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12 Untold Truths from "Blood Rises"

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

When the movie Blood Rises, made by Paul Thomas Anderson and released in 2007, everyone felt that they were on the side of a unique and unrepeatable experience. Critics took it in stride and wrote about its many positive features and its undeniable impact. Everyone said that this movie is so heavy and shocking that you can not forget it after watching it. Although Blood Rises, he won only two Oscars (one for Best Actor for Daniel DeLouis and one for Cinematographer Robert Elsevit). p>

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Blood Rises is a film that has a lasting impact on its audience. Daniel DeLouis' formidable portrayal, shocking ending and spectacular and pristine scenery make the film work with its viewers who can not get rid of it. Paul Thomas Anderson's film has a multi-layered and deep story and complex and ambiguous characters. Join us to read some of the unspoken Truths that arise behind the scenes.

We owe the story of the oil novel

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

the making of blood rises to London. The film's director, Paul Thomas Anderson (a fusion of the Western genre and elements similar to Kane's Citizen), was once in London and missed his homeland, America, with no new ideas and could not write a screenplay. Until he accidentally got his hands on the oil novel! Posted by Upton Sinclair. Immediately after reading this novel, the source of his creativity blossomed again and many ideas came to his mind.

Those who are oil novels! They will not notice its similarities with the movie Blood Rises, because Paul Thomas Anderson, while writing the story of this movie, removed only traces of this novel and told his own story. In this novel, the anti-hero character of the story rises like a blood movie and does not play a central role, and Anderson uses it as a source to form the main structure of his story.

2. The real Daniel Plainview?

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Paul Thomas Anderson rises from the oil novel to write a screenplay for Blood! Upton Sinclair was inspired, but said he used only the first hundred pages of the book. "I do not mean that I did not like the book, I just fell in love with it. But it seemed to me that the whole subject, situation, and story was going on around this story, and it was a pity that I did not go to them. Then I realized what figures Sinclair referred to in his novel; "Edward Dohaney and Harry Sinclair" That's why Anderson turned to real and historical characters and wrote new situations for his film.

According to Anderson, Edward Dohaney was both his inspiration and influenced Sinclair's oil novel. Like Pliny, Edward Dohen was a hard-working man who achieved everything from nothing and became rich because of oil. The Dohni family also struggled with violence similar to that seen in blood. For example, Edward Dohani, a boy, was killed in his own home. The duplicitous effect on the blood goes beyond that, as his palace is seen somewhere in the film, and it is the house that Daniel Plinovio owns at the end of the film. That famous bowling alley is inside the same house.

3. Influenced by the history of cinema

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

The film that has the greatest impact on blood has left, "Treasures of Sierra The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by John Houston. This masterpiece of classical cinema is full of despair, greed, insane thirst for wealth, madness and futility of human endeavor. This film is the story of a man named Fred C. Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) narrates that he and his accomplices find a great treasure. Sierra's treasures had an undeniable effect on Thomas Anderson Bridge. In an interview with the Guardian, Anderson himself acknowledged that he used Sierra Madrea's treasures as a model for telling his story in blood, and watched the script over and over again as he wrote the screenplay. In particular, he used John Houston's approach to tell his story without stuttering and strokes, and ruthlessly cut off parts of his screenplay to move his story forward at a faster pace and rhythm.

Impact of Houston's film on Paul Thomas Anderson was not limited to the subtleties of work and went beyond these issues. According to Anderson himself, the treasures of Sierra's mother had a spiritual effect on him. "There are all the basic questions and answers of life in this film. It is about greed, ambition and suspicion, and it makes you see the worst aspects of humanity. Starting a collaboration

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel DeLouis get up before blood feuds They had not seen. But the director said in an interview with the Guardian that he has been interested in working with Daniel DeLouis since 2000. When Anderson started writing Blood, he knew he wanted DeLouis for the lead role. Fortunately, a mutual friend heard that DeLouis liked Anderson's films. So Anderson gained the confidence to send him a screenplay for Bloodshed to be read.

The screenplay immediately attracted DeLouis. "It deeply affected me and shook me. This is a good sign for me and it assures me that it will do a good job. If you are moved by a text, it means that you are no longer looking at the story from the outside, but you have entered its world "De Lewis says of his experience working with Paul Thomas Anderson: "And I think the richest part of the artwork is this border of chaos." Thread) in which DeLouis played the role of an obsessive and unique costume designer.

5. Sandy Twins

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Blood rises in the movie We see two twin brothers named Paul and Elay Sandy who They get on Daniel Pliny's nerves and make his life hell. These brothers are a small but important part of the film, and their twinness raised theories and theories online, and many believed that they were both one person and played the role of two twin brothers.

But it might be interesting to note that Know that this happened by accident and was not in the script from the beginning. It seemed that the middle of the filming was bloody, when it was decided that the brothers were twins. Initially, Paul Dino only played the role of Paul Sandy and had a brief presence. The actor who played his dominant brother, Ilay, who had more appearances in the film, was Kol O'Neill. O'Neill broke away from the project in the middle of filming, and Paul Dino played two people, with only four days to prepare.

There have been many rumors about why O'Neill left the project. And some said that O'Neill was terrified of DeLouis' character and could not continue. But the reality is simpler than that. O'Neill said in interviews that DeLouis had always been humane and kind, and that the reason he left the project was that Paul Thomas Anderson was dissatisfied with his design and could not communicate with him.

Anxiety behind the soundtrack

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Blood rises and tries hard to keep his audience always worried and anxious And give him an annoying suspense, and his astonishing soundtrack completes many parts of the stream and makes us follow all his scenes and minutes anxiously.

Johnny Greenwood, a member of Composer Radiohead Blood was rising and he said in an interview that in this film he tried to use old instruments in a way that had a modern feel. "You can work with classical instruments to convey a sense of anxiety and worry. "It feels like a bowl under the half-bowl, and it's like you're waiting for something awkward to happen." Even if you do not realize that the situation is wrong, the subconscious senses anxiety and engages your mind. It's the way we remember oil drilling equipment and devices. It seems to be a noise that has been put together with strange order and precision, a mental voice that is moving towards madness and madness.

7. Dillon Freezer

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

The half-son plays Daniel Plinov. Fraser plays so well and correctly that when you see it, you feel like a young star has been added to the world cinema. But the blood rising is his only presence in the cinema.

Paul Thomas Anderson said of Fraser that he was a very intelligent child who understood the meaning of scenes very quickly and often understood them better than adults. "He had an innate talent. Not as an actor, but as a human being. He is a young man. "An old man who seems to be imprisoned in the body of a boy." Fraser was also not afraid to comment, and easily made suggestions about his role to Anderson, which Anderson usually welcomed.

In addition, Fraser had an engaging and influential presence on stage, and all of his agents They liked him and welcomed his outspoken accent. Daniel de Lewis himself had fallen in love with her. Paul Thomas Anderson said that in the days when Fraser did not come on stage, everyone felt like something was missing.

Eating Milkshake

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Sandy (who is now desperate and helpless) Mitoped and harsh words against him. Daniel once had his eye on the fields of Elai and wanted to take it anyway and build excavation sites there. But now the land of Ila has become worthless and the oil wells around it have depleted all its oil reserves. The phenomenon that Daniel mentions with the Milkshake example. "If you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, I will come to you with my straw and eat your milkshake. "I'm eating your milkshake, I'm eating it until it 's over!" But the roots of this quote go back to the ancients. This example was allegedly used in a meeting of parliamentarians in 1924 to discuss oil extraction.

9. There is no place for old men

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

There is a rivalry between blood and "There is no place for old men" (There Will Be Blood) was one of the most exciting cinematic events of the year at the Oscars. Both were high-profile, dark, and popular Westerns with unique characteristics and their own fans.

But the competition was not limited to the Oscar scene. It seems that the location and location of the shooting of the two films are close to each other, and this is an interesting story. One day a scene of bloodshed arises, they wanted to capture a scene in which a large fire occurs and an oil well is set on fire. But there were technical problems, and more than a flame was seen, smoke rose and covered the sky. This great smoke made the film crew have no place for the old men to record anything that day and take an external view.

10. Costume Design

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

Mark Bridges, Costume Designer, became almost known as Paul Thomas Anderson and became a comrade. Receipt. Bridges designed costumes for all of Anderson's films, from "Hard Eight" to "Hard Eight Pizza." Both have similar tastes and perspectives, and their work styles are similar. That's why their long-term collaboration has paid off so well and come to fruition. Blood costume design is set up and a lot of effort has been made to convey the mood of the story and characters in the best possible way. One of the most important aspects of the film's costume design was the Daniel DeLouis character hat. Bridges designed her hat at every point in the story to reflect her character development and to tell us at every point in the story how she has changed.

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At first he wore the shapeless hat of the miners, and the more powerful he became and the higher his position, the wider and bigger the brim of his hat. And its fabric is better. Daniel DeLouis spent a special amount of time on each of these hats to get used to them. According to Bridges, when Daniel DeLouis wore these hats, he became Daniel Pliny.

The Best Actress of a Lifetime There can be a figure. He was always drawn to stubborn and violent characters, characters who were miles away from the offers he was given. DeLouis has always dreamed of playing such roles.

It is difficult to find a more stubborn and challenging character than Daniel Plinov, and it is probably his inherent dryness and violence and his crazy power-hungryness that is what Daniel DeLouis is all about. Pulled towards this role. "I immediately felt drawn to a world of which I knew nothing. It was mysterious and curious. I thought to myself, "God damn it, I have to do this." Oil novel! Upton Sinclair read about the oil and mining affair of the day, researched the life of Edward Dohen, and delved into the details of everyday life at the time to fully understand what it was like to live in California at the time, and what it's like. What changes did hitting people with crude oil make in them? Little by little, he gradually put all these components together to create a lasting personality and to show the best role-playing of his life.

12. Rich Legacy

BingMag.com 12 <b>Untold</b> <b>Truths</b> <b>from</b> 'Blood Rises'

In 2019, the Guardian interviewed Paul Thomas Anderson and asked him if he thought Blood Rising is the best movie of the century or not. Anderson joked that he did not like the title, but he was convinced that many films were made better than his in this century. But we all know that if a list of the best films of the last century is made, blood will be shed, it will be near the top of the list.

In fact, when film critics were asked to introduce the best films of the 2000s Blood is rising again and again at the top of the list of different critics. When the BBC polled critics in 2016 to name the top 100 films of the last century to date, Blood Rises came in third.

Source: Looper

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