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12 films that met a different fate with the untimely death of the actors

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

The death of actors during filming always affects the production of a film project. This effect depends on factors such as the length of the role, the amount of sequences left, and the importance of the actor himself. This has happened many times in the history of the film industry, and every director and production team has come up with a special trick to keep working. In any case, the important thing is that none of these projects stopped with the death of the actor, and they happened to be a work that continued to be made and released to pay homage to that actor. Here are 12 important films that ended differently with the death of their actor.

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Product: 2015

"The Hunger Games" is a science fiction, adventure film based on the three-volume book "Fighting Thirst" by Susan Collins. The story of the film is about an ideal city called Panem, where every year 24 girls and boys, 12 to 18 years old, have to participate in a contest called Fighting Thirst, which is broadcast live on TV, and fight with each other. The conditions of this competition are such that all the participants of the children and adolescents must kill each other and whoever stays in the end will be the main winner. This film is one of the most popular products of this genre, all three parts of which had a very successful box office. Flip Seymour Hoffman did not appear in the first part of the film and joined the group in 2013, playing the very key and important role of Plutarch Hunzby in these two series of films.

Hoffman, despite quitting his addiction He died of cocaine overdose while filming The Hunger Games. This happened while the two main scenes with his presence had not been filmed yet. But instead of using face montage, the director decided to make a slight change in the script so as not to damage the credibility of the actor's presence. In one scene, she played the role of the other two main actors, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson, and in another scene, in which Honesby's character was to deliver a message to someone, a letter was sent to the person in her place./p>

2. Angry 7 (Furious7)

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Paul Walker
Product: 2013

One of Hollywood's most popular action movies is "Fast and Furious." A film of which 8 episodes have been made so far. When the creators made the seventh episode of the series, they decided to use only the word "angry" for its name. One of the main actors in this comedy was Paul Walker. He started his acting career as a child in the 80's, after playing in the first episode of "Fast and Furious", he became world famous. In these films, he played Brian O'Connor, the FBI undercover detective. During the filming of the seventh episode, Walker collided with a gas pipe while walking with a friend on a Porsche on a US freeway, and died at the age of 40.

Faced a great challenge. Because this character was shown to the audience in all parts of the film except the third part with Walker, and it was difficult to change it from the middle of making a film. "Fast and Furious" was no ordinary movie, it had millions of viewers around the world, so it was not easy to choose a replacement for Walker in the movie without compromising the quality of the work. Eventually, the creators were forced to film many of the remaining scenes and replace Walker's face with special effects techniques, or in some scenes even the Walker brothers's face was used to finish the film.>

3. Iron Cross

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Roy Shader
Product: 2009

The oldest option on our list is the old Hollywood actor on Shader. Famous for his role in Steven Spielberg's "Jaws," he has been active in American cinema and television since the early 1960s. But for years he suffered from a rare form of leukemia and tried to stay active despite his illness. Shader, 75, never thought it would be his last work after 50 years of acting when he signed Joshua Newton on "Iron Cross." It is the Holocaust. He travels to Poland to find both his missing son and avenge his Nazi torturers. The effects of Cancer's cancer had worsened, but he tried to appear in the film as much as he could, and thus most of the scenes were recorded in his presence. Shader's death affected only one sequence, which Newton attempted to complete with the technique of combining multiple shots and the use of imitation.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Heath Ledger
Product: 2008

One of the strangest fateful films ever made for this film with the death of its actor. "Dr. Parnassus' Imaginations" is a philosophical fantasy about man's confrontation with his destiny. Dr. Parnassus's character has a theater group in which he performs for the people of the city, but strange things happen in these performances. He leads people through a mirror to enter the doctor's imagination. One of the people who suddenly joins the theatrical group and enters Parsons's imagination is a character named Tony Shepard, played by Heath Ledger in the film.

Before this film, Ledger in The Joker's role in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" was brilliant, and it was in the middle of filming "Dr. Parnassus' Imaginations" that Ledger died of a drug overdose. After Heath Ledger's death, Terry Gilliam decided to invite new and different actors such as Channy Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to film related scenes, as most of the scenes in the real world were filmed by Shepard. Play the role of Shepard in the fantasy world of Dr. Parnassus. This decision was made because a person's appearance in the fantasy world can change. But what stood out most about the film was the difference in acting power of the likes of Jude Law and Johnny Depp alongside talented and energetic youngsters like Heath Ledger.

5. The Matrix Reloaded

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Alia
Product: 2003

The youngest star on our list, real name Alia Dana Houghton, who died in a plane crash at the age of 22 at the height of her fame and popularity. Despite her young age, Alia was a successful R&B singer and was able to sell her music albums with high circulation. He entered the acting profession in 1997 and was only noticed in this profession by acting in only three films. The Wachowskis, the trilogy of the Matrix's three directors, were casting Alia for a supporting role as Zee in the second part of the film. Alia had played several scenes from the "Reboot Matrix" that was killed.

The Wachowskis faced a difficult challenge. Because on the one hand, if they brought a replacement actor, they would lose Alia's fans, and on the other hand, in the continuation of the story and the third part of the film, the role of Zee was more prominent and a bigger risk could not be accepted. As a result, Nona Gay replaced Alia, and scenes related to the character were re-filmed. But more than twenty years later, two issues remain unclear; The main cause of Alia's death and a written request from her fans asking Warner Bros. to publish parts about Alia.


BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Oliver Reid
Product: 2000


Oliver Reed was one of Britain's most famous actors of the 1980s and 1990s. But everyone agrees on one thing about him, and that is his constant drinking and drunkenness; The issue that led to his death at the age of 60, in the middle of making the movie "Gladiator". The film is one of the Hollywood masterpieces that was challenged during production with the death of Oliver Reed, director Ridley Scott. The actor played a slave trader who, after buying slaves, prepared them for gladiatorial contests. Maximus is trained by the slave businessman to avenge his family's blood.

Scott's only chance was that Oliver Reed would not play one of the main characters in the film. However, Scott had asked Reed to drink enough to be alert while filming. But on one of the filming holidays, the actor suffered a heart attack after drinking a few glasses of beer at a liquor store in Malta and died. Ridley Scott was forced to film most of the remaining scenes of his play with a stand or a copy, and then assemble his image on these copies, or restore some of the scenes taken but discarded by Oliver Reed, and in the final film in places. Used empty.

7. The Crow

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Brandon Lee
Product: 1994 p>

One of the most tragic deaths to date in the filming scene to date is the death of Brandon Lee during the making of "The Crow." Lee was the son of world-famous actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, who at first was reluctant to follow in his father's footsteps. But eventually being born and growing up in an artist family led him to this position. After a few years in American television series, Brandon Lee was cast in 1993 to play the lead role in "The Crow." A film that could make him an emerging star in Hollywood. But the strange fate of his father's death at a young age was repeated for him. His death occurred due to a mistake made by the technical team and the shooting equipment of the film crew. The lead bullet of the real bullet was in a rifle that had to be fired at Randon Lee's abdomen in one scene. Lee survived the bullet and died at the age of 28, when one-third of "Crow" was still filming.

It was left to Brandon's fianc and a number of filmmakers to persuade him to make a sequel to "The Crow." Parvas had to use a stuntman for the remaining scenes and montage Brandon's face in the sequences that required it. The subject of Brandon's strange death and the action and heroic story of the film made it a very successful box office for "The Crow".

8. Brainstorm

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Natalie Wood
Product: 1983 p>

Natalie Wood was one of the most famous female stars of classical cinema, and many of her and her plays are still modeled after her. Before the age of 25, Wood was nominated for three Academy Awards. His fame did not fade after his death, and even his death, which at first seemed like an accident, later took on a criminal form, and his case is still open in the US judiciary. In 1981, Natalie Wood, who had moved away from the cinema in the 1970s to raise her children, was set to make a spectacular comeback with "Brain Revelation."

Considering the beginning of the spread of computer technology in those years, with a leading story, it could attract everyone's attention. In this film, a man and a woman are supposed to read other people's minds using a computer. But Wood's death seemed to enchant the film. Natalie and her husband Robert Wagner went to a seaside village during a filming vacation, and police found her body next to a yacht. Wood later found signs of assault on his wife. But this happened while most of the scenes related to this actor were recorded and only a few scenes remained limited. The director decided to use Natalie's sister Lana Wood for these scenes and finish the film. However, the insurance problems that arose between the production studio and the insurance company of this film practically interrupted for two years until the completion of this film, and after that it was released in a limited way and was not seen at all globally.

9. Game of death

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Bruce Lee
Product: 1978 The tragedy of Brandon Lee's death that we wrote about in the previous options was a continuation of the tragedy of his father's death. Bruce Lee was the most famous actor and martial artist who died suddenly at the age of 32 due to what doctors later called a stroke. But Bruce Lee was making "Death Game" at the time of his death. A film in which, in addition to acting, he also directed and produced. In the story of this film, Lee plays the role of an old warrior who has to find a valuable object in a dreaded temple. Most of the scenes from his martial movements and close-ups with the actor's face were not recorded, which made it virtually impossible to continue making the film after his death. But Robert Klose, the director of Lee's last film released before his death, The Dragon Enters, took over the sequel to death Game three years after the actor's death.

He tried to use Bruce Lee's unused films and even changes to the script. He used excerpts from Bruce Lee's real funeral in the film to depict the death of a real character, for example. In some parts, he used the stand and the exchange and assembly of Lee's face, until the end of this film. But many fans of Bruce Lee and his films do not consider "Death Game" a complete film.

The Misfits

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Clark Gable
Product: 1961

Perhaps the strangest movie on this list could be called "The Awkward". A film in which the three main actors suddenly died one by one less than five years after this film, and for this reason it is called the infamous film. But in fact, only Clark Gable's death was tied to the film. "Because this popular actor in classical cinema, at the age of 59, he took on most of the stunt scenes in this film, and due to his history of smoking and drinking, he put extra pressure on his heart, and only one day after the end of filming" The Mischievous "suffered a stroke and died a few days later.

Before Gable's death, all of his scenes were filmed, and the production team did not need any creativity or new methods to replace the role. Interestingly, on the final day of filming, the film's writer, Arthur Miller, announces in a meeting that he wants to add five pages to the script, but Clark Gable strongly opposes this. Gable co-starred in the film with Oscar-winning actress Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, who both died young at the age of one year after the release of "The Bad Men" and Clift four years after the film's release.

11. Plan 9 from Outer Space

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Bella Logosi

Logosi was the famous Kenneth Dracula in the movie "Dracula", who became a famous character in this genre due to his role in this movie and several other works in the horror genre. His latest work, Plan 9 of Outer Space, was a scary and fantasy film in which Logos had a zombie life. This film is about space creatures who want to threaten the planet by raising the dead. Logosi was severely addicted to morphine for years before his death, which he tried to get rid of in the 1950s and early 1950s. After leaving and at the age of 70, he returned to acting and the role of the old man in "Plan 9 of Outer Space" could revive this famous actor of the horror genre. But in the same days he starred in the film, he suffered a heart attack and died. Replace acting with a logo. But in order to honor the old actor, who was also a close friend of his, Wood accepted the challenge of keeping the actor in his film even after his death. Wood used an emerging trick in those years. that is, he brought in another actor and, without showing his face, in the same costume and awe of the zombie character, while covering his face with his cape, filmed the remaining shots of the role of the logos.

12. Saratoga

BingMag.com 12 <b>films</b> <b>that</b> <b>met</b> a <b>different</b> <b>fate</b> with the <b>untimely</b> <b>death</b> of the actors

Actor: Jane Harlow
Product: 1937


The oldest tragedy of the death of a major actor while filming on our list dates back to 1937 and the movie "Saratoga". When more than 90 percent of the film was directed by Jack Conway, a few scenes from the film starring Jane Harlow remained. Harlow, who suffered from kidney failure and had fallen on the stage of filmmaking a few days ago, died at the age of 26 at the height of his fame. The actress is one of the seductive female characters in classic cinema who, despite her short life, is still remembered by many for her stunning beauty, color and hairstyle.

Jane Harlow plays a rich girl in "Saratoga" Plays that his father has raised a lot of debt. This girl named Carl has now fallen in love with her father's creditor. When Harlow died in the middle of filming, director Conway planned to use other actors for the remaining scenes, even considering remaking the film with a replacement actor. But when the news of his decisions reached the media, Jane Harlow's fans protested, and Conway eventually filmed the remaining scenes in the presence of another actress, Mary Dies. But in a way that his face could not be seen due to the costume or the way the actor was placed in the picture frame. Of course, despite all these incidents and tricks used, the film was not welcomed at all and almost failed at the box office.

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