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10 points from the boxing club movie that you should know

BingMag.com 10 points from the boxing club movie that you should know

The movie Boxing Club shone at the box office and was considered a classic at the time. There are important points in the film that make it an immortal gem.

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10. Edward Norton's voice as the narrator of the film is very attractive

BingMag.com 10 points from the boxing club movie that you should know

The narration of most films is due to the technique of casual storytelling Is criticized. Instead of conveying the story visually, the authors tend to use the narrator to explain the story, which, of course, only works well in certain cases. In the boxing club, the storytelling with the voice of Edward Norton puts the audience in his troubled mind. Since it is not clear how much of the film is happening and how much of it is formed only in the narrator's mind, it is very exciting to hear the sound of his train of thoughts trying to make everything normal and correct.

9. The plot of the story is still shocking

The surprising ending of the film's story can still shock its new audience over the years. The narrator's confusing description of Tyler's disappearance and Tyler's monologues complicate the story. The notion that this character does not really exist or is present in the mind of another character in the film has been used in several other psychologically terrifying titles, which, of course, have not been as influential as in Fincher's films.

8. The story of the film goes fast

Quiet films may make the audience tired or engage in their thoughts, but they will not attract the audience's attention at all. Faster movies but unforgettable. The storyline in the boxing club moves at a high speed. The cut of the image can be seen in all the scenes, it explores different aspects of the narrator's mind and explains the spread of the crowds in the city in some way.

7. Brad Pitt's role as Tyler is very attractive

BingMag.com 10 points from the boxing club movie that you should know

Tyler's character is very stylish and It is so self-confident that it can easily lead a company's employees to savagery. He talks to the narrator about starting an underground combat club, talks about his life in a soap factory, and convinces him that all this is temporary and that he has higher goals in mind. Brad Pitt brings to life the role of Tyler with his endless charm, and although it has been a long time since the release of the film, it is still one of Brad Pitt's best roles.

6. David Fincher's directing style is always fresh

David Fincher's special style of filmmaking, especially in Boxing Club, is more prominent than his other works. The camera is always moving, the dark and depressing story and the presence of noir style in the story space separate Tyler and the narrator underground life from their normal life in the community very well. David Fincher has used computer images in several very difficult and impossible film shots. The skyscrapers bombed in the commercial areas of the city are one of these scenes.

5. Interesting points that are discovered by watching the movie again

Most movies that have a big unexpected ending will be seen only once because they try to somehow understand the main end to the audience, as soon as the audience can guess it is no longer unexpected. It will not work. Some films, such as the boxing club, very skillfully put small details at the end and core of the story to make the audience eager to see the film again. The narrator somehow predicts the end by beating himself in the boss's office, coming out of the car window at the scene of a car accident, and when he sees Tyler in the doctor's office. The audience can get all these points by watching the film many times.

4. Conflicts in the film are not normal and repetitive. Every time the audience gets used to seeing the bloody scenes of the movie, Hollywood shows a more violent scene and shocks them again. The violence of the boxing club movie is unparalleled even today. It is very difficult to be indifferent to violent scenes such as Tyler's nervous laughter while being beaten by the caf owner.

3. Helena Carter has funny but unorthodox jokes

Boxing Club Actors are somehow connected to Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as narrator and Tyler, Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer as the favorite daughter of both characters It is memorable. He has a lot of flattering but funny jokes.

2. The irony of the capitalist system is clearer than ever. But issues such as greed, corruption and class divisions have not disappeared and become more common, despite the fact that two decades have passed since the film was released in cinemas. The main purpose of the film about capitalism is overlooked by most audiences. The chaotic ending of the film shows that for some reason these systems still exist and unfortunately there is no better and more useful alternative.

Pete and Norton complement each other

BingMag.com 10 points from the boxing club movie that you should know

The dynamic role of the narrator and Tyler as two faces A coin is the existence of real and common feelings and their ability to perform these roles. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt actually played complementary roles, bringing the unique bonds between the two characters from the script to the big screen. Brad Pitt's high self-esteem contrasts with Norton's impatience and sloppiness. The way they interact with each other makes scenes like their two-way conversation in the cafe very attractive.

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