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10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Scott McCull (Tyler Posey) confronted the violent and violent criminals in the teenage wolf, but the hunters were his fiercest enemies. The hunters appeared in all six seasons and began their careers as little anti-heroes whose main priority was to protect their city from supernatural threats. However, as new members were added and their power increased, the priorities of some hunters changed.

Fans became acquainted with several hunters and their families, but few of them posed a dangerous threat to the Scott group. Whether because they were overwhelmed by the revenge of those around them, or because Scott and his friends were lucky enough to escape when confronted by these hunters of the supernatural.

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10. Nolan Holloway

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Nolan Holloway Introduced in Season 6, he was one of the last hunters to appear in the series after being recruited by Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) and Tamura Monroe (Cibonjil Mlambo). He was not as skilled as some other hunters, but he knew how to work with bows, arrows, and poisons.

Other than that, Nolan was not a dangerous threat to Scott. He initially hated Liam for his supernatural abilities, but it soon became clear that Nolan was afraid only of what he could not comprehend. Nolan did not even want to kill anyone, and when he realized what Monroe wanted, he left the hunters. He was practically a harmless person.

9. Gib

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Gib (Andrew Matarazzo) One Another member of Monroe's army was another hunter who was unfortunately brainwashed by the organization's leaders and believed that all supernatural beings were monsters. Under their guidance, Gabe became one of the organization's most promising soldiers after being trained in the use of firearms and ammunition. He had ordered to take. Unfortunately, his naivety and lack of experience led to his downfall. Without properly protecting himself, he entered battles at high speed and often left his guard open during the attack (and his enemies took advantage of this weakness).

8. Mary Jane Walt

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Mary Jane Walt Officially known as the first hunter of the Argent family, she was an excellent female shooter and a very popular person in her village. He was the only person who was able to use his intelligence and skill in working with handguns to destroy the beast of prey. He could have been a dangerous threat to the McCall collection. However, there was not a speck of evil inside him. All Mary Jane wanted to do was protect the citizens of Javadan from harm and danger. If he had met Scott's group, he might have suspected them, but he would probably have let them go because they were safe.

7. Chris Silver

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Undoubtedly one of the most lovable The members of the Argent family were Chris Argent (Jr. Bourne), who underwent a major transformation in the teen wolf series. He was introduced as the series' first anti-hero, and fans initially hated him because he was constantly trying to kill Scott. However, over time, his seriousness and violence towards the supernatural decreased, and he soon became one of Scott's allies. Chris, like many of his ancestors, was a dangerous hunter. He was a skilled shooter trained in firearms and knew how to trap. He was a hard-working warrior and managed to defeat some of the most powerful supernatural creatures, including Oni, Bersker and Ghost, in the teenage wolf. He was not as aggressive as the other hunters in his family, but he could easily have completed his mission successfully if necessary.

6. Calais

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Calais were a ruthless hunting family Which appeared mainly in Chapter 4. This season, the Argentines eventually disobeyed the Hunters Act and changed it, but the Calabrians adhered to it. They were also outstanding people and talented in combat.

The Calawars did not take Scott too seriously, but if their morals allowed, they could become a serious threat to his group. After all, they had no hesitation in warning Scott. If members of the family found out that he had turned another person into a werewolf and tortured his friends to get what he wanted, he would be executed. However, since the Calabrians had sworn to protect all the innocent, including humans and supernatural beings, they did not allow themselves to proceed to this stage.

5. Allison Silver

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Allison Silver (Crystal Reed He is considered one of the most lovable characters of the teenage wolf, but he had a dark side that almost made him a villain. He changed family law and vowed to protect those who could not defend themselves, but broke his personal oath after his mother died.

Motivated by revenge, Alison demonstrated her archery skills. And used various tactics to trap Vernon Boyd (Cinco Walsh), Erica Rees (Gage Golightly) and Isaac Lahie (Detil Sharman) to kill them. He even tried to kill Derek Hill (Tyler Hotchlin) and paralyzed his uncle, Peter (Ian Boehn). Alison's rage made him a more reckless and menacing hunter.

4. Tamura Monroe

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Tamura Monroe, student of Gerard Argentina had taken the path of its coach, trying to destroy all supernatural beings around the world. However, his story does not end here. Monroe also killed innocent people who prevented him from reaching his goal or allied with Scott.

Monroe was certainly one of the bravest hunters, as his former mentor had no hesitation in listing him. He did not have the strongest adolescent werewolf alphas. His army expanded even beyond Bacon Hills, and it became clear that Monroe was an expert destructive force. In addition to all this, he had high hunting skills. It can be said that he was one of the most difficult enemies of the Scott group and never lost against them.

3. Victoria Argent

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

The main matriarch of the Argent family and Probably one of the worst teenage wolf characters, Victoria (Eddie Miz) found many enemies among the fans of the series after a relentless attempt to kill Scott. With her prejudices about supernatural beings, Victoria was determined to kill all the wolves and even break the law of non-harm to the innocent as much as she could.

Victoria with her fighting skills and high leadership power , Had the potential to become one of the deadliest predators in the history of the series. If he had accepted his supernatural state, it would have been almost impossible to stop him, but he did not do so for unknown reasons. However, fans will never find the answer to this riddle, because he was killed before it was discovered.

2. Kit Silver

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Kit Silver (Jill Wagner At first, she was introduced as Alison's humorous and well-mannered aunt, but later became one of the series' biggest villains. With hatred for supernaturals and a love of hunting, Kate crossed every red line to make sure she had completed her mission. And his ridicule of the death of his family was great, and he did not even care about harming and killing children. Kate's sadistic tendencies make him a person who should not be taken lightly.

1. Gerard Argent

BingMag.com 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Of all the hunters Introduced in this series, no one has been as horrible as Gerard Argent. Gerrard was a ruthless hunter who fed on his hatred of supernatural beings and wanted them all to die.

It was Gerrard's intelligence that made him the most dangerous person. He knew how to use firearms, but Gerrard's greatest strength was in how to use the weakness of others. He managed to sow discord between Scott and his friends, and even pitted his family against each other, shattering years of trust between them. When he was around the headquarters, all the guards had to stay awake at all times because they could not underestimate him.

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