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12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

In the Hollywood world, many romantic relationships are formed between opposite actors or behind-the-scenes agents with actors. This has happened to most of the famous cinematic figures, and the lives of many well-known cinematographers that we review, we encounter many such cases. The great and historic directors of cinema are no exception to this rule. It may seem that romantic relationships and marriages are not very important in the course of their professional careers, but when we look behind the scenes of the geniuses of cinema, we come across romantic relationships and marriages that even for a while cause ups and downs in the career. Art has been directed. Sometimes a love of directing has been sidelined for a while, and sometimes a marriage has helped the power of acting and directing both sides of the relationship. Here are 12 great movie directors who have fallen in love with the actresses in their films. Our list is sorted by the date these relationships were formed.

Charlie Chaplin

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

The great director of cinema history in terms of fame and popularity as well as the history of cinematic love , Is the first person on our list. Charlie Chaplin has been a professional film and theater professional for over 70 years, leaving behind masterpieces, many of which are still spectacular and influential not only in their day, but decades later. Chaplin also had a complicated life in his emotional relationship and got married four times, two of which were due to the presence of female actors in his films. He first met Lita Gray in 1924 during the making of The Boy. Gary was the lead actor in the film, and Chaplin had a three-year relationship with him. The marriage, which initially began with a lot of love, eventually escalated into a quarrel. The events that followed the divorce trial of Charlie Chaplin and Lita Gray in 1927 were also one of the first high-profile media outlets in the world of Hollywood. In 1936, Chaplin once again became attached to the actor of his famous film "New Age", Paul Goddard. The marriage, which resulted in a joint collaboration in "The Great Dictator," ended after six years, which was also Goddard's heyday.

Billy Wilder

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Wilder's relationship was so secretive There are no two-person photos of them

In our list, the title of the least lasting relationship formed in front of the camera is the love between Billy Wilder and Doris Dowling. Wilder is one of the most prolific Hollywood directors of the last century, having worked in cinema and writing for nearly 70 years. He has been nominated for 15 Academy Awards, which is one of the record holders in this regard, and has won a total of 6 Oscars. In 1945, Wilder fell in love with Dowling while filming "The Lost Vacation" while still living with his first wife. Doris and Constance were two newcomers to the Hollywood world, both of whom were in a relationship with famous directors Billy Wilder and Elia Kazan. Of course, this relationship, although very secretive, led to Wilder's separation from his first wife. However, after a short time, Billy Wilder and Doris Dowling separated and sought to marry someone else.

3. Roberto Rossellini One of the most famous cinematic loves is Roberto Rossellini, known as the godfather of the new wave of cinema. Italy is against Ingrid Bergman. The Italian director had grown up with grace and had experienced two serious relationships until 1950, a few years after he began his career. He met Bergman during the making of Strombly. A beautiful and successful Swedish actress who fell in love with Rossellini before divorcing her ex-husband and two children. This led to public outcry against the relationship, with Ingrid Bergman being attacked by the media. But the two eventually married, and the relationship lasted seven years. During this period, joint films such as "Fear", "Europe 51" and "Journey to Italy" were also made with their collaboration, which, of course, was not considered by critics to be the quality of the other works of the two.

4. Stanley Kubrick

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Kubrick in Hollywood and among moviegoers, a director who pays special attention to detail, It is famous. Due to his obsession and slowness in filmmaking, he made only 13 feature films during his 48 years of directing, most of which, of course, were well received by critics and the general public. In 1957, Stanley Kubrick turned to a German actress, Christine Susan Harlen, for her fifth film, Ways of Glory. Harlen, a well-known dancer, painter and actor in Germany, had to sing in the final sequence of "Roads of Glory" for German soldiers. A song that, in addition to creating a very emotional atmosphere in the film, also impressed the director, and Kubrick began his life together with Christine a few months after the end of filming. This love lasted until the end of Stanley Kubrick's life for 41 years.

5. Elia Kazan

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Many Greek-born Kazans are considered the most influential American director. In his 40 years of cinematic activity, he has received numerous awards, the most important of which were two Academy Awards. One of the highlights of Elia Kazan's career is his collaboration with Marlon Brando. But in addition to this part of his professional life, Kazan also experienced a strange cinematic love during his years of activity. When Barbara Luden was filmed in Kazan during 1960's "Wild River," the director began a romantic relationship with Luden, regardless of his previous relationship and his 23-year age difference. They remarried in 1967 after collaborating again on The Glory of the Meadow. But the end of this bond was tragic. Because Luden had advanced cancer, and Elia Kazan had a cold relationship with him during his illness. Their marriage eventually ended with the death of Barbara Luden in 1980.

Steven Spielberg

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Steven Spielberg is as successful and pioneering in cinema as he has been in his position for many years. Maintain among the top figures of world cinema, he is also considered one of the most successful people in Hollywood in his life together. Spielberg married his first wife, Amy Irving, in 1984 while making Indiana Jones. But at the same time that Kate Capshaw appeared in front of Spielberg's camera in the film, she could not hide her interest in the young actress. Four years after making Indina Jones, Spielberg finally decided to separate from his wife and marry Capshaw. This cohabitation still continues today, 36 years later, and is on the list of the longest marriages among celebrities. "The most beautiful thing I got from this movie was my wife," Spielberg himself said in a 2008 interview about the second part of "Andina Jones." "I met Kate and she became my pioneer wife and still remains."

7. Joel Cohen

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

One of the most beloved relationships formed in front of the camera in the world of Hollywood is the Joel Cohen relationship. And Frances McDormant. Cohen, who began making feature films with his brother Eaton in 1984, is one of the most famous film directors in the world and also one of the few directors who have worked together for years. Joel Cohen fell in love with the film's main actress, McDormant, during the making of her first film, "Simple Blood." After that, the two got married a short time later. Dormant has appeared in most of the Coen brothers since she began living with Joel, and won her first Academy Award for her role in the 1996 film Fargo by her husband and brother-in-law. The bond between the two continues to this day, 37 years later.

8. Martin Scorsese

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

In previous cases, the love between Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, one of the most famous loves between We reviewed what has happened to the director and actor in Hollywood to date. The marriage produced three children, one of whom, Isabel Rossellini, pursued an acting career. But the interesting thing about Isabel's life is that she married two famous film directors during her film career. The first director who falls in love with Isabel without being in front of her camera is Martin Scorsese, a famous and proud Hollywood figure. Scorsese, now nearly 60 years old, has been married five times, and Isabel Rossellini was his third wife, living together for only three years. But Scorsese also has a different story in cinematic romance in life. When she and Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola made the 1989 New York Short Story series, an actress named Iliana Douglas appeared in front of a Scorsese camera, and a romantic relationship developed three years later. Came. But the relationship ended in a lot of trouble, and Douglas remained in a severe depression for a long time after the relationship.

9. David Lynch

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Lynch was the second famous Hollywood director to fall in love with the daughter of Rossellini and Bergman. When the director was set to make "Blue Velvet" in 1986, he invited Isabel Rossellini to appear in the film. Known for his surreal films and unique illustrations in the world of cinema, David Lynch has also had complex and bizarre relationships in his private life. He has had four marriages and one romantic relationship in his life. Lynch also had an affair with his second wife, Mary Fisk, and Isabel Rossellini. This love lasted only four years and ended forever after the two collaborated together in the movie "From the Bottom of the Wild Heart", which brought Lynch the Palme d'Or.

10. James Cameron

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

It is undeniable that James Cameron is one of the most famous directors in the world today. Is. But in addition to his brilliant record and enduring works of art, complex romantic relationships with the actors in his films are also recorded in his name in Hollywood history. Cameron in 1991 when he made the film "Terminator 2; "Judgment Day" began, they were living together with his wife, Catherine Bigelow. But Linda Hamilton, the lead actress in The Destroyer, was cast in front of Cameron's camera, causing the director to leave his wife for the sake of the actress.

Cameron and Linda Hamilton's relationship ended in marriage a few years later in 1997. . But the beginning of their legal life together coincided with the beginning of the filming of "Titanic". It was later revealed in Hollywood news sources that there were many differences between Hamilton and Cameron, and this issue caused James Cameron to fall in love with Susie Amis during the filming of Titanic, just eight months after her marriage to Hamilton. Amis played Rose's granddaughter in "Titanic," which was set in front of Cameron's camera in contemporary scenes. James Cameron divorced Linda Hamilton in 1999 and married Susie Amis. Their life together has continued to this day.

11. Ridley Scott

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Director of famous films such as "Gladiator", "Hannibal" and "Martian" more From 14 years in a romantic relationship with the Costa Rican actress, most of her films were Giannina Fascio, until finally in 2015, this relationship ended in marriage and still continues. Fascio, who is 22 years younger than Scott, first appeared in front of Ridley Scott in 1996 with a brief role in the 1996 film White Storm. He also played the role of Russell Crowe's wife in "Gladiator," and later, in 2001, during the making of the psychological film "Hannibal," the love affair took on a more serious form and was finally made public. The two have collaborated on more than a dozen other films since the film.

Tim Burton

BingMag.com 12 famous directors who fell in love with the female star of their film

Tim Burton due to his unique style in directing films and making scientific works And he has imagination, he has become one of the most important and influential figures in Hollywood cinema. But one of the director's moral qualities is that he works with certain people on a regular basis. For example, Johnny Depp is one of the main actors in most of his works. But Burton first met Helena Bonham Carter in 2001, after a failed marriage and relationship, during the making of Planet of the Apes. It is written in most news sources that Burton falls in love with this actress and this romantic relationship will continue until 13 years later. Carter, like many of Burton's close friends, also joined the director, appearing in all of Burton's productions during the period, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, and Alice in Wonderland.

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