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10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

October 16 is the anniversary of the founding of the Walt Disney Animation Company. It has been 98 years since Walt Disney and his brother started a small animation studio, and over the years, the company has become one of the largest studios in Hollywood. The company also owns 14 amusement parks, 73 companies and several television networks. Over the years, countless cartoon characters have been created by Walt Disney's inventors and creators. Characters who have associated several generations with their magic and portrayed their dreams. The list of favorite characters of each Walt Disney fan may be different, but among the thousands of characters created by this studio, some of them have made an amazing and lasting impact on audiences around the world.

These characters are not necessarily They are not the main characters of the animation and sometimes they even have a small role, but they have an undeniable effect not only on the course of the story, but also on the viewer. On the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of this animation company, we have visited 10 influential Walt Disney characters throughout history. The list is set according to priority in impact and popularity.

1. Mickey Mouse

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • Animation : Ship Steamboat Willie
  • Product : 1928

He can be called the most popular mouse in the world. The black mouse, in big yellow shoes, red shorts and white gloves, has made cinema history as the world's first Oscar-winning cartoon character to star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Walt Disney designed and published "Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit" in 1927, along with Iverx Water, as the first character creations. But a year later their design took a different shape and Mikimaus was born. The first appearance of this lovely mouse was in a short and silent animation called "Crazy Plane" which was released in black and white. But Disney and his colleague officially unveiled the character in a about 8-minute animation called "Willie Steamship" by correcting and improving the design of Mickey Mouse. Interestingly, for many years Walt Disney was the voice actor of this character, and then it was left to other people. Since then, the famous mouse has appeared in more than 130 short and feature films. The probability that no one in the world after the middle of the twentieth century will encounter a picture or image of Mikimaus is close to zero.

2. Jenny, the giant magic lamp (The Genie)

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation strong>: Aladdin
  • Product : 1992

The story of "Aladdin" is taken from the stories of "One Thousand and One Nights" and Before making this animation, many people in the Middle East were familiar with this story. But when the film was released in theaters in the United States in 1992, along with the film's good story and illustrations, Jenny the Magic Lamp became one of Walt Disney's most popular and influential characters. Jenny is a giant, but she does not meet any of the criteria for this mythical creature. Walt Disney introduces Jenny to the audience with her big blue body, singing and sense of humor. The friendship and self-sacrifice that exists between the main character of the story, Aladdin and Jenny, is one of the most important factors in teaching these two issues to the children who have seen this film. But besides all this, we can not talk about Jenny's popularity, not to mention the late Robin Williams, who was the voice actor of this character. Undoubtedly, a large part of Jenny's success and influence goes back to Williams' art.

3. Donald Duck

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation : The Wise Little Hen
  • Product : 1934

For those who have long been fans of Walt Disney products, Donald Duck is as popular as Mickey Mouse. The unlucky duck that most of the bad things in her life are due to her being born on March 13th. Donald Duck, better known as Don, always wears a sailor suit with a yellow pipone and is considered one of the symbols of Walt Disney. After his first appearance, the character appeared in many films, most of which, along with Mickey Mouse, told different stories to children of different generations. After a while, some of his family members also entered Walt Disney stories. One of the most famous members of Donald's family is his uncle Scrooge McDuck, who is known for being stingy. One of the unique features of Donald Duck is the way he speaks, which is the result of the efforts of his favorite voice actor, Clarence Nash. Nash spoke for the duck for 50 years until his death.


BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • Animation : Mickey (Mickey's Revue)
  • Product : 1932

In addition to a clever mouse and an unlucky duck, a stupid character was needed to Complete the main and iconic triangle of Walt Disney characters. Of course, Goofy was designed and published before Donald Duck as Deep Dog, but when it was able to attract the attention of the audience, it was renamed Goofy in 1936 and, along with two other popular characters, has appeared in hundreds of short and feature films and serials to this day. Has been present. Goofy is a humanoid dog whose appearance makes it clear that most of his actions and decisions are not wise. But sometimes he surprises the viewer with his unique behaviors. One of the interesting features of this character is that after a while, a character named his wife entered Walt Disney animations, but without ever revealing the face of this character. Goofy's wife was introduced to the audience with her face covered forever, and this is one of Walt Disney's constant secrets.

5. Simba

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation : The Lion King ( The Lion King)
  • Product : 1994

Perhaps the fact that the "Lion King" animation is one of the top 10 cartoons in history and with The $ 1 billion sales figure is also one of the best-selling films, which seems to be the reason for choosing Simba as one of the most influential Disney characters. But in fact, this young lion, who reaches extraordinary mental and physical strength from a weak creature, is one of the sources of inspiration for many children and even adults who have seen "The Lion King" over the years. Also, the main basis for the formation of this character, which is taken from William Shakespeare's masterpiece, "Hamlet", is another factor that has put it in the center of attention. From the moment of birth, the viewer accompanies Simba and sees the process of his sad life and the way he takes to take revenge on his father from his uncle. After the film, two more sequels were made based on Simba's life at Walt Disney, but it is clear that neither of them was able to replicate the success of the original version of the film. Simba, which in the word and in the language of some African countries means lion, is a symbol of people who suffer a lot to achieve their goal, but do not despair.

6. Maleficent

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation : beautiful sleeping (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Product : 1959

The confrontation of good and evil has always been one of the main themes of Walt Disney Classic animation. For this reason, in some of the works of this studio, the character of evil appeared much more important and colorful than the positive characters of the story. One of the most powerful negative characters in the world of Walt Disney is Malficent or the devil who appears in the form of an evil wizard in the movie "Sleeping Beauty". King Stephen does not invite the witch to his newborn daughter's birthday party, and Malficent casts a spell on the baby to avenge his death at his birthday. But somehow the spell changes and the king's daughter falls into a deep sleep. Malficent was so enduring and popular in the minds of Walt Disney audiences that in recent years, three spin-offs from "Sleeping Beauty" have been made based on this character. The most famous of them, which once again introduced the character of this witch to the audience in a different way after nearly 60 years, is the movie "Malficent" starring Angelina Jolie.

7. Olaf

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation : frozen ( Frozen)
  • Product : 2013

Snowman is always an important and popular character in the real world. Childish enthusiasm for building and completing it is one of the most important reasons why people warm up when it snows and have a few hours of fun. The story of "Frozen", based on Hans Christian Andersen's novel "Snow Queen", is based on good and evil, like all classic Disney productions. That are far apart. Olaf is not only popular because he is a snowman, he is also very influential in the development of the story, and he also delights the audience with his behavior and words. In 2020, a short spin-off based on Olaf's character was made called "Once Upon a Time a Snowman". The short film was acclaimed during the Emmy Awards and was nominated for an award.

8. Woody

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • anime : Story Toy story
  • Product : 1995

Pixar Film Company, owned by George Lucas until 1986, this year by Steve Jobs was acquired, and "Toy Story," the first Pixar animated feature film starring Walt Disney, was made and released in 1995. This animation was one of the most diverse cartoon products in the world at the time and satisfied critics and audiences around the world. But the main character in the toy story is a handsome sheriff named Woody. He wears a cowboy costume in the style of Western movies, and since Andy's favorite doll is the landlord's son, he has become the leader of Andy's room toys. But the arrival of a newcomer upsets everything. Woody's toy and character story came true, one of the dreams of all children in the world, that is, talking and reviving dolls and toys, and because of this, this kind and clever cowboy became one of the favorite characters of the cartoon world and Walt Disney. Many experts consider "Toy Story" to be one of the top 10 animators in the world, and the popularity of this film and Woody's character has progressed to the point that four sequels have been made for this film.

9. Stitch

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • animation : Lilo and Lilo & Stitch
  • Product : 2002

A blue koala with large rabbit-like corners, an extraterrestrial alien , Who is actually a genetic engineer on a mission to Earth, but the viewer falls in love with him. Stitch is a character designed by Christian Anders in 1986 to be released as a children's book character, but was not accepted, and 15 years later Walt Disney, along with a funny girl named Lilo, told the stories of Lilo and Stitch. Although this character complements the story, but he became very famous and popular, and after this film, other serials and movies were made about him. Stitch combines childlike innocence and admirable intelligence, which has made him an influential figure. As East Asian animation companies became very interested in this lovable extraterrestrial being, two series based on this character were made in Japan and China in 2006 and 2008 and received a lot of attention.

10. Ursula

BingMag.com 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

  • Animation : Mermaid The Little Mermaid
  • Product : 1989

Another negative character on our list who plays a prominent role in the story of the "mermaid" "Little" and this makes him one of the main characters in the story. Ursula's design as a fat octopus with her disgusting make-up and strange hairstyle has left her in the minds of many children and teenagers of the previous generation. This wicked woman, who is in fact the wizard of the seas, transforms a mermaid into a human so that she can go to earth and reach her love. But she also transforms into a young girl to win the heart of Prince Eric. Ursula is an absolute evil against the goodness that exists in the existence of the little mermaid, and throughout the film, the audience wants Ursella to perish, but with her unique behavior and speech, at the same time, she denies the impact she has on the viewer. It is impossible. After the movie "Little Mermaid", various spin-offs have been made about this character many times, and many still remember the scary black legs of Ursula when they hear the name of the octopus.

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