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14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

These days, superhero movies are the undisputed heroes of box office, and their popularity is so great that prominent filmmakers are overly dependent on the movie industry for these movies. They warn. They say other genres have no chance of expanding, and that independent cinema is on the verge of extinction. It can be welcomed, and superhero movies do that; So it is not surprising that many actors are eager to appear in these films and go through a hundred years overnight.

We can say with confidence that all the world's leading actors have either appeared in superhero films or offered acting They rejected them. But becoming a superhero is not an easy path, and the main characters of these films have to follow strict rules during their acting career, which is not very exciting despite their flamboyant appearance.

In this article, we look behind the scenes of superhero movies. And we're talking about the rules that actors have to follow.

1- Signing a contract for a few movies

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Superhero movies are not single-part in ninety-nine percent of cases, and we can bet the production studio will not give up as long as the franchise is profitable. As the lead actor becomes an influential figure in the franchise, he is required to sign contracts to star in several movies; So superhero movies are practically like a swamp in which actors are stuck for at least a few years and can not be easily released. Evans mentioned the role of Steve Rogers or Captain America. "She was very worried about accepting a role in Captain America: The First Avenger and changing her lifestyle and commitment," Evans said in an interview about the process of joining the MCU. There were 6 films that took 10 years to make. "I would have liked to have had the option to step aside whenever I wanted, but you can't go anywhere by signing a six-film contract." And refused to appear in several MCU films. Of course, a few years later, destiny changed and he entered the DC movie world this time with "Joker". Of course, Phoenix and director Todd Phillips agreed to sign the contract after making sure that unnecessary sequels were not made just for profit.

2- Strict review of records

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

One of the reasons cinemas are captured by superhero movies is their very high turnover. Well-made films can attract large audiences around the world and, in addition to selling at the box office in various advertising campaigns, also generate huge revenue for their creators.

But under the guise of this money-making business, there are seemingly trivial issues that can Make studios a nuisance and damage their credibility. One of these problems is behaviors that may be met with negative reactions from public opinion, in which case the studio acts to maintain its position in the shortest possible time and as decisively as possible.

For example, a few years ago, Disney James Gann The director fired "Guardians of the Galaxy" for his unusual tweets, which were met with negative reactions from some users, and again resigned due to a strong public reaction!

Studios have since paid close attention to the backgrounds of filmmakers, closely monitoring each and every one of their ideas and behaviors in cyberspace, even in recent years. "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame" star Tom Van-Lowell revealed some thought-provoking facts in an interview with RTE Ireland radio:

"They will review your background carefully to make sure you are not considered a racist white person or have a strange background."

3- Continuous exercise

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Superheroes have supernatural traits compared to other humans, and these traits must be reflected in their appearance. Find; Therefore, proper physics is one of the most important characteristics of the actors who take on these roles. Since the period of wearing prosthetic clothes is over, they should stay in shape with constant exercise and heavy diets. Reaching superheroes is used, but one of the most important tasks for actors is to show a healthy lifestyle and try to keep their fans fit on social media. They shared it on social media and shared their various experiences with fans, including the release of a fitness app.

But some actors also have information about exercise. They keep it at a lower level and refuse to share it, but they still have to look perfect as soon as they are in front of the camera. These people are often confronted with endless questions from fans about lifestyle, exercise and diet, and are sometimes frustrated by the sheer number of these questions. From the volume of questions he has to answer about his appearance and body shape, he becomes confused and complains.

4- Wearing uncomfortable clothes

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Superhero movies are exaggerated versions of reality, and actor coverage is no exception. In fact, superheroes and superheroes wear costumes that not only show off their physical features, but also look attractive and amazing.

Of course, there are exceptions in the world of superheroes; For example, in all of the "X-Men" series, Hugh Jackman did not have to wear the yellow and black tights of the Wolverine comics, but not all the actors are happy with him and have to spend long and tedious hours in uncomfortable clothes. One of these people is Christine Bell, who was clearly tormented for wearing Batman costumes in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The disgust is so intense that Ben Affleck said on Graham Norton's show that the only advice Bill gave him to play Batman was to make sure he had a zipper so he could use the bathroom more easily. Of course, Christian Bale's advice is not limited to Ben Affleck, and Matthew Reeves, the director of the latest Batman episode, said he gave the same advice to Robert Pattinson!

We come to superhero movies, which are usually tighter and the actors do not feel comfortable at all. For example, Margo Robbie had to wear tight clothes to play Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad", which she said she felt uncomfortable wearing and was annoyed in many scenes of the film.

5- Presence in Comic Con

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Comic Con It is an international event held every year in different parts of the United States to bring together lovers of comics and superhero movies. The San Diego International Comic Con is one of the most famous in the field, and no film studio has lost its presence in it. But even then, Hollywood does not miss the opportunity to trade and has a special focus on these events. The actors, as the main promotional figures of the film, are obliged to participate in these events for long hours in order to help the high sales of their films.

Talking to fans, signing ceremonies and souvenir photos mentioned that sometimes it is very boring and exhausting for them, but they have no choice but to attend them.

6- Not revealing the story >

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Sometimes writers spend years writing screenplays for superhero works; For this reason, it is very important for the production studios not to reveal the story until the public release of the film. Revealing important parts of the story may hurt the overall sale.

However, one of the most important tasks of the actors is not to be outspoken and to protect the information that is provided to them. For example, before the release of Marvel movies, videos of the actors are released that somehow promote the movie. One of the funniest parts of these videos is the parts where the actors try to stop themselves from revealing the story.

But not all actors are cautious and sometimes they accidentally reveal the main parts of the story and make the directors angry. They become studios. Mark Raflow is known as the first accused of ruining Marvel's business, and he has made some strange mistakes so far; For example, he once revealed the deaths of several main characters in "Avengers: Infinity War" or, in another bizarre act, released the first 10 minutes of "Thor: Ragnarok" to fans. Of course, Raflow's last blunder had an exception and had positive results. "When I got back to work the next day (Avengers: Avengers: End of the Game), everyone came to me, and of course I expected them to shout at me," he said. "Until Marvel Security Director Barry Curtis approached me, he wrapped his arms around me and said it was a creative move and had more feedback than we had invested in it." Tom Holland as one of He is known as the youngest and of course the most mouth-watering face of MCU, and due to his high excitement, he usually can not stop himself and reveal the story. In this case, Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal are usually tried and prevented from further sabotage.

7. Not reacting to harsh criticism

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

Proponents of superhero movies remain like a double-edged sword; As much as they can play a role in making the film more popular and creating positive waves on social media, they can cause serious problems for the film and the actors by reflecting their negative opinions, and of course the agents in this case should not react sharply to the margins. To make things worse for the studio.

For example, when it was announced that Michael B. Jordan was playing the human torch in the remake of "Fantastic Four," some fans of the network reacted negatively and violently. Showed social. The situation became so complicated that director Josh Trunk later said that he slept with a gun in his house for fear of receiving threats!

This feedback is more about female actors, and in most cases with some Misogyny is combined and sharp sentences are referred to the actors without considering the psychological damage. Gol Gadot is one of these people who, due to playing the role of an amazing woman, was confronted with all kinds of insulting comments about her appearance.

8- Not knowing the full story of the film

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

As we said before, huge budgets are spent on franchises and one mistake Revealing the story can cost the entire capital. The rise of social media in recent years has fueled the story, and sometimes the release of a photo of the filming scene has led to speculation about the course of the story, many of which also happen to be well-founded.

Special measures were taken to prevent disclosure and dissemination of information; Marvel, in particular, is more assertive in this regard and has creative strategies to prevent the story from being leaked. One of these strategies is that the actors do not know the general story of the film.

In other words, the actors only know about the story lines that are relevant to them and do not know more details than the other sequences. For example, Anthony Mackey, who plays Falcon, said in an interview with IMDb that he did not know during the role in "Avengers: Endgame" that he was going to give Steve Rogers, the captain of the United States, to Falcon, and Chris Evans. The day before the filming of this sequence informs him!

In this case, the situation is even more difficult for the actors. For example, Avengers director Joe Rousseau: At the end of the game, Tom Holland said that he only receives his own dialogues and that's it. He does not even know who he is going to play against, and in order not to find out anything until the filming, they use vague terms to describe the scenes in the script.

9. Preparing to re-shoot some Sequences

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

When hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on filming superhero movies, There is no room for error, and sometimes studios may consider re-shooting sequences to improve the quality of the film, or suddenly start shooting long shots for advertising campaigns. In this case, the actors are obliged to find free time in their plans and join the project as much as possible.

Henry Coyle, for example, a few months after the end of the filming of "Justice League" in 2017 to play in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" has been contracted. While having to grow a mustache to play this role, he was suddenly called to film a few scenes of the Justice League, and Grimm was forced to miss an impossible mission in order to play Superman.

Similarly For Idris Alba, during the filming of "Nelson Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom" he falls and is forced to go to the studio to film the scenes of "Thor: The Dark World". He says he was caught in a strange situation while he was Mandela 24 hours ago and now he had to play in front of a green curtain with strange clothes, hats and swords!

10- Using a face Actors in promotional products

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

while most actors and directors appear in movies The superheroes are considered an exciting event, the studios look at them through the eyes of a banknote printing machine. In general, the main revenue comes not only from box office movie sales, but also from studios, with more profits for studios. Batman Returns) left Tim Burton and hired Joel Schumacher to overtake their competitors in selling toys and food packages!

It has become one of the clauses of the contract and the face of a superhero appears in various products from action figures and costumes to posters and mugs. Naturally, using your face on any irrelevant product is not a pleasant feeling at all, but in any case, it is part of the rules of being in the world of superheroes, and the main benefit of this issue does not go to the director or actor, but directly to the income. Studios are influential.

11- Extensive presence in international tours

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

It would not be economical to spend huge sums of money to make a superhero movie if it did not have a large audience. To this end, the studio designs extensive advertising campaigns that actors are required to attend at least one year before the film's release.

Since actors are the main focus of advertising campaigns, the larger the campaign, the longer Takes more from them. Superhero movies have more audiences outside the United States; Therefore, it is natural that actors are forced to travel to different parts of the world to advertise films under intensive programs. It takes a lot of time and energy from them. Now imagine that someone has a problem with the studio while filming, but is forced to campaign in order to commit to the terms of his contract. The same thing happened to Ray Fish in the "Justice League" campaign, and he was forced to appear in various programs despite his strong dissatisfaction with the filming conditions.

12- Adhere to Studio Visions

BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

The higher the budget for superhero movies, The studio is more involved in the production process. Of all the directors who lead these projects, only a few have the power to stand up to the studio's taste buds, including Christopher Nolan. The rest of the directors have to accept the inappropriate interference of the producers.

So far, many directors have been annoyed by these interventions and complained about the studios; These include Josh Trunk, director of "Fantastic Four," and Joss Whedon, director of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," who apparently collapsed due to inappropriate interference from producers. p>

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BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

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BingMag.com 14 important rules that actors in superhero movies must follow

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