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14 Shocking Moments in "Breaking Bad"

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

The "Breaking Bad" series kept viewers on television for five stormy seasons with endless surprises, unique characters, and an exciting storyline. . The creator of the series, Vince Gilligan, came to this story with a specific goal: to turn a simple-hearted and harmless character into a man like a wounded face in a few seasons. "When you think about this idea, you realize that it is a new experience on television. "Something that probably happened for the first time and I'm proud of it." From a simple, quiet high school chemistry teacher to the great glassmaker Heisenberg, Walter White was a major event in television history. A strange and Shocking personality change that stunned many viewers. When we are going to witness such a big change, we must know that several Shocking and surprising situations and Moments await us. Vince Gilligan and his team of writers managed to amaze their viewers by designing Shocking stories and situations.

Warning - In this article, the story of "Breaking Bad" series Going

During the 62 episodes of "Bad Breaking" that aired, the audience was confronted with countless surprises, revelations and unexpected moments, and from the very first episode of the series, it was clear that it was an unusual work. We are on the side and nothing is like the rest of the series.

The Moments you read below shocked and surprised the viewers of "Breaking Bad" and left a lasting impression on their minds. Moments that will never be forgotten and still, after almost a decade of airing the series, amaze with their reminders.

1. Toko attacks his subordinate

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

After Walter White and Jesse Pinkman decide to fight together Produce methamphetamine, they soon realize that the production of glass is not all and they should also think about distributing, selling and distributing their product. The first person in the world of criminals and drug traffickers that Jesse and Walt deal with is none other than Toku Salamanca. An insane, uncontrollable and unpredictable man who has a family relationship with the Salamanca drug cartel. We understand from the beginning that Toko is not a trustworthy person and is very dangerous and violent. But until the final episode of "Bad Breaking" season, we do not realize the extent and depth of his rampant violence and insanity. And not comfortable. In the course of the transaction between Toko and Walt and Jesse, Nozdoz makes a simple statement that Toko considers an insult. Toko attacks his subordinate and brutally beats him, leaving his face bloody and wounded. He then orders another of his subordinates to remove his body and body. This sudden show of violence terrifies Walt and Jesse, and the audience, after seeing this scene, wondered if Walter and Jesse had made a fatal mistake when they came to this man.

2. Breastfeeding Brothers

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Marco and Lionel Salamanca, known as the "twins", from their very first appearance in The series was considered a strange and unstoppable threat. In the first part of the third season of "Bad Breaking", we see a long line of villagers moving towards an unknown, bustling destination. The scene itself is strange enough and unexpected enough. But when the twins get out of their expensive cars and join the crowd and move with a sigh, the audience is shocked and surprised. Santa Morteza is said to accept offerings from people in order to satisfy their desires and aspirations in return. At the end of this sequence, we see the twin brothers place a hand-painted image of Heisenberg in the center of the temple. Here the viewer realizes that the two deadly and scary twin brothers are about to come to Walter.

3. Hank vs. Twins

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Although the twins initially intend to kill Walter White to avenge Toko's death They eventually change their purpose. As Walter becomes a valuable asset to Gus Fringe, he works to make the twins die. To protect Walter, Gus tells the twins that Toko Hank's main killer is an anti-narcotics agent and that they should go to him. Everyone expected a bloody death for the regiment, but "Bad Breaking" never went according to the expectations of the audience, and here, too, it surprised us.

Hank is shot and his bullets run out, and we think that His work is over and there is no way out. Hank's death seems quite probable. Marco Salamanca hits a wounded Hank in the head and tries to shoot him He gets rid of it, but makes another decision and says in a dialogue for the first time: "You die so easily." He puts down his weapon, this time approaching Hank with an ax to kill him in a more violent and bloody manner. But at that moment, Hank manages to drop the only bullet he has left in his weapon and shoot Marco.

But perhaps most surprising of all is the impact on Hank's life. He survived the assassination, but he became a completely different person. Hank was almost paralyzed after the twins' attack and suffered severe wounds, and it took several seasons for his full recovery. Psychologically, he underwent strange changes and found a strange attraction to collecting various minerals.

4. Tortuga

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Danny Tarkho's fans that he was added to the cast in the second season of "Breaking Bad" They were very happy. But they were shocked to see that he was killed so soon. Danny Tarkho played Tortuga, a drug dealer who spied on counter-narcotics agents and was killed after the cartel found out about his betrayal. But here they did not stop and did something to be a lesson for others. They removed Tortuga's head from his body and glued it to the back of a turtle.

Hank's first mission after being promoted to El Paso was to obtain information from Tortuga. After learning the details of the new deal, Hank and a large number of counter-narcotics officers are stationed at the site and monitored. But they soon find out that there is no news of a deal, and only a turtle moves towards them, a turtle with a spy's severed head on it. Hank suffers a nervous breakdown when he sees this scene, but does not know that another Shocking event is on the way.

It kills and many others are injured. Hank, who had suffered a nervous breakdown after seeing the severed head, had distanced himself from the turtle and therefore escaped the blast.

5. Jesse in custody

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

One of the bitterest aspects of the last season of "Bad Breaking" is Jesse Pinkman's captivity Jack and the neo-Nazi group were ruthless. Jesse endured severe physical and mental hardship during the seasons of the series, but none of them could be compared to when he was captured by this animal group. There seemed to be no bright future for Jesse at this point, and it was hard and sad for viewers to see that Jesse Pinkman's beloved character was so broken, frustrated, and devastated.

  • Breaking World Chronicle Bad; From Jimmy McGill to Walter White

Sens was trapped in a dark pit with a metal roof for months. They only pulled Jesse out of the pit when he wanted to make glass for them. Jesse once tried to escape from hell, but Todd took him captive again and, in order to prevent him from doing so, took Jesse to Andrea's house and killed him in front of his eyes. Todd kept Andrea Brock's son alive and told Jesse that he would go to Brock if he made a mistake.

When Walter overtakes two people with his car

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

He did something that shocked all the spectators. Jesse was determined to kill two of the local drug dealers (who caused Andrea's brother's death), and Walter knew that Jesse's arbitrary action would lead to his death. So he set to work, and just as Jesse was about to shoot the two drug dealers, he got in his car and overtook them. But the surprise did not end there.

One of the vendors was killed by a car bomb, but the other was still half-dead. Walter got off, picked up his weapon, and shot the drug dealer. He then said to Jesse, "Run away." This was not the first time Walter had killed anyone, but it was arguably his most brutal. The shooting of a man in the street revealed another form of Walter violence that we had not seen before.

Walt Whitman Book

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Who would have thought that a volume of Walt Whitman's book of poetry would play such a fundamental and influential role? Play in "Bad Breaking"? The book was first introduced in the third season of the series, and at the time no one thought it was going to be that important. Gil Butker, who worked with Walter at Gus Fringing's large laboratory, was a staunch supporter of the poet, giving Walter a volume of his book of poetry, which at the time we thought would remain the same gift and find no other function. Until two seasons later, we realized the issue was more serious than that.

In the fifth season of the series, this book of Walt Whitman poetry reappears. Walter, despite the fact that this book is a kind of evidence of a crime and has something inside that may be for him It's a nuisance, but he leaves it in the bathroom of his house to look whenever he wants, which is a sign of Walter's growing arrogance. At this point, Walter expands his glass empire and survives the most deadly and dangerous situation, which is why he thinks that no one can reach him anymore and he continues his work safely. Unaware that Hank Schrider has not yet grown up careless about Heisenberg's arrest. Hank goes to the bathroom of Walt's house and picks up the book. Very casually, he opens his front page to read it, but finds something that turns his whole world upside down. On the front page, Gale Butker writes a sentence to dedicate to Walter: "Dedication to my beloved W.W. It is a great honor for me to work with you. Respectfully G.B

Hank recognizes Gil's handwriting and remembers the time when Gil was found in his home with references to W.W. If this book of poetry did not exist, Hank would never have known the truth about Walter.

When Gus killed Victor

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Victor was one of Gus Fringe's main subordinates and always closely monitored Walt and Jesse had to make sure they didn't make mistakes in Fringe's lab. He appeared for the first time in the second season of the series, but his most memorable scene did not occur before the fourth season. After Victor claims he can handle the big lab himself (because he has watched Walt and Jesse closely), Gus decides to learn from him and at the same time threaten and punish Walt and Jesse for killing Gill. Gus cut Victor's throat with a razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp razor-sharp He stumbled and could not control himself. This murder showed a new face of Gus to the viewers and Walt and Jesse, a horrible and dangerous face. Beneath his calm, rational appearance lay a bloodthirsty monster capable of doing the most terrible things, and now Walt and Jesse knew about it. Different theories have emerged about Gus's motive for killing Victor. Probably after Gill was killed, Gus wanted to send the message to Walt and Jesse that he saw the people under him as a tool or a trap that would be beheaded whenever he wished or felt ineffective. In this way, Walt and Jesse realized that they did not care too much about themselves and did not think that they could put pressure on Gus whenever they wanted.

9. Hector Salamanca explodes

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

From time to time, Gustavo Fring becomes the number one anti-hero and antagonist of "Bad Breaking" And what a powerful anti-hero he is. A very scary and threatening man who acts calculatingly and thoughtfully and has great power. Gus Fringe has proven time and time again that he is a powerful rival and enemy to Walter White and whoever gets in his way. To defeat Fring, Walter eventually uses the only person who has an even stronger grudge against Gus: Hector Salamanca.

Hector Salamanca, despite being grounded and living in a wheelchair and unable to speak And he can not move any organ other than his finger, but he manages to take revenge on Gus Fring and detonate the bomb that Walter planted under his wheelchair. In the final minutes of the fourth season, Hector blows himself up to kill Gus Fring. The moment when Gus comes out of Hector's room and we see half of his face shattered, is one of the most surprising Moments of the whole "Breaking Bad" series.

10. When Walter watched Jane die

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Jesse's relationship with Jane Morgolis was one of the romantic aspects of the series "Breaking was bad." Jesse really loved the girl and was willing to quit the drug business because of her, but they got into a drug accident and Jane's life ended because of it. Jane wanted to extort money from Walter so that she and Jesse could make enough money to flee to New Zealand so that the two could live a comfortable life away from all this trouble. When Walt comes to their place of residence, he finds them in the worst possible condition. Both are intoxicated by heroin, and Jesse walks through the air.

At that moment, Jane wakes up and her vomit blocks her breathing, and in front of Walter's eyes, she struggles to breathe. Walter has a chance to save her and thinks for a moment that he can somehow stop her from suffocating, but his decision changes and he pulls back and watches the young girl die. Just when viewers thought there was no red line left for Walter to cross, the writers of the series turned to a new trump card.

Exposed. Of course, he did not stop there, and then used Jane's death to affect Jesse emotionally. Walter He hid this fact for a long time until we reached the fifth chapter, where he said to Jesse, "I watched Jane die."

11. Plane Crash

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

During the second season of "Bad Breaking", the opening and pre-titration sequences of the mysterious situation and They showed a strange thing and we saw that agents in special clothes were collecting bodies and the remains of an unfortunate accident. These openings were intriguing, but viewers had to wait until the end of the season to find out exactly what was going on.

In the final episode of the second season, all the adventures reach their climax and we see that the two The planes collide in the air over the city of Albuquerque. Then we see a pink teddy bear that is half burned and falls to the ground from a very high place and falls into Walter White Pool. The cause of this horrific plane crash is Jane Morgolis's father, Donald. He is still mourning the death of his young daughter, returning to work and controlling air traffic. But Donald's mind does not work at all and gives false information to the pilots that leads to this huge accident.

12. When Todd shot a kid

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

When Todd was added to "Bad Breaking" We saw the fifth and final season of the series, at first it did not seem like much of a threat and we felt that the young boy was polite and harmless. It was his calm and harmless nature and nature that shocked us so much when he suddenly shot the cyclist boy he witnessed being robbed. Todd's move not only surprised the audience, but also terrified Jesse and Walt. Todd was a multi-layered character who could not be judged by his appearance. He was not upset or frustrated by his evil and horrible deeds, and he did not feel guilty at all. When we later learned that Jack Todd, Uncle Todd, was the leader of a dangerous and ruthless neo-Nazi group, another layer of this character emerged. Todd was added to the series later than the other "Breaking Bad" characters, but his impact was really deep and shocking, and became a launching pad for his actor Jesse Pelmons.

13. When Jesse Gill Killed

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Gail Butker, although capable of producing methamphetamine for Gus Fring, could have And get Jesse out of work, but he was inherently annoying. He had a friendly spirit and was a shy person who loved science and did not want to hurt anyone. At the end of the third season, when Jesse shoots Gill in the head with teary eyes, both Jesse and the audience are heartbroken. Remove from the equation to have a pressure lever against Gus Fring. But they did not know the details and how this happened, and when they reached the scene, they were shocked. No one expected Jesse to kill Gil. Jesse had never killed anyone before, and when he shot Gill in the head, it had such a profound emotional effect on him that he was depressed for a long time and did not return to normal life. Killing Gill caused Jesse to undergo major changes and set the stage for what we saw in Chapter Four.

When Walter Brock Poisoned

BingMag.com 14 <b>Shocking</b> <b>Moments</b> in 'Breaking Bad'

Is it really possible for Walter to poison a child? This is the question that kept popping up in the final episodes of the fourth season of "Bad Breaking" and everyone wondered who had poisoned Brock. Walt had done a lot of horrible things up to that point, but he never involved a child in his plans. Brock's poisoning is an unexpected situation that plays with all the spectator's beliefs and expectations, especially since they do not show us the action and we only see the consequences.

When Jesse Walter accused Brock of poisoning Rice The spectators were divided into two groups. Some believed in Walter's profession, which denied the story altogether, and others felt that it was the bowl below the half-bowl. But the series continued to play with the minds and expectations of the audience. In the final minutes of the episode, it becomes clear that it was not Brock Rysin who was poisoned, but a plant called "Lily of the Valley" that poisoned him. But that's not all. In the final scene of the fourth season, we see that a vase of the same lily of the valley is in Walter White's backyard. In this way, it becomes clear that Walter White knows no boundaries and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

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