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10 reasons why Ern Yger is the most dangerous character in the world of attacking Titan

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

It's been a while since the semi-final episode of "Attack on Titan" aired, and we're going to say goodbye to this beautiful and spectacular epic soon. Creating a compelling and spectacular story that can nail the audience with its successive suspensions is not an easy task, but it is something that "Attack on Titan" has done artistically during these four seasons. The battle between humans and the Titans that we saw in this story has been just as glorious and spectacular since the first episode. This anime has undergone many changes in its course and the story has entered new directions, which is why, in addition to the exciting scenes and visual appeal, "Attack on Titan" is also a psychologically rich work.

Ern Yeager, the protagonist of this story. Ern has always fought bravely for his beliefs, the problem is that now that he is stronger than ever, his beliefs have changed. Perhaps this is why he is currently the most dangerous character in the world of "Attack on Titan".

10. The Titans killed his mother before his eyes

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

A great early story can very well be heroes And put the great wicked on the paths of torment. Providing the right conditions, and putting the person in the wrong place at the wrong time, can turn anyone into a dangerous weapon. He does and his mother eats him. Ern is witnessing this horrible scene, and this is why he makes his decision at the very beginning of the story: all the Titans must be destroyed. Ern has become dangerous because he has witnessed such a nightmare.

9. He owns the attacking Titan and the power of other titans

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

one of the turning points Attack on Titan is a place where both Ern and the audience realize that he has the ability to become Titan. This ability makes Arne a very useful helper to humans, as he can use the power of the Titans against themselves.

It turns out that the Titans have a more complex story and are more than just a danger to humans. Ern is gradually gaining more abilities than the Titans. One Titan power alone is enough, but Ern Kelly has amassed various Titan powers, making him a troublesome creature.

8. Arne trained in the Elijah Exploration Regiment

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

at the beginning of "Attack on Titan We are witnessing an erosive battle between humans and the Titans. Thanks to their three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and exhausting military exercises, humans are shown to be strong and powerful in battle with the Titans. Learns an important military. This means that Ern is very dangerous both as a trained soldier and has a good knowledge of the members of the Exploration Regiment who are now facing him.

7. He's gained Armin 's unwavering confidence. Having an instinct to be able to retreat and defend yourself wherever necessary is an important element. But most of the time you need to have a support team with you. Arn is powerful, but his winning card is that he has a few loyal comrades who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep him safe. He could never let go of Ern. It is Armin who causes Ern to have a trace of skepticism about his beliefs, even when he has turned his back on all his contemporaries and lost his way. Armin is always hopeful and this is a special power.

6. He has been a tool of the hand

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

Family is one of the most important links in our world Which can be totally inspiring. But sometimes families use children to do their homework and force them to take paths that have been their dream, and that is horrible. In the early years of Marley and Aldia's relationship, Grisha was a key figure. Unbeknownst to Ern, Grisha turns him into a tool to accomplish his mission. In some places, Ern is not completely obedient to his father, which puts him in a precarious position.

5. When Ern touches history, he knows the future

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

"Attack "Titan" does a great job of telling the story behind the Titans and how certain Titans react to certain conditions. One of the most interesting aspects of the series is the narration of the history of the Yamir and Rice families and their relationship with the Titans.

It turns out that those with royal blood can provoke reactions in some of the people who own the Titans. This is exactly what happens when Historia meets Ern. He kisses the hand of history and at this very moment, he sees the whole future and the dark path that is on everyone.

4. Ern Kelly has fanatical followers who fight her blindly

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

one of the most spectacular and annoying The anime aspect of "Attack on Titan" is a dramatic change that Ern and several other characters go through in the final season. Many of the characters in this story conclude that Arn's genocidal plot is the only way to end the war between Aldia and Marley. They do not like to be confronted by Ern, nor do they care how many people are killed along the way. This extremist group blindly obeys Ern's orders, and securing him is their only priority.

3. He is Zick's brother, and a vital element in reaching Titan

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

Another key storyline in "Attack on Titan" takes place where it turns out that the monster Titan is originally Zick, Ern's brother. Zick and Arn have been enemies for a long time, but in the final chapter, in an alliance that does not seem so inviolable, the two become allies.

Both Arn and Zick have the ability to activate the founding Titan, Zick. It has royal blood in it, and Ern has the power to do it. This means that the union of Arne and Zick can have devastating consequences, another trump card for Arne that he can use in an emergency.

2. Mikasa is Ern's helper, even if he does not want to

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

To Titan "is the sister-brother bond that forms between Ern and Mikasa. They've known each other since childhood, and Mikasa's respect for Ern is one of the most important aspects of the anime. They have a special feature that makes them always the guardians and guardians of the person who first activated the senses in them. Ern says that when John rescued Mikasa, and gave him his scarf, it activated that feeling in him. It seems that a loving relationship between them has become a tool for abusing Ern.

1. He manages to disguise himself and spy among the Marlias

BingMag.com 10 <b>reasons</b> why <b>Ern</b> <b>Yger</b> is the <b>most</b> <b>dangerous</b> <b>character</b> in the <b>world</b> of <b>attacking</b> Titan

The end of "Attack on Titan" begins with a long episode in Marley, in which there is no mention of any of the main characters from the previous season. This sudden change of angle of view is a very bold move. The key element of this part of the story is a character named Krueger, a mercenary soldier whom Falco's heart burns and beheads him. Plan both the first phase of your attack and learn about the military structure of the Marlians. This information is also a valuable tool that Arne has and can use in future battles.

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