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10 French horror movies for special cinema audiences

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

We know France best for its movies and love stories, but its filmmakers also have exemplary skills in making horror films. horror films that are unlike any other work are fundamentally different from the genres of horror we usually see in America and Hollywood. li>

If you have never been to a French horror movie and have not exposed yourself to their naked violence and excitement, join us to introduce you to 10 of these movies. These movies have everything you can think of, from the evil and dangerous monsters to the girls who killed people with a chainsaw. But be aware that they are not suitable for all tastes, so if you hate slasher and bloody movies or can not tolerate strange stories with unusual subjects, it is better not to go to the movies on this list.

10. High Tension

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2003 >
  • Director: Alexandre Aja
  • Cast: Cecil de France, Maywin, Philippe Neon
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.8 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 41%

Tension Known for its ultimate surprise and shocking acclaim among moviegoers, it's one of the best French horror movies that comes to mind from time to time.

Marie and Alexia have decided to spend the weekend together. Have fun and go to Alexia's parents's house. Everything looks great and heartwarming, until a savage and ruthless killer kills Alexia's family and kills them, and kidnaps Alexia herself. A weekend that was supposed to be a full-blown pastime is going to be a bloody hell. Its ending contains one of the most exciting surprises, which is really unexpected and gives a completely different meaning to the whole story. If you like the surprises of Might Knight Shyamalan's model, High Tension movie will have some interesting surprises for you.

9. Climax (Climax)

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2018
  • Director: Gaspar Noe
  • Cast: Sophia Butella, Roman Girmick, Soheila Yaghoub
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 68%

Gaspar Noe is the most controversial The directors of the last few years have been constantly surprising audiences by making unconventional films. When we hear Gaspar Noe's name, we are reminded of controversy, recollection of scenes and scenes that are not easy to watch, and shocking situations that have no consideration. The culmination of this was Irreversible, a vengeful and violent story with really disturbing scenes that shocked the audience with its cluttered and non-linear narrative. The climax is not irreversibly unusual and insane, but it is still a unique experience.

A number of dancers and dancers come together to practice a full night in an old school building. The drinks stand and everyone is having a good time, until someone throws LSD in their drinks away from their eyes, and as a result, everyone gets delusions, and this night full of excitement gradually becomes like an inexhaustible nightmare. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true horror of Body horror comes in. He catches himself and astonishes and shocks his spectator.

8. Possession

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 1981
  • Director: Angie Zhoufowski
  • Cast: Isabel Ajani, Sam Neal, Margit Carstensen
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 91%

Capture one It is one of the strangest films of the 80's and tells the story of a woman whose personal life is affected by her mental state and she can not distinguish reality from fantasy. Anna, suddenly and for no apparent reason, tells her husband Mark that she wants to divorce him. Mark later finds out that a man named Heinrich is having an affair with his wife, and he is probably the reason for this. Everything so far seems like a typical couple drama, until the film adds scary creatures with deformed bodies and scary twins and frozen limbs to the equation, and the audience's expectations are dashed.

Capturing a dark and annoying film. , like all well-made horror movies. Watching this movie is a unique experience, and Isabel Ajani plays a role so that you can not take your eyes off her pictures.

7. Martyrs

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2008
  • Director: Pascal Loggia
  • Cast: Marjaneh Alavi, Millenn Champagne
  • User Rating IMDb to Movie: 7.1 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 64%

Usually this movie is rated as one The most stressful horror movies of the last few years are mentioned. The film's harrowing and painful story is about a woman who seeks revenge on a family member who brutally tortured her as a child. It is better not to tell them the reason for this bloody act now, because we are not going to know about it until the end of the film, and this dark, deep and shocking subject should be explored for you in due time, as the filmmakers want.

Watch The film of martyrs is not an easy task. It is full of annoying situations and images full of violence and bloodshed that may deeply upset many. But in the midst of this naked and unbridled violence, lies a deep and important theme that you will never forget once you understand it, and it will keep your mind engaged for a long time.

6. Borders (Frontier (s))

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2007
  • Director: Javier Genes
  • Cast: Carina Testa, Orlean Wick, Samuel Le Bihan
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 55%

If the other movies on this list seem extreme and awkward, wait to see this one. A number of young criminals flee Paris to seek freedom, but very soon, when they stop at a suburban residence, they are caught in a much worse and more painful situation. In these horror movies, they always go to marginal and remote places.

Apparently, this dreadful residence is run by a group of bloodthirsty Nazis, who take full advantage of their remote location and do whatever they want to travelers. The unfortunate characters of the film are forced to accept the crazy rules of these Nazis because otherwise the irreparable consequences await them. If you like movies like "Saw", be sure to watch this movie too.

5. Blue (Livid)

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2011
  • Director: Julien Murray, Alexander Bostillo
  • Cast: Catherine Jacob, Marie-Claude Petragala, Chloe-Claude
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 5.7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 90%

Compared to the first film of the two directors, it has less naked violence and may be less annoying, but the current fear and horror in its moments is not something you will forget soon after watching it.

4. Raw

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2016
  • Director: Julia Ducorno
  • Cast: Gruns Marilie, Ella Ramf, Laurent Lucas
  • strong> IMDb users rating for movie: 7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitosis rating: 92%

If a vegetarian, for When he hears it for the first time in his life, what will happen?

This is the question that the raw film asks, and it gives the answer to the viewer in the most horrible and bloody way possible.

Justin is a girl He is a veterinary student whose life is completely turned upside down after attending college, and he forces himself to eat raw meat in order to be in the same group and have a place among the others. But he himself does not know that this work is supposed to awaken an insatiable thirst and desire in him, and to leave the wild and violent part that he had housed deep inside like a monster. Doing so is not really an easy task. It gets weirder by the moment and scene by scene, challenging the viewer. Justin gradually becomes interested in human flesh and awakens cannibalistic tendencies in him. This horrific change in the film is narrated in detail and the story goes on patiently to reveal the various layers of his character to the audience. Raw is an annoying and even multifaceted movie that will probably break your heart after watching it. So go to it with caution or if you are not a fan of this kind of movies, do not go to it at all.

3. Les Yeux Sans Visage

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 1960
  • Director: George Franjo
  • Cast: Pierre Brasseur, Edith Scooby, Alida Wali
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 7.7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 98%
French horror film from the 60's that approaches its subject with strange delicacy and creates scary situations that penetrate under the skin of the viewer. The story is about a girl named Christian who is imprisoned by her father, a father who wants to give her a new face because he mutilated her face during an accident years ago and now he feels very guilty. The now-insane father abducts young women, peels off their faces and knocks on every door to give his daughter a new face. But we all know that such a thing is not possible.

A ceramic mask covers Christian's face all the time and therefore looks like a scary mannequin or doll that can only convey its senses with its eyes.

Faceless Eyes is a deeply influential and moving horror film that has found a special place among the films of this genre and many have been inspired to tell their own stories.

2. Revenge

BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2017
  • Director: Coralie Farga
  • Cast: Matilda Lutz, Kevin Jansens, Vincent Columbus
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.4 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 93%

Revenge stories always They are attractive and engaging. Now when you combine this kind of storytelling with the horror genre, you come up with a top-notch formula and get the best results possible. They come at once from the boy's friends and, like uninvited guests, stir the jinn's joy. One of them rapes the genie, and after this tragic incident, the genie's boyfriend throws her down a cliff to close the case of their journey forever. But the jinn miraculously survives and goes to them for revenge. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true revenge of a horror movie comes into play. We see the whole story of this film from the perspective of the girl and put ourselves in her place. That is why at all minutes, deadly anxiety and tension take over our necks and do not let go. In addition to creating scary and terrifying situations, revenge also has high-pitched action scenes that draw the viewer to the end.


BingMag.com 10 <b>French</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> for <b>special</b> <b>cinema</b> audiences

  • Product: 2007
  • Director: Julien Murray, Alexander Bostillo
  • Cast: Ayman Saidi, Beatrice Dahl, Natalie Russell
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating: 85%

The film is probably best known for its unconventional and truly bizarre storyline: a woman attacks a pregnant woman to steal a baby inside her womb. But the main theme of the film is the mother spirit and how far a pregnant woman is willing to go to save herself and her child.

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You will read the names of Julien Murray and Alexandre Bostillo once or twice on this list, two directors who are skilled in making violent French horror films with strange ideas and subjects. It was within the first feature film they made, and by creating situations full of fear and apprehension and anxiety, they managed to impress the audience. Seeing the film inside, like most of the works on this list, is not an easy task and requires its own audience.

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