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10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Although Scott Lang or the ant man may not be one of Marvel's most powerful heroes, he is certainly one of the best, even Scott in prison is a help. He became known to the people, which made him a lovable character.

It is clear that he made friends in Marvel. Scott's friends list consists of two parts, the friends of the hero and savior of the world in the film and the friends of his popular character in his personal life. Whether or not these friends are superheroes, it's good for Scott that such friends accompany and care for him.

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10. Sam Wilson

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Scott has learned many tips to become a superhero in the battle against Shahin. The confrontation between the two in the conflict leads to events and ultimately increases Sam's respect for Scott. At the end of the movie, an ant man reveals that Sam is looking for Scott, but instead of punishing him, he joins Captain America's team in Captain America: Civil War. This is a great reason for Sam to trust Scott.

Steve Rogers

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

No one is as happy to be friends with Captain America as Scott Long. As soon as he meets Steve Rogers, he shows great interest and becomes very helpless. But Scott's interest in joining Steve in Tim Captain America: Civil War earns him special respect from members. From then on, Steve and Scott become loyal friends who always help each other in trouble. From the release of Scott by Steve to Scott's offer to Steve to restore Tanus' unbroken work, these two events have gone hand in hand.

Jim Paxton

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Jim is Scott's ex-husband and is actually one of his best friends. In the first Ant Man film, Paxton, as a police officer, sees Scott as a reckless criminal who has disappointed his daughter. But the situation is different now. Paxton eventually sees Scott as a true hero and even frees him from the legal hassles. In the movie Man and the Bee, the two are close friends, when Paxton sees him, he hugs him tightly and is very impressed by Scott's magical abilities.

7. Maggie Lang

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Scott's relationship with his ex-wife Maggie was one of the other things that eased the tensions in the first film Raises and prevents them from uniting. Maggie is tired of Scott's criminal behavior but knows that he is still a good man and the father of his daughter Casey Lang. Maggie strongly supports and encourages Scott when he is under house arrest in The Ant and the Bee. She even deals with AFBI agents and Wu agents because of the pressure they put on her husband.

6. Dave

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Scott After his release from prison to a group of released convicts called Dysfunctional, including Dave Joins. Although Dave does not appear in the film much, it is clear that he and Scott have a very good relationship. As a member of this group, Dave helps Scott in his missions and creates a good atmosphere in the group. When Scott wants to get into security and Dave and the other members help him in this.

5. Kurt

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Kurt is another member of Edeball and one of the strangest of them all. He is always talking about the spells and giants of the ancient world, but he is a good friend to Scott and keeps his air even in the most dangerous situations. Scott, like others, may be confused by Kurt's bizarre behavior, but considers him a valuable member of the team who is highly skilled in technology and has saved his life in many situations.

The Hulk is probably the strongest member of the Avengers, but his quiet half allows him to make friends. . This is most evident when he becomes a clever Hulk and the kinder character of Bruce Banner appears. So the Hulk has a good friendship with Scott. The Hulk sees Scott as a younger brother to be cared for, as evidenced by persuading fans to take a selfie with Scott or when he loses his taco and the Hulk gives him his share. In fact, this Hulk gift to him is one of the best scenes in Marvel.

3. Hank Pim

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Hank with a bad temper and boiling in various situations in the world of Marvel is a very popular character And there is no support. His relationship with Scott does not go well due to Hank's repeated insults and abuses, but over time, the teacher develops a good apprenticeship between the two. Although Hong does not have a straightforward personality, it turns out that he really cares about Scott, even if they have a lot of problems with each other.

Hoop Van Dine

BingMag.com 10 ant-male comrades in the Marvel movie world

Marvel Studios' ANT -MAN AND THE WASP
The Wasp/Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly)
Photo: Film Frame
Marvel Studios 2018

Considering his initial behavior with Scott , Hope is very similar to his father. He is rude, rude, and unkind to his father, especially when he realizes that his father has been chosen to play the role of an ant man. But he, like everyone else, is confronted with the fact that Scott is a good man. As Scott and he develop friendships, Hope joins him as the Bee, strengthening the friendship between them. Despite this good relationship and mutual respect, they form a great heroic couple.

Lewis Prison is not a normal place to build friendships, but it is different for Scott and Lewis. . Scott's troubles eventually lead to his separation from his loved ones, but Lewis comes to his aid and stays with him ever since. By riding Scott from prison to giving him a place to live, he enters his adventures and becomes a loyal friend to him. Scott may at times be upset by Lewis's actions and noise, but he is one of those people who still runs to him in times of need.

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