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11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, music, instruments and singing were inseparable components of Iranian films. But after the revolution and until the end of the sixties, even making music for movie titles was associated with Emma and If. For this reason, writers and filmmakers prefer not to go so far as to tell stories that are supposed to open the door to music in their films. But from the seventies onwards, music-oriented filmmaking gradually entered the cinema. Some of these films are among the most enduring cinematic works in the history of Iranian cinema, and the pieces of music made and performed for them have all remained in the memory of cinema fans. Together, we review 11 films from Iranian cinema whose music is one of the main characters in their story.

1. Lovers

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Ali Hatami
  • Actors : Amin Tarakh, Akbar Abdi and Saeed Poursamimi
  • Product : 1370

Ali Hatami, as the first director after the Islamic Revolution, decided to write a screenplay for "Loved Ones" and move on to a music-based film by combining three true stories about recording traditional Iranian music during Ahmad Shah's reign in studios in Paris, London and Tbilisi. The film tells the story of an Iranian businessman who decides to take some talented traditional musicians to Paris at his own expense in the middle of World War I to record pieces of original Iranian music on screen and save them from being forgotten. Of course, not everything goes well for these musicians and they get into the problems that are shaping the story. But the most important feature of "Loved Ones" is the music and the compositions in which it is performed. , Published under the same name. In the film, the character of Taher, played by Amin Tarakh, sings ballads, but he was not allowed to sing. For this reason, there is no closed view in the film of his singing. One of the most famous compositions of this film is a piece called "Beloved" with the information "We are the beloved of Khosrow Shirinpanah" written by Fereydoun Moshiri and which will remain in the memory of most Iranians.

2. Strange Sisters

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Kiomars Pourahmad li>
  • Actors : Khosro Shakibaei and Afsaneh Baygan
  • Product : 1374

One of the genres Musical films are important and popular in world cinema. But in post-revolutionary Iran, no film that has all the features of a musical film has been made for an adult audience. Therefore, the film "Strange Sisters" is one of the few works that is somewhat close to this genre. The film is based on a famous German story about two twin sisters. The story is about the relocation of two sisters and the events that follow. Because the father of these girls is a composer, the film is full of happy, reconstructed and enduring pieces of music.

He taught elementary school lessons such as "Open the Rain with a Song", "Your Name is the Best Beginning", "Pomegranate" and Music, which was performed by a group of teenage girls. This method, in addition to the film itself, also contributed to the permanence of these poems. But the most important part of the film "Strange Sisters", which is actually accompanied by the viewer during the narration of the story, is the part of "My Mother". This song, which is recorded with both the voice of the choir and the performance of Khosrow Shakibaei in the film, became very famous and popular after this film.

3. Flying

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Khosrow Masoumi li>
  • Actors : Shadmehr Aghili, Ziba Broufeh and Marjan Shirmohammadi
  • Product : 2001

Shadmehr Aghili was one of those pop singers who, in the early 1970s, despite the closed space of the music of those years, was able to get an album release license from the Ministry of Guidance, and his fame led him to the cinema. In 1980, Khosrow Masoumi directed a film called "Flying" based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Kianoosh Ayari. The story of this film is about a young singer who struggles to get a license for his albums and decides to emigrate, but in the end he regrets it.

Shadmehr Aghili was chosen as the main actor of this film and in addition He was also an actor, singer and pianist and violinist in "Per Parvaz". The music for this film was composed by Mohammad Reza Cheraghali and was released on an album called "Par Parvaz" at the same time as its release. This film and its music album were among the best-selling works of the mid-seventies, which were very well received by the younger generation. "Flying" can also be considered the first film with a story about a singer in post-revolutionary Iranian cinema.

4. Seven Songs

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Bahman Zarrinpour li>
  • Actors : Laia Zanganeh, Sahar Jafari, Jozani and Iraj Rad
  • Product : 2001

The fourth film on our list was also made in an attempt to be in the musical genre. Bahman Zarrinpour, after many years of continuous and successful activity in television as a director, in the early eighties decided to make a feature film for the first time with a screenplay of his own, called "Seven Songs". A romantic film that is full of music scenes and songs because of its story.

The story of this film begins where Roya returns to Iran after completing her studies in music in Vienna, Austria, and He wants to stage a performance. Meanwhile, a young boy and girl are in the group of musicians under the supervision of Roya, who are also closed-minded. But despite her age difference, Roya falls in love with this musician boy and the work of the band and his life are overshadowed by this emotional relationship. "Seven Songs" was not successful at the box office, and critics considered it to be inferior in quality to Zarrinpour's TV series. The musical pieces of this film were composed by Kambiz Roshan Ravan, with songs from Yaghma Golroei, which were performed with the voice of Shervin Najafian, the novice actor of this film.

5. Max

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Saman Moghadam
  • Actors : Farhad Ayesh, Gohar Kheirandish and Pegah Ahangrani
  • Product : 2004

Among the music-oriented films of Iranian cinema, there are several banned works. "Max" by Saman Moghadam is the first film of this group. The comedy, which is also trying to reach the musical genre, was made with a screenplay by Peyman Ghasemkhani and was banned for six years. But it was finally released in the late 80's and was well received by the general public. Since the story of this film is about a low-level Los Angeles pop singer who is mistakenly invited to Iran, most of the pieces of music performed in this film are in the style of Bazaar Alley, Six and Eight, and the influential and enduring poems are not used in them. But still, the musical sequence of Farhad Ayesh playing the role of Max is one of the most memorable scenes made in the Iranian cinema for the officials of the Ministry of Guidance.

Ayesh was chosen to play the main role in this film, despite all the rumors. The prerequisite for this role was a very good choice that made the film last in the minds of the audience.

6. Santouri

  • Director : Dariush Mehrjoui
  • Actors : Bahram Radan, Golshifteh Farahani And Massoud Raegan
  • Product : 2006

The fall and corruption that results from fame is a common issue in the margins of some people's lives There are artists. Dariush Mehrjoui, a well-known cinema director, also approached this issue in making one of the most important works of his career. "Santouri" narrates the self-destruction of a character named Ali Santouri, who becomes famous by playing the instrument and singing, but can not continue his life properly, falls into the trap of addiction, and his work and family life is destroyed. In Ali Santouri's concerts, we see invited parties and his private performances, for each of which Ardavan Kamkar has composed a separate piece of music.

One of the important features of this film is the use of a different voice by singer Mohsen Chavoshi. Pop is for Ali Santouri for the singing sequences. Chavoshi's "Patient Stone" is one of the most famous pieces in this film. But the fate of "Santouri" was not so good, and after it was prevented from being shown for reasons such as showing scenes of drug use, a copy of the film was widely smuggled. Finally, 4 years after its production, with a video release license, the film was legally released on the home theater network.

7. Meem like a mother

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Rasoul Malakalipour
  • Actors : Golshifteh Farahani, Ali Shadman and Jamshid Hashempour
  • Product : 2006

8. Nobody knows about Iranian cats

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Bahman Ghobadi
  • Actors : Hamed Behdad
  • Product : 2009

This film It is one of the works that was made underground and without any production and display license in Iran and has been published in the same way. Bahman Ghobadi, along with Hossein Mortezaian Abkenar and Roxana Saberi, wrote the screenplay for "Nobody Knows About Iranian Cats" and directed the film in the presence of only one actor, Hamed Behdad. He also chose other actors from the underground singers of those days, such as Ashkan Kooshannejad and Soroush Lashkari, a famous rapper who is best known by the name of Nobody. The story is about a girl and a boy who want to form a band and reach a festival in Europe. They are all looking for underground musicians and singers, and they want a person named Nader, played by Hamed Behdad, to provide them with a fake passport.

This girl and boy walking with Nader in The city, heading to underground studios and encountering singers and musicians recording their pieces of music in part-time buildings or farms, a special and unseen image of Iranian underground music in the mid-1980s, was acclaimed by foreign festivals. "Nobody Knows About Iranian Cats" is full of music and songs in various styles such as rock, rap, blues, jazz and/

9. Tehran Tehran: Tehran Episode The Last Wire

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Mehdi Karampour
  • Actors : Reza Yazdani, Tanaz Tabatabai and Rana Azadiour
  • Product : 2009

This film is made in two episodes "Dating Days" and "The Last Wire". The first episode was directed by Dariush Mehrjoui, who travels to the historical sites of Tehran in a documentary way in the form of a one-day city tour. But the second episode, which had Mehdi Karampour as its director, is about a band that is going to perform a concert, but they have problems with permission from Ershad, and each member of the band has problems in his private life that It affects the result of the band's work. The singer of this group is Reza Yazdani, who is present in his role in the film, and its music is composed by Karen Homayounfar. The piece "The Last Wire", which is both a performance in the story of the film and the title of the film, is one of the famous pieces of Yazdani, which was composed with a song by Fooladvand.

10. Nargis Mast

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Jalaluddin Dari li>
  • Actors : Saeed Poursamimi, Mehdi Pakdel and Mitra Hajar
  • Product : 2016

Jalaluddin Dori intended to pay homage to the greats of Iranian music by making this film. But "Drunk Nargess" could not be seen at the box office due to the inappropriate release time, exactly two weeks before the corona epidemic, and was not well received on the online screen later. The story of the film is about an old man named Monsieur Khachik who has spent his life making and repairing Iranian instruments. He has students who see each of them as one of the greats of original Iranian music. The music is composed by Majid Derakhshani and several young singers of traditional music sing instead of the characters of the film.

Aref Qazvini, Qamar al-Muluk Vaziri and are in this film. Of course, despite the good cast, but the film did not go beyond a fantasy and could not tell the same story as it should.

11. Singer

BingMag.com 11 Iranian films in which music is one of the main elements

  • Director : Mustafa Kiai
  • Actors : Parviz Parastavi, Elnaz Shakerdoust Mohsen Kiai
  • Product : 1397

Comedy film Which tells the life story of a famous pre-revolutionary singer over the years. Ibrahim Khoshsineh, who was renamed Khoshlhan after the revolution. Having just taken the first steps on the path to fame in 1957, he has long aspired to remain a public executive. Finally, with the efforts and mediation of Iran's cultural advisor in Turkey, her daughter can arrange for her father to go to Istanbul and perform a concert with one of the famous Turkish female singers. But the presence of the son of the family in Turkey determines other events. And to go on stage in Istanbul, there are scenes full of music and singing. Ibrahim's son, who is a rapper, has several performances in the film, and all of this has turned "Motarb" into an almost musical and entertaining film that managed to sell well at the box office.

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