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10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Marvel seeks to sue the creators of several prominent Marvel movie characters to protect their rights. Since Iron Man's success in 2008, Marvel Studios has been slowly creating a large franchise of interconnected superhero movies and TV series, acquired by Walt Disney Studios in 2009. However, the creators of some of the franchise's most popular heroes have sued for their characters' rights. To return. This deadline is approaching for many Marvel characters, and their creators are aware of this. Writer and artist Larry Lieber sued Walt Disney Company for several rights, and was joined by Steve Ditko's attorneys, Don Hack's attorneys, Dan Rico's heirs, and Jane Colan's heirs.

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Disney has also filed a counterclaim in this regard, claiming that copyright law does not apply here because the characters are under employment contracts. Rents have been created. Similar complaints have ended with Disney's argument, but that does not necessarily mean that the case will be resolved in the same way. If Disney loses in this case, there will be many personalities whose rights the company no longer has, and it is not bad to examine all of them.

1. Iron Man

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Iron Man by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and artists named Don Hack and Jack Kirby were created. The tech billionaire genius first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1963 and caught the attention of female readers. In April 1990, Universal Studios bought the rights to the Iron Man character from Marvel to make a film. The project did not materialize, and in February 1996, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights. A few years later, in December 1999, Fox sold the entire rights to New Line Cinema, as they were developing many superhero projects.

New Line Cinema had plans to release an Iron Man film in 2006. But when his plans failed, he returned the character's rights to Marvel Studios. Iron Man's 60-year tenure expires in 2023, and as a rule, the character's rights will be returned to its original creators, unless Disney wins its lawsuit.

2. Thor

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, this character according to They created their own interpretation of the Scandinavian god Thor in 1962. Plans were underway to make a film adaptation of the superhero in the 1990s, and director Samuel Remy tried to persuade 20th Century Fox to make the film, but failed. After the success of The X-Men, Marvel came up with the idea to make a TV adaptation of Thor for broadcast on the UP network, with funding from Artisan Entertainment. He bought it but sold it to Paramount Pictures two years later. Walt Disney Studios acquired the rights to all of Marvel's works during a series of transactions until 2013, effectively handing over ownership of most of Marvel's characters except X-Men, Spider-Man, and a few others. Thor's ownership of Marvel expires in 2022.

3. Ant Man

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

This character by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby It was created in 1962, and interestingly, decades before the original Ant Man was made, an adaptation of the character was being developed but did not materialize. Stan Lee came up with the first idea for a movie about Ant Man in the 1980s at New World Pictures, but it didn't work out. Artisan Entertainment acquired the rights to the character in 2000, but with the formation of Marvel, the rights were returned to Marvel Studios. The film's director, Edgar Wright, was scheduled to write a screenplay in 2006, but the film was released almost a decade late. The rights of this character will return to its creators after 2022.

4. Spider-Man

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

This first shooter hero by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Created in 1962. The legal history of Spider-Man films is a bit confusing and complicated. Orion Pictures first acquired the rights to Spider-Man in the 1980s before being sold to Manham Golan and Yuram Globus, members of the group. After Golan became the CEO of the 21st Century Film Company, he re-introduced the film production option and tried to revive the project by selling the distribution rights to several companies in 1989. Metro Goldwyn Meyer bought shares in 21st Century Film Company in 1995 and sued several companies, including Marvel, for fraud in the original deal with the group. Marvel filed for bankruptcy the following year. In 1998, he declared that Golan's ownership had ended and that Spider-Man's rights would be restored to them. Marvel sold the rights to the character to Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1999, and they produced five films with the character before signing another contract with Marvel. In 2015, the two companies agreed to jointly own the rights to use Spider-Man. A new version of the hero has appeared in five Marvel movies, and his third feature film will be released in December 2021. The rights of this character will return to the original creators after 2022.

5. Dr. Strange </</strong>

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Dr. Strange was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963 . New World Pictures first tried to make a cinematic adaptation of the character in the 1980s. This did not happen, and after that, Regency also tried to make a film in the late 80's, but the project did not succeed. At the same time, a producer offered to make a Spider-Man film to Full Moon Entertainment, but the project expired and in 1992 Savoy Pictures was scheduled to distribute a film on the subject. Columbia Pictures later bought the character in 1997 and released him three years later. Then in 2001, the film Dimension and two months later, Miramax, acquired the rights to the character. Paramount Pictures bought the rights in 2005 and retained them until Paramount's contract with Disney.

6. The Black Widow

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

The first character to use the nickname Black Widow, Natasha Romanova was created in 1964 by Stan Lee, Dan Rico and Dan Hack. He is a Russian spy who was initially opposed to Iron Man in comics but eventually escaped and joined the Shield. Lionsgate bought the rights to The Black Widow in 2004 but dropped the project two years later. His salary was returned to Marvel Studios. Although the character was introduced to Marvel in the Iron Man 2 movie, the Black Widow movie was made 11 years after Iron Man 2. Black Widow ownership for Marvel expires in 2024.

7. Hawkeye

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

He is the first archer by Stan Lee and Dan Hack in He was created in 1964 and appeared as an evil character. Hawkai joined the Avengers in 1965. He had never appeared in another film before making his Marvel debut in Thor and the Avengers. So Marvel has never lost ownership of this character. Marvel Studios briefly planned to make an exclusive Hawkeye movie before developing the November 2021 series Hawkeye for DisneyPlus, but dropped out. Hockey's rights will return to their creators in 2024.

8. Carol Danners

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Carol Danvers was created in 1968 by Roy Thomas and Jane Colan. . She initially appeared only as a U.S. Air Force officer in comic books, but in 1977 she became Mrs. Marvel and later took on the role of a superhero named Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios has never sold the rights to this character, and in 2013 a film was scheduled to be made with him, and Carol Danvers finally appeared in theaters six years later. This character will be owned by Marvel until 2028.

9. The Falcon

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

The Falcon was created by Stan Lee and Jane Colan in 1949 . Although the Black Panther was the studio's first black superhero, it was the hawk who made history as their first African-American hero. Marvel Studios also never sold the character, and he co-starred in several Marvel movies before starring in the Disney Plus miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2021. Shahin's rights to property will expire in 2029.

10. Blade

BingMag.com 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights!

Blade was created by Maro Wolfman and Jane Colan and debuted in comics And appeared in 1973. New World Pictures acquired his film rights in the early 1990s, but to no avail, until New Line Cinema eventually bought Blade Rights and three films starring Wesley Snipes in the late 1990s and beyond. Produced. The director of the trilogy shared plans to create another high-profile trilogy with the company in 2008, but in 2012, Blade rights were returned to Marvel, which it will maintain until 2033.

Source: Screenrant

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