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15 perfect seasons of TV series

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The golden age of television is still moving at an extraordinary pace. Countless spectacular series appear from all over the world and win the hearts of viewers and make young and old fall in love with them.

Of course, all the series we see are not perfect, but in the meantime, seasons of There are serials where everything seems to be put right together. In this article, we have gone to the same seasons, 15 seasons of 15 different series that have been aired in the last twenty years and have all the elements of a perfect work.

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In this list, as its title suggests, there is no focus on the whole series, and instead we have gone to the chapters of the mentioned series that have been better than the other seasons. From challenging psychological dramas to black comedies and horror series. .

15. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 5

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The final seven seasons of the Brooklyn comedy series Nine-nine were some of its best seasons, but none of them reached the end of the fifth season perfectly. The interaction between the characters was at its best this season, with the police department facing the most difficult and biggest challenge, both professionally and personally. What makes Chapter 5 do so well is the way its different storylines are linked. In a way, its comedies and comedic situations are combined with small, beautiful parts of the drama. A long night full of funny incidents they try to get a confession from a murder. The fifth season has both emotional and impactful weddings and episodes that give the characters more depth, a fascinating and lovable combination that shows all the positive and inspiring components of the series.

14. Barry series - Season 2

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

This highly entertaining black action comedy made and directed by Bill Heather and Alec Berg was great from the first season, but when he got to the second season, all aspects of him improved a few steps.

In the second season of the series, Barry struggles with his past life and is forced to face it. Be realistic and solve the problem of violence that has overshadowed his life once and for all. The second season Barry removed all the big and small problems of the first season and deepened his characters, and the main actors of the series, namely Bill Heather, Henry Winkler, Stephen Ruth and Sarah Goldberg, all provided brilliant performances.

Barry One Comedy is a clever and original drama that has gone under the genre of rented assassins with a completely new approach. It is one of those series that surprises and shocks its audience at every moment, and at the same time, it also arouses your feelings, and in this way, it has a deep and lasting effect.

13. Dexter series - Season 4

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The first three seasons of Dexter are in themselves fascinating experiences. They were on TV, but the fourth season is where everything culminates.

Dexter has a quiet, good family life with Rita this season. At the beginning of the season, it seems that Dexter has finally reached a balance and has been able to lead a pleasant, normal life. Until the ugly and scary trio killer enters the equation and turns Dexter's world upside down.

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In the fourth season, Dexter got to the right tone, creating the biggest challenge for our story hero/anti-hero with an engaging and powerful anti-hero rhythm. The killer trio was Dexter's worst, deadliest, and most terrifying enemy. Many fans of the series preferred the series to end with its fourth season and say goodbye at the peak.

12. The Walking Dead - Chapter 9

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The Walking Dead had many ups and downs over the years And almost everyone agrees that the seventh and eighth seasons of the series were completely off the rails and did not have any of the positive points before.

When the series was extended for the ninth season, the situation did not look promising and the fans of the series did not feel much. They were not good. But thanks to Angela Kong's new show runner, it was one of the best seasons of the series and everyone was surprised. What sets this chapter apart is its boldness in taking risks, and more interestingly, its risks have paid off. The protagonist of the series Rick Grimes leaves the story early in the season, a big time jump occurs And it poses a serious and terrifying threat that reminds fans of the early and glorious days of the "Walking Dead." He gave a new look to the series and reminded everyone why they liked this series before.

11. Angel - Season 5

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The first two seasons of "Angel" were surprisingly good, but When it reached the third and fourth chapters, the story was lost to the writers. The characters acted irrationally, unreasonable and hilarious surprises were added to the story, and the mood of the series changed.

But in the fifth season, the page came back. Although Cordelia's popular character was removed from the series, the fifth season was able to cope well with the difficult conditions and become the best season of the series. They added interesting and exciting ideas to the story, and the apocalyptic debate that ensued took on a whole new color and flavor.

10. The Americans - The Last Season

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The Last Season of the "Americans" Spy Drama It was something that was almost impossible, with a brilliant ending and a unique final season that was even better than the rest of the seasons. It was cold. Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, Soviet spies who lived in the United States for many years as American citizens, faced the greatest challenge of their lives. All windows of hope were closed to them, leaving them with no choice but to flee, forcing them to break up the families they had built. They happened one after another. The portrayal of Matthew Reese and Carrie Russell was as dazzling as ever, leaving the viewer with serious moral dilemmas. The thirteen episodes of the final season of "Americans" provided the most intense and spectacular minutes of the entire series for its viewers, and finally ended with an impressive final episode. A well-written ending that put all the points and lines of the story together in the best possible way and was a satisfying arithmetic.

9. The Clone Wars series - The Last Season

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The Clone Wars series He made his own and became one of the best animated series in the world of "Star Wars". Each season of the series surpassed its tribal season and thrilled fans of the popular franchise. The creators of "Clone Wars" had innovative ways of telling the story, and they knew very well how to deal with the characters.

When the series reached its fifth season, everyone said that "Clone Wars" was going to make history. But none of the seasons of the series reached the end of the seventh and final season. A chapter that had a satisfying narrative and story, culminating in a great, lovable ending. Expand the world of Star Wars more than ever before and show images from the fall of the Republic. The usual formula of "Star Wars" fundamentally changed and removed many of the gaps and ambiguities that existed between the films, thus making Anakin's fall into the darkness a more influential and deeper aspect.>

8. Mad Men series - the first season

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

The first season of this stylish and trim product series The AMC network happens to be its best season, which is interesting given the very good quality of "My Fashion" and the stability it had during the different seasons.

The story of "My Fashion" interacts with unexpected revelations. Intriguing between engaging characters and clever and memorable dialogues, the best example of these components can be seen in the first season of the series.

The story takes place in the 60's and there is a deep nostalgic feeling in all the minutes of the series . In the first chapter, we get acquainted with the mysterious and charismatic but flawed character of Don Draper. During the thirteen episodes of Lightning, we encounter shocking comebacks and surprises. From the very first episode that reveals Draper has a family to the shocking revelation that he is not even the one he claimed to be. The first chapter of my fashion is about the rise and fall of Don Draper, whose role was played beautifully by John.

7. American Horror Story - Chapter Three

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

"American Horror Story" suffers in general There are a lot of problems and the different parts do not read together and do not form a coherent whole, so we can not talk about the whole series.

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But the account of the third chapter is separate from these problems. The third season, titled "American Horror Story: Coven", shows the series at its best. It is visually and thematically bold and proceeds with a breathtaking and appropriate rhythm that does not allow the audience a moment to breathe. The story of this chapter is about a school for young witches. The girls who come to their senses find themselves engrossed in old grudges, serial killer ghosts, and constant struggles for power, and have no escape. Combines fantasy to tell a story about puberty. A story that is both compelling, inspiring, and disturbing, both emotional and full of action scenes.

Better Call Saul - Chapter 5

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

Just like "Breaking Bad" ( Breaking Bad), "Better Call Saul" is also a series that gets better and more spectacular every year and with each season, each episode surpasses the previous one. "Better Connect with Saul" is a unique experience with a brilliant role-playing by Bob Odenkirk and some of the best dramas ever written in television history.

Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman From a futurist lawyer to a rogue thug for criminals, he falls into the clutches of a world he can't control, never as serious and engaging as the fifth chapter of "Better Contact Saul."

In this chapter, Saul He gets really involved in bitter and serious adventures. We find out that Kim does not have the ability to turn away from Saul and the path he has chosen. Like "Bad Breaking", "Better Call Saul" also maneuvers on the transformation of its main character. A sad and tragic path that brings Jimmy McGill to moral decline and at the same time gives him the opportunity to grow. The spin-off of "Bad Breaking" has added layers of black comedy to its world, and sometimes has a trailer-like acceleration that in some places has even surpassed its original series.

5. The Good Place - Season 1

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

In recent years, fewer series like Sitcom There is a "good place" for Michael Shore that is so unique and creative. To be honest, every season of this series could be on the list. From the second season of Madness, which featured fun games to the third season and a journey into the real world, but if we want to choose a season, we must mention the first season.

The story is about a group of people Who come to life after death and are forced to face human beings who were alive at the time. In the first chapter, we face a deep moral challenge and crisis. Eleanor (Kristen Bell) was not supposed to be in a good place/heaven and now she wants to be a better person to stay in this good place.

We have not seen it) It is considered as one of the most surreal and memorable TV sites of these years.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer It had its ups and downs, containing both some of the best seasons in television history and some of its worst. Chapters one, two, four, five, six and seven are all good, and from time to time they showed their weaknesses. But the season that culminated the series was the third season in which Bafi and his comrades spent the last year of high school. With its third season, the series reached a level of quality that it could never repeat.

The third season was a dark and unrepeatable journey into the heart of teenage dramas and the hardships of weaving. In this season, all the aspects that made the series famous and popular were put together in a pleasant balance. From clever jokes and deep horror scenes to love stories and personal and dramatic dramas.

3. The Simpsons - The Fourth Season Didn't he say anything? One of the most influential cultural products of these years and an animated series that is of special cultural importance. It may have lasted longer than it could handle, but no matter how long it lasts, its special place can not be denied. The climax was not seasonal except for the fourth season. Watching this season again now and after all these years will be an even more enjoyable experience. The fourth season of "The Simpsons" created a unique balance between crazy comedy style and family values, before the propaganda tricks and audience attraction spread throughout the series, before the presence of prominent figures as guests.

In addition, Some of the best episodes of the series were also present this season. Simply put, all the components that made The Simpsons so popular and Powerful and popular, they were put together in this chapter.

2. House (House MD) - Season 5

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

"House" is a series that does not have a bad and average season, All the seasons are either good or very good. And the fifth chapter falls into a very good category.

All the different aspects of this chapter revolve around the unexpected event at the end, a shocking and deeply bitter story that grips House and eventually leads him in a strange direction./p>

In this season, the remnants of the adventures we saw at the end of the fourth season continue, and Amber's death overshadows everything. It challenges both House and Wilson's genuine and lovable friendship, and plunges House into a deep and unspeakable torment of conscience. All these stories are piled up during the episodes of the fifth season and House, as always, covers up to forget all the pain and bitterness. Unaware that they are going to express themselves with a tragic explosion.

The fifth season of House has some of the most amazing and terrifying situations and moments in the whole series, much of which goes back to a time when House was deluded and He constantly sees Amber in his imagination. Extremely terrifying and moving moments that you will never forget.

Twin Peaks series - Season 1

BingMag.com 15 <b>perfect</b> <b>seasons</b> of TV series

That David Lynch is one of the most unconventional filmmakers of our time It has nothing to say and almost everyone is aware of it. But he really went a step further with "Twin Peaks" and went even crazier than his fans expected him to, making one of the most daring TV dramas.

The first season of the series (before The fact that the second season is at work and that it stretches and prolongs everything so much that it screams at the fans) begins with a murder case. The body of a girl named Laura Palmer is found on the outskirts of Twin Peaks, and this is an excuse to follow a story about this girl and her mysterious past.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (played by Kyle McClacklan) He is at the center of the criminal case and is looking for the killer of Laura Palmer. In the course of his research, he uncovers shocking secrets about Laura's death and reaches for the evil and threatening force that surrounds him. Twin Peaks is a perfect combination of crime drama and surreal and fantasy elements. Which also has traces of the horror and drama genre. The first season of the series nailed a new generation of TV viewers with memorable characters and a constantly twisting story.

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