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15 Big Surprises at Cannes 2022; From the competition of the Iranians to the return of the veterans

BingMag.com 15 <b>Big</b> <b>Surprises</b> at <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>competition</b> of the <b>Iranians</b> to the <b>return</b> of the veterans

While the list of films at this year's Cannes Film Festival may continue to change, it still has the most diverse and surprising international cinematic names. We Are the World.

The Cannes Film Festival is held every year, but this year's festival was a bit daunting, especially for its fans. As the film industry struggles for its normal appearance, moviegoers' destinations were filled with last-minute films, including a list of 47 films From around the world with the promise of more films.

  • 2022; "Leila Brothers" represents Iran in the main section

Now more than any other festival on the planet, it intends to provide an exclusive space for its selected films, and the feeling that it really brings together the best Has created both in the electorate and for its fans. This goal is often determined by a set of other factors; The choices made by distributors and sales agents to make specific films available include the background of filmmakers who are deemed "worthy" to compete in a major competition, and the festival's desire for specific regions of the world.

Despite imagining a last-minute decision this year, Cannes has once again shown its credibility by announcing its list of 75th races. "We are just in time," said Pierre Lescour, the festival's executive director, at the start of his press conference, noting that the announcement came between last week's French presidential election and next week's run-off.

1. Surprise Opening Night and the Jury Who Were Not

Most years, now weeks, if not months, he unveils his opening night movie. (Last year, the opening film of the opening night, "Annette," was announced in mid-April.) This year, the chaotic nature of our day also shattered that tradition. Despite the announcement of the main cast films, the opening night's selected film was a Big question mark until the moment of its unveiling. There has been speculation that the 1970s Italian drama "L'immensita" starring Penelope Cruz, who chairs the jury, may take over. The rumor countered the possibility that "Infinity" might be the closing film and would not qualify Cruz for the jury.

So far, "Infinity" has not been officially selected anywhere. , And the identity of the jury remains a complete question mark. There has been speculation about Cruz or possibly Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, although recent allegations of plagiarism against him by a former student may delay the process. However, the festival presented the relatively surprising selection of "Z", a zombie comedy directed by Michel Azanavis and whose film "The Artist" shone at the festival in 2011.

"Z" was originally scheduled to be screened at midnight at the Sundance Film Festival, but when the Park City meeting went virtual, filmmakers decided to keep it for a better run. The gamble seems to have paid off, and for the second time in recent years, after Jim Jarmusch's 2019 film The Dead Don't Die, a satirical story of the festival's moving dead. Opens.

2. Graduates of the competition

BingMag.com 15 <b>Big</b> <b>Surprises</b> at <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>competition</b> of the <b>Iranians</b> to the <b>return</b> of the veterans

The film "Close" directed by Chris Dwight

Is to be able to "graduate". Last year's Palme d'Or winner, for example, Julia Dokorno, entered the Big competition for "Titane," which began with "Raw," on the unofficial sidelines of Critics' Week. This year, several filmmakers who have already acted in the festival are finally competing for the Palme d'Or, and some of them have been waiting in line for a long time.

In 2018, Swedish-born Iranian director Ali Abbasi, Border fantasy-drama was noticed in the margins of a section in which American distributor NEON guaranteed an Oscar nomination for her make-up. Abbasi is now competing with the Holy Spider; The grim story of a religious man whose violent attempt to cleanse the holy city of Mashhad of corruption leads him to a brutal and deadly stray. Wait for the unexpected with Abbasi, as he is also working on an adaptation of "Hamlet" starring Nomi Rapas this year.

The Belgian is Lucas Dont, whose first film, "Girl", was placed next to Ali Abbasi's "Border" in 2018 as one of the options for a kind of look. "Girl" won the Golden Camera for First Directors and won the Netflix Awards campaign, although there were reactions to portraying her main role. Nevertheless, Donnett gets a second chance with "Close." The story of a couple of 13-year-old boys who try to understand the reason for the dissolution of their friendship. The film's competitive position shows that Ken sees real potential for Donnett, and he becomes one of the youngest filmmakers to win a Cannes competition in history.

75-year-old French director Claire Dennis is almost 35 years old. Is a respected professor of cinematic arts. While films such as "35 Shots of Rum" and "Let the Sunshine In" receive their first screenings in the director's two-week look and opening section, respectively, he It has not competed since about 22 years ago and since the movie "Chocolat". "Stars at Noon" by A24 stars Margaret Cowley, Joe Alvin and Danny Ramirez in the love story of two characters during the Nicaraguan Revolution.

"Stars at Noon", shot in Panama last year, Hardly timely to check out, the fate that had already befallen the pre-release space opera "High Life" in the fall. Fortunately, "Stars at Noon" premiered and will mark Dennis' second festival release this year after his low-budget film "Both Sides of the Blade" screened in Berlin./p>

and then Kelly Rijkaard. The master of American minimalism first entered the festival in 2008 with the film "Wendy and Lucy" and joined the jury in 2019. Over the years, Rijkaard's filmmaking has evolved into a collection of ambitious and satisfying practices. From "Certain Women" to the pioneering drama "The First Cow". Now, he is back with another Williams game, which A24 is also producing. "Showing Up" is the comedy story of a New York artist. Rijkaard's underestimated approach may not attract as much attention as some of the more radical works tend to, but it is worth the wait as the last effort of one of the best American directors working today. He is not the only American in this international arena.

An American Rule

While James Gray may not be the most respected American filmmaker, Ken has held him in high esteem for years; His police drama "We Own the Night", the romance story "Two Lovers" starring Wakin Phoenix and "The Immigrant" all won the competition. Although his own space opera, Ad Astra, went to Venice in 2019, Gary is returning to the competition relatively surprisingly, even though some fortune tellers thought his film would not be ready by the fall. "Armageddon Time" by Focus Features, starring Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins and successor Jeremy Strong, is about a personal story set in Queens. For this obsessive New York director, the film shows something like a return to the postmodern and ambitious form of his latest work, and it is easy to see why he was trying to reach the deadline. They will be happy with his return.

But what about that other American director that everyone expected to make a film?

What about Lynch?

In the weeks leading up to the festival, weird rumors spread that David Lynch was coming out for the first time since "Twin Peaks; Twin Peaks: The return with a A new secret project returns to the festival. It turned out to be a nonsensical rumor that Lynch himself had to dispel, but another great filmmaker with a Cannes film background brought his film to the festival. This is Olivier Asayas, the French director who has shown everything From "Clouds of Sils Maria" to "Personal Shopper" in the competition.

TV mini-series "Carlos" aired as a special show in 2010, and now he is bringing HBO's limited series "Irma Vep" to the Cannes premiere. This new version of Irma Wop, an adaptation of Asayas's 1996 drama Maggie Cheung (shown in "A Kind of Look"), stars Alicia Vikander, Carrie Brownstein and Jarud Carmichael. It has its actors. This mini-series (which Asayas first talked about at a roundtable hosted by Induweire in 2020) was produced by A24.

5. A24 Invasion

After the successful launch of Everything Everywhere All at Once, a new round of financing, and a $ 2.5 billion valuation, A24 has no chance of Staying at the forefront does not waste film culture. The distribution of Dennis and Rijkaard's projects in the Asayas TV competition and show is just one part of A24's activities throughout this year's festival. The studio also produced his brother Ethan Coen's "Trouble in Mind" documentary a few months after Joel's documentary "The Tragedy of Macbeth," which even invested in the Coen brothers' business. It showed when they were not working together. Considering the small number of documentaries at the Cannes Film Festival, "Problem in Mind" is expected to benefit From a strong presence at the festival, which is very important for Quinns.

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Meanwhile, Jesse Eisenberg's first directing, Sundance's opening film, A24, "When You Finish Saving the World" It will be From Critics' Week that this section will announce its program next week. It's then that we also learn about the side prize where the A24 is expected to show some of its more compelling titles. So be with us on that front.

6. Winners return

Despite the failures the film industry has faced over the past two years, the Palme d'Or remains one of the industry's favorite awards, often helping leading filmmakers to reach the world stage. And many of them reach the Oscars. The glory of "Engel" winning in 2019 paved the way for the award for its best film. Competing for the Palm helps boost a film's reputation, as it did last year for Drive My Car, which had a lot of word of mouth before it won its first nomination for Best Japanese Film. That's why filmmakers are vying for the top spot, even if they've won it before.

This year, the palm's last four winners are competing. Romanian director Cristian Mungio won the Cannes Film Festival in 2007 with "4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days" and returned years later with a similar and fascinating look at class struggles and repressive forces. Is. He is now showing "RMN" five years after his acclaimed "Graduation". The new film is about a man who returns to his small village for Christmas and realizes that his community is plagued by anti-immigrant prejudices. Look forward to another hard and timely look at a global problem.

Another Palme d'Or winner, Ruben Ostlund, after his's artistic and global humor "The Square" won the top prize of the year Received 2017, now returned to the festival. The hype for his first English-language work, Triangle of Sadness, is loud. In the film, Woody Harrelson plays a Marxist captain who finds himself on a luxury yacht with a wealthy young couple (played by Charlie Dean and Harris Dickinson) on a remote island. Ostlund's work always takes a hard look at social inefficiencies, and it seems unlikely that the film will go any other way. The Truth, starring American and French stars, won the Palme d'Or and was nominated for an Oscar in 2018 for "Shoplifters." Now he is back with "Broker", the story of baby boxes that allow parents to leave their babies anonymous. This presupposes a return to the broken family realm of "shoplifters" and "like father, like son". These and other Curahda films have had good results for him at the Cannes Film Festival over the years. "Rosetta" and "Baby" (LEnfant) have acquired the palm, the collection will not be complete. Belgian directors with "Tori and Lokita" turn to the immigration crisis and tell the story of young asylum seekers who have a precarious position in this European country. The owners do not always make a fuss, but the festival always welcomes their intimate and thematic filmmaking, so it is hard to imagine the film going in a different way.

7. return of a Rebel

BingMag.com 15 <b>Big</b> <b>Surprises</b> at <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>competition</b> of the <b>Iranians</b> to the <b>return</b> of the veterans

But none of the regular members are likely to celebrate the return home more passionately than David Cronenberg Which will not screen its first feature film in eight years, "Crimes of the Future." Produced by Neon, the film borrows the title of Cronenberg's 1970 film, but it is not a remake of the same film. Instead, we see him re-collaborating with Viggo Mortenson, Lea Sidoux, and Kristen Stewart in a forward-looking environment that includes metamorphosis, experimental art, and a conspiratorial group ready to influence the future of humanity. If all of this sounds overwhelming, then welcome to Mr. Cronenberg. , It will return. The initial talk about the film indicates some serious - and even controversial - developments in the final part of the film that could provoke a variety of unpredictable reactions. No less to be expected From Cronenberg!

This film also means that Stewart is dying after the Oscar campaign for "Spencer". The recently nominated actor is a member of Proof, who has previously been on the Asayas Film Center in addition to appearing on the jury. Stewart, a filmmaker on the verge of making his directorial debut, is likely to appear in a new film for reasons beyond his role.

And, of course, the French

Most importantly, Ken is a launching pad for the French film industry, which requires several films to compete. This year, the festival sent out invitations to French directors just hours before the press conference, and more could be added. In addition to Dennis, French rivals include Arno Deplesin, who is once again working with Marion Cotillard on the story of siblings reunited with the death of their parents.

Meanwhile, Valerie Bruni Tedeschi, who will be directing the competition, will be competing with Forever Young for the first time since starring in the 2013 film A Castle in Italy. Starring Louis Garrel and Nadia Terszkiewicz in Paris in the 1980s, the film follows a comedy troupe that has been accepted into a well-known theater school.

It's always hard to include them, but these filmmakers have a good track record. It remains to be seen whether young French talents such as Lee Macius and Alice Diop, both of whom are making new blockbusters, will be added to the competition in the coming days. French-style storytelling, meanwhile, is not limited to opening night choices, as Quentin Dupuis always has a fun new movie in the middle of the night with a title that reflects his usual humorous energy; "Cigarettes cause coughing." (Smoking Makes You Cough)

9. Russia and Ukraine will not be forgotten

When the Russia-Ukraine war broke out earlier this year, the Cannes Film Festival was one of the first festivals to respond to any Russian government-affiliated representatives at its events. Will not welcome. This statement opened the door to Russian films at the festival, and we now know why; Kryl Srebrenikov, who has always been active in Cannes, returned to the festival this year, exactly one year after his superhero/social comedy "Petrov's Flu" was shown. Alleged embezzlement charges were banned by the government after he spoke out against it. The ban has now been lifted and Srebrenikov is based in Berlin, so he will probably return to Cannes to play "Tchaikovsky's Wife", which deals with the legendary composer and his relationship with his wife Antonina Miljukova.

Cannes this year with two very different filmmakers, both of whom reflect the current crisis in their own way. "Butterfly Vision" by Maxim Nakonechny, selected in a kind of look section, takes place in the war-torn Donbass region and the corruption of pro-Russian forces, which the country has struggled with for years before the recent events. Meanwhile, Sergei Luznitsa, a familiar name, frequently exhibits his archival documentaries on world history at the festival, and His "Natural History of Destruction" promises a complex and subtle look at the impact of Allied bombing of Germany during World War II. Luznitsa has emerged as a controversial figure in recent weeks, when the Ukrainian Film Academy fired him after he suggested that festivals should not ban Russian filmmakers. But Ken, who has a Russian filmmaker in his ranks, will welcome him with open arms.

Attention to Asia

Thierry Fermo, director of the Cannes Film Festival, did not pay much attention to the Corona epidemic during the Main List press conference, but acknowledged that the recent increase in Coyote in Asia may have a negative impact on its attendance. Have a part of the world. However, Asia has many reasons to make a fuss among the electorate this year. In addition to Coreada, the competition welcomes Park Chan Wook, who previously starred with The Handmaiden in 2016 and the Amazon series The Little Drummer Girl.>

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Now he has returned to the competition with the Korean series "Decision to Leave", which is looking for a detective who investigates the wife of a dead man. Is. Following the park's extraordinary international cinema means that this title will be one of the names on the successful list of many people. Meanwhile, Asian films in other sections of the festival, including another Korean film, "Hunt in the Midnight Section," and "All the People I'll Never Be" by Dave Choo , Cambodian filmmakers, are present in the section of a kind of look.

11. Reuniting the Middle East and the Islamic World

Ken is often a powerful platform for Middle Eastern films, and this year's festival looks set to advance the career of Tariq Saleh, who made another film just weeks after Chris Payne's drama. The Contractor is ready to show. Saleh travels to Cairo with The Boy From Heaven, where the "Nile Hilton Incident" took place, following the death of a leader who dies at a major university and various figures. They are fighting to replace him, he faces. Saeed Roustaei, the Iranian director whose film "Leila Brothers" will be screened for the first time at the festival, joins Saleh in this competition.

Perhaps the most important film in the Islamic world that has been introduced so far is actually in The part is a kind of look. "Joyland" is the first Pakistani film at the festival. Saim Sadegh is rumored to be playing a trance character, which is sure to cause controversy in his country, even if foreign audiences welcome a fresh look at a Pakistani life.

More than one film about Elvis

BingMag.com 15 <b>Big</b> <b>Surprises</b> at <b>Cannes</b> <b>2022;</b> <b>From</b> the <b>competition</b> of the <b>Iranians</b> to the <b>return</b> of the veterans

Elvis Presley's legacy this year is not limited to Lorman's autobiography. Ken will also welcome the singer's granddaughter, Riley Q, with his first directorial debut. Kew, who was acclaimed last year for "Zola," alongside co-director Gina Gamel for this promising look at the three Lakota men in the Pine Ridge Indian Protected Area (a background that some viewers may see Now remember the movie Chloe Zhao) goes behind the camera. While the look section can be an unpredictable margin, this entry creates a lot of appeal in the weeks leading up to its release as the only American film in the section.

13. Isn't it about animation and documentaries?

Ken, despite his wide international choice, rarely finds space for two important cinematic genres; That is, animation and documentaries. Unfortunately, it is the same this year. While it was rumored that Pixar's Lightyear would be in the competition, this spin-off From Toy Story will not go to the festival in the end. Other possible animations, such as Haruki Murakami's adaptation of "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman," have not been released. It remains to be seen whether future announcements can correct this disregard.

In the meantime, the documentaries did a little better. Veteran nonfiction filmmaker Brett Morgan will make his Cannes debut with David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream," and with Ethan Coen's aforementioned documentary about Jerry Lee Lewis, one can expect music documentaries. Have plenty of room to shine. Also featured is the rare Indian documentary All That Breathes, which won the Sundance World Cinema Documentary competition in January. There are no Poitiers or other non-fiction works. For the festival that once awarded the Palme d'Or to Michael Moore, this absence is still confusing, especially as the documentary market continues to grow around the world.

Waiting for autumn

while Some films may have been rejected by Ken or may be added later, others will be shown for the first time in the fall in Venice. The Lido Film Festival screens many films at the same time as Cannes, in the hope that it will encourage them to complete their works with a longer timeline. We already knew that the story of the Mexican comedy "Bardo" by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, his first film after "The Revenant" in 2017, will remain for Venice.

The fact that Rebecca Zlotowski's "Les Enfants des Autres" is likely to be welcomed in Cannes as a prominent French director. Venice is also a good place for the movie "Scarlet" directed by Italian Pietro Marcello and the new project of Jafar Panahi Iran.

Meanwhile, the impact of A24 will probably continue until the fall, because the company Joanna Hague's first screening of "The Eternal Daughter" comes a year after British director Souvenir: Part II energized directors for two weeks. "The Eternal Girl", once again starring the director's longtime friend Tilda Swinton, is a ghost story that should appeal to many of the filmmaker's admirers who have recently been exposed to his work.

15. Wait, it's still there!

With all that has been unveiled so far, Ken this year already promises a good balance of celebrities and works From international cinema. Meanwhile, the two-week director section is trying to complete its selection and at the same time be added to the official selection in the coming days. The cast is expected to decline on April 19 and the Critics' Choice Week will be released around that time. All of this means that Travel has just begun this year.

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