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10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Marvel Immortals introduces ten new superheroes to the Marvel movie world. Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore has previously described the heroes and their roles in the film. Jack Kirby's immortal creatures are the evolved branches of humans that have shaped many of Earth's myths and legends. As ancient aliens, they return to Marvel's cinematic world to protect humanity from the threat of the dualists.

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Immortals has a lot of stars and can rewrite the entire history of Marvel's cinematic world. Immortals have lived on earth for 7,000 years. They used to be worshiped as gods, but today they simply continue to live their lives and try to take care of the revelation of their power. They did not interfere in the affairs of the earth even when Tanus took the glove of eternity and wiped out half the life of the world.

Although Marvel is fully trying to explain whether they are directly under Whether the impact of that cosmic event is present or not. The return of the Doyans, the forces the immortals believed to have long ago defeated, forces these traditional Earth heroes to return to the field.

Had. There, they interviewed Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore, who spoke in detail about each of the characters, described their strengths, and made some points about the film's storyline.

1. Icarus

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

First of all to Icarus (Richard Madden), the real leader Let's go immortals, who are famous for their flying power and ability to fire cosmic energy from their eyes. He and Cersei are the main characters in the film, and with their love story, they play the lead role.

Moore: "We have made 25 films in Marvel so far, but this is the first film that is really based on a romantic relationship. Built as a relationship center. You definitely know Tony, Pepper, Steven and Peggy. They are a kind of side story of their films. If we can do what we have in mind, there will be an epic romance. So Immortals will never be a movie like a diary, but the goal is for this romantic relationship to be the backbone of the movie. We did not know that Richard and Gemma are good friends and have known each other for a long time. So their coordination was very good, and when you want to make love like this, this coordination is very useful. Icarus' powers are very similar to Superman, and Marvel worked hard to ensure that his cosmic energy in the film was different. Be of steel man energy. Moore praised Madonna as the right choice for the role, noting that he has a special charm that makes Icarus' character look special. "If Icarus has a boring story in the books, you will not read that love story and you will probably not invest in the film," Moore said.

2. Cersei

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Cersei is probably the most well-known person among the immortals. He became a member of the Avengers team in the comics. The relationship between Cersei, played by Gemma Chan, and Icarus is the backbone of the film. Naturally, however, the complexities and challenges posed by Dean Whitman, played by Kate Harrington, Cersei's traditional mistress of the Avengers, arise throughout the story. "Cersei and Dean have a relationship that is both sweet and interestingly complex," Moore said. "We were looking to build a beautiful love triangle, not just a romantic one, because it makes the relationship look weird and Icarus feels there is a rival to his love."

It took a long time for Marvel to find the right person for the role. They eventually came to the conclusion that Gemma Chan was great for Cersei, even though she had previously appeared in Captain Marvel. Of course, there he looked completely blue and looked different.

3. Tina

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each According to Moore, Marvel considers Tina the best warrior in the galaxy. He uses his cosmic energy to create whatever weapon he needs. He can change his weapons and create a dagger that turns into a sword and then into a cane and again into a double-edged sword. "Tina is always equipped with a weapon, and even if she has no other significant features, that ability in itself is a lot of fun," Moore noted. No matter how strong she is, Tina suffers from a mental illness that really makes her very vulnerable.

Moore explained: If you are a fan of comics, you know that the cradle of wire is a problem that can exist in an immortal being. This disease is a specific version of dementia. Because of the many memories in his mind, he forgets them and sometimes does not know exactly when he is. So throughout the film, Gilgamesh protects him. In modern times, they live in a network in the cabin and in Australia, because he is too dangerous to be with humans. "So she's an interesting character for Angelina Jolie." Tina is completely alienated from humanity but tries to understand the modern world.

Angelina Jolie plays Tina and is no stranger to action movies. He sought to create a unique style of movement and fighting style for Tina that was completely unique. "Part of that uniqueness was the development of a weapon system that Angelina could train and master, because she hadn't worked much with the sword before and was almost never involved with it," Moore said. We have to create a new style with Angelina and we hope to create a style that clearly shows Tina's movements and feelings. It may not seem like it, but Angelina helps us a lot along the way, which I really find interesting.

4. Gilgamesh

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Unfortunately, Moore did not talk much about Gilgamesh's character with our game Dong Seok. And only confirmed that he will be Tina's bodyguard. Given the published images in which Tina and Gilgamesh are apparently fighting, it seems very difficult to take care of a powerful creature like Tina. "Gilgamesh can use his cosmic energy to create an exoskeleton that actually strengthens his power," Moore explained.

5. Ayak

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Ayak plays Selma Hayek by changing her gender compared to the comics of the Immortals, Described as the matriarch of the immortals. "He is a healer and spiritual counselor who has a direct connection to the celestials," Moore said. He is a teacher. "He is the one that other heroes turn to for advice and guidance." She is a leader in a world where many women do not have such responsibilities, which makes Ayak a distinctive figure in Marvel's cinematic world. Moore is pleased with Hayek's performance, noting that he portrays Ayak better than he did in the comics.

6. Faustus

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Faustus, played by Brian Thierry Henry, is a technological member of the Immortals. As Moore explained: "He is a technopath and can talk to machines, he can combine different technologies to create unexpected new technologies, and he is the most intelligent and immortal. Faustus is in many ways the agent and agent of humanity, because some of these technologies have contributed to the progress of humanity. "So he has had a good impact on humanity." In general, he will be with Ayak. It is interesting to see whether his support for and assistance to humanity means that the immortals are actually engaged in a challenge.

7. Macari

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Lauren Ridloff plays Macari. "She's the fastest woman in the world, and in fact she's so fast that every time she uses her power, she breaks the line, which of course has no effect on her, because she's deaf," Moore said. This trait is presented as a natural part of the cunning character and the rest of the immortals have no problem with it. "He is constantly vibrating and constantly moving, and he can feel the vibrations," Moore added. So it can actually hear the sound around it in the same way that the deaf community hears music with the sensation of vibrations. Has been. So Marvel has visually changed that by focusing on the cosmic energy associated with cunning speed. "You see cosmic energy particles around him that he can use to create sonic explosions and use them in battle, which makes him a little different from what you've seen in the movies before," Moore said. Marvel's image of Macari is actually inspired by some of the Quick Silver versions of the comics, in which he is dissatisfied with the speed of the world around him. "He has traveled the earth thousands of times and the world around him is bored and feels that he has actually been stuck on Earth for 7,000 years and is partially imprisoned," Moore said. Sometimes he feels that he has seen everything many times. "At present, he entertains himself through books and reading, and is the librarian of human history and civilization."

8. Drew

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

"Dervig is very excited about the challenge of helping humanity when they arrive on Earth, but as humanity progresses and builds societies, he realizes that humans do not always treat each other well." . He sees events such as war, genocide, and lack of care for the environment and becomes frustrated. If he had made the decision, he would have used his power to control humanity, forcing them to do only good deeds, but that is not their mission. So he is very frustrated with humans. Drew settled in the Amazon region in 1500 AD and never left. "Instead, according to Moore, he created an area where he could use the power of his mind control in a very local way to protect it from the outside world."

9. Sprite

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

Another immortal involved with human society, Leah McHugh She plays Sprite, who lives in London and is shocked by their presence on the planet with the advent of the first Doyant. "She's definitely an interesting character, because she's a 7,000-year-old woman stuck in the body of a 12-year-old," Moore said. Moore praised McHugh's performance and said that he plays very well against the King, and that the two have animosity, largely due to the fact that Sprite has become a recluse as human civilization has evolved. Moore: "Sprite can create illusions. So in the past, when humanity did not have things like television, radio and the Internet, she was one of the greatest storytellers on earth and was worshiped as a god, but now, she is just a 12-year-old girl with no good social behavior. He and Kingo are at loggerheads, and the controversy goes back to when Kingo left him alone about 100 years ago to pursue his own destiny. So they have a very controversial relationship, which of course is interesting and fun. "

10. Kingo

BingMag.com 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each

The Kingo route is essentially the opposite of the Sprite route. His role is played by Kamil Nanjiani and he used to be a very humble and calm champion, but now he has become a big Bollywood star who considers himself a Bollywood Tom Cruise. He can emit cosmic energy bullets from his fingertips. The energy collects around his forearm and is then thrown out. "Kingo does everything in his own style and likes to have some fun," Moore said. His supporting character is Harris Patel, who plays Carrot, his maid. Moore explained, "Some of the immortals have a very good relationship with their human counterparts, and Carrot is essentially Kingo's servant and best friend. "So he can be part of Kingo's adventure." Kingo makes his film debut in what he's best to perform: a Bollywood film. Moore interestingly declined to comment on whether Kingo would play the Bollywood version of Icarus in a play.

Source: screenrant

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