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12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Over the years, many famous cars have been seen in movies and TV series. In some of these films, cars are as famous as the big and small actors they became. Sometimes it is enough to name a particular movie or TV series and you will immediately remember its unique car. Regardless of age, most of us are familiar with the most iconic cars in the history of cinema and television. In this article, we have named a list of 12 unforgettable cars, memorable movies and series.

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12. Van Mott Cut in the movie Dumb and Dumber

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

This car is the most famous vehicle It's not all era, but anyone who has seen the 1994 film "Stupid and Stupider" can not forget the hated van driven from Rhode Island to Colorado by actors Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. This van, made in the shape of a dog, is hilarious and can show the stupidity of the two main characters. In fact, the van used in the film was a 1984 Ford E-Series van that was painstakingly customized to give it the appearance of a furry dog. It is unforgettable to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels compete in the United States with that van. Unfortunately, Van was left in the middle of the movie so that the two main characters could drive an equally hilarious vehicle. A small electric scooter!

11. Mini in Mr. Bean movies (Mr. Bean)

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

When everything is supposed to be funny Mr. Bean And funny, why not his car? Mr. Bean's funny little car, a black phosphor with a black hood, is one of the strengths of the various humorous parts of his films. From how Mr. Bean himself fits into this small car to its security system, such as the removal of the steering wheel and the lock that he used to lock the door and the placement of dozens of large devices inside and on it for travel or excursions, everything The thing about this car is funny. The image of the mini car is one of the things that comes to mind when we hear the name of Mr. Bean. This car played such an important role alongside Mr. Bean that even in its animated series, we see its colorful presence.

10. Pontiac Firebird Trans M (automatic) in the movie Smokey and the Bandit

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

The '70s were the era of car chase movies, and no film shows a better example of this genre than the 1977 film Smoky and Bandit. The Pontiac Firebird shown in the film is as well known to the audience as the stars of the film, Brett Reynolds and Sally Field. This automatic model is even shown alone in many movie posters, without Brett Reynolds, who plays the lead role. Smokey and Bandit have a short story with a simple plot about trying to smuggle beer while being chased by a sheriff (played by Jackie Gleeson) and a long car chase, and almost all of them have the legendary Pontiac automatic fireboard. . It was a car that the audience at that time could not get enough of seeing.

9. Cadillac Miller Coffin Carriage in Ghostbusters

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Cadillac Miller Coffin Car 1959, starring in the iconic 1984 film Ghost Hunters, is memorable for all that was added, such as flashing lights, sirens and a boosted radio system. The use of a coffin truck as the "Ghostbusters" of choice was the idea of actor and writer Dan Ackroyd, who starred in the film as the director of the Ghostbusters headquarters (an abandoned fire station). Ackroyd apparently thought that the coffin carriage matched the humor of the film and the theme of helping the spirits and dead of "soul hunters." However, it was all the changes made to the car that made the "Ghost Hunters" car truly memorable to moviegoers.

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8. Where is the mysterious Scooby's animation! (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!)

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Arguably the most famous vehicle ever In one cartoon is shown the mysterious van "Scoobydo where are you!" Be. Named the "Mysterious Car", this multi-colored van shows the beauties of the 60's and 70's better than any other vehicle at the time. Fred also moved Daphne, Valma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo from one secret to another on a popular TV show every week. The actual version of the van for the movie Live Action was made in 2002. However, this is a cartoon version of Van that will be more memorable for children of generations who grew up watching two lovely Scooby.

7. Ford Gran Torino in the movie Starsky and Hutch

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

If the Pontiac automatically fires at The Smoky and Bandit is the most famous movie car of the 70s, so the 2004 Ford Gran Torino Starsky and Hatch could also be one of the most well-known cars of its era. Starsky and Hatch were two hard-working policemen who cleaned the interior of the city of all corruption and maneuvered with their incredibly attractive red and white Gran Turin. Add to that the fact that "Starsky and Hatch" is the name of a series that is remembered for four years from 1975 to 1979 with stars such as David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser who drove exactly the same car. Those who have seen this movie or its series will remember this legendary car without even mentioning the names of its actors.

6. Volkswagen The Love Bug frogs

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car 1968's "Love Error" about The 1962 Volkswagen Frog is the Herbie. For this reason, it is difficult not to remember the car when remembering the movie. However, the Volkswagen Frog introduced in "Love Mistake" is very lovable because of its distinctive color, number 53 growth and the strange character given to this car because it has its own mentality and no driver. moves. The Volkswagen Frogs in this movie have been and are so popular that its name has become synonymous with the car model and the Volkswagen brand. Herbie is still used to promote Volkswagen brands around the world and is still a iconic movie machine.

Batmobile in the Batman series

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Batmobile is unique in that many models It is made of this car and each of them is memorable and symbolic in its own way. For this list, however, we are talking about the 60's TV series Batmobile, starring Adam West as Batman and Brett Ward as Robin, his best friend. The iconic '60s TV was a modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura concept car that initially cost $ 250,000 but never went into mass production.

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The filmmakers were able to come up with this unique machine, and the rest, as they say, went down in history. While the Batmobile in the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton was awesome, and the tank version of the car in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, this is the original Batmobile from the '60s TV series that is better to remember, in fact, the original Batmobile It is so popular today that it has its own site with car history, specifications and news of models and mock-ups.

4. Ferrari 308 GTS in Magnum PI series

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Few cars like The classic Ferrari series "Magnum PI" is related to their film. This car was not only the car of the main character named Thomas Magnum (played by Tom Selk), but also a fascinating allegory of Hawaii with palm trees, sandy beaches and sunshine. Even those who have not watched the series will remember that Tom Selk drove a red Ferrari in the series. The 1977 Ferrari 308 GTS was even seen in the TV series every week. The car was often used as a turning point in the story, such as when Higgins (played by John Hillerman) threatened to steal the car from Magnum to punish him for the stupidity he had committed or the problem he had caused. When people think of the '80s, this Ferrari is what comes to mind.

K.I.T.T. In the Knight Rider series

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Probably the only TV car of the 80's that is more than a Ferrari Known as "KITT Magnum" Is. Smart automatic Pontiac from the hugely popular "Knight Rider" series. Looking back, Knight Rider may seem like a superficial and worthless series, but when it aired on NBC from 1982 to 1986, it was a huge success, with both the lead roles in the series, starring David Hasselhoff and My Trance Car. This series was really about it, it made a star. KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. Cars can be found), however, the idea of kids who did not have enough to watch the series or have a signature, KITT image In the lunch box, backpacks and T-shirts were everywhere in the 80's, not to mention that the replica of this car was also a best-selling toy. While David Hasselhoff may have lost his popularity over the years, K.I.T.T. As always, it stays exciting and engaging.

Delurin Diamesi-12 in the movie Back to the Future

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Who can Forget the Delorin time machine of the 1985 film "Back to the Future" and its two sequels? The Deloreth Diamond-12, which uses a charging capacitor, has become as iconic in the film as Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) and Duck Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) and is familiar to people around the world. The movie car is currently appearing at comic, science-fiction and fantasy festivals, and people line up and pay good money to sit in the car and take pictures.

It has also been reported that this car is from every movie car. Another more bought and sold. There are people who buy old delinquents so they can change them and rebuild their time machine back to the future. The film was the best thing that ever happened to the Deloitte Dumasie-12, a car that was widely acclaimed during its release due to its stainless steel exterior and side-opening doors. The Delorin Motor Company, which built the car, was shut down in 1982. However, thanks to "Back to the Future", moviegoers still remember the car and the company.

General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard series

BingMag.com 12 iconic cars in movies and TV series; From Mini Master Bean to Batman Car

Dodge Charger 1969 model from the series The television "Hazard Ducks", with its distinctive orange color, is such a big part of the series that it's named after him, General Lee. No other car in the movie or TV series is more symbolic than this vehicle. The entire series, which aired from 1979 to 1985, was about the cousins of Luke and Bo Duke, who rode General Lee around Hazard County, did good deeds, and escaped from the ever-chasing police. "The Dukes of Hazard," like the TV version of "Smokey and Bandit," was about cars and car chases, with General Lee at the center of the series. With doors that did not open and seemingly unlimited speed, General Lee was doing breathtaking tricks and cool jumps every week, sometimes even riding two wheels. With all these risks and stunts, the car always survived and never seemed to take even a small scratch. The series continued to be popular in its reruns, and General Lee remained a legend. p>

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