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10 memorable moments of delivery of the year in Iranian movies

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

Ancient and traditional beliefs about the time of delivery of the year are present in every Iranian home. Many believe that if you wish in those moments, it will be fulfilled, and some say that at the time of the year of delivery, you will be in any situation until the end of the year. But whatever it is, a few seconds and then the sound of the ball coming in and the famous music of the year of delivery, always has a special atmosphere. In cinema, too, the mood and the final moments of the year and the beginning of the new year have often been the basis for advancing the story, or even in some works, the excuse and purpose of the story. moments that remain in the memory of all cinema lovers. Many lists have been published about the movies whose story takes place on Nowruz, but here we are only going to look at some scenes from the works of Iranian cinema that deal exclusively with the moment of delivery of the year.

1. Spider

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Ebrahim Irjazad
  • Actors: Mohsen Tanabandeh, Sara Bayat, Mahour Alvand
  • Product: 2009

The movie "Spider" is one of the last movies released in 1400. This film is the story of the famous serial killer of the eighties, Saeed Hanaei. A man who killed 16 women in Mashhad in one year. But in the same black film, there is a sequence of delivery of the year, a sequence in which the audience realizes the importance of that moment as the story progresses. In this sequence, we see that the table of the humble seventy-year-old is spread in the house of Saeed and his wife, and the television announces the beginning of the year 1380. Saeed gives his wife a few bracelets as a gift for Eid, which later in the story reveals that these bracelets belong to the women who were killed and abducted by the serial killer.

2. Nafs

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Narges Abyar
  • Cast: Mehran Ahmadi, Panthea Panahia and Sara Normousavi
  • Product: 2015

"Nafs" is based on the narration of a seven-year-old girl named Bahar, who recounts the daily memories of her life and that of her family in the late decade. Fifty narrations. Most of the things that happen in this family life are associated with spring dreams. He has big dreams and loves reading books. Certainly for such a child, the strange moment of the year of delivery and the old sayings that should be wished at that moment are very important. But in the film, the delivery sequence of 1978 is shown very differently. Bahar and her brothers and sister have gathered around the Haftsin table with their grandmother, Grandma, and are waiting for their father to arrive. Electricity has not yet reached the village where they are, and they are sitting by the radio in a candlelight in the dark. The father tells a story about how he gets involved with several lots to support an old man who sells nuts, and in his imagination, Bahar defeats his father's enemies with his magic wand. But suddenly the sound of New Year's Eve music comes from the radio and spring cries out that I forgot to wish. Tomorrow morning he is in pain with God that he has forgotten to wish for his father's shortness of breath to be healed at the end of the delivery year, and now surely God will not grant him his wish.

3. Wooden Bridge

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Mehdi Karampour
  • Cast: Bahram Radan , Hedyeh Tehrani and Mahnaz Afshar
  • Product: 1390

Shirin and Amir intend to emigrate, but political and financial problems arise in their way and Shirin must Go to Dubai alone. Amir is also struggling with many problems in Iran. In the middle of this, the foot of his old love opens to the story. This is a summary of the story of Wooden Bridge, but the sequence of the moment of delivery of the year in this film is completely conceptual and can be generalized to the whole story. Amir and Shirin, who have gone to their northern villa for Eid, make all the necessary purchases for the Haftsin table, and a few minutes before the delivery year, Shirin sets the Haftsin table.

Everything is ready, but Amir's clothes She is still wearing her old one and Shirin asks her to wear something new. Until Amir goes to the room and brings new socks, the year is delivered and Shirin says: "We did not arrive again." The irony of this scene is Amir's old attachments, which are always busy and he is still late with all the speed he spends.

4. Tehran Tehran (Episode: Dating Days)

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Dariush Mehrjoui
  • Actors: Pantea Bahram and Ghorban Najafi
  • Product: 2009

"Tehran Tehran", which was originally supposed to be built under the name "Tehran, a city in search of beauty" Due to the death of Saifullah Dad, one of its directors, it was made in two episodes, "Days of Familiarity" and "The Last Wire". In the first episode, directed by Dariush Mehrjoui, old Tehran and the unique works and buildings of this city are discussed. But the story of the film starts a few minutes before the delivery year of 2009. In an old and used house in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran, a family There are four people living.

The family, who have two small children, have packed up their sevens and are waiting for the delivery of the year when the roof of the house suddenly collapses due to heavy rain and the whole room is covered with mud and dirt. The sound of screams and the devastation that ensues draws the neighbors to the family home, and each person in turn is commenting and trying to help the neighbor, which is delivered by the sound of music on TV. All the neighbors next to each other and in the yard of that almost ruined house, hug each other and congratulate each other. One of those crowded and noisy scenes, but spectacular and calculated that can only be seen in Mehrjoui's films. Of course, at the end of this episode, the new friends that the family has found, with their financial and human help, are repairing and renovating the family's house in order to preserve this old building.

5. Yalda Night

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Kiomars Pourahmad
  • Cast: Mohammad Reza Forootan , Elham Charkhandeh and Parvindokht Yazdanian
  • Product: 2001

"Yalda Night" is perhaps one of the most important films in Iranian cinema, in which the passage of one year can be completed in a timely manner Experienced an hour and a half movie. Hamed, the main character of the story, is sad about the departure of his wife Mahnaz and his child, and although he is not satisfied with Mahnaz's asylum issue, when he realizes their financial problems, he sells some of his furniture and car a few days before Nowruz. The house has become colder and colder, but in the same circumstances, Hamed has arranged a small week.

At the time of the year of delivery, he leaves an old film about Mahnaz and his daughter and calls his mother. After that, Mahnaz calls from Sweden and Hamed is talking to her and her daughter, when suddenly part of the roof of the house collapses and she falls on her seventies. While Hamed is talking to his daughter and trying to make a happy voice, the fish that has come out of the cramp gathers the pieces of the broken dishes and re-arranges the seven trays. An image that accurately shows the disintegrated life of Hamed, which is gradually being closed in the new year.

6. Glass Agency

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia
  • Cast: Parviz Parastavi , Habib Rezaei and Reza Kianian
  • Product: 1997

Haj Kazem, an old fighter, is trying to send his comrade Abbas to the front in London for treatment. But in the meantime, the crowds of Eid night and the flights that are full of passengers hinder their work. Haj Kazem also decides to deal with this incident in the style of war and takes the customers and employees of an airline agency hostage. Everything is not going well and it becomes a political and security issue. But Hajj Kazem goes to the end and they board the plane with Abbas. The plane has not yet left the Iranian border when Abbas asks Hajj Kazem to put his hand on his neck. Hajj Kazem puts his bloody hand on Abbas's neck and begins to tell a joke about the days of war, when he suddenly notices the coldness of Abbas's body and his death. At the same time, Ahmad, who is in charge of their security, brings water to Abbas and announces that the year has been handed over. Haj Kazem also asks that we return to Tehran if we do not leave Iran.

7. White Balloon

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Jafar Panahi
  • Cast: Fereshteh Sadr Arfaei And Aida Mohammadkhani
  • Product: 1373

Perhaps the most important film in Iranian cinema dedicated to the delivery of the year is "White Balloon". The story of the film, written by Abbas Kiarostami, tells the story of a girl who wants to buy a hot fish for the weekly table, but her family is not in a good financial position. After many requests, just a few hours before the delivery year, his mother finally agrees to give him 200 tomans to buy the fish. But the money is lost, and when the money is found, the banknote falls back into the vent of a shop.

While the fish have been bought and there is a tightness in the girl's hands, they run towards the house and at the same moment, the sound of knocking the ball comes and the beginning of 1374 solar year is announced as a narration.

8. Devil's Day

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Behrooz Afkhami
  • Actors: Attila Pesyani , Ali Dehkordi and Abdolreza Akbari
  • Product: 1373

One of the monarchist groups in Paris has a plan to overthrow Iran. The first step in this plan is to gradually insert the parts of a small atomic bomb. The parts of the bomb are imported by eleven people separately and under the cover of ordinary passengers' belongings, but by an accident that happens to one of the carriers of the bomb, a piece of the bomb falls into the hands of the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the mission is revealed. This accident, which changes the course of the case, occurs at exactly the moment of the year of delivery. The consignee takes a taxi from Mehrabad Airport to take him to his residence, lights a cigarette in the driver's direction, and sneezes at a dark intersection in the middle of the night. He gets caught and this causes him not to see the trailer coming from the opposite point. The taxi is completely destroyed and the driver and the carrier of the bomb are killed. As soon as the driver sneezes, the sound of the ball and the announcement of the start of the new year can be heard on the car radio.

9. Sunny Man

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Homayoun Asadian
  • Cast: Akbar Abdi , Hamid Jeblai and Fatemeh Motamedaria
  • Product: 1995

Two friends named Hamid and Akbar go to Japan for work, but there are differences between them on which the story goes. . In the meantime, Hamid falls ill and Akbar decides to match the cost of his operation. The delivery sequence of the year in this film is exactly the moment of reconciliation between Hamid and Akbar. After hugging, at the seventh table, everyone starts praying and the year is over. A small seven-seater tablecloth that has brought everyone together again in exile.

10. Kamal al-Mulk

BingMag.com 10 <b>memorable</b> <b>moments</b> of <b>delivery</b> of the <b>year</b> in <b>Iranian</b> movies

  • Director: Ali Hatami
  • Cast: Jamshid Mashayekhi , Ezatullah Entezami and Mohammad Ali Keshavarz
  • Product: 1983

Ali Hatami, with his prejudice against the elements of stage design and showing Iranian etiquette in his films and works, is one of the prominent Has shown the most scenes of the delivery of the year in Iranian cinema in the film "Kamal al-Molk". This film, which deals with the life of the great Iranian painter, begins with the delivery sequence of 1313 AH, which coincides with 1275 AH. In this sequence, all the details of a completely Iranian Haftsin table can be seen, and we see Nasser al-Din Shah playing Ezzatullah Entezami among the heads and emirs of the country in Golestan Palace, who is reciting the Qur'an and the prayer for the end of the year. In another view outside the palace, royal balls can be seen, which announce the beginning of the new year and move the apples and fish from the sound of this explosion.

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