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10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

Negative characters or anti-heroes are usually not liked by the audience. Far from positive moral traits, they are hitting popular movie and TV series heroes with their plans and actions. We are supposed to hate these characters for what they did and did not do, but there are many negative characters that we love and relate to in spite of all their evils and vices.

We see these negative characters being sabotaged, murdered, and harassed by others, especially beloved ones, and once again in our being we identify with them and join them. The audience does not blame these negative characters and they do not dislike them, because they are not black and whiteness can be found somewhere in them.

Although these characters for Others are not benevolent and good, but in terms of personality traits, they are very attractive to the viewer. They are usually traumatized people who are prone to evil. We have seen several of these characters on the home theater network. Negative but lovable characters that we do not hate despite all their ugly deeds. In the following, we have a look at 10 negative but attractive and lovable characters of home theater network serials, which we have ranked according to their role and play.

1. Ali Nasirian

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Agha Bozorg in Shahrzad series >

Ali Nasirian playing the role of the great-grandfather of the Shahrzad series is one of the best negative roles in the home theater network series. A rich and wealthy old man who seeks to advance his plans with his china. The great-grandfather's character in the first season of Shahrzad is very brilliant and is considered as a kind of driving engine of the series.

had. Due to his influence and power in the 1930s, his grandfather did whatever he wanted and in this way he did not hesitate to ruin his daughter's life. He went straight to war with Shahrzad and in this way destroyed everyone who was in front of him.

But despite all the negative and ugly deeds, his grandfather loved It was possessive. The grandfather's behavior and speech were sweet and attractive to the audience, and he had a kind of greatness and paternalistic attitude towards those around him. His character was different from all other actors and you can see a certain greatness in his work. With the removal of Aqabzorg's character from Shahrzad, the series lost half of its charm, and in the following seasons, his lack of personality was felt in the series.

2. Shahab Hosseini

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Ghobad in Shahrzad series

Shahrzad had put together a good collection of positive and negative characters in the first season. Another negative and attractive character in the series was Ghobad. Ghobad was a young and bullying young man in this series who became a professional character during a love duel.

He returns with Shahrzad. After igniting the flames of love in Ghobad's existence, we see a change in his behavior and character, and I no longer see Ghobad as a fierce and nervous person. He becomes a man in love who does everything for the happiness of the other side.

Although Ghobad reached Shahrzad cowardly, but the dimensions of his personality were very attractive to the audience. Many audiences believed in him as a professional man and identified with his romantic feelings and reactions. Of course, it goes without saying that Shahab Hosseini's genre of play also contributed a lot to the credibility and popularity of Ghobad's character.

3. Javad Ezzati

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Owner in the series Wounded >

Malik Maliki does anything in the Wound series. He kills, he cheats, he uses force, he violates the rights of others, and he drives people away like drinking water. In spite of all this, the owner's character is not hated by the audience and he does not dislike it when he watches it.

The owner was not a bad person from the beginning, His past shows that he was obedient and obedient. But the ambition and the words that his wife reads under his ear wake the wolf inside him and cause him to move as fast as possible towards ruin.

Malik despite All his malice and cowardice are seen in the extent of his cousins, a weak and humble human being in front of his wife and family. He is defenseless against his wife and trusts Kimia very naively. He cries like a child in front of his children and does not have the strength to hear big words from his children.

Malik, no matter how much he is a wolf in front of others, The series is like a lamb. This negative character, although he has done many negative things, has not yet completely sold his soul to the devil. There is still simplicity in the lower layers of his personality and that is why we get closer to his personality.

4. Hamed Behdad

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Amir Shaygan in the series I Want to Stay

Hamed Behdad showed one of his best roles in the series "I Want to Live" in the last few years. His character in the series is not positive and has many negative characteristics. Shaygan extorts large sums of money from prisoners' families and manipulates cases. He has a lot of power and with this power no one dares to approach him.

There are many reasons for not liking Behdad, especially when he wants to reach Power marries Venus. But from now on, we see other dimensions of Amir Shaygan's personality and we can get closer to him. We see him in the face of Venus, a lonely and defenseless man who loves to fall in love and does everything to keep his love.

Amir's forerunner Shaygan sits in the hearts of the audience. The viewer's heart burns for this person with all his cruelty and brings him closer to Amir Shaygan. Asheghi Amir shows some aspects of his personality that are attractive to the audience.

5. Navid Mohammadzadeh

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Nouri in the series Frog

Nouri's character in the Frog series was very special and from the very beginning, despite all its negative features, it sat in the hearts of the viewers. Nouri does not have a dark character in this series and we see him more as a wounded person and we only see that he does not dare to trust others.

Nouri in the frog He is evil and plots evil to achieve his goals, but he is lonely and defenseless in the face of those around him. Even when we see him in the past, we identify with him more. Nouri was weak and clumsy as a child and now, after finding a hypnotic drug, he has gained a lot of strength.

During our series, instead of Nouri If we see a strong personality, we see him more as a weak and miserable personality. Others hold him accountable only for the drug, and his existence is not important to anyone. In the final episodes of the series, Nouri becomes helpless and isolated, and in the end, he receives the biggest blows from his relatives. The simplicity and reliability of Nouri brings the audience closer to her, and even when she is poisoned and dies by her sister, it causes the viewer sadness and regret.

6. Amir Aghaei

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Nima in Aghazadeh series

Negative drawings on Amir Aghaei's style usually work well. Sometimes his negative roles are accompanied by a bad feeling, such as the role of Peyman Sohrabi in the series First Night of Peace, sometimes in negative roles he can be accompanied and loved like Nima Bahri in the series Aghazadeh.

Nima Bahri's character in Aghazadeh does everything from rent-seeking to smuggling girls abroad and a host of other things. With these interpretations, he must have a disgusting personality, but when we dig into the heart of his life and past, we see that he is not as black as we thought, and that he is so ruined because of his childhood.

7. Rana Azadiour

Samira is the most negative character of Wounding, but she does not make us hate herself. Her sense of responsibility for her children and motherly feelings is so great that some of her work is overshadowed. Even his tears show that he may not be willing to do certain things from the bottom of his heart, but he is on a path that has no way back for him.

8. Saber Abar

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Frog in the series Frog

Ramin was not a black and evil character in The Frog from the very first episodes. Gradually, he became tempted to find a hypnotic substance and became the cause of terrible events among the other characters in the series. Ramin's mysterious character indirectly killed several people in the series, and with his arrival, bad things happened to others.

But despite all this, Ramin's character It is not disgusting. The audience followed him to the last episode and even wished him success and were saddened by his death. What made us not hate Ramin most of all is his past.

He was an unemployed and weed young man who had nothing to do but wander the streets. Out of bipolar pain, he plotted to steal Nouri's house and struggled to get closer to Nouri. Ramin's life situation and efforts helped the audience to accompany him, and viewers wanted him to reach the drug sooner and save himself from this life situation.

9. Pedram Sharifi

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Peyman in the series Homogeneh

That Pedram Sharifi was able to appear in a negative role is a good sign. Because of his appearance, he plays more in positive roles and is less likely to be given a negative role. This time, Kiai was able to swim well against the current and give one of the negative characters of his series to Pedram Sharifi.

Peyman There are far fewer characters we've covered. In the series Homogeneh, he is a professional counterfeiter of banknotes who, with a simple appearance, approaches his family in order to take revenge on them for the past.

Peyman as a child of life He was not well and never had the support of his father above him. He also loses the only person in his life who is his mother in order to continue his life completely alone and in despair. In addition to all this, add having a mental problem to burn more of your heart for the covenant. Covenant looks more like a pitiful character than a black character.

10. Merila Zarei

BingMag.com 10 Attractive Negative Characters in Home Show Network Series from Best to Worst

  • Role: Katayoun in the series Mannequin

Merila Zarei was one of the goodies of the Mannequin series. His good acting was able to give life to a relatively stereotypical character so that he would be well noticed. Katayoun is a rich, lonely woman in a mannequin who has a deep hatred for her cousin and does everything she can to ruin her cousin's life.

The character of Katayoun was Merila Zarei, who was able to handle this role well. Although Katayoun looks numb and stony in the series, his existence is thirsty for love and affection. The love and affection that has been ignored many times by others and has now turned him into a vindictive character.

This weakness and failure of Katayoun is a cause for pity for him. The audience cares more about Katayoun than he does about him and his fate, and knows what a deep hole he has in his heart.

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