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13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Adapting a book in serial format is a lot of trouble, especially if you are dealing with a rich source that includes several different novels and is not finished yet. . There is always a debate over characters whose stories are incomplete.

"Song of Ice and Fire", George R.'s great epic. R. Martin adapted HBO and made a super-successful series out of it. Martin's story has several different main characters and practically hundreds of other complementary characters. It was therefore predictable that David Beniaf et al. . Weiss, the creators of the series are forced to tell a story. Unfortunately, in order to advance the story, the writers of the series had to delete parts and leave out some of the most important characters in the story. Some of these omissions were logical, but the omission of some other characters caused the series to end with a hasty and irrational ending.

In this article, we want to introduce the top thirteen characters of Martin's epic who had no place in the series. . Let us say at the outset that we did not include characters who died before the events of the story began. Also know that in this article, important parts of the story of the series and books are revealed, some of this information has a very important role in the next books of this series.

13. ( Vargo Hoat )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

However, it's an unforgivable sin to leave out Vargo Hot (the group leader who talks so much and stutters). Riding a zebra and wearing a magnificent necklace of gold coins, he has both a funny appearance and is the most evil character in the group. Contrary to what we see in the book, Hutt's decision to cut off Jimmy Lanster's hand is more of a political move than an act of harassment. In the book, Hutt ties his destiny to Ross Bulletin, leaving a gap between himself and Tywin Lanster to make sure he does not see him betrayed in the future.

Despite such foresight, Hutt is one of Experiences the most horrible fates of the book. He is wounded in battle with Brin, his wound becomes infected, and his allies leave him alone in battle with Gregor Kelgin the monster. Gregor gives Hut the parts of his own body that he is starving to death, and finally kills him.

12. Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy ( Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy )

11. Strong Belwas ( Strong Belwas )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Bloas Niroumand is another one of those characters that has probably been removed from the series with the aim of reducing the diversity of the characters in the story. He is a castrated warrior who enters the story as Daenerys' bodyguard. An obese man wearing a short vest and his face full of wounds (any wound is a sign of anyone killed, always allowing the opponent to inflict the first wound). Blavas seems to like to sit next to Daenerys and talk about himself with a third-person conscience. Jora prefers Salmon Mormont and Barrister, but Daenerys's reason for this is that he finds Bloas more useless than the others (he spends most of his time eating and bragging). But Bloas proves his worth in a memorable battle. In the series, this battle scene has been given to Dario. In the book, Bloas confronts the opponent on horseback, skillfully dodging the attack of this hero Mirin, breaking his horse and beheading the opponent. He then defecates in front of Mirin Lords to make himself dear to Daenerys and the readers of the book. Bloas is a lovable and spectacular character and gives the book a funny humorous atmosphere, something that can be said to feel like a vacancy in the series.

10. ( Donal Noye )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Danal New is a single-handed carpenter near the wall who works as a consultant to John Snow. But the series has inevitably reduced the number of Night Watch characters. However, in the book, there are many night watchmen and they have several palaces. In the series, the most important work of Daniel New (he blames John for going to the young forces, and leads his own forces in the battle to defend the wall against the savages) is divided between Tyrion Lanster and Alisher Thorne. In essence, the character of New Noy has been sacrificed to make the other two characters more attractive.

Also in the book, Noy kills a giant before he dies, given that he has only one hand. , Is a really brave move (in the series, this heroism is attributed to Gran). There are many different characters on the wall who have been left out in the series, and although it is possible to accept to some extent why Danal's works and personality traits have been given to other characters, his vacancy in the series still feels bad. He has a thoughtful and shrewd personality, and is a reliable friend to John. New Danal gives a distinct identity to the Night Watch.

9. Howland Reed ( Howland Reed )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Howland Reed enters the list with a bit of cheating, as this character has not even officially entered the book yet, but he should be considered the most important character in Martin's epic who has not yet entered the scene. He is the father of Jojan and Mira and the master of the Greywater Watch. Reed is the only living character in this fictional world who can confirm that John Snow is the son of Regar Targaryen and Liana Stark. George Martin seems to have deliberately delayed his introduction to the book, as many secrets are revealed as Howland Reed enters the story. Ned Stark is in the first book. He has a mysterious personality and works in the shadows, and avoids direct battle by hiding in swamps. There, he orders the Swamp Men to weaken Lanster's forces with guerrilla tactics.

The removal of this character from the series is really annoying, we know that he is in the world of the series, that's why His entry into the series had its own pleasure. If he had been in the series, Bernie Stark would not have needed to be so direct and superficial in finding out about Snow Snow's lineage.

8. Garlan and Willas Tyrell ( Garlan and Willas Tyrell )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Garlan and Villas are two characters that George Martin himself regretted being removed from the series. An important characteristic of the Tyrells that Martin loved was their inherent kindness, which contrasts with that of their sister Margery and Olena Tyrell. Marjorie and Olna are warm and intimate in appearance, but secretly calculate and plot.

We see Garlan in the book, he is a character rarely found in the book world: a really good character. Right. He is the only one who acknowledges Tyrion's key role in the Battle of Blackwater, and speaks kindly to Sansa at his wedding and even dances with her. He is also a formidable enemy in battle. He trains with three or four fighters every morning. Garlan is also involved in the Battle of Blackwater and wears Renly armor (replaced by Loras in the series). If he encounters Euron Greyjoy in the rest of Garlan's adventures, we will have a very interesting storyline ahead. And becomes paralyzed. Although this battle increases the animosity between the Tyrells and the Martles, Villas himself takes no grudge against O'Brien, and after that battle he spends his time in Highgarden studying and researching. He has not yet entered the books in person, but it is clear that Martin considers him an important figure. He seems to be the brainchild of the Tyrell family, and when he enters the story, he will definitely make a key impact.

7. Young Griff ( Young Griff )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

There is a hypothesis that Griff is the nephew of Daenerys, who secretly fled after Robert's death in the Robert Rebellion and is thought to be dead. Ilirio Mopatis and Varis have since been secretly trying to bring Egan to the throne, and he, along with John Cunnington and the Golden Company, is seeking to bring himself to Westeros.

We have already seen a fountain of ambition under Griffith's kind appearance. For this reason, it is quite clear that the situation becomes very complicated when the news of Targaryen's identity is revealed to be fake. There is a hypothesis that Egan arrives in the kingdom with an enthusiastic welcome, and when Daenerys later arrives to seize the throne, he must destroy his nephew instead of the authoritarian Cersei.

6. Doran Martell ( Doran Martell )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

This time we did a little cheating, because Doran actually has a short presence in the series. But like many other characters, he bears little resemblance to his main character in the book, and can be said to be a completely different person. He also has only three episodes in the series and is badly killed.

In the books, the era of a shrewd politician is equal to that of Waris and Littlefinger, with the difference that he is even more patient than the two. And does not have that intense Machiavellian thinking. He does not trust others so much that it is too late. His plan is to marry his son Daenerys and get his daughter to marry Viserys, then take revenge on his siblings from the Lannisters. If everything goes according to his plan, he will do great things.

He has a gout period and is always in a chair, which is why he is compared to Tyrion, because he is also weak due to his short stature. Considered to be. The difference is that it is the time of the head of his own family, which is why people who look down on him do not dare to say such a thing. Everyone underestimates him, and the era easily bypasses them. He is not a weak character, he is just cautious. But it can be said that he has waited too long. We still do not know how the plans of the time go, especially since she does not yet know of her son's death. We have to see if he is really one of the best cartoonists in the series or if he just speaks well.

5. Lady Stoneheart ( Lady Stoneheart )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series Lady Hardy is one of the most important characters in the books that fans have been eagerly waiting for her to enter the series. After a bloody wedding, members of the Frey family are executed in the jungle, and it turns out that Kathleen is not dead. He is dead, but he is alive again. Martin has repeatedly stated explicitly that this revived character is completely different from Kathleen. He has white hair, red eyes and a deep, large scar on his neck, and his voice sounds like a whisper. The ruthless lady is very ruthless and thinks only of one goal: to avenge the death of her children from their perpetrators. . Their decision made Brick Dandrion's character more present in the series with the extraordinary performance of Richard Dormer. But the hard-hearted lady could be a symbolic villain for the series, and the scene of her encounter with Stark's surviving children was spectacular.

4. Victarion Greyjoy ( Victarion Greyjoy )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Victorian Greyjoy is not a prominent figure in the book. He is neither a strategist nor a lover, but he is a capable warrior. He is a good sailor and fighter and enters the ship in full combat uniform and is not afraid of drowning. The parts of the book in which Victarion is present seem ordinary, but he himself has an attractive personality. He is the brother of Euron, Aaron, and Greyjoy Balloon, and is potentially the darkest of them all. He is determined to kill Euron, and will definitely play a key role in future books. He is currently on his way to Mirin, apparently to take Daenerys to Euros, but inwardly he would like to marry Daenerys.

There is a perception among fans that his plans will not work. But Daenerys has just lost his skill as a sailor, and Victarion is a great choice for the post. With a Scandinavian hat-like hat and a hand gushing out of fire (as a result of Macuro, a red-clad cleric healing his wounds), Victarion is terrified that he plans to be both in Mirin and after returning to Pike (if alive, of course). To return) to wreak havoc. He also cites some of the book's best dialogues. His words are clear and disturbing. Somewhere in his book, he says in a calm tone to the enemy who is facing him: "If you can, come and kill me."

3. Arianne Martell ( Arianne Martell )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

It is strange to leave Arian Martel out of the series, because he is a very attractive character and leads us to a new understanding of the land of Dorn, in a situation where Dorn has been completely ignored by the agents of the series. Arian is capricious and deceitful, but at the same time warm and loving, he is not a perfect person, but in the depths of his being he also has something called conscience.

Age is transmitted, not gender. For this reason, Arian, who is older than his brothers, is the next heir. One of his plans is to oust Tamen Barathion and replace him with his sister Mirsella. To do this, Arian makes an unprecedented move. He wants to have a secret affair with one of the king's bodyguards in order to bring the young Baration to the throne. But his father hinders the implementation of this plan. Duran and Arian may have one of the healthiest father-son relationships in all of Martin's books, but Duran's conservative behavior strikes a chord.

In the introduction to Winter Winds, Duran and Arian finally reconcile Doran trusts Arian and even appoints him to meet with Golden Company executives. It is very likely that Arian will seduce Egan, unite the Martels with the Targaryens, and secretly become the main power behind the monarchy. Arian is more materialistic than Sansa, more seductive than Margery, and looks like a great match for Cersei. Arian is one of those forces that we must wait to meet in the book.

2. John Connington ( Jon Connington )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

He can be considered the most attractive character on this list. In the series, we enter the story of Cunnington to some extent, when Jora Mormont suffers from a skin disease after rescuing Tyrion, and Cunnington thinks that this disease will not be cured in time. Cunnington has been with Iris Targaryen for a short time and is a close friend of Regar Targaryen. He plays a key role in plotting to replace Taman with the young Griffin (Egan Targaryen) and is the young heir's personal adviser.

It feels scary. He refused to massacre the entire city during that battle, which led to Robert fleeing. As a result of this decision, Iris deported Cunnington from Westeros. Cunnington also blamed himself for Regar's death, which occurred after the incident. He still hears the sound of bells in his ear.

In "Song of Ice and Fire", characters who seek their own salvation usually do not have a happy ending. If Martin's novel follows the same path as the series, and we see Daenerys invade the Kingdom, we may see Cunnington's bitter fate. Either the sound of the bells makes him more anxious and frightened, or, in a more alarming way, causes him to act cruelly this time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unlikely that a fate will be quiet for him.

1. Wyman Manderly ( Wyman Manderly )

BingMag.com 13 characters from the Book of Ice and Fire songs that were not present in the Game of Thrones series

Wyman Manderley is one of the best characters in the series. Wyman, nicknamed the "Obese Lord Who Can't Sit on a Horse," is a fat lord in White Harbor whose main function in the book is to tell the story of a bloody marriage. ( ). . .

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