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11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

imattack on titan is one of the most successful anime of recent years and has many fans. The story and events of this series revolve around the presence of the Titans. Giant and cannibalistic creatures that are the enemy of the human race and their origins go back to 2000 years before the time of the story. When Ern Yeiger joined the Liberation Army after his mother was eaten by a female Titans to destroy the Titans, this adventure led Ern to discover his Titanic power and change everything about the Titans.

In the beginning The story is told that the only goal of the Titans is to find humans and devour them, while physiologically they do not need to eat human flesh. Since most of them show little sign of intelligence, they can be easily deceived and trapped. However, there are a number of unusual titans, the most powerful of which are the nine titans, which have the ability to map, detect traps, and command non-intelligent species. According to experiments performed on humans by the Titans, the Titans' response to pain is quite different. Some do not react to pain and some scream and twist. The overall appearance of the Titans is depicted with a large series and a wide mouth, but they have different tooth shapes.

In total, 11 different species of Titans have been introduced in this collection, each with different characteristics. In the following, we will introduce these titans.

1. Pure Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Most titans are of this species and range in size from two to 15 meters They have height. The appearance of these titans is quite similar to humans, but their hallmark is a lack of intelligence and lack of thinking power. Accordingly, ordinary Titans instinctively attack every human being and are not able to create a plan and strategy. However, due to their large number and physical strength and large size, they are considered dangerous. Towards the back of their necks. One of the two Titans captured by the giant Titan during the demolition of the wall of the Trust Zone for further investigation into these creatures.

2. Abnormal Titans ( Abnormal Titans )

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

These Titans are actually normal Titans with unusual behavior and intelligence, which gives them the ability to perform intelligent movements during combat. For example, abnormal Titans, unlike the normal species whose sole purpose is to attack and devour any human in their path, ignore their close human beings to make planned moves to inflict more damage. The Titans also have the ability to jump, make very high jumps, run at high speeds, and even talk in some cases. The angle was proved. On his last mission, Ilse had encountered a Titan who had not only not eaten him, but had treated him with great respect and addressed him as Lady Yimir. The discovery of this booklet led humans to take a fresh look at the Titans. Because until now it was thought that all Titans are mindless killers who feed only on human instinct.

Other unusual Titans include the mother of Connie Springers, who after becoming a Titan enters His son whispered the words "welcome home" to the village of Ragaku.

Neither Titan (The Nine Titans)

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Neither Titan nor Imir's descendants are Ildians who After the death of Yamir, each inherited part of his powers, and these powers have been passed down from generation to generation among the Ildians from two thousand years ago.

Each of these nine Titans has their own unique name and ability, but all They can voluntarily become Titan and maintain their intelligence even after becoming Titan. In the human condition, they can also use Titanic abilities such as rapid body repair.

The size of these Titanics has always been constant for all heirs throughout history. For example, the length of the chariot titan is four and five meters and the giant titan is sixty meters, even if one heir has the power of two or more titans. For example, Ern, the protagonist who inherits the 13-meter Founding Titan and the 15-meter Fighting Titan, is always 15 meters tall.

Founding Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

This Titan, also known as the Mother Titan and the Commanding Titan, is the first Titan to emerge from the Yimir generation that has the ability to create, command, and command the Titans. Has memory correction and telepathic connection with Yamir descendants. (The Titans' control power was once inadvertently used by Ern to protect Mikasa.)

Founder Titan is 13 meters long but can reach his full height when he reaches his full potential.


Armored Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Rainer Brown now inherits power This Titan is 15 meters long and its Titanic form is very similar to its human appearance.

All over Titan's body is armor covered with thin and durable plates that act as armor against external attacks. The only weaknesses of this Titan body are the area behind his joints, which naturally does not exist to facilitate the movement of armor in these areas. In addition, the armor of this titan is not capable of confronting powerful weapons such as cannons of the Middle East Allied Force.

Attack Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

The heir to the warrior Titan can receive memories of past and future heirs, which Zick described as" beyond time ". The same power acts as a catalyst for the fighting Titan to fight for freedom and move forward.

Although this power gives the fighting Titan a glimpse of the future and the future that will inherit the power of the non-Titan, These images are usually incomplete and do not allow Titan to see the big picture of the future. In appearance, Titan Mubarez is 15 meters tall, which is characterized by a muscular body and meatless jaws. The interesting thing about the Fighting Titan is that it is the only Titan among the nine Titan that does not have a special ability, although it can be hardened through special serums.

Beast Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Animal titans generally look like animals and are usually larger than other titans, but their animal characteristics depend on the heir. Is different. Animal titans have been seen in the past with the appearance and characteristics of reindeer birds and wolves. Ziegler, now the heir to the animal Titan, looks like a monkey and has the ability to throw objects with high accuracy over long distances. Zick used this power to destroy almost all the forces of the Liberation Army in the battle of Shiganshina.

Given that Zick has royal blood, he can turn Yimir's children into Titan. The zygomatic fluid used to transform Falco into Titan, after inheriting Titan, gave him a jaw-like properties similar to animal titans.

Cart Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

The higher endurance of this titan than the other nine titans has made it possible to participate in long missions without the need for rest. Also, this stubbornness along with the four-legged form of this Titan has made it a suitable option for carrying combat equipment on missions. However, this movement on all fours causes the heirs to have problems walking on two legs after returning to the human form. It is not Titan that makes him more vulnerable to deadly blows. But instead, like armored Titan, it has a very high speed.

Colossal Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

As the name implies, the giant Titan is known for its large size and high physical strength, but this Titan also has many other abilities.

Another ability of this Titan is to control the energy released during conversion. It is in Titanic form and is used for various purposes. For example, during the demolition of the Bertolt Conversion Logic Wall, a powerful storm created a powerful storm. Destroy. Another ability of this Titan that was used in this war is controlling the vapors coming out of its body to repel attacks and burn attackers at close range.

Female Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Like Founder Titan and Zick Beast Titan, the female Titan has some ability to control and command ordinary Titans by making a screaming sound. has it. Female Titan heiress Annie Leonhart used this feature during the fall of the Maria Wall. But if they use this feature, the Titans will attack the female Titan after reaching her and start eating her, which Ani was able to escape from the danger with the help of 3D maneuvering tools.

This Titan also It is known for its ability to move quickly and its ability to harden its skin against external attacks. Annie was even able to enclose her human form in a hard crystalline shell after being identified by humans and leaving the back of Titan's neck.

Jaw Titan

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

As the name suggests, Titan Jaws has powerful jaws that can crush almost anything./p>

The heirs of Titan Jaws show an amazing level of speed and agility; To the extent that it surprises some of the nine Titans and crushes the armored enemies between their jaws.

However, the Jaw Titans differ in appearance and characteristics according to their heirs. Yamir, for example, had only winning teeth, while Falco and Marcel wore hard armor masks that were almost bulletproof. In addition, Falco's jaw-dropping Titan has wing and tail capabilities that allow it to fly and carry people on its back.

War Hammer Titan )

BingMag.com 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

Titan It is now up to Ern to be able to shape Titan's hardened skin structures and use them as weapons such as thorns, whips and slingshots.

Theo Magath points out in part that The ability to shape the objects of this titan was careful because since the heir must be fully conscious during this action, the constant use of this ability can weaken the user.

Unlike other smart titans, the titan can fight. Remove the control center from the back of the neck and connect the Titan and the host with a remote cable.


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