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14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

Having a true villain is just as important as the protagonist in a movie. In any case, we must not forget that if it were not for his intrigues, the protagonist would not have the challenge of trying to work with him to solve them. There are cinemas. Their goals can range from evicting a family from their ancestral home to destroying the world. In any case, whatever their goals, it is important for writers to create real, multi-dimensional villains with believable actions.

Evil characters are doomed to failure in ordinary movies; Because the general audience is addicted to the happy ending and likes to see the superhero win and the situation to be a nightmare. If we take a closer look at the movies, we find that many of them fail with a special formula that stems from the mistakes they make.

In this article, we looked at 14 common stereotypes. That the negative characters and villains of movies commit suicide by committing them; So if you are wondering why these seemingly scary creatures are not doing the right thing at the right time, stay tuned.

1- Long speech at the wrong time >

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

It is the end of the line and the protagonist is caught in the clutches of a negative character and victory is near. Apparently everything is possible for the tragic death of the hero in the most ideal case, when suddenly the villain of the story, who can no longer hold his thoughts in his head, starts a long and final speech and decides to define all his evil thoughts.

Toko himself is trapped by a vicious attacker and is only one shot away from death, but it is not clear at this point what chemical interactions are taking place in the story's evil brain, which suddenly decides to explain the process it took to capture Toku. At this moment, Toko seizes the opportunity and enters the attacker with a bullet. In this sequence, a dialogue is expressed that can be a good example for all movies; "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk!" The presence of McGodzilla is not behind him and he soon falls into the clutches of this mechanical monster. If he had postponed the expression of his thoughts to a more appropriate time, it would not have been possible not to notice the presence of a monster in those dimensions!

In any case, the villains and negative characters of movies must keep in mind that in order to be unpredictable Execution of evil plots is like a marathon, not a sprint; Therefore, they do not need to cross the finish line quickly, they just need to pay attention to details and advance the plan little by little.

2- Regardless of killing the hero for unknown reasons

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

The hero and the villain finally face each other and their hero is in the most vulnerable position possible and the most suitable option for It is death, but it is not clear why the villain decides to keep the enemy alive for unknown reasons instead of killing them. Well, the result is clear; The hero finds enough opportunity to compose himself and bring in the enemy.

This technique is widely used in movies, especially superhero movies; Because the confrontation between the villain and the hero has a lot of dramatic burden, and all the audiences are waiting for this sequence from the beginning of the film. So the director decides not to miss this dreamy situation and repeats it several times throughout the film. Let's take one of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogies this time.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Bean (Tom Hardy) as the superhero after Batman (Christine Bell) breaks his back and takes him to a remote prison instead of finishing his old enemy, but what is the purpose of this? He just wants to watch Batman destroy Gotham on Prison TV. Result? Batman finds ample opportunity to heal his injuries and eventually returns to Gotham with more power and defeats Bean.

This clichd idea was repeated over and over again in the Batman television program of the 1960s. For example, the villain of the story tied Batman and Robin to a complicated death machine and left the room himself, and it never occurred to him that they might somehow escape!

We distance ourselves from the DC world and Let's go to "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows". At the beginning of the film, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) meets Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and instead of interfering, he makes a mere threat.

In any case, the negative characters in the stories cannot either. Be a criminal thinker and warn your enemies in a crisis like a full-fledged gentleman to save themselves from destruction!

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

We talked before about long monologues at the wrong time as one of the bad habits of the bad guys. But they are also prone to make more deadly mistakes. The villains explain all their evil plans in great detail to anyone who has an ear.

One example of this clich is when the villain does not know the story and his words are recorded. In the latest example, we go to the movie "Now You See Me 2" (Now You See Me 2); Where riders force bad guys to confess and then stealthily record their conversations and show the film on a large screen in Tower Bridge!

Of course, the confessions of negative characters are not always recorded. If they show their evil intentions in front of a large crowd, more or less the same thing will happen to them. For example, the character of Ransem (Chris Evans) in "Knives Out", who was a fairly good villain, loses his hand when he loses control and attacks Martha (Anna de Armas) in front of everyone.

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4- They think they sent the hero to the brink of death

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

This idea is often repeated in James Bond films; The negative character plots the story and traps the hero in a deadly trap, then, while struggling to survive, the villain thinks he's done and avoids watching the last moments of his enemy's life. The result is that the protagonist is finally rescued from misery by misfortune, and right from the start, he turns himself into his long-time enemy.

For example, in Austin Powers: The Man of the International Mystery. International Man of Mystery), Dr. Oil (Mike Myers) as the mastermind of the criminals, while not sure about the death of the protagonist, leaves him alone and in response to his son's question, "What is the logic to do this? "I'm leaving them alone and I do not really see them dying," he says. "I just think everything goes according to plan."

This dialogue seems too absurd, but the story logic of many films is based on it; The villain of the story leaves the hero to spend the last moments of his life in peace and without watching the face of his enemy. Instead, their hero patiently devises a perfect escape plan and saves himself at the last minute.

Our only suggestion to the villains in the story is that this time, when you trap a servant of God, wait until Take a last breath and then leave the room and get to your important tasks. (Wasn't it your most important job to kill the enemy from the beginning of the movie ?!) 2109/24/12068-6.jpg ">

Have you ever seen in several movies that the negative character of the story has failed due to the design of a highly complex and practically unworkable plot? You probably missed it because this is one of the most clichd story plots, especially in superhero movies. Let's get to Marvel's cinematic world this time.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, HYDRA's Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) ) Draws a plan according to which a group of fake police officers should follow Nick on the freeway with their cars and divert him from the path and knock him into a corner.

Well, the question that arises is this. Why didn't they use the winter soldier from the beginning instead of all the trouble that eventually led to Fury's escape ?! He could have fired at Fury with his weapon from the beginning and exploded himself and his car in a fraction of a second, so much time and energy would not have been wasted on chasing.

The band belongs. They decide to use unusual methods to execute Agent 007 just when they have captured James Bond and can fire a shot to end 007's life story; From tying it to a table and placing it in front of a laser to leaving it alone on a crocodile farm!

Batman watched. Most bat man's enemies like to make complex and impossible plans. For example, the Joker's plans are full of variables and he must be very lucky to get them done. Of course, in most cases, luck turns to this fascinating supervillain, and the plot succeeds. Get it!

6- Killing subordinates for no reason

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

As much as negative characters refuse to kill superheroes for no reason, they tend to kill their subordinates. How many times have you seen the villains of James Bond, Darth Vader, Star Wars, or Voldemort Harry Potter send their subordinates to their deaths to defeat a mission?

It kills, that is, the writer and the director want to send us the message to see how bad he is, and when he does not pity his subordinates, he certainly does not pity the protagonist and punishes him in the worst possible way.

The main problem is that this plot has become so clichd that we have to ask ourselves why any evil person should join the group of this speechless monster and risk his life. It is better not to sit in the corner of the house and enjoy his idleness than to work with this filthy creature, until he wakes up in the morning and waits for it to be torn to pieces by his boss. Anyway, job security is important even for the wrongdoers!

7- Excessive greed for power

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

Greed is the most important characteristic of a cinematic villain; Even if he has the best, he is still looking for more. Despite winning their nefarious plots, they still decide, like a desperate gambler, to risk everything in Las Vegas casinos in order to achieve bigger goals. This is exactly the weakness that superheroes use to defeat villains; By preparing a well-colored bait, they are blurred in a fraction of a second.

For example, this time we go to one of the classic Disney stories, Aladdin. The evil wizard of Jafar knows that if he gets the magic lamp, he will become the most powerful magician of all lands. He eventually gets the light with intricate plots and deceptions, but Aladdin uses his greed as a weakness and tells him that it does not matter how powerful he is because he is always inferior to the giant. At this moment, Jafar makes the most fatal mistake of his life and asks the giant to hand over his power to him, regardless of the fact that from now on he must live as a new giant in the magic lamp!

In fact, the villains Movies are like kids who are not happy with their dessert and are always looking for more chocolate cake. They do not listen to the warnings of their fathers and grandfathers, and eventually, out of greed, they go to bed with pain.

8- Underestimating the heroes

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

Audiences love to watch the adventures of humorous characters that no one takes seriously but suddenly change the game and vice versa Predictions are saved. One of the most common ways to show this storyline is to ridicule their actions by the villains of the story, while the seemingly humorous character shows clear signs that make him a potential threat, but it seems that bad guys do more important things than serious ones. They catch the protagonist.

For example, in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", after Voldemort returns with all his might and has a chance to kill Harry there, he suddenly decides to use Harry's magic wand. Give it back to him and force the boy in our story to duel. It is true that he has less power than Voldemort and will usually lose the duel, but he finds enough opportunity to escape from Voldemort's clutches and finally defeats this evil wizard in the next episodes.

Superhero movies are also full He is one of the super-villains who underestimate the enemies in spite of their supernatural powers and is eventually destroyed by them.

Finally, the only advice we can give to the bad guys in the story is that self-confidence is a great thing, but False self-esteem will ruin everything; So if you come across characters with the letters "chosen" or "the boy who survived" or worse, your side had supernatural powers, first eliminate them with all your might and then come up with your other evil plans to destroy the world. !

9- Instead of intentionally leaving a footprint at the crime scene

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

Bad people not only underestimate the heroes, but also the police. In the comic book world, many superheroes, including the Joker and Riddler, deliberately leave their mark on crime scenes. What they mean by this is to announce to the whole world through a powerful loudspeaker:

"This is my job. I committed this crime. Me, Joker. Did you like me now ?!

But all these gangster acts are only attractive in the world of movies. If you go to a real criminal, his only advice is probably to leave no trace of the crime scene in complete secrecy. But movie villains like to have their own brand, and this is how they are arrested by the police in 99% of cases.

Of course, the situation is even funnier in superhero movies. The police are so insane that they can not find the criminal through the remnants of the criminal, and it is the superhero of the story who finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together and arrests Johnny in a guerrilla movement and delivers him to the law. .

10- Trying to lure heroes

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

The scene is ready for the confrontation between the hero and the villain, the audience is waiting for an epic battle, the hero prepares to attack, the souls are trapped in the chest when suddenly the villain of the story decides to offer cooperation instead of attacking and asks his enemy for their forces To unite. Darth Vader did this with Luke Skywalker, Voldemort tried to offer Harry Potter, and almost every superhero you can think of was lured by his enemies at least once, but what is the result? In ninety-nine percent of cases, this job offer is rejected and only the audience's time is wasted. "Be sure to count on me, comrade!" The negative character should know that he can never cope with this stubborn creature, but it is not clear what he insists on trying his luck and being disappointed on the eve of battle!

The Joker is probably the worst offender. Had he not been involved all the time in bringing Batman to his senses by destroying his spirit, he would probably have been named DC's best villain. But alas, he is very interested in this move, and whatever you do, it is not a deal.

So, dear super evil, trade carelessly in the middle of the battlefield and focus on the card instead. Believe that after killing the protagonist, you have enough time to find a reliable and loyal ally!

11- Personalize issues

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

Fighting between hero and villain can be quite professional; The bad guys in the story commit crimes and the good guys try to stop them, just as easily. But it is at this time that the villain changes the game by personalizing the issues and threatening the hero with the lives of their loved ones. Spider-Man is probably the record holder of these threats in Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of his enemies, from the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus to Venom, threatened him at least once with the lives of Aunt Mary and Mary Jane. Of course, this clich is not just about superhero movies, and there is a complete sub-genre of action movies in which the protagonist tries to pull his loved ones out of the clutches of bad guys and at the same time thwart their evil plans.

12. Forgetting his powers

BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

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BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

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BingMag.com 14 mistakes of clichés of evil characters in movies

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