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12 unanswered questions in the movie "Avatar"

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

The film "Avatar" by James Cameron is still recognized as a major technical achievement in cinema. A sci-fi movie full of action scenes that featured stunning special effects, memorable characters, and an important message about nature conservation. With $ 2.8 billion in box office worldwide, "Avatar" remains the best-selling film in cinema history, surpassing "Avengers: Endgame" and "Avengers: Endgame". In short, "Avatar" was a great cultural phenomenon, which at the time of its release in 2009 appeared beyond everyone's expectations.

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movie has a really simple story. Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, a paralyzed navy member who now goes to the moon called Pandora, on a mission to infiltrate a tribe of the moon's natives and learn their culture along the way. Open the negotiation between them and human beings. To complete this mission, Jake must connect his mind to an avatar. Avatars are a combination of human and navy bodies, and humans use these bodies to travel to Pandora and interact with the natives. The ultimate goal of humans is to exploit the rich resources of the land of the Navies and take control of the moon. But when Jake becomes emotionally attached to the Navy clan and gradually considers himself a member of them, he falls in love with a girl named Nitiri (Zoe Saldana) and this sets the stage for a great war between humans and the natives of Pandora.

The release of "Avatar" by James Cameron announced that he had plans for a sequel to the film, but it was later revealed that he wanted to make several sequels for it. The first avatar sequel is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2022. Although the first part of "Avatar" is apparently a film that leaves no vague points and unanswered questions, but we realize more closely that there are still many unspoken issues in it that need further investigation. For this reason, we have taken a look at some of the unanswered questions in the movie "Avatar" that we will probably answer in the next episodes.

1. How is Kovarich coming back? Who is somehow the anti-hero of the story gets involved. At the end of the fight, Kovaric is killed, and his death sends a message to other humans in Pandora that they realize that their stay on the moon is over and that they are now all forced to return to their home planet.

It seemed that we had seen the end of Kovaric's work, but during the long time that elapsed between the first and second episodes of "Avatar", James Cameron announced that this ruthless and violent system was going to appear in the next episodes as well.>

"The interesting thing about the Avatar sequel is that almost all of its characters have something in common. We are not going to meet a new negative character and anti-hero every time. The same character appears in four films. He is such an attractive character that he gets better and better every time. "I know Stephen Lang will play this role in the best way possible." It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But you can guess. If Jake manages to use Pandora's magical powers to fully transfer himself to his avatar, then there are still unspoken powers left on the moon, and it is possible to bring a corpse back to life. Is there an evil version of Eve in Pandora fighting the Navy? In the trailer for the second part of "Avatar", I see a glimpse of Kovaric's avatar, which raises another question: Can he unite the other Navi tribes against Omatikaya? The possibilities ahead are unlimited.

2. Will Humans Return for Revenge? But they are unlikely to accept defeat so easily and leave Pandora's moon. Given that the story of the second part of "Avatar" takes place a few years after the first, so it can be assumed that humans have revived with this help and attack again with more powerful tools and attack Pandora with greater force, because now they want Take revenge. James Cameron has confirmed that characters such as Parker Selfridge and Colonel Kovaric will return to the sequel, so we should expect Earthlings to launch a major counterattack against Pandora to gain access to Pandora's rich and valuable resources. Earthlings may no longer care about saving the earth and finding alternative sources, and simply want to wipe the navies from Pandora and destroy the civilization that drove them from the moon. Imagine you are on the side of a movie like "Aliens" by the same James Cameron. Instead of humans, your heart burns for xenomorphs.

The new soldiers that will attack Pendora will likely bring with them new and powerful equipment and weapons. Equipment designed specifically for Pandora's conditions that gives them great power. Maybe that's why Jake and his tribe are heading to the water to find a new way to fight their enemies. We have to wait to see, but given the knowledge we have of James Cameron, we should expect a full-blown and astonishing battle.

What will happen to the people who stayed in Pandora?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

They were sent to their own planet except for a few who stayed in Pandora. Including Norm Spelman (Joel David Moore) and Dr. Max Patel (Dilip Rao). However, the Battle of Pandora destroyed the great tree and left countless dead. As a result, many sailors may not welcome the presence of these "guests" and may see them as enemies. How many humans are left in Pandora? Did a community of humans settle in a corner of Pandora and form a colony? Will the Pandora natives allow them to expand their communities and consume their vast resources? Is it possible for these two warring species to live together in peace and friendship? Do humans and females mate to give birth to hybrid babies? Could a number of human beings change their fronts and regret standing up to their own kind?

It seems that the members of the Navi tribe have many problems in front of them and there are many conflicts between them and human beings. On the other hand, the question arises: Can humans find a way to breathe in Pandora without a mask? Having to live behind a plastic mask all your life is not fun at all.

Is Grace really dead? One of the most unexpected moments in "Avatar" is where Grace Augustine ) Is shot and eventually loses his life. Before Grace dies, the Navies arrange a ceremony for her to connect with Eva and transfer her mind completely to her avatar body, but to no avail. But just before she dies, Grace tells Jake, "I'm in front of Eva now, Jake. "It's real." Then we see a view from Grace's point of view, and a corridor of light appears, much like the corridor of light that Jake wants to connect to his avatar every time. Even after the end of the first episode, many were wondering if Grace was really dead or connected to a superior force. His latest career tells us that Grace has made contact with Eve, a divine being in Pendora's veins. Also confirmed. However, there are conflicting reports as to what character Sigourney Weaver plays. In an interview in 2015, Weaver revealed that "I will not play the same character as before." On the other hand, James Cameron said in 2011: "Well, this is the flow. When you make a sci-fi series, a sci-fi franchise, the characters in your story never die completely. Unless their DNA is completely removed from the universe. "And that we always travel in time." So Grace may appear as a more advanced version of herself, or perhaps a powerful being capable of time travel. It may also be an incarnation of the legendary Eve.

5. Now that the Navy habitat is destroyed, where do they live?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

A major milestone "Avatar" is where Colonel Kvarich attacks a large Pandora tree with a fleet of armed helicopters. This tree is home to the Omatikaya tribe and has lived there since ancient times. The forces under Kvarich target the weaknesses of this ancient tree and dismantle it, killing many natives at the same time. This will force a large number of navies to migrate and look for a new place to live.

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At the end of the film, when Kovaric and his men are defeated, a big question remains: where should the surviving members of Omatika live now? According to Selfridge, there are many trees in Pandora and tribal members can live under them. Is it easy to find a new home, just wander through the woods and find a suitable tree? Or should a sensory connection be established between the names and the tree in which they live? Whatever it is, throughout the Avatar we are constantly reminded that there are many visible and hidden dangers beneath the Pendora trees. How long can a naval tribe survive without shelter? Does the ghost tree have enough resources to support them? This is a problem that Jake and Nitiri need To solve.

6. What is Toruk Makto's next step?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

As he achieves, his adventurous journey into the world of Pandora culminates. Toruk Makto is the title of a legendary and powerful warrior who can unite the various tribes of Pandora to fight against a common enemy. According to Nitiri, only five Turko Makto have been present in history, the most recent of whom was his great-grandfather. After becoming Toruk Makto, Jake brings together several tribes to stand up to the human army and protect Pandora. A great battle ensues, and the Navy finally succeeds in defeating the humans.

After the tensions and conflicts are over, Jake says, "The time of great sorrow is over. "So there was no need for Toruk Makto anymore." What happens now that Jake has established himself as the tribal leader? He is still unfamiliar with the culture and customs of the Navajo and is a novice and probably does not have the ability to lead a different species. Of course, he has Nitiri by his side, but seeing what Jake's position will be in the sequels of the film is one of the interesting points of the sequel to "Avatar".

brings? Will the decisions he makes be based on his experiences as a human being or a navigator? Can he return to the position of Toruk Makto whenever he wants? Or is it a unique situation that only happens once in a person's lifetime?

Does Jake regret abandoning his fellow human beings?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

Another important aspect of Jake that should not be Forget the "Avatar" sequel, the effect of the war on his character. Yes, he did the right thing and prevented the Navy from being killed and their civilization from being destroyed, but in the meantime he killed hundreds of his own human beings. An action that is likely to have irreversible effects on the human population. Now and then, the young soldier may become hesitant and regret his actions, or at least think that perhaps there was a more peaceful solution to the crisis.

First, Jake seems to have come to terms with his choice and has no problem with the consequences. He now lives in a new species, falls in love with a Navi woman named Nitiri, and finds his place in this vast world. But Jake, on the other hand, had comrades who lived on Earth at the time, and we still do not know how they reacted to his change of direction. What if Jake's ex-comrades decide to come to Pendora and start a new war? He saw an injury to his spine. His arrival in Pandora was just a coincidence; His twin brother Tom was killed and now the avatar program was left on Homa and his researchers needed someone with the same DNA as Tom to continue their work. That's why Jake replaced Tom. Did Jake have other friends and family who expected him to complete his duties in Pandora? Jake is likely to be more complex than what we saw in the first movie.

What will happen to the rest of the Pandora tribes?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

And we did not get to know the other tribes of this moon. Most of the film was spent exploring the Omatikaya tribe, and we were unaware of the presence of other tribes until the third act. Therefore, we do not know how the events of the first part of "Avatar" affected other tribes. Have they returned to their homeland and resumed their daily lives? Or will they help the Nitiri and his tribe find a new home?

It will be interesting to know more about other tribes in the next "Avatar" sequel and how they live. Even after the First World War, other tribes may take advantage of the weakness of the Nitiri tribe and launch attacks on them. Perhaps these hostile tribes forced them to leave the arid lands of Pandora and because of this they went to the waters and seas.

In order to have a full understanding of Pandora, we must know the other tribes of this moon and know that How they interact with each other. What happens when one tribe opposes another? What if the leader of one of the tribes becomes greedy or gains a lot of power? Is the Omatikaya tribe indebted to them for the support of other tribes during the war, or can the Toruk Makto help at no cost?

9. Will Jake and Nitiri have human children too?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

Nitiri flirts with each other under the tree of sounds, and thus their relationship becomes deeper and stronger than before. This is the moment when Jake's journey comes to an end and he distances himself from being human in order to dedicate himself completely to himself. Slow down and become a member of them. But if we think about it more, more serious questions arise: Will Nitiri and Jake have children? Will their child be human or navy? After all, avatars were created by combining human DNA with DNA. Therefore, it is not unlikely that some of Nitiri and Jake's children will have human traits.

James Cameron said in a 2016 interview: "In the sequels, we follow the story of Jake and Nitiri and their children. "It's more like a family epic about the conflict they have with humans." These statements by James Cameron do not support our theory, but it seems that James Cameron intended to create an engaging drama and to create a conflict between the human and navy children. What will be the reaction of the members of the tribe if Toruk Maktavi gives birth to human children? The children or children of Jake and Nitiri will undoubtedly be high-ranking members of the tribe and this will cause more problems and conflicts.

10. What do the ships do with the spaceships and human weapons left on Pandora?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

We see broken humans leave Pandora, we hear Narration Jake say, "The aliens have returned to their dying world." If you look closely at these images, which are the latest views of the "avatar", you will see that human equipment is seen in the background and it looks like it is going to stay on Pandora's moon. Ships, avatar programming equipment, military equipment, weapons, and more are all available to navigators. We now see that many navies carry human weapons and have military equipment, which gives them special and superior power over other tribes. Now the main question is what will the Navies do with this advanced equipment?

Given that the Pandora's moon is not suitable for Earth equipment - for example, in parts of Pandora there are waves that make it impossible to track missiles and computers. - So it is possible that the navies will manipulate and improve this equipment to suit the special conditions of the moon.

"Let's resist the big ships and their machine guns." But now the navies can defend their territory with human equipment and weapons, provided they keep it. If not, then it is better for them to reach out to Eva and pray that these weapons do not fall into the hands of their enemies.

11. Will the Earth be destroyed without Anabtinium?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

Accommodation is high. We do not know much about the state of the earth, and only a few dialogues are exchanged between the characters, which tells of its complex situation. In the longer version of "Avatar", we have a more detailed opening chapter that shows Jake on the ground and we see a land that is exploding in population and obviously does not have enough resources to handle this volume of humans.

In Pandora, there is an element called anabtinium, which is a rich source of energy and is a valuable mineral for the earth, and if humans could extract it and take it to earth, many of the planet's problems would be solved. This is the motivation of characters like Kovarich and Selfridge to start a war in Pandora. Earth death will be inevitable. Does this make the powers that be behind the scenes more desperate and take more dangerous action? How far are they willing to go to save their planet? There is even a possibility that humans will evacuate the earth and all rush to Pandora to find shelter. Will the navies send these humans to their moon and willingly share their resources with them? Are there other habitable moons that could act as the new home of humans? The events of "Avatar" showed that the earth had long since reached the end of the line. We may see in the sequels that humans have found another chance.

What about the avatar program?

BingMag.com 12 <b>unanswered</b> <b>questions</b> in the <b>movie</b> 'Avatar'

Humans have spent a lot of valuable money and resources on the avatar program, which is why It is unlikely that the powers behind this project will be careless and do nothing to reclaim their avatars. In the first part of "Avatar", we see that many people have attached their minds to the body of their avatar and are exploring the grounds of military organizations, playing basketball and enjoying the many pleasures of Bandura. Grace and Jake managed to gain the trust of the Navies and place themselves among them, but the rest of the humans failed to do so. Except for a few) they are forced to leave Pandora. So that means a lot of avatar bodies left on Pandora. Unless Jake has allowed humans Take them with them, which seems unlikely.

Will Kovarich return to life this way? By connecting his mind to one of the remaining avatars? Is it possible that he has already prepared an avatar for himself so that he does not use it during the day? These naval bodies are practically useless without the humans attached to them because they can only be attached to the mind of someone with the DNA to which they belong. So why keep them, especially if they are not properly cared for?

In any case, it is very likely that someone is looking for these precious bodies somewhere and wants to continue. Find a project.

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