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10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

It seems that in the last few years, computer and digital special effects have become less quality and we are no longer on the side of bright and deeply believable images. Of course, every now and then we see examples of violations such as "gravity" or "interstellar", but in general the quality of digital visual effects and computer images seems to be declining.

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Are Technology and Images Really? Have they found lower quality digital? Or did the audience expect more? Join us as we take a look at the state of the computer special effects over the years and see why the quality of computer and digital images in movies seems to be declining.

Computer special effects are used extensively

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Early computer and digital special effects were introduced It had many limitations, so they used it calculated and did not go to it until they had to. Even Steven Spielberg used this technique for a long time, until he was captured like the rest of the system, and for example, in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," a bunch of computer monkeys Fed the spectators. "Viewers rarely realize that we have 45 minutes of computer images in the film," said the film's special effects director. Really?

A very good example of using CGI properly is the Jurassic Park movie. Unable to design robotic dinosaurs to move in open view and back and forth, they resorted to computer effects to solve the problem. The result was really impressive; In close-ups, we see robotic dinosaurs that were actually on the scene, and in more open views, computer dinosaurs were used. Computer images made the viewer feel that the dinosaurs in the movie were not just dry, mechanical robots with smooth movements, and on the other hand, when we saw the mechanical dinosaurs, we thought they were really on stage.

2. They do not make physics and movements good and natural

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

After the success of movies like Terminator 2 and Park Jurassic made it clear to everyone that CGI technology and computer special effects are the best way to create believable and realistic effects. One of the main reasons that computer effects were more visible and successful than other techniques such as stop motion was movement. With this technique, they could make the movements of humans and creatures and other things smooth and close to reality.

Now that 20 years have passed since those days, Hollywood productions seem to have an understanding of believable movements and physics close to reality. They do not and computer images of movies are artificial. In movies like the second part of The Matrix, we saw scenes and movements that were impossible for a real human to perform and had no choice but to show them with computer images. Over the years, Hollywood movies seem to have become carefree about the concept of natural physics and motion, and as a result, audiences no longer sit back and watch them.

And rewrite the physics of our world. Something that probably shook Isaac Newton in the grave.

3. Computer special effects are lavish and eye-catching and come out of movies.

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Whether it is bringing a strange move or an astonishing effect to our eyes in a way that makes us believe and seem real. That is, if the computer effects of a movie work well, we should not notice it at all and say what a good effect. These effects must be performed well enough to solve us within the story and the world of the film, not distract us.

Every time we see a film, we say, "How good was his computer effects!" I can't believe how many hours it took to render and take these pictures! "Every single frame is full of details!" We are deceiving ourselves. If we have noticed and noticed special computer effects, then it means that it did not do its job properly and left the movie. Computer effects are getting worse and worse because instead of tricking us into pretending to be real, they want to be more visible and affect everyone.

4. As image quality improves and resolution increases, computer effects look more artificial

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

We all know That CGI and computer images and effects are not a perfect technique. Several years ago, when SD images were formatted and movies were recorded on negatives, the flaws in the technology became less visible, making everything look more natural and believable.

Filmmakers to Believe They had another interesting solution for bringing computer effects. They deliberately darkened and dimmed the scenes that needed computer and digital effects and effects, adding elements such as smoke and rain so that their shortcomings could not be seen.

With the advent of technology and the advent of 2K cameras and TVs, 4K Work has become harder for filmmakers. We can now clearly see the pores of computer images and special effects. The higher the resolution and the more detailed the images, the less and less effective the CGI becomes.

Exaggerated colors

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Over-saturated color spectrums with smoky orange and green tones all over Models and images are seen, pushing computer effects to the limit. Where everything is repetitive and predictable and there is no more surprise. When they create something computer-generated and want to put it into a scene, they have to use all the factors to make the effects work. But when the color scheme of the image is exaggerated and repulsive, everything seems artificial, including computer special effects.

That's why movies like Jurassic Park or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) are so believable and real. These films include computer-generated images of scenes with natural lighting and realistic coloring.

On the other hand, we have films such as "Transformers" and "The Hunger Games". All of them are filled with an exaggerated amount of orange and green colors, and when we see them, we feel like we are looking at companies' posters and brochures.

What is the result of these stories? Now every movie that uses computer effects and images looks like Marvel superhero movies. The coloring of the latest Jurassic movie you see is a superhero movie, and you wait for Tony Stark to come out of the corner and fight the dinosaurs. These exaggerated colors have worked so that we do not drown in their world while watching movies and immediately realize that the imaginary world or the strange and large creatures we see are a handful of digital and computer designs and do not smell of reality. Where is his magic and sorcery?

6. There is no limit

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors to use computer effects Holds and keeps as far away from it as possible. Nolan relies on field effects on stage to create stunning and stunning images as much as he can and brings most of his images and effects to the front of the camera. In this way, it makes everything more believable and realistic.

But in most cases, Hollywood has no limits to the use of computer effects. Their idea is that "because we can do it, so we do it." They want everything to be done very quickly, the images to be bigger, brighter and more colorful, and 10 times bigger than the previous series. Nolan points out well that "no matter how good, up-to-date, and efficient your computer images are, if you have no real physical components and cornerstones in them, and you have not really filmed any part of it with a camera, it will end up like animation." It seems and the immediate spectator understands the difference with the real things. "

7. Action scenes are predictable. They must be more effective, more complex and more insane than the previous part. These days, different filmmakers use more explosions to engage the audience, instead of focusing on the story, plot, and characterization.

Another big problem is that because we live in a world full of sequels, We are not worried about the main character of the story and we know that he is also present in the next episode and his probability of being killed is zero. No one is in serious and dangerous danger, and everyone will eventually return to their lives safe and sound. If something happens, it is temporary. We all know that the actors have signed contracts to play in several other episodes. As you read this, James Cameron is working on the next three or four episodes of Avatar at the same time!

To be compensated. Characters are constantly placed in more deadly situations in the hope that a small percentage of viewers will believe that this series is different from the previous series.

8. Computer special effects are dangerous

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Computer effects have reached a dangerous point and are almost destroying the film industry It paralyzes. His influence and position has increased to such an extent that he has devoted a large part of his production time, budget and story to himself, and in some situations he has even replaced real characters. To be honest, this technique, which was once amazing and beautiful, has now worsened the quality of the films. If we had spent the energy and money spent on creating computer images to hire better writers, create more dazzling decor, and reduce production time, we would have better movie products now.

Now, because of the damage this technology has done to Hollywood And developers only prefer to invest in projects that are full of computer images. The demand for such films has risen uncontrollably and tastes have changed. And now the only way for the industry to survive is to meet that demand.

Computer special effects make filmmakers lazy

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Computer effects make filmmakers put everything on stage They ruin it, so their minds say, "We'll fix it later." That is why they are so lazy. When they feel comfortable that every vandalism and defect can be fixed behind the computer, they no longer commit to spending much on their film. Why bother to really capture a fight scene when they can turn zero to one hundred in a special effects studio?

Consider Jurassic World, for example. It was the overall situation in the film that they were able to capture with real robots and increase the impact of the scene. But even the close-ups and close-ups of the movie are filled with computer dinosaurs. So where is the passion that filmmakers used to have? Why does it no longer matter to anyone that everything seems believable and very real? It's really upsetting and shows their laziness.

10. Computer special effects make viewers unaccustomed

BingMag.com 10 Reasons Why Computer Special Effects Get Worse, Not Better

Computer effects act like drugs. The more we are exposed to it, the less it affects us, but on the other hand, the more our hearts want to see. It is no longer enough to watch the decor of a room collapse, we want to watch the collapse of a tower and a huge building. We want massive battle scenes to last several minutes, with stunning action situations, and 70,000 man-hours to build.

We are not satisfied with real scenes and believable decors. Today's viewer becomes bored and yawns when confronted with a complex dramatic situation in which only two people are involved and there is no colorful computer effects.

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