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10 Horror Movies That Have Amazing Sound Design

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

Different elements need to be used to make an attractive and successful Horror film; Various elements to create the highest level of anxiety and fear in the audience. Principled use of these elements can separate the film from an artificial format and turn it into a truly terrifying and tangible experience. One of the most important elements of any film, especially in the Horror genre, is the design of the Sound and music. Before introducing successful examples in this field, it is better to pay a little more attention to the design of sound, its tools and processes, and what role Sound designers play in the final stages of creating an effect.

The work of a Sound designer in the post-stage Production begins. Most of the sounds we hear in the movie, including music, ambient Sound and even dialogue, Have been added after production. No matter how good the soundtrack is, the Sound recorded in the environment is usually not very good; As a result, Sound designers cut it short and add appropriate Sound elements depending on the type of scene.

In some cases, these Sound elements are sounds That do not exist in the world. Like the voices of space creatures or the transformation of machines in "Transformers" movies. Designers combine these sounds into hundreds of smaller sounds, translating the specific feeling That the image is trying to create into the language of the sound.

In other cases, the Sound elements to be added to the film are real sounds. . The sounds That are produced in this case are the same sounds That our ears hear in normal environments. However, this does not make the job easier. Even in a simple scene like people walking in a building, all the sounds are added later; The Sound of footsteps, the Sound of the room, the Sound of clothes being worn, the traffic outside the room, the opening of doors, the turning on or off of lights. Combined in the created environment. The final step is to add any music or voice to the narrator.

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So in a nutshell, the designer's job Sound creates an audio environment to enhance and enhance the sensation That the viewer is supposed to capture from the image. Sound design is especially important for films in the Horror genre, where the main effort is to create a sense of fear through various and sometimes unknown factors.

1. The Eyes of My Mother

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • year of production >: 2016
  • Director : Nicholas Pasche
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 78 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 63 out of 100

Minimalism in Nicholas Pasche's film is the main factor That makes it an attractive Horror film. He does not use Horror soundtracks or random music to show the approach of horror. He does not even use a jumper. The result of this minimalism is a completely new and efficient example of horror. Examples That use the squeak of wood, the chirping of birds, the cutting of knives, and even simple, short dialogues to highlight specific aspects of the story. Is approaching. There is no sign in the Sound design That indicates something terrible has happened. However, as the scene progresses, most of us get the feeling That something is wrong. The man seems far removed from the general context of the conversation, answering questions at an astonishing rate and avoiding topics he does not want to go into detail, all with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.>

Music has been added to this scene of the film since the tension was already palpable. Thus, music acts not as an indicator of horror, but as a subtle highlighter of That feeling. This music adds to the tension of the scene and creates a terrifying dynamic in the scene That is needed to create a layer of Horror That wraps our hearts and intestines.

However, in most cases, "my mother's eyes" It is an extremely calm film. Its tendency to use naturalistic Sound design instead of soundtrack is part of what makes it unique and terrifying more than any other example.


BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of production : 2008
  • Director : Bruce McDonald
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 84 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 54 out of 100

Pontipol's genius lies precisely in its Sound design. This film is a zombie-based film That takes place on a radio station and, due to its thematic nature, has the quality of a radio play. In fact, the story was originally written for both a feature film and a radio play, and was heavily influenced by Orson Welles's famous book, War of the Worlds. For this reason, the section can The focus of the film is on Sound and dialogue.

One of the reasons Pontipol is so influential is That it is so focused on its impact and style. Much of the film revolves around people on a radio station who hear the news of a horrific event. As people call the radio station, our heroine (played by Stephen McHatti) hears desperate cries for help and distressing pleas. These calls are carefully voiced. Everything from static Sound to the actor's sublime singing and soft but disturbing music evokes an extremely disturbing situation for the viewer. But the film still takes time and does not fully open its hand until it reaches the second part.

After all, the film's real focus is on language. You will realize the importance of this issue by watching the movie and we will not reveal anything here. But the very choice of language as an element of panic shows the importance of Sound design in Pontiopol. There are few Horror Movies That pay as much attention to such small details. Details such as how to layer phone calls, cast and music without replacing one element with another. Paying attention to all of this in a way That is effective enough is a delicate process That Pontipol has handled well.

3. Others (The Others)

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of Production : 2001
  • Director : Alejandro Amnabar
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 84 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 74 out of 100

This Horror film uses more traditional aspects of Sound design. Showing the terrifying parts with music, jumpers and focusing on the soundtrack and its effect on creating a sense of Horror in the film is very tangible. However, the way all of this is implemented and the attention to detail makes "Others" a distinct film from other Horror films. So yes, while the same Sound tactics are used throughout the film, they are embedded in the film in a way That has become quite a natural part of the film's aesthetic and, unlike many Horror films, is not an artificial element That attempts to create a sense of horror. For example, consider the scene where Grace walks into a room full of white cloth. The beginning of this scene is almost silent, and only occasionally can the Sound of his shoes be heard on the hardwood floor of the room. As the tension on the stage intensifies with Grace's paranoia, a sudden Sound and wave of music is heard That reflects her new emotional state. In this way, the music does not try to force fear, but is used to bring the viewer closer to the feeling of grace. This reflects the clever design of the Sound because the whole sequence is built around Grace's declining sanity more than anything else. Sound design feeds the narrative and vice versa.

If you watch the film for the second time, new dimensions of Sound design will be revealed to you. When the viewer becomes aware of the film's narrative and symbolic twist, everything takes on a new layer of meaning, especially the whispers Grace hears as she searches for the house.


BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of production : 2019
  • Director : Jordan Graham
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 88 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score <82 out of 100

Although "Saturn" was a low-budget Horror film That did not go unnoticed, it did feature some of the most poignant Sound designs in Horror cinema. This movie can be found. Aside from an interesting story That blends reality and imagination (played by Nani in the film, directed by Jordan Graham's grandmother, who believes That Sator's story is completely real), the film uses clever filmmaking tricks to intensify the story. .

One of the most obvious tricks the film uses to do this is to use Nani's actual recorded voice in a scene where she talks about "Saturn", which creates a magical quality. Give the stage an eerie. These audio clips are included throughout the film, including when our main character, Pete, sits in his wooden hut and we see him through the image of rail cameras. The combination of the sharp, deep tone of the bread and the aggressive and almost crippling darkness of the cabin creates a sense of Horror That plunges the film into a unique kind of suspension. Which has been used to intensify panic. Although there is a soundtrack throughout the film (music That Graham composed using everything from pots and pans to bass guitars with violin bows), the same music sits beautifully in the background. So, while the Sound of a waterfall may not be scary in itself, it does With Graham's music and shadowy images, they all work together best to create a terrifying atmosphere.

Fear often arises from something That is not shown but is felt. "Saturn" Sound design always shows That something exists, even if the film's illustration shows something else.

5. Lake Mungo

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of production : 2008
  • Director : Joel Anderson
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 96 out of 100
  • Score Metacritic : -

"Mongo Lake" is unique in That it takes on a documentary style and is fully committed to it. The Sound design of this film also reflects this well. While the soundtrack is sporadically performed in the film, it never damages the performances. In fact, Lake Mongo is a perfect example of a lesser-known filmmaker.

Much of Lake Mongo comes with interview-style performances by the characters. In many scenes, photographs and documentaries are attached to these conversations. Therefore, playing music from the beginning to the end of the film will only turn the annoying suspension of the film into something ridiculous. Anderson recognized this cleverly, selecting and adding unusual music to the film only at certain moments, with unusual music, full of scary rhythms and almost mechanical screams. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing. . No two films are alike, and each film requires its own approach to Sound design. "Mongo Lake" also cleverly shapes its Sound design to match its documentary style. The result is a film That seems extremely real and believable.

6. Wind (The Wind)

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • year of production : 2018
  • Director : But Tommy
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 81 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 66 out of 100

"Wind" is one of the most exciting films on this list. The story of the film revolves around a woman who lives in a house in Dashti. As a result, at the scene of the narrative, the howl of the "wind" assumes an almost ominous quality. The whirlwind of the storms, the shaking of clothes on the leash and the whisper of the nature of the life of the protagonist Lizzie. To the extent That these sounds become almost white at the beginning of the film. However, as the film progresses, the same sounds intensify Lizzie's paranoia and fear.

In one scene, Lizzie is shown in her house whispering That she hears the doorbell. When he opens the door, all he hears is the roar of the wind. The candles behind her go out, and as Lizzie desperately tries to light them again, the wind blows harder and knocks on the closed door. The music continues throughout the scene and disappears until it becomes clear That no one is in front of Lizzie's house. The intensity of the music in this scene makes the viewer unable to pay attention to anything but Lizzie's declining health, growing fear and loneliness on the plain.

"Wind" is also unique in terms of playing with the viewer's expectations. . Unlike some of the other films on this list, "Wind" offers a more vague horror. While the film seems to be trying to show That something supernatural is going on, it is possible That Lizzie's fear, and therefore the film's suspense and horror, is due solely to her isolation.

7. The Strangers

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of Production : 2008
  • Director : Brian Bertino
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 48 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 47 out of 100

When Brian Bertino first decided to make "Strangers", his goal was not to make a Horror film, but to make a "terror" film. . The difference between the two is That the Horror of the film does not arise from the main environment of the story, for example, a house on a hill That holds a dark secret, but rather That the heroes are trapped inside the house and look at the horrible events outside. In doing so, he has completely changed the usual structure of Horror films. Bertino's approach to film Sound design has been just as destructive. Instead of relying on disturbing text music That occasionally jumps out of scary scenes, he uses special sounds to break a terrifying surface of silence. The soundtrack may be the most famous example, but Bertino uses the Sound of metal scratching, knocking, and even breaking glass specifically to break the film's permanent silence. The same Sound design in "Strangers" and the sudden failure of tension in a scary way Sadly, this gives the film a unique twist.

But the point That draws the most attention in the film is That these jumps do not seem to be a hand-held trick. It is true That jump scares are often the filmmaker's first strategy for intimidation, but the tension That Bertino exerts is not easily achieved. Many of the scenes, including the ones, involve the jumping of music drowning in suspension, and this Sound turbulence is not only enough to make the audience jump out of their seats, but also causes their bones to tremble.

8. The Lodge

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of production : 2019
  • Director : Veronica Franz and Surin Fiala
  • Raton Tomitoz Score : 74 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 64 out of 100

"Cottage" is perhaps the most special film on this list because its narrative depends on its approach to Sound design. The film takes place in a snowy lodge where two children and their father's girlfriend (who will soon become their stepmother) are trapped during a blizzard. What follows is a shock to the viewer from the shock of paranoia, shock and fear. Grace, played by Riley Q, hears annoying noises at home at night and sees hallucinations from her past when she was a member of a cult.

Like many Horror films, much of the "cottage" Sound design It also benefits from the contrast between silence and sound. However, the film's directors, Veronica Franz and Surin Fiala, took a similar approach to Kubrick's "shine" when setting up the "cottage." The "cottage", like the hotel "Derakhsh", looks big and attractive at first, then its scary and not so attractive layers are displayed. The Sound design of this film similarly reflects this method of gradually exfoliating the truth with the appearance of special musical motifs, including playing an unforgettable version of the music "Nearer My God to Thee" while Grace He wanders around the hut in the dark.

Just like "Wind," the film's Sound design is directly related to Grace's mental health and gradual mental breakdown. But the Sound design in this film goes beyond That and is directly related to his past psychological traumas in the cult. The viewer then wonders if something supernatural is happening in the cottage or if it is Grace who is gradually taking revenge on her. It is the use of these motifs That distinguishes the "cottage" and gives us a direct insight into Grace's inner dialogue, without the need to say a word from the actor.

9. Cat People

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of Production : 1942
  • Director : Jacques Turner
  • Raton Tomitoz Score : 91 out of 100
  • Score Metacritic : 62 out of 100

"Cat People" is best known for its director Tournor's remarkable use of light, and there are many reasons for this. . Turner turned what seemed like a ridiculous and silly concept to B films (low-budget films) into a truly eerie one. For this reason, less has been said about the Sound design of the film. In addition, in the 1940s, while no doubt more attention was paid to Sound design than in previous years, the focus was still on the camera: filming, lighting, framing. When the film was released, Sound had only been in the cinema for fifteen years. As a result, Sound design was still a new technology, and although there were many films That paid attention to sound, the main focus was not on it. It is also uniquely subtle in the Horror genre. Much of the Sound design of this period is defined by strange music and sudden bites and shocks. It's really fun to go back to this movie and see That Turner has given up on That genre. This can be seen in the memorable scene of "Chase", where our main character IRNA is walking on a deserted street. The Sound of footsteps to magnify the fear on stage is magnified to be fully heard. The footsteps in this scene give depth and space to the street and at the same time show That our main character is really being chased. That is the role of the latter in promoting the former. With poor Sound design in this scene, the scene becomes completely useless or at least ineffective. When these two elements, Sound and image, are combined, they depict a torturous scene That is still scary even after 80 years.

10. Hush

BingMag.com 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Movies</b> <b>That</b> <b>Have</b> <b>Amazing</b> <b>Sound</b> Design

  • Year of Production : 2016 li>
  • Director : Mike Flanagan
  • Raton Tomitosis Score : 93 out of 100
  • Metacritic Score : 67 out of 100

"Hiss" is a unique film for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the way the Sound is designed. The film is about a deaf woman named Maddie who finds out That a man is trying to break into her house. Flangang not only designs the film's Sound in a way That gives us insight into the emotional state and fashion perspective, but also cleverly uses the design to feed into the plot. Maddie, for example, does not know when a man is behind her because she cannot hear him. In addition, Maddie is often unaware when characters are killed. This creates a new dimension of vulnerability for our hero, and as the film progresses, the same vulnerability makes the film more intense and exciting.

Vision is fashionable. The opening scene of the film was shot in the same style. Maddie is cooking and we can see from her perspective That she does not hear the Sound of skewers being fried, a knife passing through an onion or garlic. The whole film is not shot with this technique and there are many parts in the film That the viewer can hear everything clearly. This is a smart choice for filmmaking That does not allow us to say with certainty That Madi is deaf.

Source: Taste of Cinema

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