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10 behind-the-scenes facts from the horror film "Interview with the Vampire"

BingMag.com 10 <b>behind-the-scenes</b> <b>facts</b> <b>from</b> the <b>horror</b> <b>film</b> 'Interview with the Vampire'

Vampires, called vampires in English, are Western mythical characters who have been passed down through fiction through generations. The origins of these creatures are not yet known, but vampire characters make up a large part of Western stories and dramatic productions. One of the best Hollywood movies to go into detail about the lives of these supernatural beings is "Interview with the Vampire" by Neil Jordan. Based on the novel of the same name by Anne Rice, the film begins with a vampire in front of a reporter and invites the audience to hear the story and daily life of a vampire in the 18th century. This film was a great success for the director and its agents, both in terms of critics and various festivals and at the box office. The main actors in "Interview with the Vampire", Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, were not very famous and money-making figures at the time of making this film in the early 90's, but they were able to attract attention despite the film's heavy make-up and chaotic atmosphere. In addition, Anne Rice struggled to turn her book into a film, until the project was finally completed and she was able to top the list of the top 94 films of '94. Since behind-the-scenes horror movies are usually interesting, here are 10 facts about making it.


BingMag.com 10 <b>behind-the-scenes</b> <b>facts</b> <b>from</b> the <b>horror</b> <b>film</b> 'Interview with the Vampire'

Christine Dunst started her acting career in cinema in 1989 with short roles. When he was only 11 years old, he went to the filmmaking office to appear in "Interview with the Vampire" and failed the initial test. But the acting coach knew that he supported her, and finally, with his stepfather, the role passed to Christine. The creators did not regret trusting the 11-year-old at all, as they knew she had a stunning performance in the film and was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. He knew that he did not leave the cinema after that and he is still one of the well-known and busy Hollywood figures.

BingMag.com 10 <b>behind-the-scenes</b> <b>facts</b> <b>from</b> the <b>horror</b> <b>film</b> 'Interview with the Vampire'

Most of the film was shot in London. Brad Pitt disliked the cold, humidity, and darkness of the city and became depressed. On the other hand, the make-up, the contact lenses and the difficult conditions that he has to go through every day to appear in front of the camera, added to his role with difficulty. But these were not the only problems for Pete, he did not even like the role of Lewis. Watching the movie, we find that the character played by Tom Cruise is happier and more active, but Lewis's character, played by Brad Pitt, is a passive character that Pete himself said in an interview: "Every day I had to sit and just watch and be so passive "It was very difficult to be." Even because of the stress on him, he calls the producer and asks how much he has to pay if he wants to leave the project, and the producer only says $ 40 million and hangs up. Pete, too, inevitably stays until the end of the film upon hearing the amount he has to pay.

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Anne Rice, author of The Interview with the Vampire, was shocked to learn of Tom Cruise as the cast of Listat when she met the cast during film production. "My impression of this character was that he was more fit, with lighter hair and taller," he said in an interview. "I even wrote the role more for Rutger Hover (the famous Hollywood actor in those days)." Rice even admitted that Pete and Tom Cruise should be replaced. Cruz was also very upset and upset to hear Rice's talk, but after the filming ended and the screening of "Interview with Blood Vampire" ended, Rice withdrew all her talk and even apologized to Tom Cruise during a phone call.>

4. In one of the bleeding scenes of Lastat's character played by Tom Cruise, the cruise anime was used

And drains his blood. The production team invited Stan Winston, who had special effects for "Jurassic Park" a year before the film was made, and he made a full-length animated version of Tom Cruise. In this terrifying sequence, the animated Tom Cruise plays, after which the behind-the-scenes crew is sent into the scene with a blood pump.


BingMag.com 10 <b>behind-the-scenes</b> <b>facts</b> <b>from</b> the <b>horror</b> <b>film</b> 'Interview with the Vampire'

Claudia is one of the most annoying characters in this movie. She was a 12-year-old girl who was bitten by a vampire and has remained in her body forever. In the novel, even this child was younger and only 6 years old. She was a minor girl and that a man Kissing the young man in the story was one of the most disgusting images of an "Interview with a vampire." Christine later learned that the actor had said that she kissed Brad Pitt like a brother. But years later, when he knew he was growing up, he expressed his disgust with the incident.

6. Brad Pitt fell in love with one of the filming locations

BingMag.com 10 <b>behind-the-scenes</b> <b>facts</b> <b>from</b> the <b>horror</b> <b>film</b> 'Interview with the Vampire'

Although Pete hated the location in London and thought about running away every day, the film's New Orleans location was so memorable for him that he fell in love with it. "Even the most valuable thing I got from that film was my love for this city," he said in a 2011 interview. Brad Pitt even founded a foundation in the area in 2007 to help those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes. Of course, in 2019, a number of complaints about the poor quality of the materials of some of these houses became a nuisance for Brad Pitt.

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In order for the facial veins to protrude and the face to approach the vampires, the main actors had to be hung for half an hour before starting the make-up. Doing so for a long time is a bad thing. Add to that the filming of cold London nights. An actor who hangs on his feet for half an hour and his face suffers from the pressure of this movement has to play night scenes for six months in a windowless house. An incident that made the casting of "An Interview with a Vampire" a torment for his actors. h2>

Usually in important films to be made, there is a long list of characters to play in the lead roles. As we said before, Anne Rice was thinking of Rutger Hover. But this was not the only option, and for the main role of the film, Listat, many actors were predicted, such as John Travolta, Daniel DeLouis, Mel Gibson and But in the end, it was the final choice of Tom Cruise, who was still in dispute until the day the film was released. There was.

9. To make the film, Rice's novel was completely rewritten. "Vampire" was designated. He wrote the novel of the same name twenty years before the film was made. Rice tried to preserve the spirit of her work in the script by omitting the details. But he later said in an interview that director Neil Jordan had rewritten many parts of the script. At the time of writing the screenplay, Jordan tried to get the rights to participate in the screenplay from Hollywood, but according to the rules of the Hollywood Screenwriters Association, he could not get this permission. However, he himself made many changes in his writings without agreeing with Rice, changes that had good results.

10. The story of the murder of his mistress in the film affected the life of a real person. h2>

The movie "Interview with the Vampire" was released to the public in November 1994. But in the very first month of its release, a strange and marginal event made the film more in the spotlight of the world media. A man cut his girlfriend's vein with a knife and drank its blood. "I was impressed by this film," the man said in his confession. I enjoyed this story and as a result I did it. "But I do not want to blame the film." Of course, because his girlfriend survived, he was not sentenced, but three years after the incident, the newspapers wrote that the man should be fined and imprisoned for attempted murder and beating.

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