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14 tips and secret references in the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

The films "The Amazing Spider-Man" directed by Mark Webb are a strange and unusual moment in the cinematic presence of Spider-Man. Following a lot of negative feedback from Sam Remy's third episode of "Spider-Man", in 2012 they re-launched "Spider-Man" and made a more serious and darker version with Andrew Garfield, which breathed new life into the superhero movie. Of course, the first episode of "The Amazing Spider-Man" was not without its flaws and was criticized, but the overall feedback was positive and most felt that it was a step forward for the "Spider-Man" franchise.

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Unfortunately, when they made the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel in 2014, everything went back to the fate of "Spider-Man 3" Sam Remy repeated. Everyone said that the second part of "The Amazing Spider-Man" was very crowded, its story was full of reason for no reason, and in it, they put a lot of negative characters in front of Spider-Man. Others have criticized The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for setting the stage for future sequels rather than focusing on its own story and getting it right. All of these problems led to disappointing box office sales, and audiences saw a movie that was full of hints and references to comic books, but to no avail.

After Sony Studios The Amazing Spider-Man "closed" to work with Marvel and make another reboot of Spider-Man starring Tom Holland. It seemed that Andrew Garfield was no longer going to wear the blue and red Spider-Man costume. But "Spider-Man: No Way Home" brought Andrew Garfield back to Spider-Man, and Toby Maguire came from Sam Remy's world.

Thanks to the box office success of "No Way Home", a new generation of moviegoers has been drawn to "The Amazing Spider-Man" and those who have seen it before are back to watching it.

In the second part of this movie, there are hidden points and hidden references that you may not have noticed, we have gone to the same hidden points.

1. Peter's Mobile Bell

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

No matter how many Spider-Man movies are made, no song ever The title track of the animated series "Spider-Man", which aired in 1967, does not arrive. The famous song, written by Paul Francis Webster and composed by Jay Robert Harris, has been featured in a number of Spider-Man projects. Including the beginning of "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse". Michael Giaccino also used his melody in the soundtrack to "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is unlike any other project Man does not have a spider. During the initial chase scene between Spider-Man and Alexei Sistovic (Rhino), Gwen Stacy calls Peter to remind him of the graduation ceremony. The funny and interesting point is that Peter's mobile ringtone is the title song of the animated series "Spider-Man" that aired in the 60's. A little later, when Spider-Man pulls Alexi's clothes out of tension, they whistle the song.

2. Blackcat

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

It is no longer a secret that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was supposed to be the initiator of the sequels and Spinach is another pest in which many characters from the world of Spider-Man appear. But for many reasons, the "Wonderful" movie world never took shape, and every sequel they planned did not materialize.

One of the characters introduced in "Wonderful Spider-Man 2" that was supposed to be made The sequel had a bigger role, it was Felicia. Someone who is known to comic book fans as Felicia Hardy or Black Cat. Felicia, played by Felicity Jones, was the executive assistant of Harry Osborne (Dean Dihan) and her late father Norman Osborne, and although she did not play much in the film, it was speculated that they had plans for her, given the cast.

Although the film does not tell us much about the relationship between Felicia and Harry, but we can feel that there may have been a romantic relationship between them. In an interview, Felicity Jones described her character as "Goblin's girlfriend."

In the world of Spider-Man, Blackcat is a seductive woman who steals. They probably wanted to make a brief reference to Felicia in "Wonderful Spider-Man 2" in order to pay more attention to her in the sequels and to unveil Blackcat. In one of the deleted scenes from "The Amazing Spider-Man" we see Felicia, who learns of Harry's transformation and sees him in the form of a goblin, which shows the role of Felicia. It was supposed to be more in the same movie.

3. Spider-Man

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

One of the many short appearances we see in "Spider-Man 2" and was supposed to be in the sequel The next most important role was played by Alistair Smith, also known as the Spider-Man. The spider hunter, considered one of the negative characters in Spider-Man, is a scientist who invented spider hunters: robots designed to hunt and destroy Spider-Man. The idea for the spider hunters was given to him by his father, Spencer Smith, and Alistair followed in his father's footsteps and made it more advanced.

Move. This equipment gave him a lot of armor and superhuman powers. In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", the role of Alistair b. . Novak is playing, but he does not have a robot army and an armored body, and he is just an employee of Azcorp, and he accidentally and unintentionally works to turn Maxwell Dillon into an electro.

4. The Six Evils

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Sony has long had plans for this group of Spider-Man supervillains to be called the "Six Evils" They are famous to bring them together to see them in a live action movie. "Wonderful Spider-Man 2" was also made in the hope that Sony would introduce the six villains and use them in future projects (which never happened) and perhaps build a spin-off centered on Spider-Man supervillains. If everything went according to plan, "Six Evils" would be directed by Drew Goddard. Goddard was one of the executive producers and screenwriters of Netflix's "Daredevil" series. As Andrew Garfield later explained, it seems that the original script of this episode had a more specific and straightforward storyline, but the studio applied its ideas and opinions in the process of producing them and brought the story to this day.

Now, in the same version we saw of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," there are clear references to the formation of six villains, a group of supervillains who resent Spider-Man. The clearest reference to the six villains can be seen in the final parts of the film, when Gustav Fiers enters the secret basement of Azcorp, where horrible projects are taking place. As he walks into this secret place, we can see the equipment of some of the most famous Spider-Man supervillains. Including Dr. Octopus' metal arms and vulture wings. From what we've just seen in Morbius, it looks like Sony is still working on its idea and finally wants to make "Six Evils" one day.

5 . Electro Birthday Cake

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Do not show up because they will not respond. This is especially true of the costumes that appeared in comic books in the 1960s, when superhero costumes in comic books were exaggerated and insane but made with limited color combinations (green, yellow, and purple). Electro's original costume is in the same category, and it looks better in 2D drawings and drawings than they would like to use it in a live-action movie. They designed a completely different look and feel for Electro, but in their own way they paid homage to the original design of her dress. The birthday cake for Maxwell Dillon (Jimmy Foxx) is decorated with the same color scheme as the original Electro outfit (green and yellow). There are even lightning bolts on the sides of the cake.

6. The Night Gwen Stacy Died "Spider-Man" played Gwen Stacy, but fans of Spider-Man comics knew from the start that he was like a time bomb, because in "The Amazing Spider-Man" comics they faced his tragic death.

Finally, when the second part of the film came out, this happened. In the final chapter of the film, where the Green Goblin and Spider-Man fight in the Clock Tower, Gwen falls in exactly the same costume depicted in the comics, and Spider-Man, despite all his efforts, cannot prevent his death. The moment Gwen is killed, we see that the hands of the clock tower are set at 1:21. This is a reference to the comic book number 121 "The Amazing Spider-Man", which is the first issue in the story series "The Night Gwen Stacy Died".

7. Venom

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Although Venom is already in the third part of "The Man Sam Remy had appeared in "Spider-Man" (which, of course, provoked a lot of criticism), but it seemed that he was also going to appear in the films "The Amazing Spider-Man". There were two references to Venom in the early version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, only one of which made it to the final version of the film. One of the files is labeled "Venom Warehouse", which is related to the next reference. In one of the deleted scenes of the film, we see that the viscous substance Symbiote Venom is in the hidden basement of Azkorb and next to the other equipment of the six villains. The strange thing is that this scene was seen in some of the initial teasers of the film, which means that the decision to remove this image was made in the last moments before the release of the film.

8. Morbius

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Before Michael Morbius had his own movie and one of the most famous internet jokes and jokes of the year By 2022, he was just one of Spider-Man's most notorious villains, alluded to in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the same scene where Harry is investigating Azcorp's secret files, we see a file called Dr. Morbius. As comic book fans know, Dr. Michael Morbius is turning himself into a vampire to save himself from an unknown blood disease. , A project that Sony had been pursuing for a long time before The Amazing Spider-Man. Others believed that this brief hint was nothing more than a brief hint to the delight of fans, and that Sony had no intention of taking it anywhere. Whatever Sony's intentions and motivations were in 2014, now and in 2022, in the scene after the filming of "Morbius", it becomes clear that the studio intends to use this vampire, which has become a general theme of internet jokes and memes, for the movie "Six Evils". returned. Does this mean that Morbius, played by Jared Leto, has a connection to the world of the "Amazing Spider-Man"?

9. Mary Jane Watson

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

One of the most outspoken criticisms of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is its presence. There were a lot of characters, most of whom were in the film to set the next sequels. Believe it or not, one of the most prominent characters in the world of Spider-Man was supposed to be in this movie, which was removed: Mary Jane Watson. The girl, who is one of Peter Parker's most famous mistresses, played a pivotal role in Sam Remy's trilogy. That Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy were separated to bring him to the story. But Mark Webb removed director Mary Jane Watson from the film because he wanted the story to focus on the relationship between Peter and Gwen. From the trailers, we see a very transient view of him that you will miss if you are not careful. Although she is behind us, we can say with certainty that the woman seen in the cafe during the Rhino attack is Mary Jane, because her dress is exactly the same dress that Shailene Woodley wore in the behind-the-scenes footage.

10. The Daily Beagle

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

The "Amazing Spider-Man" did not sell as much as Sony had hoped at the box office, but They had laid the foundation stone for his propaganda. Sony did its best to make this movie as popular as possible. One of the most interesting promotions for the film was the creation of a website for the Daily Biogel. The blog contained interesting information and funny references about the world of Spider-Man, and used familiar names to make viewers more thirsty to see the film.

Among the familiar names seen on this blog are: Ned Leeds (who is one of the Daily Beagle reporters in the comics who brainwashes her and becomes a Hubgoblin), Annie Wing (Eddie Brock's ex-wife who becomes Mrs. Venom) and Donald Menken (Norman Osborne's personal assistant). The most interesting thing about this blog was the news of the arrest of the killer of the infamous series Coltus Cassidy (Carnegie), which was also written by Eddie Brock himself.

11. J. Jonah Jameson

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Needless to say, JK Simmons seems to be playing the role of J. Jonah Jamesson have been. In Sam Remy's three "Spider-Man" films, JK Simmons gave 110% of his abilities to this role and played the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beagle in the funniest and craziest way possible. Simmons is back in the role of Tom Holland in "Spider-Man" to play the role, and it seems that his work with this role is not over yet. Given Simmons' influence, it is understandable why the creators of "Wonderful Spider-Man 2" at the time were afraid to replace him with another actor.

Although Jameson never appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, his name can be seen in an email conversation.

The Man in the Shadows

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

In the first part of "The Amazing Spider-Man" we met a mysterious man whose identity remained unknown. But he seemed to have a connection to Peter Parker's father and the Azcorp company. Although not much is revealed about this mysterious man at the end of the first part, but in the second part we get more information about him. This man is known as Gustav Fiers, who in comics is called "Gentleman". Velcher, a chameleon and deaf and dumb woman named Pitti (who has the ability to produce and control darkness, a sex of darkness that reaches no light and swallows everything like a black hole) formed a powerful group against Spider-Man.>

Considering that Sony intended to use the second part of "The Amazing Spider-Man" as a starting point for the next sequels and the spin-off of "Six Evils", it can be concluded that the presence of Gustav Firth is due to the formation of this group. They were super evil.

13. Spider-Man

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

Spider-Man is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel movie world, but he is not well-off and very Sometimes he has to save. If one of his equipment breaks down, he either has to wait for his paycheck (and pray that Jona Jonah Jameson is well at the moment) or settle for second-hand items.

In "Wonderful Spider-Man 2" Spider Launcher A new wired wrap around his wrists that has a more advanced design and is hexagonal and stylish, which is very different from the launchers of the first part. Best

Unfortunately, when he first fights electro, these new and stylish launchers break down. After his launchers are electrocuted, he goes back to his old launchers, and from this part of the film onwards, he has the same circular launchers. This is an interesting and small point that many may not realize, but it makes the world of the "Wonderful Spider-Man" more real and tangible, and we become acquainted with the problems of a young paid photographer who has limited resources and has to deal with the things at hand.

14. Rhino

BingMag.com 14 <b>tips</b> and <b>secret</b> <b>references</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'The <b>Amazing</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> 2'

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" ends as it begins: Spider-Man in front of Alex Captures Sitswich to avoid destruction in New York. The big difference is that now, at the end of the film, Alexi is wearing robot-shaped robot armor with heavy and dangerous weapons. (The armor they designed for Rhino was made by looking at the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic books.)

This armor was a gift from Harry Osborne, who himself made the arrangements. Provided Alexi escape from prison. But the interesting thing is that Alexi did not escape from an ordinary prison, he escaped from a place called "The Vault". The prison repository is designed with strict security measures in place for criminals with superhuman abilities. Provide.

Source: Looper

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