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11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Batman and Superman are two of the most well-known and popular characters on the planet, and their status and prestige go beyond superhero characters. The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, introduced to the world in 1938 and 1939, respectively, have appeared in various comic books for most of the last century, publishing a new volume of their adventures each month.
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Although Batman and Superman each have their own stories and adventures, and in each world There are certain sub-characters and anti-heroes and villains, they also have an interesting history with each other and they have experienced many common events in the world of Daisy.

Some of the most influential and famous Daisy comics were the ones that Batman and Superman But the two great superheroes have been friends and allies rather than enemies, and their friendship dates back to about 70 years ago.

At first glance, the two characters are portrayed as We think they should never be in the same world. One is a bitter and serious human being who has a powerful detective and by practicing has strengthened his mind and body as much as possible for a human being in the hope that he will eradicate the root of crime and corruption from his city forever. The other is a god-like creature who comes from another planet and welcomes people with open arms and stands against alien forces to save the planet.

When we compare these two superheroes, it looks like That Batman, because of his inevitable human weaknesses, has no chance against Superman, and it seems that no connection can be found between them. But when we look at the masses of Justice League and Batman/Superman comics, we realize that Batman and Superman are two inseparable friends who have stayed together for many years.

We do not know Batman and Superman only by their independent stories or their enemies and anti-heroes. The interesting relationship and contrast that they have with each other also plays an essential role in recognizing these two popular and powerful superheroes.

1. Batman and Superman were portrayed as friends from the beginning

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

When Batman and Superman had unimaginable popularity and fame, and each was the main character in a series of popular comics. The company behind these comics (now known as Disi) decided to publish an anthology comic collection called "World's Best Comics" to make as much money as possible from its most famous symbols, which was soon named in the second volume. "World's Finest Comics" has changed. Each issue of the comics had a story of Superman and a story of Batman, and its cover usually showed Batman, Superman, and Robin working together. Now, it was either playing baseball or solving the problems of World War II. . To see these two superheroes together in a comic, you had to wait for one of them, for example, to appear as an honorary party and as a member of the American Justice Society. Like what happened in issue 36 of All-Star Comics, released in 1946.

In fact, before 1951 and issue 71 of the best comics in the world, news of Batman and He was not Superman, and from that point on we constantly saw these two heroes fighting crime alongside Robin and standing side by side. And in them we met the first Batman/Superman collaborations. Except for the break between 1954 and 1986, of course. The format and model of superhero comic books constantly changed and improved, and we went from not-so-serious stories that were almost like TV sitcoms to complex and deep adventures, but the relationship between Batman and Superman remained and continued in these changes.

2. Batman and Superman have fought many times

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

The question that Batman or Superman wins in a fight From the very first years of the emergence of these two superheroes, it has been circulating in the minds of their fans, and Disi has answered this question in various situations by designing a fight between the two.

Even before Batman and Superman in the generational comics Redefined as two opposing characters, they portrayed their struggles in the comic book pages of the world's top comics, the first of which was number 109 and was published in 1960. The struggle between the two superheroes was a fascinating idea that immediately aroused the curiosity of the audience. Everyone was asking themselves, what happened when Batman and Superman got into a fight? How can Batman equalize the fighting conditions and fight an extraterrestrial and god-like creature like Superman? The answer to this question was usually that Batman used magic, mind control, or special tricks and equipment to prepare himself and face his invincible rival. Dark Knight Returns) caused a more serious and deeper conflict between Batman and Superman, this fight was repeated more than before and we saw it in other media besides comic books. The first time we saw a fight between Batman and Superman on TV was in 1997. In the episode that connected the two animated series Batman and Superman, they depicted a battle and a struggle between them. Superman: Dawn of Justice) This time we saw the two fight in a movie. In "Injustice" computer games, you can actually take part in a fight between Batman and Superman and go to war with each other by choosing either.

About the answer to the question "Who wins this fight?" We must say that it depends on the circumstances. The more time Batman has to train and prepare, the better his chances against Superman and the longer he can resist. But usually something happens before the real winner of the conflict is determined and their battle is abandoned.

3. The Dark Knight Rises comic redefines Batman & Superman relationship

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Batman and Superman They began their careers in the 1950s and 1960s, and their joint adventures depicted in the comics of the world's top comics and the American justice community had a relatively similar character. Two benevolent personalities who sought to help people and got along well with others. Superman has become a more complex character ever since, but its essence has not changed and it remains almost the same as before. But Batman underwent major changes.

Batman began with the 1969 issue of Batman Comics 217 In this comic, Batman goes back to his former mission to instill fear in the hearts of Gotham criminals. Batman continued to evolve during the 1970s and 1980s, during which time he became a violent and stubborn character who could not get along with anyone and did dangerous things to achieve his goals. This made Batman's fights with Superman a rare occurrence, and we rarely saw such fights between the two. For example, the first issue of the "Batman and the Outsiders" comic book, published in 1983, in which Batman split from the Justice League to have a small group of superheroes under his control, was a handful of examples. In this comic, Batman resigned from the Justice League and got into fights with Superman. Here are some of the most acclaimed Disney comics: The Return of the Dark Knight by Frank Miller, Klaus Johnson, and Lynn Warley. In Return of the Dark Knight, Superman becomes the agent of the corrupt US government, and Batman, on the other hand, is a fugitive and the leader of a group of revolutionaries. Unable to resolve their serious and deep differences through dialogue, Batman and Superman have an epic and bloody battle on the streets of Gotham. It will remain so for years to come, and other people will know the characters of these two superheroes in the same way. Now Batman and Superman are two stubborn rivals who do not agree with each other at all and have serious differences of opinion. This is the idea that paved the way for all the Batman and Superman comics and then for the animated series and movies.

4. The origins and past of Batman and Superman are intertwined

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Many stories about how Batman met And Superman is narrated, but at the same time we have a lot of stories that show that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent were related before their current fame and the formation of the second and superhero character they have now. In 1956, in the 84th comic book of the world's best comics, it was revealed that Bruce Wayne once went to Clark Kent, Smallville, to reveal the identity of the hero of this small town. Eventually he decided to destroy his discoveries to keep the bad guys out.

In Adventure Comics # 275, Bruce returned to Smallville to help Superboy as a flying fox. Slowly In 1972, the 182 comic book "Superboy" tells the story of Clark Kent's connection to Batman's past.

Earths) was questioned and removed from the overall plot of the DC Comics. But in the post-crisis storyline, in the endless realms, an idea emerged that made the connection between Bruce and Clark Kent's past clearer than ever.

In it, we see an unexpected meeting between Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, and Superman's father, Jor-L, from the planet Krypton. Jor - El sends a probe to Earth to make sure the planet is a good place for his son (who has not yet been born) to stay. Thomas Wayne finds the probe, and Jor-L and Thomas talk during a holographic contact. Thomas reassures Jor-L that his son's place on Earth will be safe. Equipment that would be Batman's tools in the future. The comic tells us that Batman and Superman would never have existed had it not been for the brief encounter between Thomas Wayne and Jor-L.

The first meeting between Batman and Superman is not always pleasant

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

The first and main story of the meeting between Batman and Superman in We saw the comic book number 76 of Superman, published in 1952 and written by Edmon Hamilton and Kurt Swan. In this comic, we saw a not-so-serious adventure in which the two superheroes met for the first time quite by chance. But since then, every time they have wanted to tell the story of the first meeting between a steel man and a dark knight, they have given it more wings to make it more attractive.

Batman and Superman later in the post-crisis storyline Endless Earth first met in 1986 in The Man of Steel comic number 3. John Byrne's comic book in which Batman threatens to blow himself up if Superman gets too close to him.

And the episode "World's Finest" saw each other, immediately fell in love with each other and delivered heavy blows. Of course, at the end of the three-part storyline, they finally managed to put aside their differences and come together. Now that Superman has become more violent and defensive, he not only attacks Batman, but also favors Green Lantern and Flash.

In Batman vs. Superman: The Rise of Justice we saw Batman and Superman According to Lex Luthor's plans, they would meet and later engage in a breathtaking battle. Batman, who is always terrified that Superman will spiral out of control and destroy the planet (the memory of Superman's devastating battle with General Zad, which left horrible devastation and countless casualties has not yet been erased from Bruce Wayne's mind) is persuaded by Lex Luthor Eliminate.

6. Robin has been with Superman for some time.

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

He was not only with Batman, but also with Robin for a while. As Batman became more pessimistic and bitter-minded and suspicious of everything and everyone, the original Robin (Dick Grayson) became attracted to Superman optimism and decided to fight crime for a while with him.

Robin and Superman were very similar and their morals matched, as they both played "good cops" alongside Batman and had a clearer and more positive view of the world. The Superman/Robin team continued after the storyline of the Endless Crisis, and in issue 6 of the Legends of the DC Universe comic by Dave Taylor and Kevin Known, you can read the heartwarming story of the first meeting between the two. The friendship between Robin and Superman will play a key role in the future of Robin and his independent character (after Robin's departure). In the 44th issue of the 1983 comic book Tales of the Teen Titans by Wolfman and George Perez, we see Dick Grayson unveil his new Knighting identity. Dick Grayson chose the name Nightwing in honor of Superman. It seems that Superman, when he was with Robin, talked to him about a Kryptonite champion with the same name.

Superman and Robin later reunited when Dick Grayson decided to change his identity. Were. Once when Dick briefly took on the role of Batman, and again when he called himself a spy named Agent 37. Superman has been replaced by Dick Grayson and other Robins, but their relationship has never been the same as his relationship.

Superman asks Batman to kill him

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Superman may not be as skeptical and pessimistic as Batman, But she understands the value of this look and knows that she has to rely on him in times of risk. Superman knows full well what dangers his extraterrestrial powers will pose if misused, and they may destroy the earth or enslave humans. To be sure, Superman gives Batman the only weapon he can destroy, the only one who knows he won't hesitate to use it if things go awry.

As in 1993 in issue 21 of Comics We see Superman: The Man of Steel. Superman gives Batman the kryptonite rings he forced from Lex Luthor. Sometimes we see Batman pull the ring out of his belt to use it against Superman whenever necessary. For example, when Poison Ivy captures Superman's body, Batman falls on Superman with the same ring to stop him.

Of course, this kryptonite ring is not the only anti-Superman weapon that Batman has in his possession. The Dark Knight has several strategies and weapons and equipment to deal with Superman, who uses them against him whenever he feels threatened. In fact, Batman has secretly created files for each member of the Justice League, collecting methods of destroying them so that the day will not come to fruition. In 2000, when these files fell into the hands of the giant, big problems arose for Batman and the Justice League.

The giant uses the Batman formula to make a red artificial kryptonite. This kryptonite makes Superman's skin clear, and Rasool al-Ghuls inflicts indescribable pain and suffering on Superman by exposing him to a lot of sunlight. But most of all, the pain of betrayal that Batman inadvertently inflicts on Superman.

Batman and Superman attend each other's funeral

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Death is not a inevitable and irreparable accident Unusual circumstances have arisen for Batman and Superman over the years, and the two have also attended funerals, albeit several years apart.

After Superman in 1993 in the comic book issue 75 Superman was killed by a thief, the whole world was in shock and mourning. A glorious funeral was held in which most of the superheroes were present. Batman did not attend the ceremony because he did not want to be seen by reporters. Instead, he watched the ceremony from the rooftops, and when it was over, he spent the day patrolling the metropolitan area to pay tribute to his slain comrade.

About a year after Superman was buried, his body was found. They kidnapped him and resuscitated him, and we realized that Superman was not completely dead from the beginning. It had been a while since Superman returned to the field when Batman was killed by Darkside in 2008 during the comic book "Final Crisis". In the 76th Superman/Batman comic, Superman personally collects the remnants of Batman and takes it to Batman's headquarters and the Bat Cave. In the same comic, we saw that Superman was holding a ceremony for Batman and he was present in it without Superman costume. Other members of the Justice League also came to pay their respects.

But later it became clear that the remains of the body did not actually belong to Bruce Wayne, but had been forged very similarly to him. Bruce Wayne was lost in time, experiencing the life of his ancestors, and cosmic energy was stored in his body.

9. The fight between Batman and Superman and the Wonder Woman

BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

Batman and Superman get together 85% of the time , But when a problem arises between them, the planet is on the verge of extinction. At one point, a dispute arises between Batman and Superman and the Wonder Woman and a rift develops between them.

During their fights, Superman accuses Batman of being so skeptical and pessimistic that he can no longer be trusted (which he is right) ) ( ). . .

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BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

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BingMag.com 11 Untold Truth About the Batman-Superman Relationship You Probably Didn't Know

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