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10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

We all know many Disney characters who have sweet love stories. In this article, we have named 10 other Disney characters that deserve a love story. Recorded in the history of his studio. Hundreds of weddings and romantic events are held every year inspired by the best Disney couples or romantic scenes from one of their movies, but there are still some couples and characters who are deprived of this honor.

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They may be somewhat forgotten, overlooked, or just lack a love story They are unique, but there are dozens of Disney characters who deserve a bit of a relationship and a love story. It certainly does not hurt the studio and makes animation fans love these characters more than ever.

10. Milo and Kida from the Atlantis animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

Be honest, Milo and Kida are probably one They have some of the most realistic relationships of Disney animated characters, but it is still a relationship that needs further research. Although the sequel was made, there must be something special about the couple that their courtship is at the forefront of their story.

The reason they need a love story and eventually marriage is that they both do the same thing. Are what another is looking for. Milo spent his life searching for proof of Atlantis, and Kida wanted to understand and interpret the culture of his people. There are several scenarios that could be a great sequel to this sci-fi classic.

Stitch and Angel in Lilo and Stitch animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

during this animated series At Disney Channel, Stitch became a popular interest as he and Lilo struggled to collect Jumba's lost experiments. Angel, or Experiment 624, was the girl of his dreams, yet he appeared in only a few episodes.

She has been seen with him in countless exhibitions and in parks, but none of them have a true love story. . It does not have to be too complicated, but a beautiful and lovely event that is suitable for both will definitely make the fans very happy.

8. Open and Jesse in Toy Story animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

The relationship between open and Jesse according to The comedic form is fascinating and mature, but it is a relationship that has only been ridiculed in the case of toy story films. In the case of Toy Story 4, the pairing of the two characters was done only to advance the story, but has not really been considered at all since.

There is no need for a full movie, although this is for Woody and Bo were honest, but a short film showing the couple in a romantic setting would be a romantic comedy done with a touch of Pixar genius.

Mr. Amazing and Elastigerl in The Incredibles animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

They were previously married in both "Wonders" movies, but that does not mean that their relationship has been taken care of enough. Both films focus primarily on family members, and while this is very good, the relationship between Bob and Helen occasionally breaks down.

They are two of the few Disney heroes who They are a real couple and their marriage alone can create its own sequel. Since their first film starts on their wedding day, it might be a good idea to take a look at how the two got to know each other, inspired by classic comic books. There is certainly a lot of potential for multiple stories.

Max and Roxan in A Goofy Movie

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

with a wave of nostalgia in the 90s In recent years, "Goofy Adventures" has been reviewed and discussed by Disney fans. But despite Max and Roxan's funny interest in high school, which played an important role in the film, their relationship has not continued since.

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Outside of animated series such as "Ducktales" and "House of Mouse", Roxanne was basically and Max was also somewhat lost. These are the two couples who can easily relaunch or create a new story for this series.

5. Olaf in Frozen animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

He may not be interested in anyone yet, but There is no denying that seeing Olaf trying to win the heart of a snowman like himself will not be mesmerizing. Given his playful nature with Gale and their friendship, there's no reason why Disney wouldn't be able to find him a loving companion. Giving Olaf a second role can be a great character trait. Be he, too, opens the door to create his shorter stories. He is certainly not the only one who loves warm hugs.

Charlotte Laboff in Princess And The Frog animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

Charlotte deserves a more legendary ending Disney was more prone to the movie The Prince and the Frog. After all, she spent a lot of time with someone she thought was new, a man she thought she was going to marry. He had invested in someone emotionally, and in the end he did not succeed.

Now that he has learned that not everyone is what he seems, he gives Travis another chance at his party. Maybe this will give him a chance to improve his character a little.

3. Hades in the Hercules animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story Hades is a very popular Disney villain and he is out From "Hercules" he had his own animated series. But while Disney's view of the Olympics reflected many of the mainstays of the Greek Pantheon, Persephone was surprisingly absent. Lore Olympus), Disney could not be given a better time to try its luck. And given that James Woods still voices Hades long after the movie, it will be another fun opportunity to perform.

Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story Captain Jack May Have a romantic relationship with Angelica at some point in her play, but this is not mentioned in detail and is not fully displayed. He has proven that he is in love whenever he wants, or whenever he has enough to drink, and there are many fans who would love to see him fall in love more.

Our extraordinary captain may He claims to love the sea, but has proven time and time again that he is a good lover. He needs someone to share in the spoils of his adventures and, if necessary, take the reins in his hands.

1. Nick and Judy in Zootopia animation

BingMag.com 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story

This couple is one of the best in "Zootopia" The present has been noticed by many fans, but Nick and Judy's relationship has not been seen as 100% romantic. With the arrival of the "Zotopia" spin-off series at Disney Plus, we hope this means that the couple will be coming together normally for the occasion.

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Nick and Judy work very well together, it's hard not to see that they are a sweet and romantic ending Have with each other. They do very well together on a comedic level, their friendship is already very deep, and watching them together as a couple will be an absolute pleasure. This is a golden opportunity that Disney should take full advantage of.

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