Lion King" King II: Simba's Pride) Nala is just colder. She is now the queen, as she deserves. Once again, he keeps Simba on track. He tells her to give their daughter more freedom and to trust Cow more.

Honestly, you have to think about whether things will go smoothly without Nala. And this is what Nala knows very well.

3. Moana in the Moana animation

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

When the real ocean chooses you to save humanity, You must know that you must be a wonderful person.

Moana or Maui may not fully understand why he was chosen at first, but it was not at all difficult for the audience to see. Moana is extremely determined and refuses to do what is only expected of her. However, he does what his family wants him to do as long as he can. .

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2. (Zootopia)

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

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1. (The Incredibles)

BingMag.com 15 powerful Disney female characters who can be good role models

(The Incredibles) .

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. 2 (The Incredibles 2) .

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