14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Without a doubt, James Cameron is one of the best contemporary filmmakers. From his first step in 1981 with the movie "Piranha II: The Spawning" to 2009 when he became the king of the box office with the movie "Avatar", he has always shown what it takes to pull People need movie theaters, they have them.

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Without a doubt, James Cameron is one of the best contemporary filmmakers. From his first step in 1981 with the movie "Piranha II: The Spawning" to 2009 when he became the king of the box office with the movie "Avatar", he has always shown what it takes to pull People need movie theaters, they have them.

One of the main features of Cameron's films is creativity, and with every film he makes, he pushes the boundaries of filmmaking techniques to be able to provide us with stories, ideas and Amazing new characters. It is almost impossible to determine how much Cameron has influenced modern cinema, and considering that the next installments of Avatar are scheduled to be released in the coming years, it is still impossible to determine how much he is going to change the rules of the game again.

There are many scenes in Cameron's films that can be cited as the best, and you could even write this whole article just to find the best scenes of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". Judgment Day). It doesn't matter if we are in the deep sea or in space, past or future, Cameron can always excite us.

14. Rose Says Goodbye to Jack - Titanic

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

After the massive Titanic sank, many The survivors were forced to float in the cold ocean waters and pray for survival until help arrived. In the final scene of Cameron's story of this historical incident, Jack and Rose, two lovers who managed to find a floating device and cling to it, promise each other that they will never be separated.

Rescue ships eventually arrive and Rose tries to wake Jack up, only to find him dead. After embracing Jack's cold hands, she bids him an emotional goodbye and then leaves him to sink into the ocean, leaving only Jack's memories.

James Cameron Before Titanic, he was known for his works in the sci-fi and action genres, but when it came to making a $200 million drama, he proved once again that he can do anything. This scene between Jack and Rose is not only an emotional scene, but it is a proof that the audience has watched the love story of these two young people who were from two different worlds for almost three hours, and now they are ready to cry when they part.

13. Pursued by a tow truck - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

John Connor after barely making it to the store Escaping the clutches of the T-1000, he picks up his old bicycle and runs to an empty section of the Los Angeles Basin River, thinking to himself that the danger is over. But the narrowness of the river channel cannot prevent the T-1000 from attacking and entering this route with a tow truck.

Of course, the T-1000 is not the only destroyer present in this scene. T-800 enters the scene on his motorcycle and manages to save John from being killed, but this is not easily possible for him. The chase ends with a big explosion and for the first time introduces the audience to the true and completely liquid form of the T-1000.

There is an international rule that if you are going to choose a director for action scenes, Your best choice would be James Cameron. After proving himself with The Terminator in 1984, Cameron proved himself once again with Aliens in 1986, and when it was time to make Terminator 2: Judgment Day. , he had become a full-fledged master of action.

12. Jake Rides a Banshee for the First Time - Avatar Becoming a member of the Na'vi community, he must learn how to tame and ride mountain banshees, giant dragon-like creatures. After initially scaring the banshees away several times, he finds a banshee who, after a long struggle on the edge of the abyss, agrees to put him on his back and fly away.

As soon as When Jake manages to communicate with Banshee and send him flying, the audience is confronted with the stunning beauty of Pandora. With this success, Jake not only gains the trust of the Na'vi community, but also manages to impress Nitiri, a Na'vi girl whom Jake is interested in.

The story and characters of "Avatar" It may not be the best of Cameron's works, but the film is unrivaled in terms of visual beauty and pioneering special effects. The stunning view of Pandora in this scene is breathtakingly attractive and makes us more interested in seeing the next parts of this movie.

11. shooting at Tech Noir Nightclub - Terminator

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

When Sarah Connor finds out that someone is murdering the other Sarah Connors in It is his neighborhood, he hides in a night club called Technoir. He calls the police and asks for help. They ask Sarah to stay put until backup arrives. Before the police force, however, the T-800 arrives at the club, ready to complete its mission by killing Sarah.

Suddenly, Kyle Reese, a man sent from the future to ensure Sarah's safety, arrives. arrives and blocks the T-800. The T-800 does what it is designed for in the best possible way; He shoots Sarah and Kyle at the same time, killing everyone in his path. Sarah and Kyle manage to escape this predicament with difficulty.

The main strength of this scene is Cameron's high directing ability. In the scene where Sarah Connor, before meeting the T-800, mistakenly thinks that Kyle is the one who wants to kill her, Cameron manages to create a stunning suspense. But the audience already knows the T-800 and knows that Sara has been misunderstood. Seeing how the T-800 destroys everyone in its path is one of the most violent and brutal scenes in cinema.

10. Chase in the Florida Keys True Lies

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

When Helen Tasker and Juno Skinner in a limousine, The hostages are taken, Harry Tasker meets with Gabe and orders two planes to prevent the jihadist group from entering America. While the helicopters manage to blow up the terrorists' path and prevent them from reaching their destination, the limousine carrying Helen is also damaged and is about to explode.

Since Harry ordered these helicopters. has given, he also flew with them to be able to get close to the ground and save his wife. He manages to grab his wife's hand from the exploded bridge and save her a few seconds before the limousine falls into the sea.

Cameron uses all available visual tricks to create this scene; Until this scene, it was hard to find a scene that used so many field and visual special effects.

9. Marines Freeze Aliens

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Soldiers who have gone to the planet LV-426 to decode They get clued up and don't believe the alien story until it's too late. When the soldiers discover that the colonies have become breeding grounds for xenomorphs, they have no time to escape and are attacked by a group of awakened aliens.

One by one, the soldiers disappear, communication It disappears and the united group of soldiers turns into separate and disorderly masses. This causes Ripley to take control of the situation and, after equipping himself, go to save the remaining soldiers. to create breathtaking This suspense progresses explosively and increases due to the point of view of Ripley, who stands at a distance from the group of soldiers and only sees their image and voice from the screens. Although "Aliens" in this episode was more of a sci-fi movie than a horror movie, this sequence is still terrifying and scary.

8. ice Mountain! Right in front of Rome! Titanic

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Soon after Jack and Rose's love story blossoms, fate in the shape of a mountain Ice appeared in front of the Titanic. In this scene, some officers who are standing on the foredeck of the ship notice a huge iceberg right in front of them.

They immediately call the engine room and ask them to slow down until the ship can change its direction. They manage to avoid a direct collision with the iceberg, but the sides of the ship collide with it, leaving huge cracks in the ship. The ship's crew do their best to keep the passengers calm, but they have no idea how bad things are going to get. Titanic cost more than 200 million dollars to build, and this cost is clearly shown in the film. Is. The stunning details of the engine room, the ship being torn apart by the iceberg, etc. are insanely accurate, but the magic is the suspense and tension that Cameron creates in every second of this film as the magnificent ship slowly sinks.

7. Sarah's Nuclear Nightmare - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Sarah Connor while escaping from the clutches of T- It is 1000, he has a nightmare about the apocalypse in the future; A nightmare that has been following him for a long time since he escaped from the T-800. In this nightmare, Sarah is in a dream playground where children are playing and chasing Each other is happy, until a bomb explodes in the sky.

Buildings shake, cars explode and the whole landscape is reduced to ashes along with children and their parents. Sarah and young John Kahn are also seen among them. Meanwhile, Sarai, who is an observer, looks at them powerlessly and can't help but burn.

This scene is almost short, but its short duration does not make it less powerful. When Sarah Connor wakes up in fear, she discovers what will happen to the world if her son is killed. All science-fiction films take place before or after an apocalypse, although Cameron has always sought to push the boundaries of imagination, and here he shows the audience something that may or may not happen thirty years from now. p>

6. Harry sets Aziz on fire - True Lies

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

After Aziz bombards the Florida Keys explodes, Harry Tasker discovers that his daughter Dana has been kidnapped by terrorists and is being held hostage by them. This news makes Harry sit behind the wheel of the jet himself and go after his daughter. The leader of the terrorists, Aziz, follows Dana to the roof of a building and when there is nothing left to catch him, Harry arrives in a jet to save his daughter.

Harry's daughter jumps into the jet, but Aziz Since he wants to get the key to detonate his other bomb again, his companion jumps towards the jet. Harry, however, by shaking the jet, throws Aziz onto a helicopter full of other terrorists and before doing so utters one of the most enduring dialogues in the history of action movies: "You caught fire."

Probably Cameron with himself. He thought that Terminator 2: Judgment Day didn't have enough explosions, so he decided to make his next movie full of explosions. The nineties are full of quality action movies and "True Lies" is undoubtedly one of the best.

5. First Appearance of the Pseudopod The Abyss

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

As the submarine crew waits for the storm to subside so they can send out a call for help. They encounter a strange creature that they had seen before in the awe of the moving light. This time, however, this creature presents itself in the form of a tank of sea water in a human form and approaches the group members with a noble curiosity. The creature seems to be just as eager to get to know the new creatures it meets as the crew of the submarine. It surprised many viewers with its liquid form, but if it wasn't for the pseudopod, the T-1000 might never have been made.

4. Jake's first experience in his avatar body - Avatar

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Jake is an injured Navy SEAL whose legs give him the ability to have lost and this incident has made him volunteer to enter his mind into an avatar body. Action is accompanied by success. When Jake regains consciousness, he's happy enough to be able to walk again that he ignores the doctors' warnings to take it easy. He rushes out and tries to enjoy the ability to walk, running around foolishly like a child.

Avatar is James Cameron's most subversive film to date, as he "Avatar" for the first time proved to the world how realistic computer images can look. Seeing Jake completely reborn in a new body made everyone know that the world of special effects has entered a new era.

3. The T-800 Attacks the Police Station - Terminator

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

After Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are killed by The cops are taken to the local police station, the T-800 comes in and wants to see Sarah. When the police won't let him, he promises to come back. Just a few minutes later, he steals a car right in front of the police station and drives into the station.

T-800 gets out of the car and kills the cops one by one to get to Sarah. He is shot multiple times, but given his special body, it's hard to tell if he notices the bullets or not. After all, he is an exterminator, and a few ordinary weapons of the 20th century cannot stop him.

Although "The Terminator" is considered a science-fiction film, the horror created in this scene is unique. T-800 reminds the name of the movie with every movement. This scene reminds us once again that this creature is an unstoppable killing machine, and it is this scene that makes the T-800's earlier dialogue and his promise to the cops stick: "I'll be back."

2 . Ripley Battles The Xenomorph Queen - Aliens

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

Just when it seems Ripley and her friends have managed to escape. do Cameron offers the audience another battle, and it is revealed that the queen of the xenomorphs has taken up residence in the escape ship section. The queen makes her presence known by attacking and wiping out the limited number of survivors, and Ripley is the only one who can fight her. This war ends with the queen of the aliens being thrown into space. The world can only have one queen and that's Ripley.

Although you can never say whether Alien or Aliens is better, everyone can agree that Cameron's Aliens is a brilliant sequel. is for Ridley Scott's "Alien". Cameron has used many graphic techniques to create this scene in the best possible way, and its deadly suspense is once again proof of Cameron's great talent and ability in making sci-fi and action movies.

1. Battle at the Steel Plant - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

BingMag.com 14 best scenes of James Cameron’s movies

In this scene, which is the climax of the film, T -1000, the T-800 follows Sarah and John to a steel mill, but it is damaged from being previously frozen with liquid nitrogen and then blown up. Although no amount of damage is severe enough to stop a liquid killing machine. The T-1000 manages to defeat the T-800 and is about to complete its mission to kill John after changing his appearance and becoming his mother Sara, but suddenly the real Sara arrives with a shotgun and succeeds. The T-1000 slows down enough to activate the support energy of the T-800 and perform one of the best final kills in the history of cinema.

This scene is the peak of James Cameron's creativity and ability. In this scene, suspense, action, special effects and all that is required are combined and the audience has no choice but to follow it without being able to turn its head for a moment. Since Cameron has forced us to care about the characters, we can't help but think of the T-800, Sara and John. We have to follow this scene until the last moment and adjust our heartbeat to its rhythm.

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