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14 top animated superheroes of all time

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

In this article, we bring together 14 top animated superheroes and take a look at the different features and charms of each.

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There are many different superheroes in the world of animation. The animated series "Super Friends" introduced the kids of the 70's to some of the best superheroes of DC Comics. The animated series "Young Titans Ahead!" (Teen Titans Go!) Demonstrated the power of superheroes in everyday life and created hilarious situations. Animes like "Tiger and Bunny" also went for virgin subjects and showed us a whole new image of masked heroes. In fact, animations and cartoons are a great platform for narrating superhero stories, and they have an unparalleled variety and breadth. . A lovable and attractive character has such a great and lasting effect on children that they may remember his positive values and qualities for the rest of his life. They do, but at the same time we see that they are dealing with real life issues and concerns. This is the main point of superhero works, these extraordinary characters have amazing powers and fight galactic and extraterrestrial threats, but they were created from the minds of ordinary people. Ordinary people like you and me who dreamed of a better world and tried to imagine the path to that world by creating invincible superheroes.

14. Hawkogrel in the Justice League animated series

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Hawkogrel - which finally and after Adventures are known by their real name, Shayira - mostly because of something that happens to be not heroic at all. Hawkegrel is a spy from the planet Tanagar who joins the Justice League and for years sends the information he gets from Earth and its great heroes to his native planet.

Although he is loyal to Thanagar, he returns to Earth a few years later. And all his teams in the Justice League become interested, as well as attached to their mission. But what causes him the most trouble is his love for Green Lantern because he falls in love with this brave and loyal hero.

Everything reaches its critical point in the final episode of the Justice League animated series. And shocking things happen. The people of Thanagar come to earth and the conspiracy and conspiracy of Shayra is exposed. At the same time, Shayira realizes the real intention of the Thanagaris and makes his situation even worse and more dangerous. Contrary to Shayra's idea, the Thanagaris do not seek to protect the interests of the planet and want to build a wormhole that will destroy it. But his betrayal is not easily forgiven. In the Justice League Unlimited animated series that followed the Justice League, Shayira continues her good and heroic deeds, but she no longer has the public image she once had, and her relationship with the rest of the Justice League has been severed.

Shayira is a great and lovable hero because of her complex and multi-layered personality. He reaches the bottom line and yet continues to fight to make the world a better place. Shayira both wants to avenge her betrayal by doing this and really believes in her heroic deeds. This superhero goes through a tortuous and deeply understandable path and his works become more visible and more valuable. Shayira may be a notorious hero, but he is a unique and unrepeatable character.

13. Megamind in Megamind

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Megamind is the biggest, most spontaneous and well-thought-out metro city supervillain. My Metro is also the handsome and shapely superhero of the city, who considers it his duty to protect justice and is constantly trying to prevent the actions of Megamind. The two fight over and over again, and each time Megamind is imprisoned. But one day something unexpected happens; To the surprise of the others and himself, Megamind destroys me with the rays of death. Now he has won and the whole city is his, but why does he not feel like a winner and he is not well?

This heartwarming and spectacular animated film released in 2010 jokes with all the familiar elements and components of superhero movies . But when it comes to Megamind's character development, it shows us what makes superheroes so attractive and lovable. It has the story and origin of his superhero. Although he was unpopular as a child and had a difficult and painful past, he always thought that evil was inherent in his nature and destiny, and he saw no other way. Until a powerful and big evil force attacks Metro City and he is forced to defend his city with all the equipment he has.

It is true that he will never have the muscles and muscles of my Metro and will never be like He does not say clever sentences and his head does not have a normal size, but as he himself realizes, none of these features represent a real hero. A hero is someone who does good deeds and helps people. These are the qualities and traits that exist within Megamind, and even if it looks ugly, it is still a lovable hero.

Wonder Woman in DC Super Hero Girls animated series

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

in girls animated series Ducie superhero Wonder Woman fights crime alongside Bumblebee, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Zatana and Butgrel. But they are also classmates at Metropolis High School when they are not fighting bad guys. Needless to say, in this series, you are on the side of a model of Ducie's heroes that you have never seen before, and that is why Diana shines so brightly in it. That many do not take themselves seriously. That's why Wonder Woman is free from her shackles here and is not meant to be a role model for all women in the world. It has its own special and strange features and we like to look at its works. In a word, she is a distinct character, not a role model or an idea. He excels both on the battlefield and in his school and classes. But at the same time, she is a sharp teenage girl and has her own funny toys. And he is a human being with specific interests and tastes, we see both his victories and his failures. This has led to the creation of one of the best and most attractive Wondermen.

11. Many people in the One-Punch Man anime

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Many may be tempted to take one Punch calls me a satire on superhero work, but it's not an accurate nomenclature. Saitama, the protagonist and main boxer of the story, is a superhero different from all other superheroes. An ordinary 20-year-old boy who decides to fight the evil forces, just because he wants to, and he thinks it's a good pastime. Unfortunately, he gets so good at his job that he only has to give a handful of bad guys to be useless. Saitama, who has come to this for fun, continues on his way.

It does not take long for things to get more complicated, but Saitama's behavior and approach to chaos and monsters do not change. He still fights filth very casually and without much taste. That's why he's one of the most unique and special superheroes we've ever seen. His reaction to the biggest and strangest events does not change, and we laugh when we see his reactions.

On the other hand, his behavior has made him a valuable and lovable hero. He does not need great and strange motives to do justice or heroic deeds, and he goes to his deeds very easily and without any trouble. Saitama's heroic movements are very normal and unplayed, and his reactions and behaviors create funny situations. The protagonist is like a normal routine for him, something he does on the go, for example, when he goes shopping, or when he is watching TV. But be aware, he is not joking with anyone at all about being bald.

10. Alstiegrell in The Incredibles animated film

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time When Alstiegrell to save people in danger Come on, everyone must be breathing comfortably. Everything you really say comes from Helen Parr. He knows both piloting and solitary combat and combat tactics. She is the mother of three children and a superhero whose body stretches in an extraordinary way and takes any shape she wants. Only when his heroic deeds are over and all the bad guys are put in their place does he make sure that his children eat enough, take a bath, and do their homework. His skill in managing different parts of his life is not summarized, but it is his humanity and multifaceted personality that has made the superhero important, influential and attractive. We also see his struggles. We know that despite all this hard work, she is struggling with many problems.

Helen and her husband Bob are constantly arguing, their children are not innocent angels, and like any other ordinary family, They are in a lot of trouble. Helen, like all working mothers we have ever seen, both loves her family and feels a heavy burden on her shoulders, which makes her very tired and exhausted. In addition to all this, Helen is also facing the crisis of being a superhero. Has to face many difficulties and therefore has prevented them from using their powers. That is why Elstiegrell is a special and unique character and is one of the most popular superheroes.

One of the main reasons for the influence of Elstiegrell is Holly Hunter. Holly Hunter has made us fully understand Elstiegreel's humanity and turn this cartoon and animated character into a tangible and believable character. Elstiegerl is a mother, a hero, a pilot and a strategist, but most importantly, she is a human being.

9. Tick in the animated series The Tick

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Superhero movies and series usually show characters That values such as justice, courage, and honesty, but rarely go to the absurdity of the story. Isn't it weird and funny in itself for a person to wear tight-fitting clothes and fight crime spontaneously? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Funny videos and clips were immediately posted on Instagram.

Characters like Deadpool have played this funny aspect of superheroes well and their work has paid off. But there is another funny and hilarious superhero who is made much better than the others and maybe no one remembers his name these days; The character of Tick in the animated series Tick, which aired in 1994.

The main joke of this series, which makes its situations funny and comedic, is the contradiction and gap that exists between Tick's real life and his idea of this life. Everything in life is boring and boring, but he thinks all his moments are endless and exciting adventures. It is old on their body. The name of the city that protects it is the city. Despite all these crazy situations, Tick deeply believes that he is the only true symbol of justice and deals with adventurous events every day.

The series portrays Tick's character with empathy and takes his side in all situations. . It is true that the whole funny situation shows us that their goal is to make the spectator laugh (for example, when he tells his life story on the bus and breaks everyone's nerves), but at the end of each episode, he looks successful, victorious and glorious again.

Tick seems to be the embodied version of the superhero fan body; A character who is a bit ridiculous and ridiculous and very enthusiastic and loyal, and his heart wants to add a little color and excitement to the real and dull real world with his dramatic works and strange costumes.

8. Flash in the animated series Justice League

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Flash is a young boy who has an extraordinary speed, but is still a The young boy is considered normal and it is precisely because of his normal, earthy and warm nature that we know him as the heart of the Justice League, someone who emotionally changes the group and the spectator can put himself in his place.

To fully understand the role and position of Flash, just watch the episode "Flash and Substance" from the third season of the Unlimited Justice League. When Flash and Batman and Orion finally find the villain in the story, Tricster, at once, Batman and Orion quickly resort to the usual techniques and try to talk to him with threats and intimidation.

But Flash tells them He pulls aside and sits next to Trieste and simply asks him if he has stopped taking his medication. Tricster also says he has not taken his medication for some time. Flash assures him that if he goes to treatment, he will visit him in the hospital to play darts together.

In this scene, we get to know Flash's character, that he Seek to solve the problem. His heroic deeds are not full of anger and violence, nor do they seek revenge and lofty goals. He is just an ordinary boy who uses his superhuman powers to make the world a better place and untie the knot of people's work.

Every single member of the Justice League fights for good, but Flash is the only hero who He winked at everyone with an open face and waved at us. Flash is not just a hero, he is a close friend to all of us.

7. Power Puff Girls in The Powerpuff Girls animated series

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Power Puff Girls Three Kindergarten girls are full of extraordinary powers that are as dangerous and powerful as they look funny and sweet. They have a strange and unique. They are not extraterrestrial and mythical creatures, they are the children of human beings and they also have the strange characteristics of human beings. Sometimes they get caught up in ridiculous things, and sometimes their thoughts and thoughts get involved with imaginary creatures like toothpicks.

These characteristics have made the Power Puff Girls a classic and enduring cartoon, and their characters are one of Remain the most attractive and lovable animated characters of all time. The world of PowerPuff girls is an unconventional world, a world where you can practically create a few girls by combining sugar, spices and all the good things in the world (and sometimes X-chemicals).

6. Static in the animated series Static Shock

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Virgil Hawkins has one of the most multifaceted lives in The world has a dime animation. As an ordinary teenager, he is a boy who tries to win the hearts of his favorite girls and has fun with his friends and hangs out with his older sister. On the other hand, as a son of a social activist, he is well aware of the state of society and its inequalities.

Dakota to protect against a multitude of threats. Each of his various aspects becomes more and more complex and intertwined during the episodes of the series, and his life turns into adventures that you can not even imagine. But no matter how many challenges and problems arise, Virgil does not shrink from it and grows tall with power.

Virgil, like any other teenager, has internal problems and must deal with the consequences of his choices. He is well aware of the price he pays to be a hero, and when faced with enemies and counter-heroes with complex motives, he faces difficult decisions.

5. Midoria Izuku in the My Hero Academia Anime

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Midoria Izoko Who loves superheroes and by chance lives in a world where most of his people are born with superhuman powers. But unfortunately, Midoria is one of the few people who was born without supernatural powers and has not shown any special power or characteristics in the last few years of her life.

Izoko forgets the dream of becoming a superhero forever until something happens And his life turns upside down. Alae Mite, the great superhero who is the model and idol of Izoko, transmits his great and unique power to Izoko. Now Izoko is entering the wonderful life he has always dreamed of, but the unlimited power he has inside requires daily practice.

My Hero Academy is an anime made with a look at the familiar components of Western superhero work. And these two genres are so well put together that it is a very enjoyable experience to watch. Izuku both fights his enemies and puts them in their place, and tries to gain his place among his friends.

4. Raven in the animated series Teen Titans

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

Raven's evil father over all life He casts a shadow. His father is an evil creature named Trigon who intends to use Raven to destroy the earth. . . .

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3. (Superman Fleischer cartoons)

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

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BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

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1. (DC Animated Universe)

BingMag.com 14 top animated superheroes of all time

. : (Batman: The Animated Series) (Gotham Girls).

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