10 controversial anime endings

Anime's relationship with endings has always been strange. Many anime adapt manga that are still being published, so it is very difficult to maintain a balance between the story and the manga. Sometimes, some anime have nothing to do with the main content of the manga and go their own way, this also has many challenges.

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

Anime's relationship with endings has always been strange. Many anime adapt manga that are still being published, so it is very difficult to maintain a balance between the story and the manga. Sometimes, some anime have nothing to do with the main content of the manga and go their own way, this also has many challenges.

Controversial endings happen a lot in anime. But the items listed in this article are the most prominent. These endings span a variety of anime, from the classic "Neon Genesis Evangelion" ending to newer anime tropes like "Amazing Egg Priority." In all these cases, we are on the side with unforgettable endings that were probably not expected by their creators.

Warning: There is a risk of revealing the story in this article.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist(Fullmetal Alchemist)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

The original Full Metal Alchemist anime came to an end before the manga ended. For this reason, the creators had to design an ending with their own creativity. Of course, it should be mentioned that the ending of the anime was approved by Hiromo Arakawa, the original creator of the manga "All Metal Alchemist". Been. An action-adventure with serious political themes turned into a loose story about parallel worlds and relied heavily on the theme of loss. Of course, even now, there is a lot of discussion among the fans about which one had a more satisfying ending between the anime and the manga "Full Metal Alchemist".

9. Death Note (Death Note)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

In order to understand why "The Office of Death" had a bad ending, we must first go to the first half of this anime. With El's death, two other geniuses named Ann and Milo replaced him. In the eyes of many audiences, these two characters were a superficial copy of El, the genius detective of the "Death Office" world. The first half of "The Office of Death" was unprecedented. The same decisions of these two characters made the story of "The Office of Death" go in a direction that the audience neither expected nor could connect with it as they should.

8. Soul Eater (Soul Eater)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

"Soul Eater" was one of the strangest anime of the 2000s, which of course had many fans. The reason for all this popularity was its carefree attitude and many actions that captivated the audience. However, after all these years, many audiences still haven't been able to relate to its ending.

After all the introductions and increasing the audience's thirst, the final battle suddenly turned into a friendly fight. The breath of such a move was not interesting, and its placement in the distinctive style of "Soul Eater" made it even more strange. Although this battle was enjoyable, it was not the satisfying conclusion that many fans expected. Many still hope that a remake of "Soul Eater" will be made with a better ending, a wish that is unlikely.

7. Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

The production of the anime "Tokyo Ghoul" had many problems. After the first season, which was quite successful, two more seasons were made with the titles "Tokyo Ghoul Arai" and "Tokyo Ghoul: Arai". Both seasons were produced before the end of the main manga and, as you might expect, didn't do very well in this regard. The story was based on Ishida's early drafts, and it turned out that this decision was not very wise! Many of the primary motivations of the characters no longer have a place in the story, and the audience has to watch a different ending without having an initial acquaintance.

6. Kuma Miko (Kuma Miko)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

Kuma Miku could have been a slice of beautiful life with a charming humor if it hadn't suddenly changed its mood with that sudden ending. This anime was full of cheerful and happy characters until the eleventh episode and showed the story of a girl overcoming social anxiety. Machi, the main character of this story, finally succeeds in performing in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

However, the story suddenly switches to Machi's point of view. Machi imagines the crowd booing and throwing stones at him. In the end, his careless parents also reinforced his negative feelings they do. Ultimately, the series ends with Machi believing she has no chance of overcoming her anxiety. For a slice-of-life anime, this is a sudden and strange change.

5. Promised Neverland second season (Promised Neverland S2)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

The second season of the anime "Promised Nowhere" is a weird mess, and that ending only makes things worse. At that time, the manga had ended, so the anime creators had no problem continuing the story. But the creators of the anime, in a strange move, decided to ignore one of the most popular story lines of the manga and collect the rest of the story in 12 episodes.

Things went as expected. This story jump made Pirang full of plot holes and quick and unmeasured narratives. The end of the story seemed insufficient. Things got so bad that in the middle of the season they had to give a summary of what happened. In this way, one of the most promising series of 2019 ended with a sad ending.

4. Darling in Franxx (Darling in Franxx)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

The thirst of fans to watch the anime "Darling in the Franks" in 2018 was very high. This anime was undoubtedly one of the most controversial anime of the year, but this thirst soon turned into a burning anger. After episode 15, the story suddenly entered the same clichd path and blamed aliens for the events. Such a change was too unusual for a mecha anime, and fans could not connect with it at all.

The sudden and unexpected sacrifice of the two main characters of the story disappointed fans. In addition, there were many different secondary characters whose story would have ended without paying that much. "Darling in the Franks" ties up everything it's done with a rushed, jumbled ending.

3. Erased (Erased)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

"Erase" was mostly praised for its exciting story and well-rounded characters. However, the end of the series put many viewers on the dilemma that with such an ending, the whole series is ruined, or can this bad ending be ignored? As always, taking a different story line from the original manga and rushing the narrative caused such a problem.

The "erased" ending is generally bad rather than controversial. Many enjoyed the fact that Satoru saved Kayo and let him live his life. However, the story tried to give a cursory attention to Satoru's trauma in the hope of a happy life at the end of the story. Another problem was that the villain of the story failed without any excitement and tension that had been set up for him for a long time.

2. Wonder Egg Priority (Wonder Egg Priority)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

The anime "Amazing Egg Priority" had beautiful animations, strong story, catchy music and wonderful voice acting. Also, this series went to its desired theme with an elegance that is rarely seen in anime. Overall, "Amazing Egg Priority" could easily have been a serious contender for the best anime of the year with the way it went.

The final episode was released three months late. When it did air, it was a messy, uncertain ending. Finally, the anime ended with a cliffhanger ending and long shots and bad animations. It was quite clear that the rushed and high-pressure production has left its impact at the end of this anime. It was sad that such a wonderful anime that Kelly had worked so hard to produce came to such a sad end and failed to meet expectations.

1. End of Egangelion (End of Egangelion)

BingMag.com 10 controversial anime endings

There is a reason that the anime "The End of Ungleon" is being discussed by fans even now. The flames of Asuka and Rei's discussion are as hot as the discussion about the ending of this anime. Hideaki Anu, the creator of the series, deliberately made it so abstract that he could present a very long ending in a short form.

There are many discussions about episode 26 of this anime. Although the audience has the freedom to consider any ending they like as the original ending, the very fact that several different endings were designed for this anime shows how controversial this anime is. "Ongleon's ending" is sad, confusing, and for good or bad, it has become one of the most unforgettable endings in anime history.

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