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10 human heroes who are as good as Batman superheroes

While Batman is well known and popular in the world of demons, there are other heroes like him, without supernatural powers, who are just as attractive and remarkable as he is. p>

If you ask Batman's two-fire fans why they like him, most of them will probably answer, "He's a normal person." When we compare Batman to the other gods that live in his world, we find that he is just a human being, and that being human makes him a hero available to fans.

Yet many other heroes who Just like Batman, they are human beings and lack supernatural powers, who are not as well known and popular as he is.

10. Nick Fury

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Although he has always been known as the force behind the scenes, Nick Fury is one of the most humane characters in the world. Is a superhero. He is both fearless on the battlefield and does vital things like shaping the Shield organization.

The main question about Nick Fury's character is whether he really is. Is he a hero? Ultimately, all the tough decisions he makes and all the things he does serve the only principle he believes in; The good of society.

9. Victor Zeus

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Question, originally named Victor Zeus, was created by Steve Ditko. Just like the popular heroes of the old days, Victor Zeus used a mask and ordinary clothes to fight the criminals in the streets. What is being said about the question today is that he is responding to conspiracies with martial arts. The legacy of the question manifests itself in the classic Watchmen comic book series; While other characters are based on Charleston heroes, Rorschach's character is based on questions.

8. Shang-chi

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

For the vast audience that followed the comic books, Shang-chi was a hero to Fighting opponents had only his martial arts, until in the story of Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, he was able to gain supernatural powers as well.

It is the peak that relies only on its human skills. Shang-chi was born in the Marvel black-and-white comic books. He has since worked for the IAEA, worked for other organizations, and joined the Avengers on several occasions. Slowly devoting oneself to the path of skill acquisition is more fruitful than having some unusual power.

Devin Taylor

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

The character of Night Thrasher is the leader of a new generation of fighters; Marvel Youth Super Team. In a non-adapted story, Devin witnesses the death of his wealthy parents as a child, turning him into a crime-fighting force.

Batman is different, although they both wear special masks and costumes, but Knight Trescher uses more sports equipment, which makes him look like the heroes of the nineties. This suit is very suitable for Knight Tcher, because he often uses skateboards in battle scenes. He even managed to tame Jagernat once with his skateboard.

6. Green Arrow

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Although the character of the Green Arrow may have been influenced by the Crusaders, But this character has grown a lot since he was born today. Ever since O'Neill and Adams unveiled the character in their story, Green Arrow has become a socially intelligent hero.

Oliver Quinn's passion for helping people made him Become the mayor of Star City. Green Arrow is allowed to be more flexible than Batman. He befriends his young co-worker, Roy Harper, and this leads Roy Harper to use drugs.

. Although these defeats do not make him a better champion, they do make a sincere effort to make up for his mistakes.

Matt Hawks BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Probably the most well-known Western character in the Marvel comic books is the Two-Gun Kid, who He has dealt with werewolves, demons, and other invincible negative characters, relying only on his two Colt weapons. has brought. He has developed close friendships with Hawkeye and She-Hulk and has become one of the main members of the Avengers.

His extraordinary looks and self-confidence make him an attractive hero. The duo is also a funny hero, because just like Captain America, he is a man far removed from his time.

4. Wildcat

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Ted Grant is a heavyweight boxing superhero. He has nothing but his intelligence and punches, and yet he was one of the main members of the first superhero team in history; American Justice Society. In some parallel worlds, Wildeck was the one who trained Batman and the other members of the Justice League. put. In fact, Wildect has a special ability that does not affect his boxing skills; The name of this ability is not to have life. This ability has been forgotten and forgotten by most readers and fans.

3. The Phantom

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

The Phantom is a superhero that has been selling better titles than Superman to the world for several years. Give comic books as gifts. The Phantom is similar to the classic heroes in terms of clothing, but the comic strip's medium-sized visuals allowed it to wear colorful costumes. This is a form that has survived in modern superheroes since the Phantom.

Like other heroes of the day, Kate Walker did not rely on transcendental abilities. Instead, he based his work on physical strength, intelligence, and technology, just as Batman continued to do a few years later.

The Union Jack

BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

The Union Jack cloak is worn by three men; James Falsworth, Brian Falsworth and Joe Chapman. Brian eventually injected himself with a superhero serum, and Joe was possessed by the Pendragon spirit for a while, but Union Jack has always been an executive force, without supernatural powers, for the British government.

For itself, it is a trained struggle that protects Britain and its allies. Union Jack occasionally collaborates with Steve Rogers and appears in pages of Captain America comic books.


BingMag.com 10 <b>human</b> <b>heroes</b> <b>who</b> are as <b>good</b> as <b>Batman</b> superheroes

Although Dick Grayson began his career as an assistant, he was successful. He was able to shine under the shadow of Batman. Although he may not have been able to increase his physical strength as much as his master, his growing up in the circus has given him tremendous flexibility. In addition, given his experience with young heroes, he is a better leader than Batman. .

What really sets him apart from others and makes him a better hero than his godfather is his personality. Dick makes timely and compelling jokes, and it's easier to get close to and trust him than Batman. Nightwing is also one of Dysy's most valuable characters, who has always been able to save stories in times of crisis.

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