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11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

In this article, we are going to rank 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best and take a look at the pros and cons of each episode of this scary franchise. Influential and current.

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  • The first Halloween film was made with a budget of $ 300,000 and sold $ 70 million at the box office worldwide, making it one of the most lucrative films of all time. As has always been the case with Hollywood money-making films, the making of movie sequels began very early and has not ended to this day, and from time to time we come across a new episode or reboot of Halloween.

    During the 30 years since its production and release The first Halloween in the history of cinema has passed, we have seen several films focusing on Michael Myers and his murders. Some expanded and deepened the world of the film, some turned their backs on all the positive features of the original film and ruined everything, and some rebooted the whole story and rewrote the story. John Jarpenter himself was only involved in the first two episodes of the franchise, but his legacy survived for decades, and filmmakers came to his story with a variety of approaches. He played after himself and many were influenced by it. The film, which came just after The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - another low-budget horror film that was an incredible success and went down in history - the way franchises and horror films such as "Friday the 13th" were made. (Friday the 13th) and paved the way for A Nightmare on Elm Street. Each of these franchises had countless sequels whose qualities changed from film to film and got better and worse, but Halloween still remains the godfather of Slacher films.

    With that in mind, it's not bad to look back Let's review and rank the Halloween movies that have been made so far.

    11. Halloween: Resurrection

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 2002
    • Director: Rick Rosenthal
    • Cast: Jimmy Lee Curtis, Brad Lowry, Bosta Rhimes
    • IMDb movie rating: 4 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 12%

    After the success of Halloween: 20 Years Later, which was a kind of reboot of the series, the Halloween franchise lost its way and they made a sequel called Halloween: Resurrection, which was embarrassing in every way. In the very first 10 minutes of the film, Laurie Strude is stabbed to death and falls from the roof of a nursing home, thus ending one of the most famous women in the horror film in a stupid way.

    Explanation It's really silly to bring Michael Myers (after being beheaded in the previous episode) to survive, but the way he said goodbye to the character who has been in the franchise all these years was very offensive. Rick Rosenthal also directed the second part of Halloween, and here he made the film as if a filmmaking student had tried to put together a project by copying the usual components of horror and slasher films, and it did not look like a basic sequel./p>

    10. Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1989
    • Director: Dominique Otten Gerard
    • Cast: Donald Policens, Daniel Harris, Wendy Kaplan strong>
    • IMDb movie rating: 5.1 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 12%

    Some may disagree with the film's position and think it deserves a higher rating, but the fifth episode of Halloween completely ignored the ending of the previous episode, and it was an unforgivable sin. Instead of taking the logical next step of the story and portraying Jimmy as an evil character, in this episode, Michael Myers's niece is just an injured and terrified young girl who is not comfortable with the thoughts of her murderous and bloodthirsty uncle. It was a stupid choice, and Jimmy's deafness and dumbness did not help the story, turning the film into an unwanted comedy rather than creating scary situations. The whole film is boring and boring in which Michael Myers spins and kills himself and Jimmy sees these murders in his mind.

    9. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1995
    • Director: Joe Chapel
    • Cast: Paul Rad, Donald Policens, Marianne Hagan >
    • IMDb movie rating: 4.8 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 9%

    This episode has a lot of margins and problems during the production and is known among the fans of the Halloween movie series because of these issues. Time and time again, different scenes of the film were filmed again, and the last half hour of the story was completely removed and replaced by another story. In the original version of the story, Michael Myers' curse was supposed to be passed on to Dr. Lumis, but in the end they made other decisions. Halloween: Michael Myers Curse As a result of these changes and inconsistencies, it has become a fragmented and irrational effect whose different components do not stick together. It was not an interesting thing and it could be guessed that it would not give a good result. But the filmmakers apparently failed to understand this and continued on this path. The story of this film was so bad and separate from the world of Halloween that it was not mentioned in the following episodes, and the case of the evil and evil sect and the beyond curse that befell Michael Myers was closed in this film.

    Despite all these problems, the curse of Michael Myers can be seen thanks to two episodes of the film; One is the strange and unexpected presence of Paul Rad in his first cinematic role, and the other is the character played by Marianne Hagen, who has a dramatic and engaging sub-story.

    8. Halloween

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 2007
    • Director: Rob Zombie
    • Cast: Tyler Main, Scout Tyler-Compton, Malcolm McDowell
    • IMDb movie rating: 6.1 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitosis rating: 28%

    Reconstruction of a The famous movie is never a good idea and usually does not work, but we have to admire the owner of Akkad, who chose the risky path for the Halloween reboot and brought Rob Zombie to direct. The result of the film is not very successful and great, and we see unattractive characters who constantly say unattractive dialogues, but not without positive points.

    The strong point of the film is the direction of Rob Zombie, who instead of repeating the path of John Carpenter And copying from his hand has taken a new approach, making Halloween his own. Rob Zombie added details to Michael Myers' character to take him out of his usual one-dimensional state, something that was new and appealing to Halloween fans. Dr. Lumis's character had also become an opportunistic and money-loving man who took every opportunity to fill his pockets. It has created an engaging one that is an attractive variation on the usual Halloween theme. , Has taken a different and new look at the whole story and its characters.

    7. Halloween 2 reboot version (Halloween II)

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 2009 </</li>
    • Director: Rob Zombie
    • Cast: Scout Tyler-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Maine
    • IMDb movie rating: 4.8 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 21%

    6. Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1988
    • Director: Dwight H. Little
    • Cast: Donald Policens, Eli Cornell, Daniel Harris strong>
    • IMDb movie rating: 5.9 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 29%

    After the third episode of Halloween was met with a negative reaction from fans due to the absence of Michael Myers and many rejected it, the producers promised everyone that Michael Myers would return in the next episode and the fans of this psychic killer The masked man can see him again. It was the first Halloween film to be made by John Carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill, resulting in a film that changed the future of the Halloween world. The focus of the story was on the character of Donald Policens, and it seemed that the mystery surrounding Michael Myers was about to be revealed.

    In any case, it was fascinating for fans to watch how Michael Myers was going to return to the story. . Especially since this time there was no news of Jimmy Lee Curtis and many wanted to see what the Halloween franchise would be like without him. The presence of Michael Myers niece's character also gave a new dimension to the story, which had more work potential and paved the way for newer situations. But in any case, this episode did not succeed better than the movies before it, and it is not a very clear point among the Halloween sequels.

    5. Halloween 2 Original Edition (Halloween II)

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1981 </</li>
    • Director: Rick Rosenthal
    • Cast: Jimmy Lee Curtis, Dick Warlock, Donald Police
    • IMDb movie rating: 6.5 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 31%

    Rick Rosenthal (or perhaps Carpenter, who is said to have re-directed many of the scenes himself) intensifies the violence and bloodshed. Do more and we encounter annoying scenes. Showing violence is something that does not have a fixed approach in the Halloween franchise, and it changes from film to film. In some parts we are dealing with minimal violence that plays with the audience's imagination, and in some parts we see naked and unbridled violence that is a pure slasher. In this episode, the character of Jimmy Lee Curtis is also marginalized, which is a sad point.

    In any case, this episode of Halloween is the only sequel in which John Carpenter was directly present, and that his story immediately after the first episode. To begin with, it was a smart choice and brought the franchise to an attractive point.

    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1998
    • Director: Steve Miner
    • Cast: Jimmy Lee Curtis, Adam Arkin, Michelle Williams </</li>
    • IMDb movie rating: 5.8 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 52%

    After four sequels, some successful and some failed, and following the many problems of Halloween 6, which had an adventurous and painful filming, the producers finally came up with a good idea and decided to franchise Jimmy Lee Curtis. Bring back. Although they could not arrange the contracts in such a way that John Carpenter could return to direct the film, it was an exciting and different experience to see Laurie Stroud evolve and become a more mature character.

    Now Laurie Stroud was an alcoholic and Johnny Brother Johnny and his crazy thoughts did not leave him. There was no mention of Laurie's daughter, Jimmy, in the film, which confused some viewers, but they may have made the clever decision to forget the whole story of Michael Myers' curse. Halloween 20 years later is a kind of direct sequel to Halloween 2, and you can ignore the sequels that were made in the meantime. Brought in to connect with a new generation of viewers while preserving the memorable and good elements of the original film. He came to the cinemas. But this time we were not going to see the vulnerable Laurie Stroud, who plays the victim in dangerous situations. She was now a strong and combative woman who could stand on her own two feet and stand in front of Michael Myers. What turned Halloween into a new and exciting experience 20 years later.

    Halloween 3: The Wizard Season (Halloween III: The Season of the Witch)

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1982
    • Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
    • Cast: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O'Reilly </</li>
    • IMDb to Movie Score: 5 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz Score: 41%

    The Witch Season was hated almost immediately after its release and angered Halloween fans. But after a few years, it gradually found its fans and people saw its positive points. Carpenter and Hill's idea to continue the franchise was to turn it into an ontology. A series of horror movies, each with different stories and characters but all having one thing in common: the story takes place on Halloween.

    The idea itself is fascinating, but Carpenter and Hill are popular. Michael Myers was underestimated. When fans of the masked serial killer realized that there was no mention of him in this episode of Halloween, they became furious and turned their backs on the film.

    Leaving aside Myers, we find that a horror film is really good and it achieves its purpose. The Wizarding season is closer to the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" atmosphere than Halloween, and the sci-fi aspects of it make it possible to take a fresh look at this famous holiday and get a whole lot of fun and violent situations./p>

    2. Halloween 2018 Version

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 2018 >
    • Director: David Gordon Green
    • Cast: Jimmy Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Nick Kessel
    • IMDb movie rating: 6.5 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating: 67%

    On Halloween, 20 years later, they tried to show what happened to Lori Strude after the tragic events of the main episode and how her life turned out, but they were not very successful. Halloween 2018, made by David Gordon Green, gave up on the same idea, but it worked much better, and finally delivered the right sequence and treatment to the audience. In a clever decision, David Gordon Green set aside all the sequels he had made over the years, and made a film that was 40 years after the first Halloween episode.

    This situation gave Gordon Green the opportunity to tell a story. Explain about long-term psychological damage that has lasted for decades and has not yet been resolved and is bothering the characters involved. We see how the events of that night's ruined Laurie Stroud's life forever, and how this psychological trauma affected her daughter and granddaughter. Over the years, Laurie has lived in constant fear and panic, preparing to attack Michael again, which is why her daughter has lived a life of anxiety. But when Michael escapes and comes back to them, he realizes that many years of preparation are over and he can now protect himself and his family from this monster.

    This Halloween episode is one of the most impressive sequels in which quality It has a very good cinema. Gordon Green does not rely on the usual tricks to create fear and suspense, and by creating an engaging atmosphere and atmosphere, he leads the audience to the heart of the current horror and violence in the story. Everything is held in simplicity and without extravagance and exaggeration, and it does not leave the world of film. But what has made it so good is the underlying themes of its story; The story of emotional trauma and the role it plays in people's lives.

    1. Original Halloween

    BingMag.com 11 Halloween movies from the worst to the best

    • Product: 1978
    • :
    • :
    • IMDb : 7.7 10
    • : 96%

    . .

    1978 . .

    . . . . . .

    . . . . .

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