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13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

Disney has long been the king of great animated villains. From Oscars in The Lion King cartoon to Malficent, Disney has a full range of negative animated characters. However, more animation studios, from DreamWorks and Sony to Illumination, have emerged as contenders over the past few years, creating more unique villains.

Many animations have been released in the last decade. And many of them had great evils. Some of them are complex characters that we can sympathize with, while others are completely evil. So let's take a look at the top 13 animated villains of the last decade.

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strong> 13. Vector - Despicable Me ( Despicable Me )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Pierre Caffin, Chris Renad
  • Voice actors: Steve Carl , Miranda Casgro, Kristen Wiig
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 81 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 7.6 out of 10

by Grove (Steve Carl) He can be described as an evil character, but given that he aspires to be the best, it can be said that he is not really a bad man. He is the hero whose story we follow and who ultimately prefers good to evil. However, the situation is different for his rival, Vector (Jason Segel). Vector clearly tries to be as bad as possible and has no mercy on those who get in his way. He may not be the scariest enemy possible, but his wealth and technology make him a great threat to the pawn.

His character design is relatively simple. However, the orange shirt, the big glasses, and the vector bowl hairstyle seem to have caught the eye, as his appearance has become somewhat symbolic in modern culture. His wit and nonsensical tone, such as how he shouted his name when winning, could be another reason he became more memorable. My disgusting franchise has a lot of villains, but Vector is the best competitor.

12. - ( Frozen )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
  • Voice actors: Aidina Manzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Raton Tomitosis Score: 75 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 7.4 out of 10

Hans (Santino Fontana) A good example of This is a principle that you should be a little skeptical of when starting a committed relationship. In Frozen, Anna (Kristen Bell) over-trusts this handsome cheater who takes advantage of the girl's love and desire to leave the house (or castle). He looks perfectly good as long as Anna needs his help, and this is where he shows his true nature. Hans abuses Anna because he just wants to take control of Arendal.

Hans is the youngest child in a family of thirteen boys trying to escape from his family and become a worthy king. However, he is an abuser and a murderer, and in the end, his plan works against himself. He falls in love with Anna, the people of Arendal, and uses his charm to convince everyone that he is an honorable man, but he certainly is not. In addition to leaving Anna to die, he tries to kill Elsa (Aydina Manzel) before Anna arrives to save his sister. She is beautiful and attractive, but sometimes you can not trust a beautiful face.

11. Drago Bloodstream - How to Train Your Dragon 2 ( How to Train Your Dragon 2 )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Dean DeBlois
  • Voice actors: Jay Bruchell, USA Ferreira, Gerard Butler
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Raton Score Tomitosis: 91 out of 100
  • IMDb points per movie: 7.8 out of 10

The first movie How to Train Your Dragon had no evil characters other than a giant boss dragon, but this sequel introduces us to another scary enemy who is able to use dragons to power Alpha control. He even forces the toothless into a trance, throwing fire at Hiccup. In his youth, Bloodwist (Jimon Honso) lost his family and village to a dragon attack. Instead of revenge, he created an army of dragons to use their immense power to conquer the world. Fortunately, the connection between Hiccup (Jay Bruchell) and Toothless is so strong that it can break Alpha's control and turn the Dragon Army against Bloodstream.

The Bloodstream character has a great design. He is just a human, but he has a huge and attractive body and a metal arm that is visually scary. Hansu's harsh voice adds to the character's brutal nature. Movies about how to train your dragon are fascinating, but they have threatening enemies like Bloodsucker. Yuki - 6 Big Hero ( Big Hero 6 )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Chris Williams, Dan Hall li>
  • Voice actors: Ryan Potter, Jimmy Chang, Genesis Rodriguez
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 90 out of 100
  • IMDb Score to Movie: 7.8 out of 10

A superhero always needs a big villain and Yukai is one of the villains of 6 great heroes. Yucca is a terrifying anti-hero who hides behind a black black coat and a kabuki mask. However, Under the Mask is a sad story of a man who seeks revenge. Yukai is actually Robert Calgan (James Cromwell), a professor of robotics at the San Francisco Institute of Technology. When Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) introduces his microbes to him, Kalgan steals the microbes by blowing up the school and simulating his death to use them for his nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, Hero's brother was killed in the explosion, and this shows how reckless and evil this master is.

Yukai is a great villain because he has his own complexities. His motives are logical. However, his methods for doing so are methods that must be stopped. His relationship with the hero gives the drama between the hero and the anti-hero a dramatic and emotional connection. This twist of the story is very simple in itself, because we never see Kalgan dead, but then Yuka rises up as a villain with whom we can communicate, even if we strongly oppose his actions.

9. Shen - Kung Fu Panda 2 ( Kung Fu Panda 2 )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Jennifer Nelson
  • Voice actors : Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Raton Tomitosis Score: 81 Out of 100
  • IMDb points per movie: 7.2 out of 10

Oldman's voice gives the sand a threatening tone, and at the same time, has a bit of humor. However, Shen's desire to change his destiny eventually leads to this happening. His attempt to escape the prediction of his defeat, by destroying the village of Po, makes his fate more inevitable than ever. Sand is an evil peacock whose lust for power corrupts his morals. Fortunately, Poe was able to forget him.

8. Joker - The Lego Batman Movie ( The Lego Batman Movie )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Chris McKee
  • Voice actors: Will Arendt , Michael Serra, Rosario Dawson
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 90 out of 100
  • IMDb rating to movie: 7.3 out of 10

This version is the most dangerous villain Batman is not a classic, but this Joker (Zack Galifinakis) is actually a very accurate model of the relationship between Batman (Will Arendt) and the Joker. The Joker likes to be hated by others but hates the inattention of others. Batman's indifference to the Joker makes him even angrier. His motivation for capturing Gotham is due in large part to his troubled nature and more to his anger at Batman. Gathers Warner Bros. to defeat Batman and destroy Gotham. Eventually, however, Batman admits he needs the Joker, and the two work together to repair the city. This joker is not as accurate as Mark Hamill comic book joker, but it is a great interpretation of the need for Batman and the Joker.

7. The God of Business - Lego Movie ( The Lego Movie )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
  • Voice actors: Chris Pert, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arendt
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Raton Tomitosis Score: 96 out of 100
  • IMDb rating to movie: 7.7 out of 10

Come to the character Let another Lego villain go in this list. The God of Business (Will Ferrell) is a creative hater whose only goal is to turn the Lego world into an authoritarian world in which no one is allowed to move or build anything new. Ferrell does very well as the voice of a villain who is both evil and funny, but what makes the god of commerce unique is that his character has far more meaning than a normal villain.

6. - ( Kubo and the Two Strings )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Travis Knight
  • Voice actors: Art Parkinson, Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Raton Tomitose Score: 97 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 7.8 out of 10

Rydon (Ralph Fiennes) The King of the Moon appears at the climax of the film, but his presence is felt throughout the film world. He is the ruler of the night and it is impossible to know where he is. For this reason, his daughters are always in the path of our heroes. She is a violent and complex character who has no interest in her daughters or grandchildren. Not only does he try to blind Kubo (Art Parkinson), but he also tries to kill his daughter. Continues. In addition, the appearance of the dragon-like dragon at the climax of the story is truly terrifying. Interestingly, his character was created through Stop Motion animation, so the animators should be commended for their brilliant work throughout Kobo and Do Tar.

5. King Kennedy - Ralph the Wrecker ( Wreck-It Ralph )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Rich Moore
  • Voice actors: Sarah Silverman , Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 87 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 7.7 out of 10

King Kennedy (Alan Todd) In Ralph the Vandal, he is a very strange and stupid villain who is difficult to judge until the peak of his work. A secret character called Turbo or King Kennedy is striving for greatness. However, Vanlope (Sarah Silverman) stops him. So King Kennedy turns him into an imperfect person who is no longer allowed to race. Which can create various threats. King Kennedy transforms into a ghost after merging with the Cybug and becoming a giant monster. The twist of the animation story and the revelation of his real character (Turbo) is amazing, and at the height of the film, it adds to the charm of the story. He may seem innocent at first, but in reality, he is more powerful than the audience thinks.

4. Ernesto della Cruz - Coco ( Coco )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Adrienne Molina, Lee Enkrich
  • Voice actors: Anthony Gonzalez , Gail Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Barat
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 97 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 8.4 out of 10

Ernesto (Benjamin Bratt) Coco is one of the most violent villains Pixar has ever created. Not only did he kill Hector (Gail Garcia Bernal) in the afterlife, but he also tried to destroy Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) in the afterlife. Ernesto was striving for success, and in the process lost all his humanity and honesty. He has good musical ability, but all of his songs are from another source, and in fact, he has stolen all his credit from someone else.

Ernesto is very attractive. Because of this, he was able to deceive people into believing that he was an extremely talented musician. Remember his song "Remember Me" was basically an ode to show his greatness, but the real intention of this song is not like that at all. In fact, Hector wrote it as a ballad for his daughter to tell her he would never let go, but Ernesto manipulated it into a useless song. At the end of the film, his legacy is shattered just like himself, who was crushed under the weight of a bell.

Kingpin - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-World ( Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Peter Ramsey, Bob Persecuti, Rodney Razman
  • Voice actors: Haley Steinfeld, Shame Moore, Jake Johnson
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Score Raton Tomitoz: 97 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 8.4 out of 10 li>

Kingupin (Leo Schreiber) goes far beyond a typical Spider-Man criminal: into the world of Spider-Man. Kingpin, who feels guilty about the death of his family, is wandering and doing his best to bring them back. However, with access to the multi-world, he destroys almost everything, including the world of Peter Parker (Chris Payne), an achievement that no other villain in Spider-Man films has ever achieved. His family is afraid of him when they find out the truth about his evil deeds, but Kingpin only goes on his dark path. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It may seem silly at times, but his great stature challenges Miles Morales (Shame Moore) to an extremely difficult challenge. There are other big villains in the film, such as Proler (Mahershala Ali) and Olivia Octavius (Katherine Han), but Kingpin is the scariest and most complex of them.

2. Mother Gatel - Giso Kamand ( Tangled )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Directors: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
  • Voice actors: Mandy Moore , Zachary Levy, Paul Tompkins
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Raton Tomitosis Score: 89 out of 100
  • IMDb rating for movie: 7.7 out of 10

Gatel's mother (Donna Murphy) In Giso Kamand, there is a witch who discovers that Rapunzel (Mandy Moore)'s hair has a magical power that can keep her young. Gatel, who is very interested in maintaining his youth and beauty, steals Rapunzel and keeps her in the tower as long as he can. Gatel manages to convince Rapunzel that everyone outside the tower is evil and that he is the only one who wants to keep Rapunzel safe. However, Rapunzel's great curiosity leads her to run away. Gatel is terrified of growing old.

He has an unstable character throughout the animation, one moment in love with Rapunzel, and the next moment, he becomes incredibly vicious and cruel. Murphy excels at portraying the Guttieler as a character who changes frequencies. The guttle may have external beauty and charm, but inside it is cold and ruthless. In addition, he has a painful and deadly voice when singing.

1. Lotsu - Toy Story 3 ( Toy Story 3 )

BingMag.com 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade

  • Director: Lee Enkrich
  • Voice actors: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Young Kozak
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: of 98 100
  • IMDb points per movie: 8.2 out of 10

From the moment we meet Lutsu (Ned Beatty) in Toy Story 3, something seems to be happening. Yes, he likes to hug people, he has an attractive southern accent and he smells like strawberries, but he is a little too good. He seems to be a decisive dictator who has complete control over other toys. If you follow his rules, he is a very good person. However, if you want to rebel against him, he and his little supporters will take you captive.

Lutsu is a big villain and it is easy to see why he is so violent. . ( ) . . .

Source: Collider

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