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10 of the best horror movies of the 80's

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

The horror cinema of the 1980s is well-known for its compelling stories, such as a puppet captured by a murderer or an evil television channel. Audiences and fans of horror movies are well known.

Usually, horror movies focus more on scaring the audience and presenting scenes full of horrific murders, so the movie story is the last thing they do, so many movies horror stories do not have the desired story structure, but at the same time, rich storytelling is one of the first things that made some horror movies world famous.

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Films with rich screenplays are more common in the 1980s than in any other decade. Like the glow of Stanley Kubrick or the evil Sam Remy or the Day of the Dead, which depicts the post-apocalyptic world full of wild zombies.

10. "Child's Play" )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: Tom Holland
  • Cast: Katrice Hicks, Chris Sarandon
  • Release Date: 1988
  • IMDb Score: 6 out of 10
  • Ratten Score Tomitoz: 71 out of 100

Tom Holland, a children's play, tells the story of a carnage in which the ghost of a serial killer who has captured a boy doll through a doll, kills and The massacre continues.

Chuck has since become the symbol of one of the criminals and the scariest puppets of all time. In fact, it is very easy to make horrible aliens thirsty for human blood or a bunch of carnivorous zombies, but to make a childish puppet look scary requires a very strong and unique script and direction.

9- "Videodrome" ( Videodrome )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: David Cronenberg
  • Cast: James Woods, Debbie Harry, Lally Gaddafi
  • Release Date: 1983
  • IMDb Score: 7.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 78 out of 100

Many horror movies have long been made about captured puppets, evil machines, and killer monkeys, but in a year In 1983, David Cronenberg made a horror film about an evil television channel.

James Woods plays the head of an anonymous television network that accidentally encounters a mysterious signal hidden in radio waves. . The film became a notable work primarily because of Cronenberg's impressive visuals, but its overall story focused more on the destructive effects of the media.

8- "Day of the Dead" ( Day Of The Dead )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: George Romero
  • Cast: Laurie Cardell, Terry Alexander
  • Release Date: 1985
  • IMDb rating for the film: 4.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 83 out of 100

The third classic horror film made by Romero surrogate, full of zombies and the walking dead, failed to shine as brightly as the first two films. But again, the film's stunning story about a group of scientists trying to eradicate zombies has made the film particularly popular with audiences.

All of these scientists are trapped in an extraordinarily safe silo. And this is while the population of the dead moving out of the silo is increasing day by day. Tensions are slowly rising among the members of the silo and there are many conflicts between them.

7- "Society" ( Society )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: Brian Yuzna
  • Cast: Billy Warlock, Ben Slack
  • Release Date: 1989
  • IMDb Movie Score: 7.1 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 86 out of 100

The Society, a classic horror film by Brian Yuznat, tells the story of a teenager in Beverly Hills who realizes that his family belongs to an evil cult.

Bitter humor deals with the chosen people of society. Yuzna portrays the cult in a terrifying and shocking way. For example, in one of the scenes, this teenager returns home and encounters one of their sinister parties.

6- "An American Werewolf In London" ( An American Werewolf In London )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: John Landis
  • Cast: David Nathan, Jenny Agather, Griffin Dunn
  • Release Date: 1981
  • IMDb rating for the film: 7.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 88 out of 100

Decades before Edgar Ray made Sean the Dead, an example of a popular horror comedy, John Landis was able to make a comedy-horror film. Make it memorable, which attracted both positive reviews from the audience, both as a horror film and as a satirical comedy. The movie was called American Werewolf. The opening scene of the film shows two American tourists being attacked by a werewolf on the outskirts of England.

But one of the survivors gradually turns into a werewolf. He constantly sees in his illusions his dead friend who begs him not to let other people get into the pain he is suffering. Landis's take on the legend of the wolves is entertaining, unique and utterly unique.

5- The Evil Dead strong>

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: Sam Remy
  • Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandwich, Betsy Baker
  • Release Date: 1981
  • IMDb Movie Score: 7.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 95 out of 100

A hut in the middle of the forest is one of the most used scenes often seen in horror movies. But the initiative to use such a terrifying scene can be attributed to Sam Remy for creating The Evil Dead. Of course, the reason for using such a remote cottage in his film was the cheap filming location for the young director. To be immortalized in the cinema industry. The story of the film is that when a group of young people enter this cabin, they inadvertently release an evil spirit and this spirit takes their lives one after another.

4- "Nightmare on Elm Street" ( A Nightmare On Elm Street )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: Wes Creon
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, John Saxon
  • Release Date: 1984
  • IMDb rating for the film : 7.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 95 out of 100

Six years after the horror genre revolutionized Halloween, themes like Slacher became boring. But Wes Creon managed to breathe new life into the horror genre by making Nightmare on Elm Street. Creon added supernatural elements to Slesher's stories, creating a story in which children are chased by a serial killer in their dreams.

Freddie Krueger is a complete snob. And after killing some of the teenagers in the movie, their friends try to stay awake in a desperate attempt.

3- "The Fly" ( The Fly )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: David Cranenberg
  • Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Vincent Price
  • Release Date: 1986
  • IMDb Score: 7.6 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 93 out of 100

Another of Cronenberg-directed horror films is Flies, starring Jeff Goldblum as a scientist experimenting with teleportation. When a fly enters a teleporter, the scientist gradually turns into a fly.

The most amazing thing about the Fly movie is the special effects that Chris Wallace and Stephen Dupuis used to win the Oscar. But the film's unique storyline also creates unique scenes.

2- The Shining >

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: Stanley Kubrick
  • Cast: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall
  • Release Date: 1980
  • IMDb Movie Score: 8.4 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 84 out of 100

Stanley Kubrick made his most iconic feature film based on Stephen King's stunning play, Shine. The story of the film tells the story of a writer who tries to finish his book as a janitor in a lively hotel, but nothing goes as it should.

In King's novel, Jack Torrance is a good and kind man who Warlock ghosts make him an angry killer, but in Kubrick, he is an angry and disgusting man who is driven insane by loneliness and isolation. Kubrick's film created a timeless masterpiece in the cinematic genre by capturing the moment-by-moment and gradual Jack's mood of insanity.

1- "Existent" (> The Thing )

BingMag.com 10 of the <b>best</b> <b>horror</b> <b>movies</b> of the 80's

  • Director: John Carpenter
  • Cast: Kurt Russell, Ticky Carter, David Calton
  • Release Date: 1982
  • IMDb Score: 8.1 Out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 82 out of 100

John Carpenter's science fiction masterpiece, Existing, is a highly thought-provoking yet terrifying film. In this exceptional film, Kurt Russell leads a group of scientists to a remote base in the North Pole, but suddenly an alien creature that can disguise itself as one of them infiltrates.

While the creature is highly acclaimed for its amazing special effects, it's the film's story that best captures the consequences of mistrust and betrayal.

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